D Gray man Vol The Rewinding City Allen and Lenalee are sent on a mission to a city where time has stood still a place where the townsfolk forget that every day is the same day repeating itself Strangely enough a

  • Title: D.Gray-man, Vol. #3
  • Author: Katsura Hoshino
  • ISBN: 9781421506258
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Rewinding City Allen and Lenalee are sent on a mission to a city where time has stood still, a place where the townsfolk forget that every day is the same day repeating itself Strangely enough, a woman named Miranda is the only one unaffected by the time warp Would it have anything to do with her being fired from her job for the hundredth time

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    One thought on “D.Gray-man, Vol. #3”

    1. A new exorcist makes her debut, and of course LAVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *fangirls and squeeeessss* *cough* Um, I mean this was an epic volume of this manga. :D

    2. Okay, well, in general, I liked this volume just a teensy bit better than the previous two. The art is either improving or I'm getting used to it. The initial storyline with the robot running amok was a little too goofy. I appreciate humor as a leavening ingredient, but this seemed a bit forced. The subsequent story arc with Miranda was lovely. There were some parts of the story that didn't make much sense, but the tone was lovely and it was very emotionally satisfying. Not every manga is going [...]

    3. Loved Miranda's story. The Rewinding Town was one of my favorite stories in the D.Gray-Man. It was an awesome idea :)

    4. I liked this one, but I didn't.The animated series and the book series, are similar but they aren't. The names in particular are very different, but similar sounding. It's so weird lol!. In the anime i'm used to "Renali" being "Lenalee" and "Rabi" being Lavi. And, the way they are drawn differ slightly. I have no idea why these names were changed when everyone elses seem to be the same - as far as I know. Maybe the creators thought that the name change would suit the characters morewho knows!Ano [...]

    5. Esta parte sale de mi fan interno, pero sentí la misma emoción que la primera vez que vi y leí este tomo <3 . Dejando al fan en su respectivo armario, en este tomo podemos decir que la trama arranca finalmente al presentarnos a la familia de Noé y su relación con el conde del mileno, las peleas no faltaron y tenemos nuevos exorcistas para conocer.

    6. Even amongst this whole series I love so well, this volume is a particular favorite. So original, and a dash of creepy.

    7. In this volume, Allen and Lenalee are sent to a cursed city where the same day, October 9th, is repeated. Nobody is aware of this repetition except for Miranda, a woman who is used to feeling useless and who has "recently" obtained a very mysterious clock that she is overly protective of. While in the city, Allen and Lenalee encounter Master Road and his Akuma. Master Road is a super-human who worships the Millennium Earl and is part of the Noah Clan. Only when Allen and Lenalee are in danger do [...]

    8. Allen Walker, an exorcist sworn to destroy evil spirits called akuma, is once again sent out to collect "innocence," a weapon against akuma. This time he and fellow exorcist Lenalee are dispatched to a rewinding city, where it's been October 9th for more than a month. Only one woman in the city, a klutz named Miranda Lotto, is aware that the day keeps repeating itself. But there are also akuma wandering the city, and a mysterious girl who claims to be part of an organization called The Clan of N [...]

    9. Overall Rating: B-Synopsis: The plot revolves around Allen Walker, an Exorcist, in the end of the 19th century Europe. Allen is a member of the Dark Order, a group of Exorcists connected with the Vatican. Their mission is to stop The Millennium Earl, an evil ghoul intending to cleanse the world by destroying all the humans in the manner of Noah's great flood. In the first volume, we get some back story, learn that exorcists kick ass, have a clubhouse, and don't play well with others.D. Gray-man [...]

    10. The third volume in the dayman series. Allen and lena lee are on a mission in a city to find whats wrong because this city isnt just a regular city the same day keeps repeating over and over again but noone notices. All except Miranda Lotto shes is the only one that notices and its driving her insane. All her life people have called her a failure and that shes worth nothing and she is very depressed.Then one day something different happens she is attacked by an Akuma and Allen comes to save the [...]

    11. Ebben a kötetben Allen és Lenalee indul küldetésre.Egy furcsa városba mennek,ahol furcsa dolog történt.Mindig ugyan az a nap játszódik le újra és újra.Senki sem tudja hogy ez miért van.Egyedül egy személy emlékszik arra,hogy az a bizonyos nap újra és újra lejátszódik.Ő Miranda.Első látásra igazán íjesztő lány.De végül is én őt ismegkedveltem.Kiderül,hogy ezt Miranda idézte elő,az öreg álló órájával.Allen és Lenalee megpróbálnak segíteni neki,hogy új [...]

