Might As Well Laugh About It Now Recollections wisdom and advice from the beloved entertainer American icon mother of eight children and New York Times bestselling author When the Donny and Marie show ended its award winning run

  • Title: Might As Well Laugh About It Now
  • Author: Marie Osmond Marcia Wilkie
  • ISBN: 9780451226389
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Recollections, wisdom, and advice from the beloved entertainer, American icon, mother of eight children, and New York Times bestselling author.When the Donny and Marie show ended its award winning run on ABC in 1979, 19 year old Marie was ready to leave the stage lights for a secretary s life she had prepared to say goodbye to fleeting fame by studying shorthand and typiRecollections, wisdom, and advice from the beloved entertainer, American icon, mother of eight children, and New York Times bestselling author.When the Donny and Marie show ended its award winning run on ABC in 1979, 19 year old Marie was ready to leave the stage lights for a secretary s life she had prepared to say goodbye to fleeting fame by studying shorthand and typing Clearly, life took a different turn Now, decades later and still a beloved superstar, Marie opens the door to her thoughts on many of her milestones and missteps, both the public and the personal In a life brimming with a mixture of charm and chaos, blessings and hilarious bungles, victory and vulnerability, Marie recounts for her family of fans her greatest successes as well as her most crushing disappointments, career pressures and expectations, marriage and divorce, depression, weight issues, tough choices, honors and awards, and the incredible joys and challenges of raising children Through it all, Marie has bounced back time and again with unstoppable enthusiasm, resilience, and an unbeatably healthy and positive outlook on life In Might as Well Laugh About It Now, she imparts her insights on surviving all of life s roadblocks and detours in a collection of friendly musings and heartening advice about learning to survive and moving forward with humor and optimism.

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    One thought on “Might As Well Laugh About It Now”

    1. An easy breezy anecdotal slice of "my life right now" book by Marie Osmond. I enjoyed all of her little stories - about the fire that destroyed most of her journals so she is writing from memory - her mother's death - her father's death - why she likes designing dolls - stories of her kids and her brothers - her stint on Dancing with the Stars. She keeps is all light and fluffy with a casual mention of her divorce from her second husband.*There is a lot of darkness and anxiety she skates over in [...]

    2. It's fun to follow Marie Osmond's career because she has had so many ups and downs in her personal life and taken on way too much. Who can have eight kids and still do musical roles on Broadway, a TV talk show, a doll business, Dancing with the Stars, Nutri-System commericals, and ongoing song and dance show in Las Vegas--and still look beautiful and keep her sanity? Since the writing of her last book Behind the Smile, which mostly described her post-partum trauma of 1999, Marie has had an eight [...]

    3. Marie Osmond was a part of my growing up. She is only two years older than me, but was an entertainer I would watch but never really followed.Until we were both adults.When she was an adult had issues talked about them. Divorce in the Mormon Church, post partum depression, weight gain. She was always the perking happy Osmond daughter, but as she became an adult she was forthcoming on issues many of us face.This book caught my attention as she told her story with flashbacks and humor. She would t [...]

    4. I've had this sitting on my shelf a while and when I started reading another non-fic that's a bit of a brain buster, I wanted one to grab in between to lighten things. Marie's 2nd autobiography of sorts did the trick. It's light-hearted even through some tense personal moments and truly shows her character.I especially enjoyed when she talked about being given a penny to take to the corner store and how it wouldn't buy much so she had to learn to be selective about what she wanted:"It wasn't how [...]

    5. I loved this book! Sure, some of you might think it's because I'm a long-time Osmond fan, or maybe because I work for Marie's older brother Alan, but the fact is Marie has touched my heart as a woman, a daughter, and a mother. Her stories are funny, and believe it or not, many of them I didn't know. Her insight it wise. She has learned much from her own mother through the years and brings those words of wisdom to her readers through this book. Whether you are an Osmond fan or not, something in t [...]

