D Gray man Vol Carnival Allen starts to question the Black Ministry about the Clan of Noah and the reason he became an Exorcist With his left eye injured and incapable of detecting akuma he has come to understand t

  • Title: D.Gray-man, Vol. #4
  • Author: Katsura Hoshino
  • ISBN: 9781421510521
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carnival Allen starts to question the Black Ministry about the Clan of Noah and the reason he became an Exorcist With his left eye injured and incapable of detecting akuma, he has come to understand the constant fear of not knowing whether the person he is talking to is truly human Despite his confusion, Allen is sent on a mission to seek out his master, Cross, one ofCarnival Allen starts to question the Black Ministry about the Clan of Noah and the reason he became an Exorcist With his left eye injured and incapable of detecting akuma, he has come to understand the constant fear of not knowing whether the person he is talking to is truly human Despite his confusion, Allen is sent on a mission to seek out his master, Cross, one of the Marshals of the Black Ministry, and find out why the akuma have suddenly started targeting leaders of the Ministry.

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      261 Katsura Hoshino
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    One thought on “D.Gray-man, Vol. #4”

    1. Lol, I just love how in Vampire Knight, neck biting is weirdly sexualized, but in D Gray Man it's horribly painful (like it should be! Having teeth in your neck is like HAVING TEETH IN YOUR NECK!).Holy man, this volume was so fun to read! I breezed right through it. I love the introduction of Lavi (❤) and Count Krory. Such great characters!

    2. This book started the search for cross and Tidal as the Black Order has been given the orders to search for the generals.What's interesting is that in the animation General Yeeger and the bell guy that's travelling with Kanda have back stories. In fact they have their own episodes dedicated to telling their story before they die. Allen for instance, met General Yeeger and found that he was a lovely caring person, and the bell guy - well I didn't like his backstory so much, I found it unecessary, [...]

    3. My 2017 reread progresses one more volume. One little thing to stand out to me asetchy how the Bookmen don't generally share information of (view spoiler)[the Noah with other members of the Order. I could understand not sharing such secrets with the general populace, but it seems like vital info to be shared amongst those protecting the aforementioned populace. (hide spoiler)]

    4. ¡Seguimos con D.Gray-man! En este tomo vemos el daño ocasionado por un miembro de la familia de Noé y vemos la aparición de mas exorcista. Como siempre la acción nunca faltara pero también vemos un avance en Allen, en el mundo que Hoshino esta creando y en la trama que esta prometiendo bastante.

    5. love reading manga it a easy break from the books been reading. This manga really get you hook and i enjoy how each book follows with story

    6. After then final climatic moments at the end of volume 3, Allen temporarily loses use of his akuma detecting eye while Lenalee remains in a coma, forcing Allen to work without knowing who is an akuma and who isn't. To add to his problems, leaders of the Ministry start dying mysteriously, forcing Allen and the gang along with newcomer Lavi <3 to locate Allen's old master, Cross. A sub-plot of course appears in the form of a supposed vampire, and a town willing to kidnap exorcists in order to s [...]

    7. Overall Rating: B-Synopsis: The plot revolves around Allen Walker, an Exorcist, in the end of the 19th century Europe. Allen is a member of the Dark Order, a group of Exorcists connected with the Vatican. Their mission is to stop The Millennium Earl, an evil ghoul intending to cleanse the world by destroying all the humans in the manner of Noah's great flood. In the first volume, we get some back story, learn that exorcists kick ass, have a clubhouse, and don't play well with others.D. Gray-man [...]

    8. Oh maaaaan I love this series. It makes me so happy. It just really does.What can I say. I love it. Hysterical people with heavy blackness around their eyes, being funny in a blunt, happy way, or even sick way, and emotional all the same. It's neither heavy nor light. It just is, and it is good.Allen and Lavi are great friends. They're already getting into massive boyish friend trouble. Only those two could take on akuma like they doOh boy. I thought Miranda was a one time incident. Apparently s [...]

    9. I was looking around on the internet for good books and i found the D Gray Man series I didn’t know how i would like it though. I can’t really say where it takes place but the time does take place in the 19th century. The main character is Allen Walker and he is cursed to roam the Earth look for akuma(blood sucking demons that hide in human skin), while also searching for innocence(unknown powers that only that a certain person can use). He has to risk his life every day for peoples lives. T [...]

    10. Onnan folytatódik a történet,ahol abbamaradt.Lavi és Bookman is bemutatkozik.Az akumák megtámadják a várost,ahol Allen-ék kipihenik a Rhode-al való harcukat.Allen-t kétségek gyötrik.Mivel megsérült a bal szeme – amivel látja az akumák lelkét-nem tudja megkülönböztetni az embereket az akumáktól.De Lavi elbeszélget vele,és helyrerázódik a helyzet.Az Ezer Éves Gróf üzenetet küld az ördögűzőknek,hogy a háború hamarosan elkezdődik.Eközben az akumák és a Noe- [...]

    11. Allen gets captured by towns people after getting off the train. They ask him to get hid of a vampire that's been attacking their people. Then lavi appears from a barrel and gets capture too. Allen and Lavi agree to hunt down the vampire that lives in a isolated castle. The castle has man eating plants and the vampire insnt real a vampire.

