Tallchief A DreamOr A Nightmare Ever since the night Morgan Tallchief lost the only woman he would ever love he has struggled to seal away the past But now Kathleen Ryder is back in his life still pursued by t

  • Title: Tallchief
  • Author: Dinah McCall Sharon Sala
  • ISBN: 9780061084447
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • A DreamOr A Nightmare Ever since the night Morgan Tallchief lost the only woman he would ever love, he has struggled to seal away the past But now Kathleen Ryder is back in his life still pursued by the deadly secrets that forced her to flee before And even though Morgan swears to protect her, he is helpless against his own rekindled passion.Kathleen has never forgotA DreamOr A Nightmare Ever since the night Morgan Tallchief lost the only woman he would ever love, he has struggled to seal away the past But now Kathleen Ryder is back in his life still pursued by the deadly secrets that forced her to flee before And even though Morgan swears to protect her, he is helpless against his own rekindled passion.Kathleen has never forgotten the achingly sweet hunger that bound them together years ago Now, still on the run, all she dares ask is that Morgan keep her safe never expecting that he has the power to breathe life giving fire to an ember that has grown cold.

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    One thought on “Tallchief”

    1. 4.5 Stars! I really really enjoyed this! A little bit of everything! Captivating story about a second chance at love, great charactersI liked all of them, mystery and suspense, some angst, but nothing too crazy. Oh yeah, and Morgan Tallchief *swoon*he's my kind of guy!

    2. Never again andthis is why. Pseudonyms OK for authors. Not okay for readers. Sorry, I don't think so.Here's my original review so those who will cannot accuse me of being a drive-by troll. If anything I was a silly fangirl. I wrote this way back when. Ahhh, innocence was bliss.Morgan Tallchief was on top of the world. Only eighteen years old and a record breaking runner with Olympic dreams he has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him with all her heart and his future looks bright. Then all of his [...]

    3. Love never dies, is what Tallchief is all about.Morgan Tallchief is a runner, who has the ability to make it to Olympics when unable to save the girl he loved (Kathleen), he gave it up and joined the navy.Sixteen years have passed and Morgan has left the military and paints instead but he still remembers, loves and grieves for Kathleen. He has never loved any woman besides her, when in walks the shock of his life, Kathleen, a little older and his daughter.Kathleen loved Morgan, but her family wa [...]

    4. Very romantic book all the way around. Just what I was looking for after some lighthearted stuff. The emotion continued throughout the book even after the hero figures out that the heroine is still alive. These two fell in love early and never fell out even when separated for years.His love for her was just all consuming. She was still in danger and he was committed to keeping her safe. The action scenes were very well done. Sometimes, authors make their heroes SEALs and then waste that aspect o [...]

    5. I had high hopes for Tallchief, but I found it disappointing. The dialog is lame. The descriptions were overwrought. As an example of the writing style - at one point, the author described the wind blowing a 16 year old character's t-shirt against her "young breasts." Not only is that gross, it added nothing to the scene. In another scene, she describes Morgan's "manhood" as "fully extended." That makes it sound like he has an Inspector Gadget style robo-penis. Kathleen spent so much time beatin [...]

    6. There are some books that are just keepers. Characters that jump off the page into your heart, stories that long to be told. Books that are readable over and over again, that hold one's interest no matter how many times they are read.Too bad this isn't one of those books. Stuck fast in the "noble Indian" mold, Tallchief is almost embarrassing to read. I lost count of the steotypical behaviors perpetuated in this morass of bad dialog, silly people and overblown prose. This book is on its way to t [...]

    7. Contemporary romantic suspense, first released about 1997. This is the story of a life-long devotion between a Native American (Comanche) and a Caucasian (no ancestry provided). Their love affair begins in high school in small-town Oklahoma, is halted for 16 years, and picks up again in Santa Fé, New Mexico. NUTSHELL PLOT: Morgan Tallchief is a record-setting sprinter and long-distance runner, a former SEAL, and a world-famous artist. Kathleen Walker is running for her life from Marco Benini's [...]

