To Know A Woman Following the bizarre accidental death of his wife Israeli secret service agent Yoel Ravid retires to the suburbs with his daughter mother and mother in law After a lifetime of uncovering other peop

  • Title: To Know A Woman
  • Author: Amos Oz
  • ISBN: 9780099913405
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the bizarre accidental death of his wife, Israeli secret service agent Yoel Ravid retires to the suburbs with his daughter, mother and mother in law After a lifetime of uncovering other people s secrets he is forced to look back at the lies he has told himself at the desolate enigma of his wife s life and death his years of service to the state and the riddleFollowing the bizarre accidental death of his wife, Israeli secret service agent Yoel Ravid retires to the suburbs with his daughter, mother and mother in law After a lifetime of uncovering other people s secrets he is forced to look back at the lies he has told himself at the desolate enigma of his wife s life and death his years of service to the state and the riddle of his daughter s behavior.

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    One thought on “To Know A Woman”

    1. Какво се случва с живота ти, след като изгубиш скъп човек; как да събереш частиците отново; как да бъдеши сигурен, че не си виновен или отговорен - въпроси, от чиито отговори толкова много се нуждая в момента. Но Амос Оз не ги поднася, той ни дава пример, а всички изводи - логичн [...]

    2. Telling the story of a retired Mossad agent coming to terms with the sacrifices he made for his career and his family in the wake of his wife's death, it is a challenging book of startling clarity. Its primary theme, as the title suggests, is knowledge. The protagonist, as a spy, has spent his life wrapped up in a quest for certain kinds of knowledge. He is an expert at evaluating the value of a piece of knowledge. And again and again, when he receives a new piece, the book repeats the same line [...]

    3. Trama: zero"Conoscere una donna" è un libro molto bello.Lo dico ora però, dopo averlo terminato. Durante la lettura invece ho tentato due volte di buttarlo nel fuoco, una volta dalla finestra, tre nel gabinetto e 5 nella pentola a pressione.Il libro è la lentissima (quasi statica) costruzione da parte dell'autore del profilo psicologico (mooooolto complesso) di Yoel, il protagonista maschile, rimasto vedovo.La storia tra Yoel e Ivra è narrata tramite i particolari della loro vita insieme e l [...]

    4. Когато четох „Познание за жена“ за първи път, не ме впечатли много. Сега се върнах към нея, след като съм прочела почти всички преведени произведения на Амос Оз. Рядко препрочитам книги и този път четенето беше интересно – предварително уж не зная какво ще се случва/описва, [...]

    5. To Know a Woman: After the sudden death of his wife, Yoel moves slowly through the world in a disoriented fog. He obsessively microanalyses the details and events in his life and tries to make sense of the women who surround him. This book is exquisitely written. It's a great choice if you’re in the mood for beautiful, meditative descriptions and gentle plot development. The conversations between Yoel and his kvetchy mother and mother-in-law (both of whom have moved in with him) cracked me up. [...]

    6. I expected much more from this book. I don't think it has much to do with knowing a woman. its more like the life of a man after his wife's deathe writing was good.

    7. Conoscere una donna o conoscere se stesso? "In tutta la vita ti è dato una o due volte un momento da cui dipende tutto il resto, un momento al quale ti sei preparato per tanti anni, un momento che, se riesci ad afferrarlo, forse potrai sapere qualcosa su quella cosa senza la quale la tua vita si riduce a una successione deprimente di preparativi, programmi, fughe e problemi da evitare."Una morte. Non una morte qualsiasi. La morte della propria sposa. In circostanze strane, dubbie inquietanti.Un [...]

    8. Nothing very exciting happens but I loved the feel of the story. Reminded me of AB Yehoshua's writing (or maybe it's the other way around and this book came first).

    9. Ето на това му казвам: перфектно написана книга! Отдавна не се бях впечатлявала от някой автор така. Първи досег с Амос Оз, със сигурност няма да бъде и последен. Човек, който цял живот е разгадавал тайни професионално, не знае за и не познава собственото си семейство. Сетиват [...]

    10. I liked the style,especially some of the descriptions but the story lacked imagination and was politically overloaded. The ending was quite naive and simple- the main character went to work as a volunteer in a hospital,to "redeem" his "sins".Anyway,I would give this writer a second chance.I would like to try "A Tale of Love and Darkness". Let`s hope he has been more sincere in its writing.

    11. I don't know what expectations I had about a book with such a title. Curiously, I was expecting for some secrets to be revealed, for some kinda of a deep immersion into women's way of thinking. Ha! How gullible of me to think so!Seriously, people who read this book to discover some hidden wisdom on this eternal topic, and are headstrong to find it, put this book down! Amos Oz doesn't reveal any secrets one would expect to be revealed here. Instead, he crafts a confusing, yet beautiful story on a [...]

