Heart of the Hunter Desperate to rescue her kidnapped brother Ariana of Clairmont joins forces with Braedon le Chasseur a seductive knight with a mysterious past and a dark legacy he struggles to deny Allied in a quest

  • Title: Heart of the Hunter
  • Author: Tina St. John Lara Adrian
  • ISBN: 9780345459947
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Desperate to rescue her kidnapped brother, Ariana of Clairmont joins forces with Braedon le Chasseur, a seductive knight with a mysterious past and a dark legacy he struggles to deny Allied in a quest for a legendary treasure, they encounter powerful enemies skilled in dark magicd discover a love beyond enchantment.

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      186 Tina St. John Lara Adrian
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    One thought on “Heart of the Hunter”

    1. Posted on Under the CoversAs a fan of Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series, I thought it would be nice to explore her previously released medieval romances under her pen name, Tina St. John. I was expecting a good romance, as is the case with all of Lara Adrian’s work, but I had no idea that Tina could craft such an intricate and engaging story like HEART OF THE HUNTER turned out to be.Ariana of Clairmont is on a mission to reach France and free her brother from the hands of his captors. Upon [...]

    2. LOVE THIS BOOK!What an enchanting, fantastical, engaging tale! Very intriguing plot/premise. The telling and world building of this world & characters are done superbly. I could not put this book down. I had to make myself stop reading it several times for fear of the story ending too soon. I wanted to live, breathe & love in this world, forever.Braedon My GAWD! This man is just utterly devastating. In his words, action, & thoughts. I was in a constant state of awe & arousal.Aria [...]

    3. I downloaded this book on the strength on Lara Adrian's name (and it was free :D). If someone had told me Tina St. John was Lara Adrian, I wouldn't have believed them. The writing is weak, as are characters and world-building. The beginning is almost un-linked with the rest of the story. The paranormal facet too shallow to be interesting. Above all hero and heroine were bland, she is way beyond naive, she gets into the "stupid" area on the line. The ending is predictable (yes, I know this is rom [...]

    4. Ok, that's it - this is my 2nd Lara Adrian (a/k/a Tina St. John) read and it's convinced me to read the rest of her work. From the very first chapter, I've been hooked! Her writing style is simply captivating and her characters are very much engaging. I especially loved the fantastical essence of the book! I got this as a freebie on ages ago and I regret that I didn't read it sooner.

    5. Interesting Concept.First let me say that I love Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series so when I saw she had written this I had to try it.The story was a very interesting start for a series, it started off slow for me but the character buildup of Ariana's quest kept me intrigued and when she ran into this mysterious Braedon le Chasseur who has a semi-torturous soul I had to keep reading.Ariana and Braedon's romance was very sweet especially towards the end. I did get aggravated a little with Arian [...]

    6. This was a very a interesting read. The novel was well written and the characters well developed.lly someone in medieval romance who knows how to write passion and intimacy. The raw yearning and need of Ariana and Rae for each was palpable and when fulfilled pure magic. It was another beauty and the beast undertone. So the romance for me was good.but the mystery was not very well developed. There were too many unexplained components: the two factions of shifters, the dispatch of seekers, and fin [...]

    7. wellI'm underwhelmedI must be in a book slump. This is like the third in a row of slight suckage. Not huge suckage, mind you. Just slight.It's a good yarn. An adventure that took awhile to get going. Some repetitive action that kept me skimming. And a wee bit of romance which was nice, predictable, and included some spurting. In fact, I kinda wonder if this author has a thing for "seed"? But that's neither here nor there. The connection between the hero and the heroine was lackluster. Had it bee [...]

    8. Warning: This review/rating is based on my feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes. You should read the book to form your own opinion/thoughts. Read on!Rating: 3 StarsCover: I like itCliffhanger: NopeTriangle: NoWell, the first 50% of this book was just painfully boring for me. I kept reading some of it then stopping and leaving it alone for days. I started it in October last year, and I was finally able to finish it! I should deserve a medal or something. I know that there are some books that ar [...]

    9. Lara adrian'ın midnight breed serisini daha çok sevsemde bu seriside bence konu bakımından oldukça sağlam. iş karakterlere gelince o kadar emin olamıyorsunuz. Özellikle kadın karakter. Başlarda deli cesareti sahibi ama bir okadarda kırılgan ,çıt kırıldım asillerden birisi olarak karşımıza çıkıyor arriana. Abisini kurtarmak için ejder kadehinin yerini gösteren çok önemli belgeleri kendrick'i kaçıranlara teslim etmek zorunda. bunun için yola çıkan arriana elbette z [...]