    8. 4.5/5.0Oh, I HATE it when you have to round it up or down and neither way fits!!The romance, angst and relationships in this story are INCREDIBLE!! Heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, sigh-worthy wonderfulness. The suspense was just a little tiny, itty-bit flat.

    9. Another 3.5 stars for Sharon Sala. I can't bring myself to say I really liked it, but three stars just doesn't seem like enough. It's weird, sorry.My issue lies, as usual, with the heroine. She was wishy-washy and I don't think she tried hard enough. And she was one of those heroines that lives to deny herself happiness. But she was a good person with endearing qualities, so I liked her the more I read. Our hero was an odd mix of athlete-warrior-artist, but it somehow worked well for him. I don' [...]

    10. I'm not someone who likes an overload of angst in the books I read. For some reason I don't mind it Dinah McCall novels. Actually, I love it in her novels. Basic plot is this: A Native American teenager Morgan Tallchief, who's also a prodigy when it comes to running track, and his girlfriend Kathleen are in love. One night Tallchief walks Kathleen home and watched her house explode after she goes into it. Tallchief goes into deep mourning and enters the military the next day. Seventeen years lat [...]

    11. Morgan Tallchief and Kathleen Ryder fell in love as teenagers but Morgan Tallchief's world is destroyed when Kathleen is killed. Many years later, Kathleen walks back into Tallchief's life with his daughter. A very heart-wrenching story. Dinah McCall has become somewhat hit and miss with me. I haven't actually hated anything she has written but some of her books barely make 3 stars for me. I think this is one of her better novels and would recommend it to those fans looking for a tearjerker.

    12. Wonderful!I would recommend this author to anyone who enjoys reading books with both romance and suspense. I have read many of her books both under the name Dinah McCall and Sharon Sala's and have very much enjoyed them. Tallchief is one of her older works and also one of my favorites. Me Sala writes with such passion and depth. Can't wait for what is next.

    13. I generally liked this, but at times Kathleen seriously got on my nerves. I don't think I have much else to say about this book. It was a good read, I didn't notice too many glaring grammatical mistakes, it generally had a nice pace to things and was easy to keep reading. I'm not sure if I'll ever read it again but I don't regret reading it this once.

    14. all heroes should be like this manstrong, loyal, braveat describes Morgan Tallchief also describes Kathleen, the girl he believed was killed in an explosion 16 years ago - what a shock when she shows up at his house with her 15 year old daughter who looks just like him, but has her eyes - believable characters, well developed story more secrets between these two

    15. This one is just not for me. The book starts with a description of faked deaths due to participating in the witness protection program. I'm so sick of that trope. Really, how many people EVER participated in that, unless they were some mobster's family or something? I couldn't get into it at all, and when the characters started getting religious on me, I was over it.

    16. A little more spice would have been niceMake no mistake, I loved this premise of this story. It was super heart tugging. The love scenes were soft and full of emotion. I guess I just wanted just a tad more description.Good writing, well thought out scenario. Good shocking moments.

    17. TALLCHIEFThis is a book I plan on rereading many times, it is that good. It's a story of second chances, renewed love. Morgan and Kathleen both struggle to get their footing after betrayal and loss. It's a page turner, very good.

    18. It started out greatup until "Kathleen" had her freakin' meltdown in the middle of an art galleryFor someone who is trying to make it out alive, she sure is making it easy to light herself on fire

    19. Excellent contemporary by McCall/Sala. I don't know why I don't pick up more books by Sharon Sala, I really like her writing.

    20. Amazing! Not at all what I was expecting, which was a delight. Great hero (and his brothers were pretty awesome), heroine wasn't too bad either, which is a nice change :)

    21. Haven't been disappointed in a Sharon Sala book yet. This one has happiness and sadness, kept me drawn in Thank you once again Sharon

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