Ethics of Sexual Difference Who or what the other is I never know But the other who is forever unknowable is the one who differs from me sexually This feeling of surprise astonishment and wonder in the face of the unknowable

  • Title: Ethics of Sexual Difference
  • Author: Luce Irigaray
  • ISBN: 9780801481451
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who or what the other is, I never know But the other who is forever unknowable is the one who differs from me sexually This feeling of surprise, astonishment, and wonder in the face of the unknowable ought to be returned to its locus that of sexual difference Thus Luce Irigaray undertakes a searching inquiry into what may be the philosophical problem of our age.Iriga Who or what the other is, I never know But the other who is forever unknowable is the one who differs from me sexually This feeling of surprise, astonishment, and wonder in the face of the unknowable ought to be returned to its locus that of sexual difference Thus Luce Irigaray undertakes a searching inquiry into what may be the philosophical problem of our age.Irigaray approaches the question of sexual difference by looking at the ways in which thought and language whether in philosophy, science, or psychoanalysis are gendered She juxtaposes evocative readings of classic texts, including Plato s Symposium, Aristotle s Physics, Descartes s On Wonder in The Passions of the Soul, Spinoza s Ethics, Merleau Ponty s The Visible and the Invisible, and Levinas s Totality and Infinity, with meditations on experiences of love between fetus and mother, between heterosexual lovers, between women, and between women and their own bodies.Exploding traditional dualities such as inside outside, form content, subject object, and self other, Irigaray shows how an understanding of such experiences points to gender blindness in both classic and contemporary theory Asserting that women have never known a love of self out of which a non dominated love of the other is possible, Irigaray argues that only when women insist on the integrity of their own spaces of embodiment can love become the basis of a revolution in ethics.Published in French in 1984, An Ethics of Sexual Difference is now available in English in a superb translation by Carolyn Burke and Gillian C Gill Readers interested in feminist theory, literary theory, and philosophy indeed anyone deeply concerned with gender relations will be challenged by the brilliance and boldness of Irigaray s analyses.

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    One thought on “Ethics of Sexual Difference”

    1. in my ignorance what i can only describe as french lyrical psychoanalytic phenomenology is always challenging and mystifying and something that i will have to return to. is this metaphysical, is this metaphor? are we being literal? i was trying to explain what was happening to a security guard that was policing the busy bathroom at l.a. union station: him: "is that like a gay thing?" me: "no, actually she's talking about the social consequences of heterosexism i think. hetero means difference, s [...]

    2. This book taught me a great deal about myself and how the feminist movement has informed my interactions in ways I hadn't analyzed before. Overall, its incredibly readable. Irigaray has a lucid writing style and usually explains the context in which she is writing with calculated accuracy.

    3. ---Read this and reviews of other classics in Western Philosophy on the History page of BestPhilosophyBooks (athinkPhilosophy Production).---According to Luce Irigaray in An Ethics of Sexual Difference, each age has a philosophical question to work out, and sexual difference is the question for our age, the first difference on which other kinds of differences (such as race/ethnicity and class) are modeled, according to Irigaray. Irigaray examines the way that sexual difference is treated in the [...]

    4. With regard to her chapter on Spinoza. In Latin God is a he. But the attributes of God, substance, infinity, essence, nature and truth are all feminine.God, a he, is the cause of himself. But cause, or reason for something, is feminine and effect masculine. If God is the cause of himself, how can he be a he?In a universe of odd and even numbers, and left right asymmetries, why should it not be perfectly normal for a 'he' to be the effect of a 'she' which is his 'essence's' reason for being?

    5. This is Irigaray at her best; extending and solidifying her previous writing on sexual difference within psychoanalysis, philosophy and language.The reading of Merleau-Ponty's 'The Visible and the Invisible' found within is incredible and a must read for anyone interested in that style of phenomenology, especially from a feminist perspective.

    6. One of my favorites from Irigaray. This book marks her attempt to bring her philosophy to a much broader audience and is in-between Speculum and Je, Tu, Nous. I especially love her engagement with Descartes' notion of wonder and her idea of male nostalgia.

    7. My gender theory hero - thought-provoking (if sometimes frustrating to read) ideas and theories. Her work is the theoretical foundation for all my research.

    8. I cannot get past hideous psychoanalysis. Maybe I'll try you again in a few years Irigaray when I have a little more patience.

    9. Its very good, maybe not 5 stars but I am not going to give it less and risk being flamed, still very good book

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