    12. Katsura Hoshino, D. Gray-Man vol. 4: Carnival (ViZ, 2004)Just as soon as I think I've got an idea of what Hoshino is doing, he throws me, and not in a good way. Of course, I could be wrong in thinking that the end of this book is a virtual mirror of the end of the last book—I'll need to get a few more volumes in to see if he's already succumbing to formula—but it sure feels like it. But the atmosphere is quite nice, and distinct from the atmosphere of the previous book, so there's still a go [...]

    13. "Palu besar palu kecil membesarlah." dan saya baca dengan suara Ryo Asakura di Shama King dengan nada dubber Indonesia~Kyaaaa Lavi~ karakter dengan model rambut seperti ini memang menarik ya. Trowa Barton, Kakashi Hatake contohnya :)Yang membuat saya suka dengan manga ini karenayah ini tidak seperti kebanyakan manga shonen yang mengutamakan hiperbolanya. Kenapa exorcist selalu memakai seragam kemana-mana sementara mereka itu memburu akuma yang menyamar jadi manusia? Jawabannya hampir sama dengan [...]

    14. LAVI IS HERE ASDFHSDFISDFSDK FANGIRL MODE ACTVATED <33333333333333 && Awwww, i loved Arystar Krory III <333 He's such a sweet person inside(if you look past that scary face and body of his ^_^") andddd (view spoiler)[ THAT VENUS FLY TRAP SCARED THE FUCK OUT OF ME LOLLLL, NOW IN REAL LIFE I WILL NEVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN THE SAME WAY AHAHHAHHAHAHA && bitch/lover Eliade doesn't do it for me Eh Baron you could do better :0, butttt, she did really did care for him so +1 human comp [...]

    15. The end of the Miranda arc; the introduction of Bookman and Lavi. The latter especially rounds out the ensemble cast, and Allen's temporary vulnerability, due to the injury to his eye, provides an opportunity for some interesting characterization. It also underlines how different he is in many ways from the other exorcists. I especially liked the flashback to Cross's comments on his exorcist coat. O was less interested in the second half of the volume, wehre Allen and company are distracted from [...]

    16. The Millenium Earl is targeting the generals of the Black Order, searching for Innocence. Allen meets Bookman and Lavi, members of the Black Order who preserve knowledge, and travels with Lavi, Lenalee, and Komui to search out General Cross. Exorcists are being dispatched to find and protect the Generals, and since Allen was the last one to have seen General Cross, he is to join the others searching for him. They get stopped in a town being plagued by a vampire. Allen and Lavi stay behind to try [...]

    17. An excellent volume that really gets the story moving again. Personally, I felt the last few volumes felt stalled--the necessary elements could have been handled in an chapter or two, and instead were spread out over far more to very little effect. This volume felt quick-paced but not rushed, got back the creepy, twisted feel that makes a horror book like this work, and is full of humor, character bits, and lots of cool art.

    18. In the 4th book of this series, Allen and Lenalee meet with Lavi and Bookman who are Bookman. Bookman are people who work with the Black Order to record history for there records. Soon they are on there way on the train where they make a stop at a train station,a man pulls Allen away from boarding the train so he can help the town from a terrorizing vampire. Lavi comes back to help and they begin the journey up to Count Krory's Castle.

    19. I'm really enjoying this manga series.I find that at some points the series moves really fast and leaves you wondering what just happened, but overall I'm really enjoying it. I don't recommend this series to a novice manga reader though, you'll probably be lost.Oh, and does every horror/thriller type show/book have to have a vampire story line?

    20. The vampire subplot is not at all what I was expecting, but I did guess correctly on who the akuma really was. That part was pretty obvious, but the power that Crowman has is quite interesting. Rabi proves to be pretty awesome as well in this predicament. Who else could take down a vampire and save Allen by himself (other than Rinali, but she had other obligations). Not a bad partner at all.

    21. This volume is super entertaining!!!!!!!!! The humour is on point, the action is quite impressive and the artwork is getting better! Rabi is my favourite character so far. His relationship with his master is so ridiculous and yet so funny! Allen's character is getting more depth this time, and his powers has grown, cool!! 4 stars!

    22. I don't know why I find it so much easier to read this manga than to watch the anime. I don't find the anime all that interesting, and yet I'm engrossed upon opening up the mangas. And they're pretty much the same as far as I had watched (not very far xD). But seriously Lavi <3

    23. Another fantastic volume. Without his ability to detect if someone is human or Akuma, Allen has to adjust to seeing the way normal people do - and also goes up against a vampire. I love the Gothic artwork and the mockery of vampire cliches - Hoshino certainly has a great sense of humour! Also, Allen and Lavi are hilarious.

    24. We seem to have reached a bit of filler, here. This volume introduces Lavi and Bookman, whom are both interesting characters. The team is on their way to find General Cross, but Allen and Lavi stop in a town to help them with their vampire problem. It's interesting to see how Allen reacts to the world without the use of his Akuma-detecting eye.

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