Malice Everyone s heard the rumours Call Tall Jake and he ll take you to Malice a world that exists inside a horrifying comic book A place most kids never leave Seth and Kady think it s all a silly myth But

  • Title: Malice
  • Author: Chris Wooding
  • ISBN: 9781407103945
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone s heard the rumours Call Tall Jake and he ll take you to Malice, a world that exists inside a horrifying comic book A place most kids never leave Seth and Kady think it s all a silly myth But then their friend disappears, and suddenly the rumours don t seem so silly.

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    One thought on “Malice”

    1. I never thought a book aimed at such a young audience could be as dark, smart and exciting as Malice. Combining elements of both the comic and novel mediums, Malice thrusts us into the sinister world of the evil comic; a place where nothing is as it seems.The book opens with a very Jumanji-like scene where a guy tries to impress a girl he has a crush on with a neat, but somehow creepy object he's found. Here it's Malice, a creepy comic that details the trials of children being chased, maimed and [...]

    2. I think I liked the synopsis more than the book. The synopsis sounds very exciting, it sounds like Malice is going to be an exciting and slightly creepy book. But in my opinion, Malice itself is actually a bit of a slow read. It's not as exciting and creepy as I hoped and thought it would be. The idea is pretty cool and it could have been a very cool read but in the end I feel like it's just an okay book.Watch my full review here: youtube/watch?v=btgFL

    3. I cannot tell you how fantastic this teen read is. I LOVED it - was totally creeped out, couldn't put it down, can't wait to tell all my students to read it. I can barely wait for the sequel. Part graphic novel - part all out teen terror, this book has something for everyone. My favorite part is knowing that there are whole sections of Malice we have yet to explore! Havoc is coming, and I wish I were a part of it!

    4. This was so so different. It's mostly a normal novel, but then it'll suddenly split into 3 or 4 pages of graphic novel illustrations. I LOVE THAT MIX. Especially when the action scenes were graphic-novele, eh, I don't know why, but pictures make more sense than words sometimes. So I enjoyed this a lot.The story is really unique and differentobably not "my" kind of story, but I enjoyed it! It had an MG sort of feel to the writing style, but I think it's YA. (I'm actually not sure how old the char [...]

    5. Loved this series. Very dark and scary (ok - for me who does not like any horror, but also thought it would be better for Grade 8 and above. I was surprised to see in a review a Grade 5 student reading this, but I could be over-reacting). An alternate world exists in the dark comic of Malice and kids keep disappearing into it. It's up to Seth and Kady to try and do something about it, but this journey may be more than they can handle. Great, tight writing and characterization (though the bad are [...]

    6. It took me almost a week to finish this book--but that's only because my 5th grade daughter kept sneaking it away from me and when we took a car trip with friends, the 5th grade son of my friend kept sneaking it away from her. Of course the flashy 3-D cover caught their eyes right away but it was the inside that hooked them. This book starts right out so creepy and mysterious that it pulls you right in. The mystery of the comic book featuring kids from missing children flyers and the chant to ha [...]

    7. Damn, this was so much freaking fun! I have to thank my sister who bought this to me for Christmas. I've already known that Chris Wooding is a quite witty author according to the Ketty Jay series and Malice is just as great. It somehow reminds me of the King in Yellow stories in a teen-horror version, half-comic and half-novel. The plot is kind of predictable but still it has some pretty great ideas and twists, the characters are nice, there's even some steampunk stuff going on here, and the com [...]

    8. Original review subject to change:I pretty much always have something to complain about in every book - but with Chris Wooding, it's normally something small. And it is: one page he spoke a little badly of God ('gods/god'). That was my only problem. Other then that.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I NEED 'HAVOC'!!!!! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!I don't know how Wooding comes up with these amazing worlds, but they always leave me inspired, questioning and starry eyed after. The whole concept of these books I m [...]

    9. This was a surprisingly intense and enjoyable book. This is definitely a well done book- with a combination of comics and story that play off each other nicely. I will say that this is my favorite age range of books and this one was one of the better middle grade stories that I've read- I will actively seek out the next in the series.

    10. This book was really adorable and I love the format of the half novel half comic style. It isn't particularly stimulating to me as an adult, but if I was a kid I would love it.

    11. An overrated and underdeveloped series hook, seemingly crafted as a way to try to jump start a franchise. Is it just me, or is this a recurring pattern in many bad childrens books? Malice is a book that is founded primarily on two words: 'cheap gimmick'. When you pick up the hardcover, you'll notice that the front is actually an embossed plate with the cartoon character 'pressed out' to make it jump from the book slightly. Pretty cool, huh? Since the premise of Malice revolves around a comic boo [...]

    12. When I saw that Wooding had released a book that was part graphic novel and part book I was very excited. Not to mention the cool premise of the book. So when I was offered this book through the Vine program I was ecstatic. It ended up being a great book; I didn't realize that it is the first book in a duology. The second book "Havoc" is supposed to be released some time in 2010. Overall it is an interesting read and a pretty cool idea, it has some issues but for the most part those are out-wei [...]

