After Dark A shroud of suspicion settles over Noble s Crossing Alabama and nothing is as it seems Lane Noble Graham stands accused of murdering her ex husband The one man who can help her Johnny Mack Cahill

  • Title: After Dark
  • Author: Beverly Barton
  • ISBN: 9780821776667
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • A shroud of suspicion settles over Noble s Crossing, Alabama, and nothing is as it seems Lane Noble Graham stands accused of murdering her ex husband The one man who can help her, Johnny Mack Cahill, vowed never to return to the town that scorned him But one secret could make Lane and Johnny Mack the target of a twisted killer.

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      363 Beverly Barton
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    One thought on “After Dark”

    1. 2.5 starsI loooved the start, I liked the ending, I yawned throughout the middle, so it seems like a fair rating. I love the atmosphere in her novels though.

    2. This was another good romantic suspense from Beverly Barton. I very much enjoyed After Dark. Although not exactly part of a series, this book has characters that appear in Barton's novels in which Griffin Powell (himself not in this book) has at least a small role. I have not read these books in order, but as the hero of After Dark, Johnny Mack Cahill, has shown up in some of the other Barton books I have read, I was glad to read his story. After Dark did include my absolute least favorite plot [...]

    3. After reading quite a few books by this author and some of them not in the exact reading order, decided to start from the beginning.This is book #1 in the Griffin Powell Series, with no appearance made by Griffin Powell and I enjoyed it.I liked the setting and there were some interesting and quirky characters.I was not totally enamored by Lane, the heroine. She irritated me quite a few times and I found it hard to believe she could be an actual judge.I did engage with the hero and his family mor [...]

    4. While I appreciate the plot and storyline, I'm not too keen on her writing style. The dialogues are cheesy, predictable and downright tacky. Even the characters' introspections and musings were frustratingly mushy and repetitive. Its only saving grace is the macabre and gruesome plot point.

    5. This book just didn't work for me. I was stuck on an airplane so I was a captive audience and I still found myself skimming the book. The writing seemed repetitive, the characters were far from memorable and the mystery was SO obvious.

    6. This was a good story with many twists and turns. Some were easy to predict and others were a surprise. It took a little time to get used to the double first names (Johnny Mack)! I am looking forward to reading more books by this author and it's a little sad that she is no longer with us.

    7. Two-haiku review:Her ex is murderedMan she loved comes. back to proveShe didn't do itNot Griffin PowellDoesn't belong in seriesNot bad story though

    8. Superb readWhat a book. It has everything. A good story, love, incest, murder, small town dictators, the rich and the poor. Well worth buying.

    9. suka banget yg namanya suspense atau thiller ngitu, seru juga baca after dark, bagus, di pertengahan gue mikir gue bisa nebak nih pembunuhnya siapa, tapi salah terusmbunuhan yg berliku-liku dan semuanya bisa dijdiin tersangka walaupun ibunya sendiri. Suka banget sama jhonny yg dulu dilecehkan ternyata menjadi miliuner terpandang, ada juga cinta si lane yg ga pernah padam walaupun dari remaja, ada juga anaknya si will yg patuh dan sayang banget sama mamanya, BB hebat banget dalam menceritakan ses [...]

    10. A good enough book to read, I just couldn't really get any attachment to the characters. It felt like this should have been a second book, as all of the background was just filled in as we went along. All attempts at character development were done in the past tense and left too much to the readers imagination. The story moved along fairly fast, but there was no true suspense, just a twisted riddle which wasn't that hard to figure out. The attempted chemistry between Lane and Johnny Mack felt fo [...]

    11. hum bnrnya mau kasi 3.5 star tp berhub ga bisa hehe.anya ngalir bgt twistnya sesuai harapan g^^ smpt ngira2 ant ini & ini n ternyata mang d ant 2 org ini crita bad boy yg akhirnya become a real man mjelang ending g ga berasa bener2 klimaks entah knp tp luv epilognya akhirnya mereka bahagia juga;)g baru sadar ternyata ni quinn Cortez perasaan ga asing ternyata bnr aje yg jadi lead co di killing her softly nya BB ternyata d sini hub nya ma Griffin Powell

    12. Definitely thought this was romantic suspense. It is not. It is romance but they happen to have a murder "mystery" that is painfully obvious. This is probably the second romance book I've ever read in my life so I don't really know how to review it. I did like how the characters were very forward. There wasn't a lot of like skirting around issues or lying, which was refreshing. But again, all the talking about feelings is not my cup of tea.

    13. Buku ini dibuka dengan kematian Kent Graham, putra tiri Walikota Nobel’s Crossing. Di lokasi lain, Johnny Mack Cahill sudah 15 tahun pindah dari kota tersebut. Ia enggan kembali karena takut melihat hantu. Hantu masa lalunya sendiri. 15 tahun juga sudah mengubah kehidupannya. Dari sebutan putri seorang pelacur menjadi seorang jutawan. Sebuah surat sampai di kediamannya, memaksa ia untuk mengangkat kembali kopernya ke Nobel’s Crossing. Bertemu hantunya.

    14. The 1st book in the Griffin Powell series, although Griffin Powell is not mentioned in the book. Can be read as a stand alone.I really liked this one. Though I had a pretty good idea of who the murder was (and I was right), AFTER DARK still had me second guessing myself till the end. The characters were complex, some you liked and some you hated, but all were interesting. Although, I have to say that, though I felt for her and her situation, Lane could be irritating at times.

    15. I have read some of Barton's more recent books and enjoyed them, so I thought I would go back to an earlier work of hers. I was sorely disappointed. I was expecting suspense and got mostly romance. The writing was terrible - incredibly redundant, which was incredibly annoying. Also, I'm confused as to why this book is "Griffin Powell #1" as there is no such character in the book. ???

    16. "After Dark" started off with a nice storyline but I got a little bored from near the end of the story. Of course, the writing was easy to read and that was nice, but overall, everything came a bit too predictable. If you like drama more than suspense, then you will enjoy "After Dark".

    17. Taking place in Alabama, the town bad boy returns after 15 yrs. to a son he didn't know he had. Along with a couple of murders, attempted murders, and more it's an enjoyable book.Could have cut down on some of the sex and made it a quicker read!

    18. Cerita khas Beverly Barton. Awalnya bagus, tp makin ke belakang makin biasa. Ceritanya gampang ditebak. Tp yang aku suka disini, kasih sayang antara Lane dan Will. terasa banget ikut terharu bacanya.

    19. After I got through what seemed to be a confusing and never ending list of characters at the beginning, this book had more twists and turns that any roller coaster at either 6 Flags or Disney World. Just as you had the who dunnit figured out, something changed you thoughts Or did it!

    20. When Lane's husband was killed and her son had witnessed the murder, the housekeeper sent for Johnny Mack. He'd been in love with Lane since he was the bad boy from across the river. He hired Quinn to defend her when she was arrested for the murder.

    21. I enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy read with well written characters. I did start to get annoyed with how often it was mentioned that Johnny Mack had never wanted to return but oh well. Overall it was a good book that kept me guessing the whole time.

    22. recomended dech buku ini walaupun kurang hottapi baguska banget sama johny mack cahilla quin cortez juga ternyata^^ salut sama lane yang memendam cinta sama johny mulai dari usia 14 thnckckck, sampe mau adopsi anaknya si johnyP dech

    23. I have read several books by Beverly Barton and have always enjoyed, despite not reading them in the correct order. A page turner and one in which I did not know who the killer was until near the end.

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