    12. Într-un interviu din 2004 acordat Antoanetei Ralian, Amos Oz susținea că „singurătatea e o opţiune şi nu un destin” (România literară nr. 39/ 2004). Oricum ar fi, singurătatea este o stare problematică, un timp al reevaluării, al reconsiderărilor. Personajele lui Amos Oz sunt supuse (sau – altfel spus – se supun) deseori acestui test, din care cauză prozele acestuia propun mai degrabă povești retrospective, trecute prin filtrul sufletesc al personajelor. Nu altfel stau luc [...]

    13. Overall, I thought this book was pretty dull. It belongs to a small sub-genre of books that our book club seems to hit on occasionally, which I would call "books about morose (often Jewish) middle age (or older) men trying to make sense of their lives." Others in the book club seem to like them, but I rarely connect maybe it's just me. I find the characters mostly unlikeable, the overall mood very blah and the stories pretty plot-less, and this one was no exception. (Others books I'd put in this [...]

    14. Non mi ha del tutto convinta. E’ una storia di sottile ricerca psicologica. Anzi, pesantemente psicologica e vagamente opprimente. Un agente del servizio segreto israeliano, dopo la morte della moglie in un incidente, decide di andare in pensione anticipata ma si trova del tutto disadattato a quella che è la vita normale e trova che tutte le persone attorno a lui - la figlia, la madre, la suocera, il cognato, i nuovi vicini, i nuovi amici - siano degli estranei. Ci sono molte similitudini con [...]

    15. For the first half, I thought it was a truly great novel. But the second half did not live up to the first. One problem was Oz’s use of repetition. I love repetition when it provides either a rhythm to the work or it makes the content of what is repeated more resonant as the novel progresses (or both, if possible, as in the works of Vladimír Páral). The problem with Oz’s repetition is that it didn’t do either, at least not for me.Two, it’s very hard to sustain a story about someone who [...]

    16. This book was beautifully written but seemed to have struggled to find a reason for its existence - like its main character.Yoel retires from Mossad after his wife dies. Yoel is a watcher and observer. His duty to his country has ruined his relationship with his family. He retires to live with his mother, mother-in-law and daughter. He fills his days in gardening and being a handy man. His is not overly fulfilled, lacks the ability to express himself and is hard on himself for his past errors. H [...]

    17. "Нямаше нови начала, а само едно продължително раждане. Но раждането е раздяла и раздялата винаги е болезнена, а и кой e способен да се разделя постоянно? Родителите те раждат години наред и ти самият започваш да раждаш още преди да си се родил, и така се оказваш приклещен и от [...]

    18. Like many of Amos Oz's other novels, To Know A Woman was meditative, beautifully written, and full of eclectic and well crafted characters. I enjoyed it, but ultimately found it less satisfying than most of his other books. For me, I felt like the balance between character development and plot was weighted too much towards character which sapped the novel of some of the energy and movement it could have had. For someone who is just exploring Amos Oz for the first time, I would probably recommend [...]

    19. When I read the summary of this book I thought it was going to be a certain type of book: emotionally detached man estranged from wife, absent with daughter, mid-life crisis drives him to drinking/affairs/crisis, etcblah blah blah. But the books is so much more than that and so absolutely mesmerizing. The writing is fantastic.

    20. Ravid, retired early from the Israeli secret service, has developed a remarkable ability to tell truth from lie. Yet he doesn't seem to understand the people around him or for that matter himself. Compulsively analytic, feelings are a more difficult puzzle for him.

    21. Un roman impersonal, distant. Cu toate că pare să fie scris într-un episod de confuzie totală, are o putere de atracţie incredibilă. Acţiunea cărţii nu promite nimic spectaculos în capitolele sale, dar o anumită vrajă ascunsă te ţine prins între coperţile ei.

    22. Matig interessant, errug gedetailleerd en geen enkele humor, een trein die maar niet op gang kwam en nergens naar toe ging. Wel een mooie persoonlijkheid die man. Maar het slot was ook weer suffig.

    23. He's certainly not Virginia Woolf, but I did find it mezmerizing, and it made me want to reread Mrs Dalloway.

    24. This novel is about difficulties and confusions of relationships, the making of a person, in which there are no guarantees.

    25. Interesant ce zice despre minciună, rușine, lipsa bucuriei. Nu știu însă de ce se numește așa, e despre bărbați și mai ales despre oameni în general de fapt .

    26. «Es lo que busco ahora. Pero no hay que apresurarse. Mañana será otro día. Se me ha antojado quedarme en casa y no hacer nada durante unos cuantos meses más. O años. O nunca. Hasta que consiga comprender qué pasa. Qué hay. O convencerme personalmente, por experiencia propia, de que no se puede entender nada. Bueno. Veremos.»Yoel está aburrido, o más bien cansado, cansado de todo y de nada, ensimismado, empeñado en descubrir un cierto «orden» en lo que lo rodea o algún sentido a su [...]

    27. Excellent writing about mourning. Without mentioning the word once. But for me it is way too slow, no action, no movement, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, silence.

    28. I liked the beginning of this book. Unfortunately the last third was disappointing. So not really my kind of book

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