    13. Malice is basically a bout a horror comic that is entirely real. Do the ritual, say the chant and you'll find yourself inside it. We're your only goal is to survive and escape. I don't know how he did it but Chris Wooding managed to write my favourite book of all time. It was uncharacteristically dark for s middle grade novel and i loved it. I loved the whole world he created that I could get lost in forever. He had me hooked from the first chapter. Especially with all the little graphic element [...]

    14. Cuando el río suenaComo nadie experimenta en cabeza ajena, Luke decide probar suerte con el misterioso cómic en cuyas páginas aparecen niños Chicos que también, por alguna extraña razón, son reportados como desaparecidos. Y él no piensa quedarse con las ganas así que invoca a Jack el largo y días después desaparece.Los verdaderos amigosSeth supo que Luke estaba actuando raro, pero el día que habían quedado de verse para discutir su extraño comportamiento, que tenía relación con M [...]

    15. So scary and so much fun!Remember when we would dare each other at sleep-overs to look into a mirror in the dark and say "Bloody Mary" three times? Well, such is the urban legend of Tall Jake in Malice.Imaginative, suspenseful, original, exciting, and, yes, a wee bit scary!I really enjoyed Chris Wooding's Malice, a story about an underground comic book named Malice and an urban legend called Tall Jake. All the kids have heard about Malice and Tall Jake, but few took the journey to the comic book [...]

    16. First of all I have to say that the cover of this book is startlingly creepy. It’s bold red with the title and an antagonist in eye-catching relief. I love it! I’ve traced the lines of that character (Tall Jake) a hundred times while reading it!The description on the back cover pretty well sums up the plot of this YA horror novel. It says: “Once you get into the story, there’s no way out.” Well, the truth couldn’t be any plainer. Malice is the name of a comic book but it’s also the [...]

    17. Have you seen the film "The Ring?" Do you remember summoning "Bloody Mary" at sleep-overs? Well this hybrid horror genre graphic novel is about a mysterious underground comic book that is obtained by curious and adventurous teens who disappear after reading it. When one of the boys disappears, his friends find him in the pages of the next comic. Hoping to help him come back, they search for him by invoking the magic chant. There are dangers lurking on either side of the world- on the comic pages [...]

    18. Wow. A very creative premise--and well executed, too! Minus one star for the graphic panels of the story. They were hard to see and therefore confusing, and a bit ridiculous sometimes with the ugly creatures, in my opinion (I'm thinking particularly of the last creature in the shrine). However, aside from this, Wooding has created a unique story that is just frightening enough to scare you, but not scary enough to put me off (I have a low tolerance for horror).The book is also notable for its de [...]

    19. THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. malice is about a legendary comic that says if you burn cat hair your hair a tear drop a black feather and a twig and chant TALL JAKE COME AND GET ME 6 times Tall Jake the guy on the cover he will take you to malice but only when your alone. this book gave me a nightmare that i was in malice and fell in to one of tall Jakes traps.I would recommend this book to anyone that likes horroris book has a equal called havoc i look forward to reading this book. this book is pa [...]

    20. A well written book with great events. Great concept of part novel part comic book. This book will keep you turning the pages and you won't want to put this book down. Overall this book is a great story for people who like new books. The only problem that some of the comic book section is not clear on what is exactly happening but you get the main idea. With that minor problem the book will be a great read for young adults.Once Luke disappears and everyone expects he ran away from home Seth know [...]

    21. This graphic YA novel hybrid is a middle-school appropriate tale of a comic book that sucks curious kids in who recite "Tall Jake, take me away!" six times while burning a prescribed combination of yuck stuff. Malice is a mechanical hell that proves deadly for some while others remain there and others still escape (only with their memories wiped clean).The plot moves too swiftly at times and author Wooding has some trouble reigning his massive creation in, but there's no denying the fun of it al [...]

    22. Super suspenseful. Kind of _Last Apprentice_ meets _Coraline_. Uncanny at it's best. Loads of boy appeal.Very dark, full of actual kids dying in a sort of parallel worldd yet, there is a decided lack of blood and guts. They are alive and then they are not without graphic detail. It's a sanitized death that somehow makes it all the scarier. The language is rather young (ie- not too many touch vocabulary words) but the subject matter is older.My only complaint is the art. Sometimes it was hard for [...]

    23. Overall i greatly enjoyed the book, it was interesting and entertaining and had a lot of action. The book is about a comic book that comes to life once the character Luke is sucked into it, his friends soon join him and they go on an insane adventure through the comic book. "The books were legends and tales, stories from all over the Realm" that shows that they went on a wild adventure, the book had a lot of action and was easily enjoyable.

    24. This review is a spoiler When I read the ending I was so surprised when he remembered what Kady had said while hypnotising him.i just lay there on my bed taking it all in.i can't wait to read havoce second and final book in this series.i just don't know when Kady was taking that thing which shard was inside why Anderson said not to.

    25. a multi-media book that throws the reader into another world and won't let go. kids are being sucked into another world and their harrowing adventures of horror are displayed in a comic called Malice.

    26. >*Finishedi loved this book, but i wouldnt say that this is my top 10 books. i felt ( at times ) the author put to much detail into the much into the book about one topic which made it a lil boring. though dont get me wrong i love details.

    27. I borrowed this for my son to read but he didn't want to. The first few chapters were a bit creepy and it takes a while to pull you into the story. Next up is Havoc!

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