Best Foot Forward In this sequel to the beloved Rules of the Road Jenna Boller is dripping with newfound maturity after her life altering summer on the road She has a job she loves at Gladstone Shoes a best friend wh

  • Title: Best Foot Forward
  • Author: Joan Bauer
  • ISBN: 9780142406908
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this sequel to the beloved Rules of the Road, Jenna Boller is dripping with newfound maturity after her life altering summer on the road She has a job she loves at Gladstone Shoes, a best friend who makes her laugh, and a dysfunctional family she s learning how to handle Jenna feels ready for anything until Tanner Cobb, a guy with a past, a police record, and dangerouIn this sequel to the beloved Rules of the Road, Jenna Boller is dripping with newfound maturity after her life altering summer on the road She has a job she loves at Gladstone Shoes, a best friend who makes her laugh, and a dysfunctional family she s learning how to handle Jenna feels ready for anything until Tanner Cobb, a guy with a past, a police record, and dangerously good looks, walks into her life Suddenly Jenna s surrounded by crises, including a shoe empire on the verge of crumbling Tanner s street smarts seem to be what Jenna needs, but can she trust him enough when the going gets tough

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    One thought on “Best Foot Forward”

    1. Hooooh, gosh. This is a veeeery tough book to rate. I almost gave it 5 stars--but there was one major problem (I say problem, more likedistraction).Tanner, throughout the first part of the book, is constantly accosted by girlfriends--constantly. Jenna doesn't really get out much. The most romantic she gets is holding a guy's foot to measure it.Given those two, guess who I thought would end up together? And guess. Who. Didn't.Yep, that's my one complaint with this book, right there. Which should [...]

    2. Until I read a review for Best Foot Forward, I never realized it was a sequel. However, that didn't stop me from enjoying this book greatly. There were so many dynamic and head spinning parts in this story outfitted with a wrenching and writhing plotline that went very well with the dramatic events that continued to happen, especially towards the end of the story. Although a quick read with only 192 pages, this was a refreshing and exciting read. Would definitely reccommend.

    3. I somehow missed the fact that this was a sequel to another book ("Rules of the Road"). I still found it quite enjoyable, and will look for the first book to read as a "pre-quel". Some of the characters and sidelines aren't developed fully, and Jenna's struggle with her (absentee) alcoholic father seem almost tacked on. That doesn't stop the core of the story from being interesting, though, as she works on discovering herself happily fulfilled in her role in the shoe business. This is Bauer's st [...]

    4. I only gave this 3-stars because I thought it felt rushed. I felt Jenna, such a mature and astute observer did not seem--despite saying so--as attached to any of the other characters. Even Tanner, about whom she had doubts. Even Mrs. Gladstone.It's as if she'd aged 10 yearsNevertheless, Joan Bauer's writing is sharp and at times I felt both touched and blown away by her well-drawn characters. It's an okay sequel to "Rules of the Road," but I honestly didn't expect a sequel. There's something so [...]

    5. Registered on Bookcrossing: bookcrossing/journal/1Another great book by Joan Bauer. I love her teen books. It's left open ended so I wonder if there will be a sequel? Who knew the shoe business was so cut-throat?

    6. This is an author who handles complex subjects in a manner that doesn't over abuse feelings. She magically weaves the story line and balances humor and angst with the end result of hope.Jenna Boller is the oldest child. She has a loving younger sister and very stable mother. Sadly though, her father is a knock down drag out alcoholic.Finding a job selling shoes for Gladstone Shoe company enables her to learn valuable lessons. Bauer knows that people come into our lives when we most need them and [...]

    7. Story takes place in a shoe store, I've never thought of this being a book setting but I rolled with it. WowI just want to say that first up. Wow. The setting is great and the characters are very interesting! I haven't read the first book to this yet Rules of the Road but this one is very good! Jenna has been with shoe company for a couple of years and a boy comes in a steals a pair of shoes. This is how it starts off, I'm thinking okaywhat the heck? Anyway Tanner (shoe thief) comes back and ret [...]

    8. While the climax here is a little rushed, that's a small caveat to Bauer's excellent follow-up to the eminently likeable Rules of the Road. Jenna continues to be a sensible and wry narrator, and I adore how her love of shoes is connected--unusually for a YA narrator!--to selling them rather than buying them. Her concern for sturdiness, quality, and personal appeal carries through the book itself as she deals with the rehabilitation of a charming parolee Gladstone's hires and the continued slimy [...]

    9. I really didn't enjoy this book. I felt like there wasn't anything going own, it was mostly about selling the shoes and that was it. I expected that Jenna would fall in love with the bad boy Tanner but nothing happened. The only thing she did was taught him how to sell shoes. Then when they noticed the shoes changed and they were bad quality, I expected there to be a big mystery and they had to solve why the shoes had bad quality. They sorted had to solve it but it wasn't interesting. Since ther [...]

    10. I read this book completely by accident because of a mixed up entry in (I thought I was getting a new book by one of my favorite authors, Jeanne Ray). Turns out, Jeanne Ray never wrote a book by this title--Joan Bauer did. And I have no regrets. It's a charming story I hope my daughters will read when they're 13-14 years old. Full of good solid morality and work ethic, written from a teenage girl's perspective with the didactics nicely packaged in a gel coating so it doesn't stick in your throa [...]

    11. It's been a while since I read "Rules of the Road," but it wasn't hard to get into sequel. It's a fast read and though it doesn't have the amazing sparkle, wisdom and general awesomeness of "Hope Was Here" (which I just re-read yesterday), it still gives plenty of good feelings, strong heroines fighting against corruption, and teens learning to stand up and make a difference. Good book.

