In the Time of the Drums In the long ago time before now live oaks trembled with the sound of drums and say some it was a time when people could walk beneath the water It used to be that ships as big as barns would land at

  • Title: In the Time of the Drums
  • Author: Kim L. Siegelson Brian Pinkney
  • ISBN: 9780786823864
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the long ago time before now live oaks trembled with the sound of drums and, say some, it was a time when people could walk beneath the water It used to be that ships as big as barns would land at the dock near Teakettle Creek slave ships bringing African people to work on plantations Some of the Africans who lived on the island made goatskin drums to remIn the long ago time before now live oaks trembled with the sound of drums and, say some, it was a time when people could walk beneath the water It used to be that ships as big as barns would land at the dock near Teakettle Creek slave ships bringing African people to work on plantations Some of the Africans who lived on the island made goatskin drums to remind themselves of home, where they wished to return Young Mentu had never known Africa He was an island born boy But Grandmother Tiwi, she had Africa in her blood she longer for home Thanks to Tiwi s teachings, Mentu has learned to play the drums, has learned to respect the strength of their music When a slave ship carrying Africans docks at Teakettle Creek, sending out the beat of drums a roar coming from the Africans inside the ship who are pounding for their homeland the beat calls to Tiwi, urging her to seek freedom But the only place freedom lies is in the murky waters of Teakettle Creek Now Tiwi must chose between the drum s lure and the island young Mentu calls home.Caldecott Honor medalist Brian Pinkney pairs with master storyteller Kim Siegelson to present an extraordinary Gullah tale of mysticism, intrigue, and courage In the Time of the Drums will leave readers spellbound from the inside jacket flap

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    1. "long hard work had broken them. Made memories of Africa sink so far back in their minds that they could no longer be reached."Grandma Twi is ready to go back home. Brought to the America's from Africa to work as a slave, she raised Mentu to be strong. Strong enough to not let the new land take Africa away from him. When a ship arrives in Teakettle Creek filled with Africans from her home, she knows it is time to go. Together, with their African magic, they allow the waters that carried them to [...]

    2. It's a beautiful book about a grandmother and her grandson. She told her stories about her homeland and why she left to come to America. Even sadder because she sacrificed her love for her grandson to help others in despair. Every beat of the drum brings back memories of her home back so vividly and in descriptive details to help him understand his African roots and what his future holds for him.

    3. This is an amazing story about African American slaves. It really shows the heartbreak these people went through. In the story Twi never forgot her heritage. She wanted to teach the younger generation. This story would be a good book to read to upper elementary or middle school students when they are learning about different cultures or even slavery. The illustrations are really cool in this picture. You can really tell the expressions/emotions through the illustrations.

    4. An absolutely phenomenal story that people so often forget and therefore don't acknowledge. I read this with my 5th and 6th graders and they thought it was pure magic that people can communicate through drums, and reading it with them nearly moved me to tears. So much historical significance here. It's heartbreaking in its history and its relevence today. Such an important story!

    5. A stunningly illustrated picture book representation of an oral Gullah legend passed down for generations.

    6. This is a story about a Grandmother, Twi, and her beloved grandson, Mentu. Twi is a slave who was taken from her native Africa when she was just a young woman, however unlike the other slaves, she has not forgotten her roots or the magic she has learned, and strives to teach all she knows to young Mentu. When a ship full of slaves arrives at their Island and refuses to get off the ship chanting they want to go home, Twi seizes the opportunity and bids goodbye to boy Mentu, leaving her charm bag [...]

    7. This Coretta Scott King winner can be used to introduce children to the topic of African American slavery. More specifically, it introduces children to slave trade. This beautifully illustrated book retells an old Gullah legend. Mentu, a young slave boy, and his grandmother, Twi, live on an island off the coast of Georgia. As they look out to the hard working slaves on the fields, Twi feels it is time to tell Mentu of the hardships that native Africans have faced since slavery began. The poetic [...]

    8. In the Time of the Drums is a story much like a legend, passed down from generation to generation among African Americans. Mentu, a young boy born into slavery, learned every day from his grandmother Twi about life as a slave and what was to come later in life. She promised him that a day would come to be strong, but did not tell him when that day would be. One day, Twi left Mentu to lead a group of Africans who had been brought to their village as slaves back to their homeland. Her legacy lives [...]

    9. This picture book is a representation of a Gullah tale that is through to be a memory or short legend and has been passed down from generation to generation. The Gullah are the descendants of enslaved Africans who lived in the low country regions of Georgia and South Carolina, which includes both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. The story follows Mentu, a boy born into slavery in America. Mentu spends time with his grandmother, Twi, an old African lady who tells him stories, teaches him so [...]

    10. It wasn't long ago that I read and reviewed this but I don't keep up with dates.Anyway, maybe if I was a child, this would have moved me or made me think as the inside jacket of this book says that it's beautiful words and artwork will get you to do.But I think for sure that if I were in the first grade, this book wouldn't move me. I'd have to be younger than that and hear this book and then just maybe it would stick to my ribs a few weeks.I'm an older girl. In my lifetime, though it's been a sh [...]

