Existentialism Is a Humanism It was to correct common misconceptions about his thought that Sartre accepted an invitation to speak on October at the Club Maintenant in Paris The unstated objective of his lecture Existen

  • Title: Existentialism Is a Humanism
  • Author: Jean-Paul Sartre Arlette Elkaïm-Sartre Annie Cohen-Solal Carol Macomber
  • ISBN: 9780300115468
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was to correct common misconceptions about his thought that Sartre accepted an invitation to speak on October 29, 1945, at the Club Maintenant in Paris The unstated objective of his lecture Existentialism Is a Humanism was to expound his philosophy as a form of existentialism , a term much bandied about at the time Sartre asserted that existentialism was essentiaIt was to correct common misconceptions about his thought that Sartre accepted an invitation to speak on October 29, 1945, at the Club Maintenant in Paris The unstated objective of his lecture Existentialism Is a Humanism was to expound his philosophy as a form of existentialism , a term much bandied about at the time Sartre asserted that existentialism was essentially a doctrine for philosophers, though, ironically, he was about to make it accessible to a general audience The published text of his lecture quickly became one of the bibles of existentialism and made Sartre an international celebrity.The idea of freedom occupies the center of Sartre s doctrine Man, born into an empty, godless universe, is nothing to begin with He creates his essence his self, his being through the choices he freely makes existence precedes essence Were it not for the contingency of his death, he would never end Choosing to be this or that is to affirm the value of what we choose In choosing, therefore, we commit not only ourselves but all of mankind.This edition of Existentialism Is a Humanism is a translation of the 1996 French edition, which includes Arlette Elka m Sartre s introduction and a QA with Sartre about his lecture Paired with Existentialism Is a Humanism is another seminal Sartre text, his commentary on Camus s The Stranger In her foreword, intended for an American audience, acclaimed Sartre biographer Annie Cohen Solal offers an assessment of both works.

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      106 Jean-Paul Sartre Arlette Elkaïm-Sartre Annie Cohen-Solal Carol Macomber
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    One thought on “Existentialism Is a Humanism”

    1. Man is nothing other than what he makes of himself. — Jean-Paul SartreIf you are interested in Existentialism, this is the book you should dive into. You will find an energetic Sartre defending his views on many subjects. I was immediately drawn to one opinion in particular: existentialism emphasizes what is despicable about the world. I have read that before. Most people apparently want to read about beauty and bliss and puppies and all those things that are part of one side of our reality. D [...]

    2. سارتر مش عاجبني يا أم سارتر :DDحسنًا الكتاب عبارة عن تفريغ لمحاضرة كان سارتر قد ألقاهاللرد على الانتقاضات الموجهة للفلسفة الوجوديةفتحدث في الجزء الأول من الكتاب عن الخطوط العريضة للوجوديةالاعتقاد بالوجود قبل الماهيةوأن الإنسان ما هو إلا حصيلة عملهعمل الشخص هو الذي يحدد ماه [...]

    3. أنا أفكّر إذًا أنا موجودهكذا راح سارتر وجاء يعرض ويفند ويناقشوهذه اللافتة لا تفارق يدهالكتاب في الأساس ترجمة لمحاضرة من محاضرات سارتروقد اهتم كثيرا فيها بالتأكيد على نقطة أن حرية الفرد مسئولية وأن الوجودية ليست فلسفة تأملية فقطبل هي التي تحث الإنسان على أن يصنع ويفعلوالوج [...]

    4. Reading Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism has been as arduous as it has been stimulating, for while I did try to understand his philosophy, I could also acutely discern what challenged my understanding of his work. To begin with Sartre explains Atheistic Existentialism. He says:Atheistic existentialism, of which I am a representative, declares with greater consistency that if God does not exist there is at least one being whose existence comes before its essence, a being which exists befor [...]

    5. Existentialism is an EssentialismThis is supposed to be the only one of his lectures that Sartre regretted seeing in print. This was primarily because it became accepted as a sort of manifesto piece and thus tended to reduce the original themes. Sartre repeatedly implies that he will not admit to this essay/lecture being considered as an introduction to his philosophy. Again, this is because treating an 'explanation' as an essential component (or worse a summary) of his complex system of philoso [...]

    6. اگر بخواهم این کتاب را در یک جمله خلاصه کنم از نظرم هیچ جمله ای رساتر از "بشر محکوم به آزادی است" نمی تواند باشداین کتاب به سه بخش اصلی تقسیم شده است. در بخش اول که مهمترین و جذاب ترین بخش کتاب نیز هست "سارتر" سعی بر این دارد که خلاصه ای جامع و کامل از این فلسفه ارایه دهد همچنین پاس [...]