    12. Much the same as the first one in terms of wit, humour, and awesome, deep, characters. It was hilarious. It was moving. It was brilliantly written. It was fun :) The love interest for Jenna was a great and realistic addition, and overall I just loved this book. So much wisdom and good morals; it reinforced what I needed reinforced ;)

    13. Companion novel to Rules of the RoadI didn't like it as well as the first book, however if you are looking for a book for middle-school age girls, this has a strong female protagonist and deals with topics such as the effects of alcoholism on a family, resilience, business ethics, keeping promises, mercy and forgiveness. Several noteworthy one-liners and humor. Quick, easy read.

    14. Nobody, NOBODY, writes sad-happy inspirational books like Joan Bauer. Sure, there might be a few that say she’s too over the top-“We walked together, striding purposefully, and burst into the light of the sales floor.” But there is a valid reason for that bolt of a “Ta-dah!” Bauer’s characters face tough, real life situations and find a way to survive, find a purpose, some joy, and maybe even a way to thrive and that deserves a few “over the top”moments. Best Foot Forward picks u [...]

    15. This book is a compelling story about a young girl named Jenna who has gone through many difficulties in her life so far and tells about how her friends get her through it. Mrs. Gladstone, who is her boss and also a very important role model for Jenna, helps her through her though times and gives her advice and insight: "Every car has a rear view mirror, but if you spend too much time looking there, you'll probably crash. You’ve got to look ahead to where you’re going much more than always c [...]

    16. A follow-up to Rules of the Road, I loved how it took the themes that Jenna learns from Rules of the Road, and takes them a step further into implementation in her life in this book. Life isn't perfect just because of her road trip, neither does it get easier, but she finds it possible, which by itself is a huge draw to the book. This book teaches readers to believe the best of people, and drives home the fact that sometimes the people around us change for good because we give them a chance.

    17. I just remember this book being really boring and not enjoyable and I just realized that this was a sequel-either way I didn’t really care for it.

    18. I probably disliked this book as much as. I did because it was for mandatory reading. But it was boring as well.

    19. The novel Best Foot Forward by Joan Bauer was definitely not on my list of favorite reads. The characters were generic and boring, the plot was very predictable, and the theme throughout the book did not keep my interest. Maybe I’m just picky when it comes to my taste in books, but Joan Bauer did not work her magic with this novel, unlike her other books in the past.Jenna Boiler basically has a stress-filled life. She lives in a small town and has a job that she really enjoys at Gladstone Shoe [...]

    20. This book started off a little boring but as it went along it revealed a certain theme in the story between the main characters work life and her personal. She was forced to help an unsteady new employee and it makes her mind go crazy between that, dealing with her diminishing father and still keeping up with her job selling shoes and getting through school.

    21. The name of the book I read was Best Foot Forward, by Joan Bauer. This book is about Jenna, a seventeen year old girl working in a shoe store. She works at the shoe store to provide for her family, and nothing super exciting ever happened. Jenna still loved what she did not matter what. Until one day, a customer walked in the store, stole some shoes, and changed her life, personality, and perspective on people forever. In this book Jenna, the main character works at a shoe store, called Gladston [...]

    22. Would you like to read a book that teaches you a little about shoes and explains this girl's life at the same time, in one story? Well if your interested read this book called "Best Foot Forward" by Joan Bauer. The genre of this story would be fiction because the things that's going on in Jenna's life can happen to someone else. This story is about a girl, named Jenna who is living kind of harsh life as a teenager, but has good things that walk into her life. One of the good things is this boy n [...]

    23. When I first saw Best Foot Forward at the used bookstore, I admit that I had mixed feelings. Especially when I found out that it was a companion to Rules of the Road which just so happens to one of my most beloved books. But on the other hand I was excited to get a chance to reconnect and hear more about Jenna, Mrs. Gladstone and the rest of the characters. I am happy to let you know that Best Foot Forward was just as good as I hoped it would be and will definitely be making my must re-read list [...]

    24. Jenna is still shoe sales woman extraordinaire, but as the summer is drawing to a close she faces some new challenges. First off, there's Tanner, Mrs Gladstone's most recent hire, who stumbled into the job after trying to steal from the store. Mrs Gladstone wants to show him how to use his talents to make a positive impact on the world, but Jenna isn't sure if Tanner will join them or end up a lost cause. She's also still dealing with the issues her alcoholic father left her with, but Al-Anon me [...]

    25. Another really inspiring, interesting, and really good book that I have just finished reading is "Best Foot Forward" by Joan Bauer. Jenna Boller, a teen girl who is going into high school, has an amazing job at a shoe store, a great best friend, named Opal, and a family that she's learning how to deal with. Then there's the not so good thing in jenna's life: she has a dad that doesn't live with her family anymore because he drives drunk and has been to jail numerous times. Jenna is doing okay, b [...]

    26. Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for TeensReadTooShe did it again! Joan Bauer hooked me on yet another novel about selling shoes! I had previously read RULES OF THE ROAD, where we were introduced to Jenna Boller. In BEST FOOT FORWARD we again root for Jenna of Gladstone Shoes. I even *ahem* took this book to church to read between Sunday School and the church service. It was that good. Mrs. Gladstone puts Jenna in charge of Tanner, a boy Jenna's age, after he tries to steal some shoes from them. Jenn [...]

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