Dinothesaurus Prehistoric Poems and Paintings This book is full of dinosaurs Both carnivores and herbivores You ll find a big Iguanodon As well as clever Tro o don There s Spinosaurus and T rex Plus plesiosaurs with GIANT necks Step back in ti

  • Title: Dinothesaurus: Prehistoric Poems and Paintings
  • Author: Douglas Florian
  • ISBN: 9781416979784
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This book is full of dinosaurs, Both carnivores and herbivores You ll find a big Iguanodon, As well as clever Tro o don There s Spinosaurus and T rex, Plus plesiosaurs with GIANT necks Step back in time in this fossil filled collection that explores the prehistoric era with Douglas Florian s singular wit and style In twenty funny and factual poems, he brings dinoThis book is full of dinosaurs, Both carnivores and herbivores You ll find a big Iguanodon, As well as clever Tro o don There s Spinosaurus and T rex, Plus plesiosaurs with GIANT necks Step back in time in this fossil filled collection that explores the prehistoric era with Douglas Florian s singular wit and style In twenty funny and factual poems, he brings dinosaurs to life illuminating the natural history of these amazing creatures as well as their unique and quirky characteristics.

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    1. Another great title from Douglas Florian, this book will be an instant hit with dinosaur fanatics (and I've already seen our library copies fly off the shelves). Each spread features a different dinosaur with a painting and a poem. The art includes so many creative details that kids will love to pore over the pages. The poems are humorous and feature the wordplay that Florian does so very well. A treat for those of us who read aloud are pronunciations of each dino's name right there on the page [...]

    2. Dinothesaurus – Prehistoric Poems and PaintingsOn Booklist ReviewAuthored and Illustrated by Douglas FlorianPublisher: Beach Lane Book, March 10, 2009PoetryDinothesaurus, as its name implies, is a lively play on words throughout. “Ste-go-SAUR-us/Her-bi-VOR-ous/Dined on plants inside the forest.” Author and Illustrator Douglas Florian takes us on tour through the Age of the Dinosaurs in wittingly poetic detail. While his illustrations are something to be desired being a mixture of finger pa [...]

    3. OOPS! How did I get behind on his books? I love his poetry!I wish I could write poetry that didn't sound like a pathetic teenager.Here is one short snippet about the Troodon "Said to be brainy.Said to be bright.But what did it read?And what did it write?"Or here's one that shares some info on the Stegosaurus "Ste-go-SAUR-usHer-bi-VOR-ousDined on plants inside the forest.Bony plates grew on its back,Perhaps to guard it from attack."Must add this to our collection. And quick!

    4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book of dinosaur-themed poetry. The illustrations are fabulous. The poetry is fun, humorous, and educational in a delightfully sneaky way. This would be a very fun book to read with a young dino-enthusiast. Also great for phonological awareness (because of the rhyming), and vocabulary skills--not only because of the dinosaur names provided, but also because of other words used in the text like "colossal" and "voracious". Excellent book!

    5. 1. Awards the book has received (if any): Bank Street Best Books of the YearBill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award Nominee (KS)CCBC Choices (Cooperative Children's Book Council)Great Lakes Great Books Master List (MI)Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master ListNCTE Notable Children's Books in the Language ArtsPennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award NomineeUtah Beehive Award Master List2. Appropriate grade level(s): 4th-5th3. Original 3-line summary: The author introduces a number of different dinosaurs in [...]

    6. Dinosaurs and poetry is one book? It's perfect. The poems were cute and humorous and the information about dinosaurs were enough for the most serious of students.

    7. Reading this book could give students the ability to create imaginative poems about any topic, as well as incorporate learning the history about dinosaurs by viewing fossils.

    8. This book gives information about certain dinosaurs in poetry form accompanied by fun pictures. There is also a "glossarysaurus" in the back that gives more information about each dinosaur.

    9. This one had some really neat mixed media artwork and some great poems. Learned about dinosaurs I have never heard of. Read for my grad school class of Lit & Resources for Children.

    10. 6; poetry; I do not recommend this book for a read allowed. Very complicated vocabulary and numerous spelling errors (mainly to go with the theme of the poetry) . It was a headache to read honestly.

