Strong Arm Tactics The Wolfe Pack Lt David Wolfe has been assigned to X Ray Company He is the only son of one of the most powerful figures in the Thousand Worlds Confederation who can t imagine why he would ever want to join the army

  • Title: Strong-Arm Tactics (The Wolfe Pack #1)
  • Author: Jody Lynn Nye
  • ISBN: 9781592220458
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lt David Wolfe has been assigned to X Ray Company He is the only son of one of the most powerful figures in the Thousand Worlds Confederation, who can t imagine why he would ever want to join the army Central Command send him to the most unsavoury unit in the space service, the Cockroaches.

    • Free Read [Children's Book] æ Strong-Arm Tactics (The Wolfe Pack #1) - by Jody Lynn Nye ð
      261 Jody Lynn Nye
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    One thought on “Strong-Arm Tactics (The Wolfe Pack #1)”

    1. Strong Arm Tactics is a light and entertaining read with little depth and nothing really new as far as plot or world creation goes. It’s a familiar old Military SF trope: a green young officer stepping into his first command: a squad of misfits and protocol screw-ups who he must either whip into shape, or become one of them--preferably both.Very predictable, but by no means a wearisome or bad readjust, not very fulfilling.I realize it’s meant to be a humorous book, but I found its humor to b [...]

    2. Lt. Wolfe has just taken command of the Cockroaches, a platoon full of some of the most highly skilled--yet least regarded--soldiers in the Galactic Defense Force. They don't always follow the rules, but in a pinch, they'll get things done, and they're a good squad to lead if you can earn their respect. This is a light comedic military SF story, first in a series, apparently, although there don't seem to be any sequels in the ten years since it was first published, so perhaps that plan fell thro [...]

    3. Very good book. Captures the feeling of a Group of 'misfit' soldiers that are relegated to the sidelines and only chosen for extremely high threat missions. The Newest commander has a secret of his own. He is one child of a star spanning Organized crime family, trying to make it in the military on his own mettle. The Cockroaches, are a unit of highly trained and extremely unorthodox combat veterans. They are the bad boys and girls of the Space Service, adept at 'scrounging', fighting and pulling [...]

    4. Lt. David Wolfe the black sheep of a family that has incredible power and influence on a galactic scale has a problem, joining the military may have been to forge his own path but his superiors are justifiably worried if anything should happen to him so they rely on a tried and trusted solution. Lt Wolfe is given command of X-Ray platoon aka The Cockroaches a dumping ground for Galactic Defense Force misfits who have yet to be court martialed or just to be kept out of the way. Lt Wolfe is an ide [...]

    5. Fun read. Old style military/space opera. Think Heinlein or Andre Norton. Had the most unusual final battle I have ever read. The story follows a bad luck company of space marines on what is supposed to be a cake walk of a mission. It, of course, turns into a memorable crazy fight in an unusual setting, with unusual weapons, tactics and allies. The narrative is set in past tense with 3rd person limited, and mostly from the new company commander's perspective. I think any readers of military fict [...]

    6. Some fun parts, and some very clever action scenes. The main character and his predicament—a young lieutenant newly in charge of a singularly lively and rebellious unit of underdogs—had some definite charm. Unfortunately, most of the characters never really drew me in; it took most of the book for me to learn to keep track of who who was who. The villain was little more than a cardboard caricature, and getting through his scenes felt like work. So while it was a nice light read, I don't know [...]

    7. Although the setting and the arc of the story were quite different, this tale of a band of military misfits and their Lieutenant reminded me of the book and movie "Mr. Roberts" from the nineteen fifties. "Strong Arm Tactics" is great fun, comic military sci fi with interesting characters and a rollicking plot. The climactic battle has to be one of the funniest and strangest sci fi setups ever. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next! I hope there is a Wolfe Pack #2.

    8. Military sci-fi with heart and humorJody Lynn Nye mixes war and humor in this story of a young Lieutenant and his first command--an undisciplined band of rugged rejects. But there's far more to these characters than first meets the eye, and the author does an excellent job of plumbing their emotional depths. A great read from start to finish.

    9. I should really make a shelf for space naval fantasy because I really like naval fantasy and sf and they go together well. This book was great and hilarious and worth reading. I'm glad that it seems to be part of a series because that hopefully means that there are more.

    10. good storythe only part that didn't feel right is the combat at the endit felt as if wolf side was playing a game, and not trying to kill as many of the enemy soldiers to make the final trap more likely to work

    11. A fun and interesting read, though rather predictable. I just now realize that this is the first in a series of books that focus on the Wolfe pack. I liked this enough to seek out more books in this series.

    12. Promising start of a comic military sci-fi series, sort of in the same vein as Harrison's "Bill, the Galactic Hero."

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