Home for a Bunny Generations of children have followed this furry lovable bunny on his journey to find a home Margaret Wise Brown s simple yet playful tale is beautifully complemented by Garth Williams s exquisite ar

  • Title: Home for a Bunny
  • Author: Margaret Wise Brown Garth Williams
  • ISBN: 9780307105462
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Generations of children have followed this furry, lovable bunny on his journey to find a home Margaret Wise Brown s simple yet playful tale is beautifully complemented by Garth Williams s exquisite artwork.From the Hardcover Library Binding edition.

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    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ☆ Home for a Bunny - by Margaret Wise Brown Garth Williams ✓
      167 Margaret Wise Brown Garth Williams
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Biography Book] ☆ Home for a Bunny - by Margaret Wise Brown Garth Williams ✓
      Posted by:Margaret Wise Brown Garth Williams
      Published :2018-08-22T16:20:11+00:00

    One thought on “Home for a Bunny”

    1. I read this several thousand times growing up, and just re-read it as an adult for the first time. It's considerably less suspensful than I remembered it being. (Spoiler: The best place for a rabbit to live isn't a bird's nest or a frog's bog but in a rabbit hole).A warren? Is that what you call rabbit den/holes? This book doesn't say. The art is by Garth Williams, who wrote and drew the anti-living-in-sin book "The Rabbit's Wedding," which I did not realize until just this weekend.

    2. Fond memories of my mother reading this to me. I thought the ending was so beautiful. Also, my mom would always say "Home for a bunny" when we were done with our errands.

    3. I absolutely adored this story and the illustrations as a young child. To this day I think I can still recite almost the entire book.

    4. MWB typically knocks it out of the park when bunnies are involved. Just thinking about The Runaway Bunny gets me misty-eyed. But this rabbit romp reaches and falls flat. (view spoiler)[The best home for a bunny isn't with a bird, or a groundhog, or a frog. It's with a bunny! Holy cow! Next you'll tell me that I should plug my USB device into a USB port. (hide spoiler)]

    5. This was my favorite book as a child. My mother read it to me about 1,000 Times. My father read it to me about 2,000 times. I had it memorized. My son's loved it too. With a celebration of spring, a wonderful story mixed with beautiful illustrations by Garth Williams, this book is a must-have for all young children.

    6. Very cute. Picture and story from my childhood now I'm able to share with my girls in a lovely large golden book format. Perfect for spring all season long and a good add on bunny theme around Easter.

    7. Home for a Bunny is a story about a bunny looking for a place to live. He searches all over the woods, but eventually decides to move in with another bunny.

    8. Margaret Wise Brown, Home for a Bunny (Golden Press, 1956)Margaret Wise Brown is, of course, best-known for Goodnight Moon. It's a classic for a reason, even if it does break its rhythm in one very conspicuous place (“and a young mouse” is missing two syllables). If you're familiar with Brown past that, it's probably because of The Runaway Bunny, and I have often wondered how popular that book would still be were pictures of it not cleverly introduced in Goodnight Moon. But Brown wrote a lar [...]

    9. My review of Mr. Dog earned a "caution - spoilers" red flag.So, let's forget the plot of this "bunny" book, such as it is, and hop right to the reasons -- two, of them -- you should buy it and read it aloud to your child,your children, your sweetheart, or anyone else you care about, yourself included. 1) Margaret Wise Brown wrote it. 2) Garth Williams illustrated it. Margaret Wise Brown had a "thing" for rabbits, and no one illustrates them cuter, cuddlier and more appealingly (from a child's pe [...]

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    11. Home for a bunny is a wonderful tale about a little bunny looking for a house to make his home. This picture book is repetitive, so even a child of two after a view readings will be able to start repeating the story line or by looking at the pictures.I used this book in preschool with a Neighborhood theme. We discussed that there are a variety of houses but the one you choose becomes your home.I love love this picture book!

    12. This Little Golden Book has been in our home for as long as I can remember. It originally cost $.89 and was copyrighted in 1961. As a bunny hops along in the countryside, he encounters many other animals; a robin and her babies in the tree, a frog in the bog, a groundhog in a log but could not figure out where the perfect home for a bunny might be. Finally, he runs into another bunny and figures out the perfect home for a bunny. A darling little story with beautiful pictures!

    13. This is the first book I read to my eldest back in 1986. It was Christmas and I enjoyed spending time reading the tale of a bunny looking for a new home. My daughter loved the bunny drawings. I also got hooked on Ms. brown's books. I have read many throughout the years. I hope to read them to my grandchildren.

    14. Have I read this book before today? Possibly since this is a Golden Book in an oversize format. This is such a wonderful story about a rabbit looking for a home. And the illustrations by Garth Williams are captivating. Although I tend to use a lot of newer books, this is an old favorite that I will offer during a storytime this summer, I think!

    15. A bunny comes down the road in the Spring and is looking for a home. He is looking under a rock, under a stone, or under the ground. Robin and frog and even the groundhog helps bunny to find a home. I would use this picture book for grades k - 2. I would read to my students as a read aloud and talk about the different animals that are presented in the story.

    16. Simply put bunny is looking for his home. He asks the other animals where they live, always places unsuitable for a bunny. That is until he meets another bunny.Williams' art is pleasant and MW Brown's story is sweet but I could not get into the rhythm of the text. The rhymes don't always match up and they're often missing when you expect one although children probably won't mind.

    17. Title: Home for a BunnySeries: Little Golden BookAuthor: Margaret Wise BrownGenre: Children's Rating: 3 stars A great childhood book.Follow the journey of the bunny finding a home. It's a beautiful tale, beautifully complimented with illustrations. A great addition to the Little Golden Books collection.

    18. You just can't go wrong with a Margaret Wise Brown book. Garth Williams illustrations make it even better. The excitement built as Pippa anticipated the results of a bunny asking various animals if he could join them in their homes, in the hope of finding his very own. I think Pippa was disappointed when he finally did

    19. We read this one often. It's sweet and simple. Bunny looks for a home and asks the other animals around where their homes are. Eventually he lives in a hole under a rock with another bunny friend. The artwork is the best part, at the end of the book, the bunnies' home looks so cozy you want to crawl in with them.

    20. The illustrations are great. I love the face on the baby robins and that skunk cabbage (a sign of spring here in New England) is part of the landscape. The woodland critters that the bunny meets aren't especially nice or interesting. It's one of those super repetitive books for little ones. I'd say the target age is around 2 yrs old.

    21. This was a good level 2 book. Lots of repitition of words. But a cute story, and the illustrations by Garth Williams are fabulous. I like having Kiddo read what he considers "real" books, books I would read to Kutey--it gives him confidence.

    22. Home for a Bunny is a beautiful children's book about a little bunny looking for a home. The illustrations are soft, colorful and delightful for children to picture the story as it is read to them.

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