    11. A book full of funny poems that bring dinosaurs to life. It talks about the history of dinosaurs along with their unique characteristics.

    12. Such a cute book! A short witty poem written about a number of dinosaurs with awesome illustrations.

    13. Originally rated G+ by Leah Lewandowski (Lisa Drwal)Personal Review:This book combines silly poems with factual information about various species of dinosaurs. The book has a number of excellent features including a pronunciation guide and definition for each dinosaur name and a glossary that explains what each poem is about. For example, the entry on “The Age of Dinosaurs” explains briefly the time period during which dinosaurs lived on Earth, and the entry for “Brachiosaurus” gives the [...]

    14. 15 July 2009 DINOTHESAURUS: PREHISTORIC POEMS AND PAINTINGS by Douglas Florian, Atheneum, March 2009, 48p ISBN: 978--1-4169-7978-4Which geologic period came first: the Jurassic, the Cretaceous, or the Triassic? I could not have told you last week, but thanks to reading Douglas Florian's DINOTHESAURUS I have discovered a fun way to remember:"The dinosaursFirst lived outdoorsDuring the time Triassic.While most died out,Some came aboutLater in the Jurassic.Then they evolved,As Earth revolved,In tim [...]

    15. Dinosaur enthusiasts will be thrilled with Douglas Florian’s newest poetry collection, Dinothesaurus, with selections on eighteen dinosaurs from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Plesiosaurs. Each title includes a pronunciation guide along with the meaning of each dinosaur’s name which Florian uses playfully in Triceratops “Try-scare-a tops” and Pterosaurs “ptime and ptenacious.” Double page spreads feature pale dinosaurs displayed on muted mixed media backgrounds. At first glance the pages seem [...]

    16. Dinothesaurus is a collection of twenty informative yet entertaining poems about dinosaurs that is sure to thrill dinosaur lovers of all ages. Each poem is short, no longer than fifteen lines and includes the elements that children enjoy in poetry: humor and rhyming words. Children will enjoy lines like “Deinonychus would leap on its prey. Deinonychus could ruin your whole day” (Florian 24). In addition to being enjoyable to read, the poems are also informative, sharing facts about each dino [...]

    17. A lively collection of children's poems that bring to life the infamous dinosaurs. Beginning with a poem that lays out the various time periods, in which dinosaurs lived, it continues through the several poems that each describe one particular dinosaur and the features that distinguish it from all the others. At the beginning of each poem the young readers get a lesson on how to pronounce each dinosaur's name phonetically. Though it's very approachable for children, quite a few of the poems hav [...]

    18. Grade/interest level: Upper elementary (4th-5th grade)Reading level: None availableGenre: Poetry, Picture book, Information bookMain Characters: No real main characters as it goes through various dinosaursSetting: The setting is in current times. Each dinosaur is examined but it is often mentioned that they are extinct through various poems. POV: 3rd person narrating the poem This book is a collection of stories that begins with a poem describing dinosaurs and the times that they lived. Each poe [...]

    19. This is informational text goes through a child-appropriate review of all types of dinosaurs. It goes through all the various species and their habits in a fun and inviting way that applies well to children. It takes a step back in time and discusses fossil collections and how fossils are made, found, and preserved. It digs (no pun intended) into the prehistoric era by using funny jokes and fun ways to remember different facts. The author uses poems to create rhymes and tongue twisters that will [...]

    20. Brachiosaurs, Stegosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Seisosaurus on and on and on. This non-fiction picture book from Douglas Florian is a great way to introduce dinosaurs to a child who loves dinosaurs. We learn what kind of dinosaurs were around, their sizes, their features and so on and so forth. With lots and lots of colorful pictures and rhyming text, not to mention learning ways to pronounce them. Colors swiril together to create each dinosaur and what they may have looked liked.This b [...]

    21. This book contains a series of informational poems about different types of dinosaurs. The poems describe the dinosaurs’ habits in a witty and comical way. The poems within the book have exceptional cadence and rhythm. The author finds unique ways to include precise vocabulary in the poems without distracting from the lyrical nature of the writing. There are many great examples of figurative language, which add depth to the story, and help keep the reader engaged. Though many details are given [...]

