Anne Boleyn Henry VIII s Obsession Alluring but not beautiful Anne s wit and poise won her numerous admirers at the English court and caught the roving eye of King Henry Anne was determined to shape her own destiny first through a s

  • Title: Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII's Obsession
  • Author: Elizabeth Norton
  • ISBN: 9781848680845
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alluring but not beautiful, Anne s wit and poise won her numerous admirers at the English court, and caught the roving eye of King Henry Anne was determined to shape her own destiny, first through a secret engagement to Henry Percy, the heir of the Earl of Northumberland, and later through her insistence on marriage with the king, after a long and tempestuous relationshipAlluring but not beautiful, Anne s wit and poise won her numerous admirers at the English court, and caught the roving eye of King Henry Anne was determined to shape her own destiny, first through a secret engagement to Henry Percy, the heir of the Earl of Northumberland, and later through her insistence on marriage with the king, after a long and tempestuous relationship as his mistress Their love affair was as extreme as it was deadly, from Henry s mine own sweetheart to cursed and poisoning whore her fall from grace was total.

    Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn b l n, b l n c May was Queen of England from to as the second wife of King Henry VIII.Henry s marriage to her, and her subsequent execution by beheading, made her a key figure in the political and religious upheaval that was the start of the English Reformation.Anne was the daughter of Thomas Boleyn, st Earl of Wiltshire, and Anne Boleyn s Marriage to Henry VIII onthetudortrail Edward Hall reports that Henry and Anne married on St Erconwald s Day November in a private and secret ceremony David Starkey agrees that the time was psychologically right Pg . Did Henry VIII father Mary Boleyn s children Queen Anne The other possible explanation is the fact, that Henry VIII knew that he must have a legitimate son He believed that a woman can never wear a crown and thus was eager to provide a male heir. Anne Boleyn s Story Menu Choices The Six Wives of Henry VIII II Anne Boleyn s Story Anne Boleyn was the second of Henry s six wives She was Queen of England from until . About Anne BOLEYN M Pembroke Queen of England Anne Boleyn was probably born in or Her father was an English diplomat, Sir Thomas Boleyn, and her mother, Elizabeth, was the daughter of one of the powerfull families of that time. The Anne Boleyn Files The REAL TRUTH about Anne Boleyn Posted By Claire on December , Happy Friday It s nearly the weekend I hope you ve had a good week and I hope you have the loveliest of weekends Here at the Anne Boleyn Files, we have another Tudor treat for you on our Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar, and this time it s from my dear friend, James Peacock of the Anne Boleyn Society Facebook page thank you, James Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Primary Resources Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Fill in the missing words below Henry fell in love with Anne when she was a _____ in the Queens Household in By he was trying to get divorced from _____ so that he could marry her. BBC History Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII and the mother of Elizabeth I Henry s desire to divorce his first wife and marry Anne helped bring about the English Reformation. Anne Boleyn s Final Miscarriage onthetudortrail On the January , Anne Boleyn miscarried The details appear in Chapuys dispatch to Charles V dated February On the day of the interment the Concubine had an abortion which seemed to be a male child which she had not borne months, at which the King has shown great distress. Why was Anne Boleyn Executed The Anne Boleyn Files Posted By Claire on March , Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort of England, was executed by a French swordsman at the Tower of London on th May , just sixteen months after becoming Henry VIII s second wife.

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    One thought on “Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII's Obsession”

    1. A pretty good non-fiction read on Anne Boleyn. My one gripe (and this is for all the non-fiction that does this) is when the author writes things like, "Anne must have felt" and "This was a night Anne would always remember." Really? Were you there? How do you know?Other than that, it was a decent read.

    2. Commissioned by me at Amberley Publishing, the most accessible biography of Anne available. Author is near to completing biographies of all Henry's six wives and is also working on a major illustrated history the the lives of the Queens of England.

    3. What can I say? I love Anne Boleyn. And nursing the remnants of a cold plus stressed over classes, this was the ticket. The information wasn't new to me. I've read it all before and had it presented to me in numerous ways, but I thought that Elizabeth Norton was even handed with her delivery. She didn't try to wash away the things Anne did that weren't what we would call right -- such as, threatening to kill Mary, because, by now, that really is a fact of life -- nor did she completely slander h [...]

    4. This book needed better editing. To use the same cliched phrases in adjacent paragraphs is sloppy and to have no one fix it is lazy. Things I didn't remember reading elsewhere: the rumour that Anne was secretly Henry's child from his affair with her mother (what?), Anne's "subservient" letter to Lady Wingfield before she was queen, and the specifics of the accusations by Lady Worcester.I liked having the original source material in its original spelling but the references were a nightmare to par [...]

