Play Dead Andy Carpenter rescues a golden retriever from being put down and finds that the dog was supposed to have died five years before during an accident that resulted in his master being convicted of murde

  • Title: Play Dead
  • Author: David Rosenfelt
  • ISBN: 9780446582414
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Andy Carpenter rescues a golden retriever from being put down and finds that the dog was supposed to have died five years before during an accident that resulted in his master being convicted of murdering his fiancee at sea Encouraged by the prisoner s sister, Andy endeavours to reopen the case by using the dog as a witness in court.

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    One thought on “Play Dead”

    1. Once again, the winning combination is heart-racing action, humour, suspense, and a Golden Retriever. Make that two Golden Retrievers. Reggie comes onto the scene and he is smart, talented, and completely devoted to his human – and he will do whatever he has to in order to save his human’s life.Heroes abound in this story, and there is plenty to be heroic about. Andy Carpenter is shot at in a car, shot at in a baseball field, shot at as he’s about to enter a house – someone wants Andy ou [...]

    2. I am so addicted to Andy Carpenter and Tara, his Golden Retriever. This is the sixth book in this series and I am loving the continual characters, writing style, humor and love that appear in every book David Rosenfelt writes. We actually get the privilege of two court cases in this novel. Reggie, an abandoned Golden Retriever has bitten his tormentor and stands on death row at the Tara Foundation that millionaires, Andy and Willy have founded. Once Andy gets wind of this, he cleverly absolves a [...]

    3. This is the first book that I have read of the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt, although it is #6 is the series. I enjoyed it a great deal. While it did give a little of the back story, it didn't give away major details; I don't believe I was lacking anything not having read the previous five books first. As an animal lover, particularly dogs, particularly golden retrievers, when a book starts out with an attorney (Andy) going to court to prevent a golden retriever shelter dog's executi [...]

    4. "Play Dead" by David Rosenfelt.This is the 2nd book in the Andy Carpenter series that I've listened to on CD. I have become addicted with joy to this series primarily due to the fact that it is a dog lovers mystery series with the added touch of humor.In this story Andy astonishingly finds a golden retriever in a cage at the Passaic county dog pound waiting to be euthanized. According to Andy a golden retriever is the last dog that should ever be in this situation. Andy takes on the golden retri [...]

    5. I do enjoy reading the Andy Carpenter series because Andy's character is humorous in his honesty about himself and his motivations. I love that there is always a canine element but that the story is not solely focused on just that. This story was good in that there was plenty of actions and detective work going on. Satisfactory ending as well.

    6. At the risk of going against the grain here - Play Dead is easily the dumbest book I've read in quite some time. I finished it simply to state that I did as I now review it. The book has the sophistication level and wit of a "Three's Company" episode - all that's missing is the canned laugh track.This is the sixth entry in the Andy Carpenter series; Andy an independently wealthy defense attorney who takes on cases/clients that "move" him.The book opens with our hero taking on the "legal" case of [...]

    7. An abandoned Golden Retriever leads Andy Carpenter and his gang of associates into a tangled web of identity and deceit. The core group of characters and Andy make for continued excellent reading.More on Edna, Andy's trusted secretary (now administrative assistant): "What are you doing here?" This is the greeting I get from Edna, who for fifteen years has been my secretary but who now insists on being called my "administrative assistant." In neither role has Edna ever done any actual work, but a [...]

    8. Towards the end of this one, I just couldn't put this one down. Our intrepid lawyer goes from rescuing a dog with a death sentence to a difficult court case that he has to fight to get appealed and then fight his way through the appeal process. Twists were not completely unexpected, but good read nonetheless

    9. OK This is a good book. Very quick read and the comic relief is almost as good as the story line. Lots of court room maneuvering and a mystery to help try to save an innocent man from prison.

    10. Having already read, or listened to, a couple of previous "dog in jeopardy" stories by the ever amusing David Rosenfelt, I decided it was time to take a break from more serious reading matter and enjoy a romp with self-depreciating and laid-back attorney Andy Carpenter as he embarks on a mission to save yet another dog from its inevitable fate at the local pound. This dog, however, once belonged to Richard Evans, a man now serving a life sentence for the murder of his fiancée and Andy, being a [...]

    11. I'm not big on lawyer stories, though this series appears to be on the marginal edge of the genre. Protagonist Andy Carpenter is a lawyer who mostly avoids work, having already made "enough" money on past efforts. Mostly he seems to get involved in cases where the welfare of a dog or dogs might be hanging in the balance. This novel includes that premise. Golden retrievers are his favorite breed, and I imagine we see more of them than any other in these books.It's well written enough, with an int [...]

    12. Andy Carpenter is a wisecracking, smart, dog-loving lawyer that gets pulled into this mystery by his sympathies for a dog that shows up at the shelter he runs. It has a bit of noir to the story, with a touch of Goodfellas and The Honeymooners. All of the Andy Carpenter mysteries/legal thrillers are funny and fast-paced, though I don't think they are nearly as funny as Evanovich or as gripping as Grisham (at least his early books). This book is well read by Grover Gardner, and a recommended read [...]