    7. هنگامی که دکارت می گوید: "به جای تسلط بر جهان، باید بر خویشتن مسلط شد" در واقع میخواهد بگوید: عمل کنیم بی آنکه به امید متکی باشیم.اون روز که این کتاب رو خریدم، به خاطر این بود که با مفهوم اگزیستانسیالیسم در روان درمانی مشکل داشتم و امید داشتم رسیدن به یه درک مستقل از اگزیستانسیال [...]

    8. [Please note that the reviewer is a new entrant in the school of existentialism and is attempting to grasp the building blocks. Hence, her inferences can be basic and occasionally, vague too. Those who have spent considerable time in this school can choose to overlook this little account if so deemed fit (although I would love to have them here to elevate my understanding level). For the more tolerant and sagaciously curious, I will go about my way.]Essentially, “Existentialism Is a Humanism [...]

    9. تصویر جالبیه. اسمش رو گذاشتم: اگزیستانسیالیسم در یک دقیقه.نوشته های ریزش واضح نیست، گفتم با کیفیت بالاتر بذارم، حجمش بالا میره، ممکنه بعضیا راضی نباشن.تنها چیزی که میتونم بگم، اینه که ترجمه افتضاح بود. فکر کنم سواد فرانسوی مترجم، در حد سواد فرانسوی من بوده. شاید هم سواد فارسیش [...]

    10. “Existentialism Is a Humanism”is the result of a transcribed lecture Sartre delivered in 1945 responding to several critiques to existentialist theories. Communist detractors accused Existentialism of being a contemplative and bourgeois philosophy that led to quietism while Catholics condemned it for emphasizing what was despicable about humanity, which induced to a hopeless and pessimistic notion of human nature. Sartre presents his defense dissecting the concept of Existentialism in a very [...]

    11. have you ever noticed that when you are at rock bottom nothing makes you feel better quite as much as Sartre telling you that if your life is screwed up it's your own damn fault.

    12. من از وقتی که با این فلسفه آشنا شدم واقعا راحت تر زندگی میکنم، پذیرش مطالب اگزیستانسیالسم به من حس استقلال بیشتری میده و به فردیت من کمک میکنه و علاوه بر این در تعاملات اجتماعی هم باعث میشه طوری که دیگران هستن رو خیلی راحت تر بپذیرم.به نظر من این کتاب خیلی خوب ترجمه شده بود و سع [...]

    13. الخمس نجوم لأول 70 صفحة (كانوا 70 باين) من الكتاب، بغض النظر عن لعب العيال اللي حصل بعد كده :D

    14. My first exposure to Existentialism is a Humanism was in our faculty book fair when I was the second year student of engineering. I bought this book and another book Hajj written by Ali Shariati. I was totally a blockhead. I knew almost nothing about literature, philosophy, theology, God and whatever else which wasn't science. All I knew was that I was a Muslim, growing up in a religious family and society, but I always wished to choose my beliefs by myself, I mean I wish to have some well thoug [...]

    15. اعتبرت هذا الكتاب مدخل جيد للتعرف على الوجودية عند سارتر من منطلق " اقرأ لهم ولا تقرأ عنهم " وكنت قرأت له مسرحية الجحيم قبل ذلك واعجبتني.هذا الكتاب عبارة عن محاضرة ألقاها سارتر ثم اعاد كتابتها ليتيح الرد عليها من قبل خصومه. في الجزء الأول منه يفند الإداعات التي توجه إليهم ويرد [...]

    16. This is a very accessible introduction to Sartrean existentialism. Some of the most elementary and basic concepts of Sartre's system have been explained in an easy, approachable way. Basically, Katie Holmes in the super-awesome Batman Begins sums up Sartre's concerns in this book:It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you.Yeah, that's basically it. Existence precedes essence entails the negation of any universal concept or idea of "human nature", and that when we come int [...]

    17. مطالب این کتاب برگرفته از مصاحبه و پرسش و پاسخی با آقای سارتر در زمینه رفع ابهام و روشن سازی فلسفه اگزیستانسیالیسم می باشد. چرا که عده ای به اشکال گوناگون، برداشت هایی نادرست از مفاهیم این فلسفه داشته اند.عده ای آن را سراسر آمیخته با عزلت و گوشه گیری می دانند، که برای آنان نتیج [...]

    18. علی رغم میل باطنیم مجبور شدم در نیمه رهاش کنمترجمه خوبی نداشت و درگیری روزمره و امتحانا باعث شد خوندنشو به بعد موکول کنم.

    19. “İnsan kendini bulmalı, özünü elde etmeli ve şuna da inanmalıdır: Hiçbir şey kişiyi kendinden, benliğinden kurtaramaz. Varoluşçuluk bir çeşit iyimserliktir bu anlamda, bir çeşit eylem, çalışma öğretisidir.“Özgürsünüz, onun için kendiniz seçin, yolunuzu kendiniz bulun. Hiçbir genel ahlak size yapacağınız şeyi söyleyemez. Buna ancak siz karar vereceksiniz.”“İnsan özgür olmaya mahkumdur.”Özgürlük o kadar güzel anlatılmış ki. Bulantı kitabını [...]