    6. In one way, Marie comes across as a downhome girl in this collection of essays about her life and things she has learned through struggle. In another, though, her life experiences are so vastly different from my own, it's hard to think of her as "normal." In spite of the differences in our existences, the lessons she has gleaned were interesting and inspiring, and there were several gems among them, some I won't soon forget. It was a quick afternoon read. Never dull, never preachy, to its credit [...]

    7. Don't know why I picked this up to read on a plane ride--just curious, I guess. It was interesting enough (since I had nothing else to read) there were a few wise nuggets in there, but I found it a little too self-promoting

    8. Great book, lots of interesting info about Marie's life written with her usual humour and positive outlook on life.

    9. I'm not much of a celebrity lover, and perhaps the books got mixed up in my head at the library. This was a fluffy read. Vapid. Cutesy. And yes, I smiled at times, but the collection of stories seemed contrived, as if constructed for the on-stage laugh track of the old time variety show. I give 2 stars for not taking herself seriously, but only 2 stars because I couldn't take her seriously, either. There were inside jokes that I could not relate to: "Melon-colored high heels, anyone?" (Page 28 a [...]

    10. This book talks about the trials and tribulations that Marie Osmond has overcome and the many accomplishments she has achieved. She talks about how having a sense of humour is a must in getting through life's difficulties. Her story made me laugh, cry, and examine how I could handle things better in my own life. Very inspirational!

    11. Marie Osmond is so down to earth. She isn’t afraid to be honest, even when it might be some embarrassing story about herself. She seems to be the kind of friend or sister we would all love to have.

    12. Samuel and I went to the library yesterday afternoon (August 4). I couldn't find a couple of books that I wanted and then I remembered that I wanted to read Marie's book. It was actually in our little library, so I didn't have to order it in. Even though I have four other books going, I started this one as soon as I got home and could barely put it down to do the things I needed to do. I can't really call this one a we-don't-have-a-mom-book because throughout the book I made anyone who would lis [...]

    13. I have never been a Marie Osmond fan least not until I read this book. This is some of her own stories, in her own words about her life's ups and downs, and has some very funny situations that did make me laugh out loud as well as some experiences that brought a few tears to my eyes. "After losing decades of journals in a 2005 house fire, Marie writes out her most vivid memories and influential experiences, the public and the very personal, as true life stories for both her own children and her [...]

    14. It's hard not to like Marie Osmond. Even if you're like me and too young for the "Osmond" generation and don't really follow her career, her upbeat attitude and sense of humor is what makes her so relatable. Her wilingness to laugh at herself, and to acknowlege her own weakness is refreshing and makes her seem so down to earth despite her years of celebrity. I bought this book initially as a Mother's Day gift for my Mom. I thought it would be a good companion to her autographed Donny Osmond biog [...]

    15. I try so hard every day to smile and laugh as if my life depended on it. Smiling, even when I don't feel like smiling--so I've been told, boosts certain hormones or receptors in the brain that triggers whatever emotional part of us is needed to help us move from the sad, depressed (or even angry) state to one of peace and contentment. Smile through the pain. Then, when I'm not in front of anyone, when I'm "in my closet"--as Marie was--crying my eyes out, feeling as if the world is falling down a [...]

    16. Marie Osmond is one of few children celebrities who kept her head on straight and did not get involved with drugs or alcohol. What I remember most is Marie and her brother Donny were in my teen magazines and I loved watching the Donny and Marie variety T.V. show in the 1970s where Marie sang, “I’m a little bit County and you’re a little bit Rock ‘n Roll” and then the two siblings would have a friendly singing rivalry.Timing is once again everything, as Marie and her brothers were very [...]

    17. EDITORIAL REVIEW: **Recollections, wisdom, and advice from the beloved entertainer, American icon, mother of eight children, and *New York Times* bestselling author.** When the *Donny and Marie* show ended its award-winning run on ABC in 1979, 19-year-old Marie was ready to leave the stage lights for a secretary’s life—she had prepared to say “goodbye” to fleeting fame by studying shorthand and typing! Clearly, life took a different turn. Now, decades later and still a beloved superstar, [...]