    13. Well, simply put: this is the best book yet in the Andy Carpenter series. I like this one by far the most. Though in many ways, it follows the same formula of the previous five novels, it does so with plots twists and turns that makes the formula itself almost irrelevant. It is such an enjoyable read and I really love it! It is simply terrific! I hesitate to write anything else in fear of giving away anything about the twisting plot! I can't wait for Rosenfelt’s next book!

    14. Loved it. I've gone to the Fantastic Fiction site to find how many Andy Carpenter books were written. I plan to check out the library computer soon. The relationships between the members of the defense team and the police are so realistic sounding. The men value each other as people enough to tease and drink beer together. Lots of action and bad guys trying to take out the witness along with lots of humor.

    15. I think I like this series more and more with each book. This one was #6 in the series and my favorite so far. Of course, I am going to like anyone with a soft spot for dogs, but I think I also like that Andy Carpenter is a regular guy--not a big muscle-y fighting machine (think Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp). Recommend if you like mysteries or courtroom dramas (not long and drawn out ones!)

    16. A spectacular book. Once past the first chapter, I couldn't put it down. The book is written well, with humor, and full of wonderful characters you'll easily get attached to. If you like mysteries or any animal-related book, you will definitely enjoy this.

    17. This was pretty good, not as funny or sharp as Sudden Death, but entertaining enough. I really enjoy this series, each time I pick up one of the books I know I'll be getting a good story and a witty cast of characters to spend my reading time with.

    18. I do enjoy this series. This episode was appreciated as Andy uses his wits and humour to save an innocent dog, while also trying to solve the crimes.

    19. My second Andy Carpenter book - they are fun! I love that the cases revolve around dogs. And his character is very likeable even though he's very flawed and very much an attorney.

    20. Dogs, wit and murder -- the perfect Andy Carpenter trifecta (one which he may very well bet on but, alas, doesn't seem to care anymore if he wins or loses 'cause he is now rich, rich, rich!). This series is always a good one. The plots are well crafted with enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing. The humor runs throughout the book which make each book enjoyable and relaxing, yet a suspenseful experience. This case involves a murder/attempted suicide -- or was it? Once again, the lovable [...]

    21. Andy Carpenter defends a dog and ends up taking him home. He finds out that the dog actually belongs to a man convicted of murder. The man's sister asks Andy to help get her brother out of jail. Andy uses his legal skills and connections to work on the problem. He doesn't realize that he is getting into more than he thought. He believes his client innocent and sets about trying to prove it. He finds out the person who was supposed to be the victim was not who she claimed to have been. Andy is sh [...]

    22. A dog that was supposedly drowned at sea spurs Andy on to represent its owner during a retrial for murder. Accused of killing his fiancée and trying to commit suicide, but having no memory of any of these actions, he is little help to Andy in determining what really happened. Author David Rosenfelt writes a compelling tale of subterfuge and murder, but Andy, being Andy, always brings a level of humor not often seen in suspense novels. That's what makes this series so great. That, and Tara, of c [...]

    23. Andy Carpenter, the humorous lawyer, once again finds himself involved with a legal case and representing a dog who was threatened with being put down after a previous owner was bitten. The case involves a crime boss, illegal transfers of money, a murder with no corpse, and dogs and rescue missions and the Witness Protection Program, The characters are fun and the story line complicated enough to keep this reader guessing.

    24. Very entertaining, at times, very funny and creative writing. The protagonist is self-deprecating, self-aware, immature and gets most, if not all of the funny lines. These "Who Dunnit" crime novels are written so that the reader cannot possibly guess the "real" murderer. The protagonist always defends an innocent person accused of murder. Yes, it is formulaic, but there is good, humorous writing here.

    25. These mysteries are getting better and better. There was enough suspense to keep me 'turning the pages'. Also, I love that Mr. Rosenfelt gave enough information that I was able to have some idea of who the perpetrators might be. However, he left enough out that I was amazed at the final solution. Recommend.

    26. Andy Carpenter series, book #6. I forgot how delightful this series is. A sarcastically witty, likable main character, court drama, and dogs! In this one, Andy rescues a dog from death row by claiming it only bit its caretaker through self-defense. But it turns out that the dog's real owner is in jail for a crime that he didn't commit.

    27. This is the 6th in the series and the first one I read. I will probably go back to the beginning when I want a quick mystery that doesn't take itself too seriously. My only plot complaint was that it took too long to discover a major piece of information and then wound things up at the end in the matter of a few pages. But, I liked the Andy Carpenter character and, of course, the dogs!

    28. I didn't realise this book was part of a series with recurring characters but I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to have to hunt down all the rest of the books. I highly recommend this book. The humour scattered throughout is also very refreshing

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