    20. پارسال، مهر، شروع به خوندن کتاب کردم. اونقدر کلمه اگزیستانسیالیسم برام جالب بود که دوست داشتم هرچی زودتر بفهمم و ببلعم که این فلسفه و این نگرش چی میخواد بگه. بعد ازینکه فصل اول کتاب تموم شد، مدتی فرصت سرخاروندنم نداشتم و این بار چون حداقل معنی اگزیستانسیالیسم رو فهمیده بودم خ [...]

    21. I have been interested in reading something by Sartre for some time, but was unwilling to waste my time with a meandering, depressing novel like Nausea (which I still might read one day); or a dry, 700-page tome (tomb!) like Being And Nothingness. To be honest, Nothingness seems hardly worth my time. It hardly seems worth anyone’s timeAT’S why I started this little jewel. This book was a lecture that Sartre gave in defense of existentialism to his non-philosopher auditors. He was attempting [...]

    22. خوشحالم که در وقت اضافۀ سال نودوپنج بالأخره خواندمش.بخش اول عالی بود و توضیحات مترجم هم خوب.ایرادات ناویل فهمش سخت بود و جواب سارتر هم به ازسربازکردن شبیه. از آن بخش طرفی نبستم.مصاحبه با سارتر جالب بود، برای شناختن خودش، نه تفکرش و نه اگزیستانسیالیسم.

    23. کتاب به سه بخش اصلی تقسیم شده:1- اگزیستانسیالیسم و اصالت بشر2- گفتگو3- آنچه من هستمبخش اول شامل متن سخنرانی های سارتر درباره موضوع اگزیتانسیالیسم هست که به گمانم بهترین کتابیست که میشه در این زمینه مطالعه کرد و همونطور که خود سارتر هم اشاره کرده این متن برای فهم مخاطب عام هست و ب [...]

    24. اجوبته غير مباشرة احتاج لقراءة المزيد لسارتر و عن الوجودية عموما

    25. انتقالا من الشيوعية الى الوجودية، الكثير من الناس وبالأخص الشيوعيين يدعون الى الواقعية ويتذمرون من الوجودية ويتهمونها بالتشاؤم، ولكن من منظور سارتر: هل ثمة فكر اكثر تفاؤل من الوجودية؟ ان تعطيك الحرية لتواجه ذاتك، تختار نفسك ما تشاء؟ اي كل فرد وصيا على نفسه ومسؤولا على ماهي [...]

    26. I have a very skinny knowledge of western philosophy, I might be able to name important schools of thoughts, but will probably give you a very confused and primitive definition of each of them, so I decided to try and change that. the current meaning (or at at least my inference of the meaning via context) of the word 'existentialism' is something like contemplating your own existence. But Sartre's ideology is actually quite different, and much less pleasant (in my opinion anyway) this 40 page l [...]

    27. يرد جان بول سارتر في كتابه على اتهامات موجهة للوجودية ليثبت أنها ليست فلسفة تأمل وسكون لأنها تدفع الإنسان لما يريد أن يفعله بوعيه هو كإنسان فرد يدخل ضمنه عدّة ذوات , يثبت أيضًا إنها ليست متشائمة وبائسة كما يصفها أعداءهم بل على العكس فهم يغلبون جانب العمل على الأمل لكي يتّقو ش [...]

    28. Varoluşçuluk insanı eylemle tanımlar, davranışla yargılar. Varoluşçuluğa göre varoluş özden önce gelir. Descartes’in cogito’sunu benimseyen varoluşçuluk, insanın kendini anlaması ve özünü bilmesi gerektiğini savunur. İnsan işaretleri yorumlarken, taşıdıkları anlamları seçerken tek başınadır. ''İnsan özgür olmaya mahkumdur.''Sartre, bu kitapta varoluşçuluğun ne olduğunu, yöneltilen eleştirileri ve ne olmadığını kısaca açıklıyor. Varoluşçulu [...]

    29. لطالما سألت نفسي عن معنى الوجودية وما الذي يجعل رواية معينة أو مسرحية معينة وجودية. ولماذا تعد الوجودية اتهام عند بعض الناس. ولما كان سارتر أحد آباء الوجودية اتخذت كتابه هذا دليلًا يقودني، فما أشبع ظمأي في معرفتها. غير أنه عرفني أن أغلب الوجوديين يتعاملون مع الإله على أنه فكر [...]

    30. It is the rosebud of sartre. A conference given in front of a hétérogenous people which he wants to seduce. An assembly very hype like at a seminars of Lacan. There is a certain imposture has to associate humanism and existentialism. This last is naturally individualistic whereas the humanism is a collective project. Manages he to bring closer these two terms. I do not believe. And there is already this obsession to sermonizer. Sartre takes for example the german occupation and the choice of R [...]

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