The Reckoning Not long ago the world thought its superhumans dead after a great battle wiped out heroes and villains alike Now new heroes and new villains have miraculously emerged in the form of teenagers The new

  • Title: The Reckoning
  • Author: Michael Carroll
  • ISBN: 9780399247279
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Not long ago the world thought its superhumans dead after a great battle wiped out heroes and villains alike Now, new heroes and new villains have miraculously emerged in the form of teenagers The new heroes find themselves on the cusp of WWIII, caused by their very existence One hero is torn between right and wrong as he falls under the spell of a former ally turneNot long ago the world thought its superhumans dead after a great battle wiped out heroes and villains alike Now, new heroes and new villains have miraculously emerged in the form of teenagers The new heroes find themselves on the cusp of WWIII, caused by their very existence One hero is torn between right and wrong as he falls under the spell of a former ally turned villain, while another must come to terms with his dark role in the battle, as predicted by Quantum s prophecy years ago If the planet is to survive, our new heroes will need to prove stronger than even they can imagine The year of the superhero continues in this addictive thrill ride that brings the traditional superhero comic book to a novel format in the most satisfying of ways.

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    One thought on “The Reckoning”

    1. Having superhuman abilities is something any human would love to possess, especially a thirteen year old. Carroll does an excellent job of presenting an action packed series with two teen brothers, the sons of Quantum, and their discovery of their superhuman powers. Colin and Danny are put in a position to re-establish a superhuman race. Book Three, The Reckoning, Colin's mission is to stop Max and the Sakkarran's from figuring out how to use a power-damping machine that could kill super-humans, [...]

    2. Alternate reality.Golly. No matter what horrible things happen to these characters, I still wish I was a superhuman.Only, I like Renata's and Danny's powers best because they're the most reasonable. Why does ever superhuman seem to have to have super strength and speed? Why can't everyone be fine with just ONE power? What's up with Mina? It really would be more interesting if there were more limitations, but at least MC knows better than to make every character unstoppable (like in Daniel X, uni [...]

    3. Hmm, I dunno, I was kind of disapointed with this book. I mean, the writing is great and all, but I wasn't satisfied with the end. What was probably supposed to be a cliff-hanger left me with no inclination to find if there are other books. What especially annoyed me was the whole "evil America" feel. I mean I know the author is European and probably has his own biases, fine, I know America isn't perfect, but I was disgusted how almost EVERY American in power was a major jerk. Plus, the three ma [...]

    4. Really liked the supposed end to the Trilogy. (Come to find out, the author has tales of these heroes and new ones in other books he's written.) I enjoyed the series immensely. They were fast reads but exciting. They were a little stale in some areas but not enough to keep me from enjoying it. If you like action superhero genre books then this is a pretty good series, even though it's mainly written for the 12+ crowd, this near 40 year old enjoyed some of the interesting twists. The New Heroes p [...]

    5. I feel like a broken record here, but this was cool, yeah. However, I wish it had more depth. Character development and layers are good. This "good vs evil" thing is just too simple. I mean, we have an EVIL character who can make people do anything she says, but the main character is sooo GOOD that, even though he's under her control, he still cannot kill. I keep saying this, but the books are too juvenile. Not bad, they're fun and okay, but also shallow.

    6. One of the best books I have ever read. Yes, better even than Harry Potter. It has by far the best twists I have seen in a book in living memory. The only books that I can think of with such great plot twists are Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (which only has a great twist at the very end)and Lord of the Rings. All throughout this book you are surprised.One of the best things about this book is that you don't know who the enemy is. Some of the people you think are good turn out to not be [...]

    7. It was just 10 years ago that the world superheroes and supervillains lost all of their powers after a major battle. The next generation is just coming to the fore, still learning about their abilities and about what it means to be a hero. In this third volume in the Quantum Prophecy series, readers get to continue following the tales of the three original New Heroes. Each of them is still dealing with struggles related to their power.Renata, who was a teen hero at the time the previous heroes l [...]

    8. I really enjoyed the author's writing style in this book. It was targeted for young readers, but wasn't insulting in the way of using typical childish script and cut to the point. For example,“As she stepped into the hallway, Stephanie said, “So now what? I’m grounded?”“Where were you?”“Out.” Stephanie unzipped her jacket and pulled it off.“It’s six o’clock in the morning, Stephanie. Why don’t we save time by skipping all the shouting and me telling you how worried I was? [...]

    9. What an ending??!!! **** flailing hands while running then smashes my head to the wall (not really :P) ****Most of my friends at knows that I've been slacking A LOT when it comes to reading and reviewing a novel. BUT I have to say that this series is so good that I'll drop my hiatus state and tell why I like this book. I have to give credit to Aaron who recommended the book to me. Thanks dude (I know he hates it when I call him that. hahaha). One word: "AWESOME". The series would take you in a [...]

    10. For my book report I read "Quantum Prophecy The Reckoning". The author is Michael Carroll and the book is 298 pages long. The intended audience for this book is thrill seekers. The main problem in the book is the super villain Yvonne is trying to take over the world with mind control. The setting in this book is the whole world mostly for Danny Copper because he can move as fast as light. The Main Characters are. Collin Wagner he can control energy and has super strength. Danny Copper he has sup [...]

    11. Wow! That was amazing! The third book ends on an amazing note, but also a bit of a cliffhanger. I can't wait to read the prequel series. Hopefully, Michael Carroll is working hard on the 7th book (which from what I hear, will pick back up sometime after this series and still have Colin, Danny, and Renata in it).Overall, I loved it. Colin being on the run and then falling into Yvonne's trap was amazing to see. I don't actually see though, how Colin was able to remember and figure out that he was [...]