    12. Tokoh miranda lotte keren sekali. Pecundang sejati, yang kelam dan mengutuk diri sendiri. Saya juga nonton animenya, untuk animenya yang putus di jalan karena ratingnya buruk banget. Saya menyadari beberapa kekurangan contoh di anime episode 11 tentang miranda lotte anak anak melempar ular, padahal di manga mereka melempar kotoran. Apa sang sutradara jadi mengubah "kotoran" menjadi "ular" untuk alasan kesopanan supaya bisa tayang di jam prima dan ditonton anak anak.Padahal tema sentralnya juga b [...]

    13. Katsura Hoshino, D. Gray-Man vol. 3: The Rewinding City (ViZ, 2004)With volume 3, I think I finally start to see where Hoshino is going with this series, and the characters are starting to get interesting (and distinguishable). Still not one of my favorites, but things are better enough to keep me going, anyway. Allen and Lelalee are sent to a city where an innocence is suspected to be, and when they get there, they discover that the city keeps playing the same day over and over again, with only [...]

    14. Allen's mission with Lenalee gives us insight into her anti-akuma abilities as well as a glimpse of the dark side of the Black Order. Hoshino also finally gets around to introducing some non-disposable antagonists other than the Earl himself. I nearly took away a star, though, because this volume features some of the worst editing I've seen in a licensed manga. Not only are several names romanized differently than in volume 2, some are spelled inconsistently within the volume (for example, Reeve [...]

    15. Allen and Lenalee, both exorcists of the Black Order, are sent to a city where time has been strangely affected. No one can go into the city and no one can go out. Head scientist Komui believes an Innocence is causing it. Lenalee and Allen can accommodate Innocence and manage to enter, but in doing so become trapped in the city's repeating day as well. Also able to enter the city is another member of the Earl's twisted family, accompanied by more Akuma. Miranda Lotto is the only woman in the cit [...]

    16. This volume introduces the main antagonists (apart from the creepy-ass Millennium Earl!) - the clan of Noah. Road is a sadistic schoolgirl who enjoys torturing humans. If that isn't creepy, I don't know what is! Volume 3 also introduces the hilariously clumsy and pessimistic Miranda, whose town is under a curse to repeat the same day over and over again. I love this idea, and Hoshino turns it into a great story. Allen's and Lenalee's friendship gets more development, too. An excellent addition t [...]

    17. Allen and Lenalee(another exorcist) are sent to a city, that keeps on rewinding to the same day. Amazinly only one person knows what actaully is happening. Miranda Lotto, who has the clock that has the power to turn back time, but Miranda doesn't know. Allen and Lenalee are attacked, by Akuma on the orders of Road (who is part of the Noah Clan who help the Earl). Allen, Lenalee, and Miranda barely make it out with there lives! While being attacked Allen and Lenalee discovery that Miranda is a ac [...]

    18. The third volume of D.Gray-Man mostly follows Allen <3 and Lenali on a mission to a place that's basically groundhog day, except in this village one person knows what's going on, and possibly has the answers to what the two exorcists seek. I really liked this small little arc, and really felt movement not only story-wise but character-wise as well. There was a lot of good moments, and I enjoyed the introduction of a few characters I hope to see again. The artwork is definitely growing on me, [...]


    20. I think this has been my favorite book in the series so far. My favorite character is Miranda Lotto. She is sort of like me, except I'm not as depressed. I thought that this book was a little more clear than the other two because there were fewer fight scenes, which are not my favorite, though I do like action mangas better than internal conflict ones. I thought the part with Kamlin (?) and Kamui was hillarious.

    21. It is official. I am pretty sure that Rinali is my favorite character. She kicks butt and still maintains the feminine side that is concerning and protective. This is probably the first time that a girl has been my favorite character in a manga. She really is spectacular even if the majority of the other readers don't like her.

    22. The beginning of this Manga had me LOST! I had no idea what was going on. Finally they reached "the rewinding city" and I was hooked. It kind of reminded me of Tru Calling, without the dead people. The introduction of Miranda kind of annoyed me. I can see her being an annoying character in future issues. But other than that, I'm really enjoying this series. Can't wait to start the next one!

    23. I really liked this volume, and the manic-depressive Miranda; but I'm not sure how much I'll like Miranda when she's happy in future volumes (assuming, since she was happy upon exiting this volume). The downside for this fangirl was the lack of Kanda, but I love the storyline of this series, so it would be trivial to detract any stars for that (at this point).

    24. A D. Gray-Man version of Groundhog day. Interesting concept here, as the innocence takes a unique form that causes a certain city to repeat its current day thirty times before Allen and Lenalee set it right.

    25. Still a strange little story.But the characters, Allen in particular, are growing on me - as characters in anime and manga usually do - and I'm a little bit more invested. Like, considering-reading-the-rest invested. I suppose we'll see, but yeah.

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