Cain s Last Stand As the forces of Chaos overwhelm Perlia can Commissar Cain prove himself to be a real hero of the Imperium one last time

  • Title: Cain's Last Stand
  • Author: Sandy Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781844166671
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the forces of Chaos overwhelm Perlia, can Commissar Cain prove himself to be a real hero of the Imperium one last time

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      145 Sandy Mitchell
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    One thought on “Cain's Last Stand”

    1. The book is well paced and well thought out. There is good suspense and some unexpected actions. For those who have been reading this series , you'll enjoy the story. I actually found Cain mostly likeable if still delusional in thinking his actions are self-centered. For those who are picking this up as a first, you'll be able to understand and follow without any trouble. There are many foot notes. There is a lot of violence but it's not overly graphic. There isn't any properly spelled bad langu [...]

    2. After eighty years on the front lines, Commissar Ciaphas Cain is enjoying a relatively quiet semi-retirement tutoring students on Perlia, the site of one of his greatest victories. The period of peace is rudely interrupted when the hordes of Chaos, led by Abaddon the Despoiler, launch a vast invasion of the Imperium through the Eye of Terror. Fortunately, Perlia is on the other side of the galaxy to the main battlefront. Unfortunately, a major Chaos battle fleet is on its way to invade the plane [...]

    3. Cain’s Last Stand is the third book of the second Cain trilogy. It brings Ciaphas Cain, Liberator of Perlia, back to the planet where he defeated the dreaded greenskins by destroying a dam and drowning an entire army. The novel may be the same “bat-channel,” but it doesn’t include the same enemies. In fact, in a reverse-Marvel Team-Up, it features more than one enemy. Cain, the Harry Flashman of humanity’s dark future, doesn’t have those itching hands for nothing. [My maternal grandm [...]

    4. It was good, but not really my thing, and I ended up skimming some parts. The part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe that really fascinates me is the tech-priests, and I'm not sure I'm ever going to find more than little bits of them in the novels. Other authors have mixed science and magic. The 40k universe adds religion, but as far as I can tell the psyker and null abilities people can show are inborn, not gifted by the Emperor to paladins or something. Although if you count the chaos gods as g [...]

    5. Another fun adventure for the wily commissar. Ciaphas Cain is finally enjoying retirement. I bet he was thinking he was safe, that he made it to retirement in one piece. Plus, nice cushy job in a schola teaching cadet commissars. Life is good. But trouble and mayhem just have a way to find him. So, when a Dark Crusade threatens Perlia, Cain and his cadets along with every able-bodied person have to rise to the defense of the planet. He will have to use all his guile and skill to make it through [...]

    6. This was a great book about the adventure of a very reluctant hero who is basically tasked with saving a world from impossible odds… if only to save his own neck.Commissar Ciaphas Cain (try saying that 3 times fast!), is a legend in his own time. He is know through-out the Imperium as a hero many times over. So it is no surprise that the general populace of Perlia looks to Cain, who has long since retired and now lives on Perlia, to save them from the forces of a powerful deadly enemy.What the [...]

    7. The final book in the second trilogy about Commissar Cain did not disappoint. Although i'm finding myself pretty burned out on all things warhammer lately, and it may have been a mistake to start this one while the universe isn't exactly appealing to me right now. This book took way longer than it should have, and i found myself making excuses to not read (often just poking at my phone for hours, with the book sitting in my lap), which is no indication on the quality of the book at all. It was p [...]

    8. Cain's Last Stand is the novel in the Ciaphas Cain series that is most recent in terms of where it fits on the timeline of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It continues the tradition of the first six books (and the two most recent), but features an older and more grizzled Cain who has finally gotten the peaceful retirement that he has fought so hard to live to see. So, of course, he is called again to defend the Imperium of Man from the forces of Chaos. Despite being "too old for this". This is a [...]

    9. Not as engaging or humorous as previous Cain novels by Mitchell, this one finds the reluctant hero retired on his "home" world of Perlia spending his time as an instructor at a local schola. His reputation from a previous battle on Perlia precedes him as the local PDF and other known officers of previous skirmishes seek his counsel and Hero status as a plot is uncovered of Chaos forces planning a raid on the planet in search of an artifact of immeasurable power. This object, the Shadowlight, was [...]

    10. Ciaphas Cain stories definitely build upon each other in momentum and overall enjoyment. This series has definitely been my go-to for months of lunch breaks for solid writing, amusing antics, space action and the ever self-deprecating Cain who goes through great lengths to demonstrate his cowardliness/self-serving ambitions of ease and contentment, but still manages to save the day regardless.This particular one, however, made me unusually sad, as a result of introducing promising new characters [...]

    11. A great way to finish off the Cain series, this book brings the Commissar back to the beginning (the planet Perlia) as the setting for an even more epic showdown. It seems every flavor of xenos wants in on the action this time, and Cain is there to muddle through in the usual way. Very entertaining and a quick read, highly recommended to anyone that has enjoyed any of the other Cain books. However, don't go into this thinking that it wraps up the Cain storyline - the ending is similar to all the [...]

    12. A great entry to the series. The action and plotting are consistent with the rest of the series. It was a good, light book to read and exactly the tone needed for the series and characters. Some plot lines are continued from earlier books; some good references and tie-ins to the earlier books are linked in. And Jurgen is as Jurgen as ever. It will be sad if this is the last we hear.

    13. Good, but the description led me to believe Caon would be fighting on Cadia or something, good book and then Cain fights [inconseqential servant of the dark gods]. He doesn't really take part in the 13th black crusade.

    14. Another solid and dependable Ciaphas Cain novel. Nothing particularly new here if you've already read any of the previous adventures but you know what? That's OK. You get a reliable showing of daring do and witty dark humour. Looking forwards to the next one in the series when I get round to it.

    15. Another good 40K book if you like the series you should like this one. This is where I stopped reading the series. It's not a bad book I just got tired of the structure.

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