    10. Ariana goes in search of her kidnapped brother, being saved from peril by Braedon le Chasseur, a mysterious knight from France.Without realising, they are both becoming entangled in a dangerous hunt for a magical chalice and they need to overcome suspicion of each other and their own pasts in order to survive.A predictable historical romance, the first of a trilogy, I took up because of the author, Lara Adrian whose paranormal romances I enjoyed very much. an inoffensive story, though with an ir [...]

    11. This is one of Lara Adrian's books that she wrote before the Midnight Breed series came out. I love historical paranormal stories and I love her other work, so this seemed a no-brainer. There are some really good things about this story and yet in the end, it doesn't completely work. It is enjoyable however. The backstory of a a parallel world and the dragon chalice that holds the 4 stones is an interesting one. And even though this is the first in the series, it feels like you jumped in the mid [...]

    12. This is predominantly a historical romance with teasers of the paranormal genre inserted here and there.The author has done a good job of writing about the two main characters, Arianna and Braedon. It is a case of insta-lust on both sides but, of course, Arianna is a virgin and a lady so she would never act on such shameful feelings will she? The relationship as it progresses shows a building of trust and love which makes a nice change from insta-love.There are enough open endings in this to ma [...]

    13. Mal wieder richtig schöne Fantasy-Romance!Ich hätte zwar gern schon etwas mehr Hintergrund erfahren, aber ansonsten hat mir das Buch sehr gut gefallen, da ich einfach das Setting mag - mittelalterliches England, egal ob grausam realistisch oder romantisch verklärt (hier findet sich übrigens ein hübsches Mittelmaß), ich liebe es!Die Charaktere waren relativ modern, das könnte vielleicht etwas stören, aber es ist ja Fantasy, und da ist ja fast alles erlaubt.

    14. I love Lara Adrian books. At first I didn't like Ana with her high n mighty character but when this started heating up with Braedon I started to see her I a different light. If u like historical with dangerous sexy men fighting for the greater good while trying to follow his heart def a must read.

    15. As a fan of Laura Adrian I knew I had to get this book. This being the first book in the series I loved it. The only thing I was a little blah about was the end. I felt like it was a little rushed at the end. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    16. 3.5 starsnice read, but not an I-can't-put-it-downI'm going to read the others of the series, though.Kisses all around!

    17. This was ridiculous.Okay I truly tried to read, to finish this book. But the writing was not right. First using words and phrases incorrectly, conveniently adding people just to kill them off, and adding random scenes and storyline to push the plot along. I've been struggling to finish this book for three months. Just when it gets partly interesting, something completely ludicrous happens and makes me want to throw the book. But it's on my kindle, so I couldn't do that. I just quit the book. Don [...]

    18. Mysterious and enchantingBraedon and Ariana story, Heart of the Hunter so many twists and turns. I happy that I took the time to finish this tale of two worlds. Immoral and human, shifters and wolves. Oh what a world that we seek to understand. The quest for answers. With Kendrick being Ariana's original motivation and Braedon being thrust into this mission of salvation. We're taken on this journey of the surreal.

    19. Four starsThis was a great book, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Once I started I didn't want to put it down. I would recommend this book to readers that love fantasy and battles along with their romance.

    20. Heart of the HunterAriana and Braedon make a good couple. Their perseverance in keeping each other safe was admirable. Since, Kendrick, Ariana's big brother, figured out how to find the missing chalice. It would fall to him to find the last two.

    21. Outstanding plot and charactersThis was such a treat to read. It has an outstanding, well developed plot with strong characters. This is my first book by Lara Adrian, but it will not be my last. Kudos on an excellent book.

    22. Fantasy is my favorite genre and Lara Adrian/Tina St. John has been a favorite author of mine for many years. "Heart of the Hunter" does not disappoint; kept reading till I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer!

    23. Great storyline!This book keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has a great plot and keeps you interested. So far, Lara Adrian has not disappointed this reader. Keep up the great work. I love your imagination.

    24. Fantasy romanceAn amazing story of graphic proportions. Amazing tale that has you begging for the next installment. A must read romance.

    25. Very goodExceptional reading keep you interested. Good story line make you want to read the next book to see what happens next

    26. The best of the bestThis book took me on an amazing ride. The action, love and the stubbornness of Ariana made for a great mix of characters

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