    11. This is the story of a young boy named Mentu who lives on an island along Teakettle Creek where big ships come and go, sometimes carrying cinnamon, sometimes pirates coming to bury treasure, and sometime slave ships bringing African people to do work on plantation farms. His grandmother Twi warned him to not turn into one of these workers and forget his African roots. Even though Mentu had never been Twi made him very familiar with their culture so he could continue it, she taught him songs and [...]

    12. This touching and emotional story is a picture book based on an oral account passed down through generations of slaves near the Sea Islands of Georgia and South Carolina. It is told from the perspective of a slave boy living in America who is raised by an older woman who is African born. The story brings out the sadness of the slave trades and even how they were packed together in a bottom of a ship. It also brings out the strength and the deep heritage of their African culture, such as the play [...]

    13. The story in this book is based off of an old oral story that has circulated through African American communities for generations. Siegelson wanted to capture the story in writing, and thus creates a magical story for all ages. The illustrations are gorgeous, having been done by scratchboard. The illustrations take the reader to the time and place of the story, giving a small peek into the life of slaves and how many of them wanted to stay connected to their birthplace of Africa. The story follo [...]

    14. In the Time of the Drums was written by Kim Siegelson and illustrated by Brian Pinkney using, what appears to be, oils. The images in this story are absolutely amazing; each line stands out amidst the vivid and detailed illustrations. Pinkney’s artwork made me think back to the time when African men and women were taken from their native land and forced to row to America to be slaves. The story was intriguing and all of the aspects worked very well together, so I think this would be a good boo [...]

    15. This is a Coretta Scott King Award winner for non-violent social change. the author's note at the end said that it's an oral account passed down through generations near the Sea Islands of Georgia and South Carolina. It said that it's sometimes told as a ghost story. I liked that background information about slave ships and the illustrations and descriptions of working the fields. I think you would have to scaffold the ending about how they walked out into the water and walked back to Africa. Fo [...]

    16. An absolutely beautiful and touching picturebook of the African slaves who walked into the water near Georgia's Sapelo island, told from the perspective of a slave boy born in America living with his African-born grandmother. Shows the reader the sadness and horror of the slave trade, but the story focuses on the way the slaves living on the plantation farm remember and hold onto their strong culture and heritage (through drums, songs and stories), leaving the reader feeling uplifted. Highly rec [...]

    17. The genre of this book is historical fiction and the intended age range is elementary school. A young man is told the old ways by his grandmother. He eventually teachers his family the ways she taught him.This book allows the readers to think back to the time of slavery. It can be used to show how slaves were treated and also a connection to African culture. The book is significant to the history because it shows how help was passed on from generation to generation. The colors and the visuals of [...]

    18. Great illustrations, very stylized and striking, Brian called it "scratchboard" on his website. A wonderful story of passing on traditions and stories from generation to generation. Now on to the other stuff, people walking underwater to return to Africa made me think they were killing themselves instead of being slaves. Glad the book flap said otherwise, that it was magic. I like magic.

    19. Another book with the wonderful art of Brian Pinkney. Beautifully written, the loving, respectful interactions modeled by the child and his grandmother were a joy to read. The ending is sobering and thought-provoking. Parents of sensitive children may want to read this first since the ending is intense. Is one of those books I may have given my own children but is very unlikely I would give someone else's unless I knew the parents well.

    20. Mentu is an island-born boy that knows a lot about his African roots from his grandmother, Twi.Twi teaches Mentu songs on drums and tells him many stories of her time in Africa. When Twi leaves Mentu, he is strong and becomes a slave to the land. But he teaches the songs and stories that Twi taught him to his own children.

    21. "Your time to be strong-strong Will come when your back is bent in the field and your hands are stuck full of cotton Spurs. Because then the old ways will try to grow weak inside you. Don't let them! Takes a mighty strength not to forget who you are. Where you come from. To help others remember it, too."I enjoyed reading this with my son!!! Beautiful story.

    22. This is an interesting retelling of an old folktale legend. The overtones of slavery and oppression of African Slaves always bothers me. This is the story of how magic the slaves walked back to African to home after been taken as slaves.

    23. Amazing illustration help tell this story that has been passed down orally from generations in the African American community in the Southern United States. I wish the story was told with fewer words on each page, but fewer words would take away from the imagery created.

    24. This book is about a grandmother who tells her grandson about the way that music came to Africa. She displays different ways that this occurs. It can be confusing at times throughout the book I feel.

    25. I like that picturebooks of African(-American) legends exist -- and I really appreciated the reminder of the connection to Africa that the first slaves still remembered Africa, still felt it as their home, and how that would affect their thoughts and emotions and experiences.

    26. Grandmother Twi, who holds the respect of all the black and white people on the island, teaches Mentu all about Africa. When a #slave ship docks at Teakettle Creek, and the slaves refuse to disembark, Grandmother Twi leads all of them away! #Stunning story of human endurance and survival.

    27. slavery, Africa, Teakettle Creek, Ibo, The African people got captured by the whites and brought it to an island for sold off as a slaves. The ending of this book is really sad because the group of slaves are longed for returning to Africa by walking into the ocean.

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