    5. From Doomed queen of Henry VIII, mother to Elizabeth I, the epic story of Anne Boleyn from an exceptional new writer. Anne Boleyn was the most controversial and scandalous woman ever to sit on the throne of England. From her early days at the imposing Hever Castle in Kent, to the glittering courts of Paris and London, Anne caused a stir wherever she went. Alluring but not beautiful, Anne's wit and poise won her numerous admirers at the English court, and caught the roving eye of King Henry.Anne [...]

    6. A fairly easy read - I finished it in less than a day and I have an 11 month old baby (hello, naptime!)Overall it's not a bad text, but the author repeated several phrases and words, often in close proximity. I found this to very rather annoying, as though a thesaurus wasn't available?I've stated in other reviews that one of my greatest pet peeves is when authors claim to know what their subject is thinking or feeling about a given situation. Just stop, please, thanks.I still side with those who [...]

    7. As far as accounts of Anne Boleyn go, this is very informative and well researched. The style, however, reads more like scientific research than historical analysis. There is so much repetition of words and phrases, sometimes in adjacent paragraphs, that I found it to be distracting from the actual facts/story. I enjoyed reading tidbits of actual letters written at the time, however a modern translation of the old/Middle English spellings would have been helpful in a lot of places. I found there [...]

    8. I was going to give this 2 stars originally, but it improved noticeably from about half way through.To begin with, I only persevered with this book as I am so interested in the subject matter and because it is short. It has in it's favour that it is quite easy to read. On the downside, it was full of the writer's assumptions about how Anne felt, basically stating them as fact. The descriptions were generally unoriginal (although that didn't bother me that much), and they were extremely repetitiv [...]

    9. ISBN? - 9781848685147General Subject/s? - History / Tudors / Anne BoleynTitle? - Henry VIII was obsessed by Anne Boleyn for seven years before he married her - never again did he spend so much time wooing a woman.General Analysis? - I like Elizabeth Norton's writing style, but some of her information was incorrect. For example, that Mark Smeaton was hung, drawn and quartered, when in fact he was beheaded like the rest. Aside from these tiny errors, I really really enjoyed Norton's book. It was e [...]

    10. This was a well written bio on Anne Boleyn, it's the first one I read and while I didn't learn anything new, it was written well and concise. Anne Boleyn, one of my favourite English Queens is explored, looking at her childhood right through to her adulthood, her relationships with her family and her true and very expressive emotions.Like many bios on less documented royals, it assumes quite a bit, some which are blatantly obvious and some, rather educated and potentially controversial, guesses. [...]

    11. For all the sound scholarship to be found in this book, the author doesn't seem at all confident with expressing herself. Stock phrases are used again and again and the direct repetition, especially in chapter conclusions, is absolutely infuriating. How it made it past the editing room in this sorry state I will never know. I can think of no greater irony than an account of such a lively and charismatic woman (and wordsmith) as Anne Boleyn, being told by a writer completely devoid of these facul [...]

    12. An easy to read biography of Anne Boleyn which takes into account a lot of contemporary sources on this fascinating woman and 2nd queen to Henry the VIII. The reason why it only receives 4 stars is this: Although the author mentions that the sources on Anne Boleyn may be partial and/or tainted by personal and/or political reasons, she nevertheless cites them as if they were almost neutral statements. IOt would have been nice to know more about the backgrounds of the sources, so: its only 4 stars [...]

    13. tragis sekali nasib anne boleynrawal dari hasrat & intrik ingin menjadi bagian dari kerajaan inggris membawa drama kelam & kepedihan dalam takdirnyaapa bilang hidup dalam kerajaan itu aman & tentram?lewat buku ini,pandangan kamu para readers akan berbalik total melihat kemewahan hidup para raja & ratu,karena dibalik setiap keindahan ada keburukan yang sempurna untuk ditutupiling sikut adalah kata yg tepat untuk dinasti ke dinasti para kerajaan & isinya.

    14. I loved this bio of Anne, it was incredibly heart felt and I did feel myself really empathizing with Anne's plight. I have to be honest and admit that I shed a tear towards the end with the description of the execution and Cromwell's reaction to it.

    15. Rather disappointing,this account of Anne Boleyn's life contributes nothing new to what has already been written about her by other historians.

    16. Fabulous book! Loved it and couldn't put it down til it was finished. This was up there with some of the best books on Anne Boleyn and i have now read quite a few.

    17. Interesting and insightful. This book provided a lot of "food for thought" relating to Anne's complex relationship with Henry.

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