    18. I like Marie's light hearted humor. I like how she is the mother of a large family, yet also has passions she pursues. She has known loss and depression and divorce and heavy things, yet she can laugh and have joy in other moments--she's REAL and has so much going for her, but doesn't care to maintain a total image of perfection; that's something I admire in her and can't wait to read her book! It was interesting to read about how concerned she was with her weight and appearance, which goes alon [...]

    19. Entertaining, but disappointing. I thoroughly enjoyed Marie's first book, Behind the Smile. This one was a bit of a let down. More a series of vignettes than an autobiography or memoir, Marie shares life experiences and the wisdom she gained from her own experiences as well as the example of others. Her main point is that life is better when you have a sense of humor and can laugh about it. I can't disagree. What I found disappointing is that much of Marie's humor is meant to distract you from g [...]

    20. My bedtime growing up was 7:30 pm until I was 12 years old with only one exception. My sister and I were allowed to stay up until 8:00 pm on Friday nights to watch the Donny and Marie show on TV. I loved Donny and Marie! My first record I owned was given to me at Christmas by my parents when I was 8 years old. It was a Donny and Marie album entitled, "I'm Leaving It All Up to You". I no longer own a record player, but I still have that record.When I saw this book at the library, I had to read it [...]

    21. Reading this book by Marie Osmond brought back memories of my childhood. I was a huge fan of the Donny and Marie show back in the 70s and admittedly, it had a great part to do with Marie. I thought she was a wondrous creature meant in the best way as seen through the eyes of a very young teenage boy. I loved the Osmonds because they had such solidarity as a family. They made being clean cut and straight-laced something to look up to for nerds at large. This book is sort of a part 2 to her memoir [...]

    22. Might as Well Laugh About It Now by Marie Osmond, a Kindle eBook I began reading on May 28th. I had initially intended to hand over my Kindle for my mom to read this book as a feel-good, light read while I spent time outside, but I was rained out and decided to read it for myself. Having surrounded and equipped myself with enough biographies on my Kindle to choke a horse, I decided to pick this up, not knowing it was a smattering of out-of-chronological-order, quip-based, Osmond insider, detache [...]

    23. The book was ok. I enjoyed the behind the scenes stories and stories of the early days of her career. I did not feel she went into much depth about anything, and made no mention of her son's death at all---guess it wouldn't fit the title. Felt her solutions were a little "pat" and cliché'. I appreciate her self deprecating humor. Overall, a pretty quick read and if you are a fan of Marie Osmond you would like this book. For me it was only ok. I did not come out with any new insights or food for [...]

    24. This book is long on career and short on motherhood. Given that she is a single mother of eight, I regret not seeing more about how she juggles her entrepreneurship against the day-to-day life of her children. I expected that the yuks ("Might As Well Laugh") happen more at home than on the stage, so was disappointed in the skew. The light-hearted narrative was accessible and enjoyable, though scattered. Given the jumps and lack of transitions, I wondered if she had been rushed into writing it. C [...]

    25. I liked this book much more than I anticipated. Marie's wit, ability to laugh at herself as well as her deep devotion to God and to family kept me engaged throughout the book. There were many laugh out loud moments (the fun house slide) and other experiences I could really relate to what Marie was feeling. (should I mention the scatter-brained chapter being one of those?) I admire her ability to cope with so many ups and downs in her life so gracefully. She has had such a successful career in so [...]

    26. I think Marie has a great outlook on life. My day to day tasks reminded me of her for weeks after I read this book. While the book isn't the best writing I've ever read, the stories are heart felt and comical. I think Marie is an outstanding human being. One thing I thought was interesting was that she never bad-mouthed her ex-husbands. There are so many details she left out (purposely I'm sure) and I think it makes her that much easier to respect. Marie's imperfections and good sense of humor m [...]

    27. A delightful Christmas present from my daughter, Starla. A quick, feel-good read that I finished in two days. Marie has a special way of telling about the many comical and heartwarming experiences in her life as daughter, sister to eight brothers, and mother to eight children. She not only made me laugh, but get a lump in my throat, as she talked about her mother, her father, and some of the losses in her life.Where does this inspiring, witty, wise woman find time to have a singing career, an ac [...]

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