    22. Plot: This collection is composed of the different dinosaurs. Each dinosaur has their own poem which includes different characteristics about them. In addition, the book provides the pronunciation for each of the dinosaur names. Literary Merit: I chose theme for this book. The collection consists of all dinosaurs, providing more interest for those who are fascinated by dinosaurs and simple education for those who are not. The consistency of the theme provides structure for students who may need [...]

    23. Curricular connections: Reading this book could give students the ability to create imaginative poems about any topic, as well as incorporate learning the history about dinosaurs by viewing fossils. 112.16 Science, Grade 5:(7) Earth and space. The student knows Earth's surface is constantly changing and consists of useful resources. The student is expected to:(D) identify fossils as evidence of past living organisms and the nature of the environments at the time using models.110.15 Language Arts [...]

    24. I would have loved this book as kid. I would have loved listening to it and reading it.Firstly, the illustrations are give a creative glimpse into how the dinosaur looked. The artist made them a little more imaginative by adding a unique design to each one, but the base of the dinosaur is there. Any avid dinosaur lover knows that it's impossible to say the names too. This book takes care of this problem, and the names mesh well with the poetry. For example, Plesiosaurus is pronounced PLEASE-ee-o [...]

    25. SummaryDinothesaurus is a poetry book written and painted by Douglas Florian. As you flip through each page, you see beautiful paintings of different dinosaurs that are being discussed in the poems written on the pages. Florian brings the dinosaurs to live in his poetry writing by giving a fun way to give descriptive facts about dinosaurs.Classroom ConnectionsDinothesaurus would be a great book to use during a poetry unit. It provides a topic that kids may be interested in and also has a humorou [...]

    26. This poetry book is both funny and factual. The poems for each dinosaur includes the pronunciation and meaning of the name. There are lots of dinosaur books being published, but this one really stands out beacuse it is both readable and fun. The Glossarysaurus in the back of the book adds more information about each dinosaur. Dinosaur museums and fossil sites as well as a bibliography for further reading are also in the back of the book. Included in the bibliogrpahic information about the book i [...]

    27. Many little kids are fascinated by huge, towering dinosaurs. Florian taps on that interest with these poems, combining clever wordplay, silly rhymes and solid facts about different dinosaurs. __ different species range from the well known Triceratops ("Try-scare-a-tops. / Try-wouldn t-want-to-dare-a-tops") to the lesser known Barosaurus (“I’m higher than five elephants./ I’m longer than most whales./ My giant neck is balanced by / My forty-three foot tail./ A tail that is my weapon./ It sw [...]

    28. If you know a kid into dinos, this is a good book for them!This book is a collection of poems dedicated to many different dinosaurs. The poems also come with an illustration of the particular dinosaur. I found the illustrations to be an interesting mix of dictionary definition clippings, colored pencil drawings and a collage.This is a good book if you are beginning an unit or lesson on dinosaurs, as it exposes readers to different types that are not necessarily popular. An important part of this [...]

    29. "Dinothesaurus: Prehistoric Poems and Paintings," by Douglas Florian, is a playful and quirky book about dinosaurs. Unlike a lot of dinosaur books for kids, the text isn't just rhyming. No, it's actual straight up poetry, playing with line breaks and stresses and language. The poems are bouncy and fun, a joy to read aloud, unlike most stilted, predictable rhyming couplets you see in kidlit. The illustrations are likewise unique and crafted, vaguely reminiscent of Dave McKean's painting-collages, [...]

    30. This is a Beehive Nominee for 2010-11 under the category of Poetry. The poems are all about dinosaurs and even have the phonetic spelling so you can pronounce the names of the dinosaurs correctly. The book is clever and creative as it teaches about the dinosaurs and what they looked like and did when they were alive a long time ago. This book won the votes of our students for best poetry book at Bella Vista from all the Beehive Nominated books for poetry. The book, Bill Martin Jr. Big Book of Po [...]

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