    12. The new heroes have been thrust into the brink of a world war with the Trutopians. General Piers has assumed command of Sakkarra and the new heroes are no longer in control of their destiny, except one who has left and refuses to serve under a man such as Piers. Unfortunately this one hero is forced to choose between good and evil and the lines are blurred together. With the new heroes be able to stop an all out war that could kill millions and who will end up on which sides?The Reckoning is an [...]

    13. The reconing by Michael Carroll is the last book in the series and it's about superheros who are kids.Colin the strongest hero is living on the streets having run away from his former life. His friends are at Sakkara helping save the world. The trutophians and their leader have announced that they are a separat country and war is definitly going to happend. When the trutophians get controle of Colin the others must break him from their power and stop him before it's too late.I picked this book u [...]

    14. And the story arc finishes. Colin is on the run trying to find a role for himself and some peace. Renata and Danny are questioning the leadership and the Trutopians have some schemes they are trying to work out. As the book progresses you find that they all have flaws and all have motives and things are very complicated.There are times when this book works well but there were also times when I was very lost and nearly lost my interest in the story and didn't care what happened next, as long as i [...]

    15. GAAH!!! EVIL ENDING!!! *throws book against the wall*!!! So yeah, that's the bad news: cliff hanger. Good news: I think I'm addicted to this series now. With the first two books, it was more like, "Ehhh these are okay good enough to read the next book but I won't die if I don't keep up with the series." After book three I'm more intrigued. There were a lot of good plot twists Sure, they were a little ridiculous and/or predictable at times, but that's pretty much what I expect from some YA supe [...]

    16. This one's choppy and not quite as good as the first two. The continued exploration of adults' reactions and contingency plans for young heroes, as well as as the interesting deal with the mine were good. But this felt much more like the "middle" story than the 2nd book did with the whack plot twist on the last page. And the character interactions were more forced and less developed I thought.I am also beyond confused about how Superhuman relates to this at all now I'll have to hit the library a [...]

    17. I probably would have given this more stars if it had not been a year and a half since I read the last one, so I had very little idea what was going on, who the people were, their histories and their motivations. My other gripe is that the pacing between this one and the first two was so completely different. The first two were rather slow, with a lot of revelations right at the very end. This one was more a superhero soap opera with wildly changing directions and revelations all over the place [...]

    18. With the plot complications added in book two, and expanded on at the beginning of book three, I came away impressed by Carroll's ability to tie together all the various plot twists while still leaving one or two new ones for the next books in the series. I came away completely satisfied as a reader and awed as a writer. Action-packed, this novel still managed to give all four of the main characters growth and development. As a writer, I plan to read through this trilogy again to see how Carroll [...]

    19. While I enjoyed this series when I started it, by the time I got to this third book, I decided I was a bit tired of the author's prose style. Putting just what that style is into words is a bit difficult but I call it mechanical descriptive style narrative. Its too matter of fact for my taste, especially after reading 3 books in that style.Also, I didn't like where the continuing story line was heading and so, while there is a 4th book out and I don't know how many more planned, I stopped readin [...]

    20. This book was the BEST one so far! It was so amazing!! There is so far 8 books in the series. Books 4-7 are prequel novels and don't have any of the characters that are in the first 3 books. The 8th book just came out in October and it follows the characters in the first 3 books. Luckily I didn't have to wait almost 6 years, but I will continue the series because their REALLY, REALLY GOOD! The cliff hanger at the end of the book, make me HAVE to continue. I recommend these book to EVERYONE!! The [...]

    21. This book was amazing! It always had me reading the next chapter. I just couldn't put it down! Some things were a little confusing, so I had to reread them, and it did have some curse words, but otherwise it was awesome. The Girl Who Could Fly was a book that is kinda like this one which is also amazing. They both are dealing with kids that develop powers. In this book, some teens around age 13 start to develop superpowers, starting a new age of super humans, after the old super humans disappear [...]

    22. This is the third book in the Quantum Prophecy series. Danny has lost his arm in battle and refuses to take a mechanical arm fearing the the prophecy will come true and he will lead an army that will destroy humanity. Colin has become so powerful that he feels the pressure of the survival of the world on his shoulders. Will his resentment lead him to the enemy? Will he help destroy the world. Read The Reckoning to find the answers. This is a great third book in this series, but at the end I was [...]

    23. I liked the fact that this book went into more detail about the characters their back stories and what their powers are and how they are useful. One nice thing i like about this book in the series is that it explained the antagonist just as much as it did as the protagonist. All in all the book was a good read (no pun intended) and i like the next book as well so if you read this keep going in the series there are a few surprises left.

    24. The final book in the Quantum Prophecy series. I have reall y like all three books in this series. There are not enough superhero books in my opinion. Or maybe I am not looking in the right place.Needless to say this is a great superhero book. Teenagers trying to figure out how to use their superpowers to help save the world. Sure there are lots of stories of people trying to save the world but this one was done well.

    25. Another dope book from Michael Carroll. I'm a bit sad because I've read every book in the series now. I loved the action set pieces. The antagonists were cool and the diversity of powers were nice. I couldn't give this one five stars because there were some plot lines left unresolved and damnit sometimes I like everything wrapped perfectly with a bow on top. Of course I wholeheartedly recommend this one.

    26. I found that I just couldn't wait to pick up the book to continue with the story of the teen super heroes.Follow what happens to Collin and his friends as they battle the evil mind of another super hero teen.A must read to all super hero lovers.I will definitely be getting the next in the series.Well done Michael

    27. Really liked this series but I feel like it ended with too much unknown. I am not sure if it continues but I hope so because I need to find out what happens with Colin, Danny, Renata, and the others. Normally I am more of a fantasy person but I love superheroes and this was a really fun book. Who doesn't dream about waking up one day and having an amazing super power?

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