Psion When first published readers young and old eagerly devoured the tale of a street hardened survivor named Cat a half human half alien orphan telepath Named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults Cat s s

  • Title: Psion
  • Author: Joan D. Vinge
  • ISBN: 9780765303400
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • When first published, readers young and old eagerly devoured the tale of a street hardened survivor named Cat, a half human, half alien orphan telepath Named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Cat s story has been continued by Hugo award winning and international best selling author Joan D Vinge with the very popular Catspaw and Dreamfall Now, 25 years later, this speciWhen first published, readers young and old eagerly devoured the tale of a street hardened survivor named Cat, a half human, half alien orphan telepath Named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Cat s story has been continued by Hugo award winning and international best selling author Joan D Vinge with the very popular Catspaw and Dreamfall Now, 25 years later, this special anniversary edition of Psion contains a new introduction by the author and Psiren, a story never before included in any trade edition of Psion This tough, gritty tale of an outsider whose only chance for redemption is as an undercover agent for an interstellar government that by turns punishes and helps him, is as fresh and powerful today as it was in 1982.

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    • Best Read [Joan D. Vinge] ☆ Psion || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ↠
      184 Joan D. Vinge
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Joan D. Vinge] ☆ Psion || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ↠
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    One thought on “Psion”

    1. Cat, a street kid, is arrested and given a choice: he can submit to training to develop his latent psychic abilities, or he can be shipped offworld as an indentured laborer. Although he doesn't really believe he could be anything special, Cat chooses to take part in the training, and is swiftly drawn into a world of interplanetary intrigue. Vinge once again shows she can write sweeping science fiction and give it a human element. The "abused teen with psychic abilities" was done many times in th [...]

    2. One thing I've noticed as I rerereread this, in the context of years of gaming and gaming theory, is that the protagonist not only makes poor decisions much of the time, but repeatedly fails at standard "heroic" tasks. He makes messes of his relationships. He gets caught every time he runs. He loses every fight. He gets beaten, poisoned, enslaved, mindraped, and emotionally battered at every point throughout the story.And yet the story remains compelling despite this. Huh. Interesting.

    3. This was ok. I remember reading Catspaw a long time ago and I really loved it. I will be reading it soon to see if I liked it better than this. Joan Vinge says in the forward that she started writing this character when she was a teenager and finished it as an adult. I think I could see that in this book. I thought I had read it before but now I’m not sure. Anyhow it was enjoyable, I did like the evolution of Cat’s character and I really liked the short story Psiren at the end of the book.

    4. I've been procrastinating to stave off reading this series for, like, 5 years? And now I finally have gotten to reading it. And it is as good as expected, maybe even a bit better. Love this.

    5. I just finished re-reading this book for I think my 10th time. It hasn't lost it's flavor over the years, and I enjoy it more each time I pick it up - sorta like going back for your favorite flavor of ice cream time and again, providing much the same enjoyment that a good vanilla/strawberry fix providesNOPSIS:Psion is about a street kid who is half alien. His alien half provided him with the ability to read minds, but he is helpless to use the talent. Some trauma so deeply hurt him that he is in [...]

    6. cat, a half-breed kid trying to survive in the slums of big galactic city, tries to escape the forced labor press-gang, finds out he has a latent telepathic talent and ends up in a middle of a deadly game between greedy, corrupt human government and a psychopathic rebellious telepath. it doesn't end well for him or, frankly, everybody, but cat sure tries his best.i don't think me and vinge are a good match - i remember vaguely liking her snow queen homage a while back, but the way this book went [...]

    7. Third reading It does seem pretty dark on re-reading. I know she's won prestigious awards, bu I always think Joan D. Vinge is an under-appreciated author.

    8. Joan D. Vinge has been my favorite author since middle school (and I was born in 1978, you do the math). Though I have been lost in some of her books because they were so complicated (she IS a master of intricate plots), I must say that her books were a very big influence on my life. When I graduated from elementary school and children's books, "young adult" was the next step, and I found that apparently I was supposed to start liking books about romance. So I read them . . . books about girls l [...]

    9. Recommendation: solid sci-fi novel about a street urchin turned caged lab rat turned hero. Fantastic settings, character progression, and ending with one small maybe plot hole. Rating: 3 ½ stars for being above average but still missing something, though I can’t figure out what and did read the series out of order – so this maybe amiss if you read it chronologically. ProsLoved Cat’s character and progression, I really connected with himFocused with a straightforward plot that never loses [...]

    10. Cat is an orphan turned street punk in the futuristic world of Ardattee, where human civilization has congregated in its new hub centuries ago. Living in the slums isn't easy, and people always seem unusually eager to hurt him, but he lives with it because he knows nothing else. Then one day he's caught at a petty crime and apprehended by police, after which he's surprised to be offered the chance to avoid incarceration if he'll participate in an experimental government program. He soon finds ou [...]

    11. I had read the sequel, Catspaw, many years ago before realizing that it was even a sequel. Catspaw will always be one of the first books that snared me into the sci-fi world and Psion did not disappoint either. Cat, our half-breed anti-hero, is a character that you can't help but love. He's tenacious, broken, vulnerable, and steel-tough. He gets dealt a crappy hand time and time again but still maintains a semblance of humanity, despite - or because of - his Hydran half. And while Cat's own expe [...]

    12. I'll give the author credit where it's due. She can definitely write well. Not surprised at all that she won a Hugo Award.Liked the prologue. Nice way to toss the reader into the world. Good pacing (if a little confusing), good POV work. More tension would've made it outstanding.Part I -- she drops into first-person POV, which works but Cat's voice isn't interesting. If I can't empathize, I don't care. Too much background info early on, could've worked that into the story better. Pet peeve: she [...]

    13. "She'd gone ahead of me to help me, but it hadn't been personal. It was only a kind of reflex action, like pulling away from a flame; something you did to stop your own pain. I felt strange when I realized that; invisible. I didn't know what to think. So I didn't think about it for long."Those are the thoughts of Cat: street-punk, orphan, and a telepath who has mentally blocked his earliest memories and his abilities. I picked up "Catspaw" first--#2 in this trilogy. Halfway through that book, I [...]

    14. I spotted this when I was shelving, read the blurb and knew it was one I needed to read. It's an easy fast read, full of twists and turns and with very 3D characters, not only Cat, but the other characters too. Although it's his story, the others play a big part and in the finish it's working together that is needed to save the day. But it does come with a big price. I was pleased that there was a short story at the end of the book as it continues Cat's story and is really needed to bridge betwe [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book and will look for more in the series, though it is complete on its own. This is solid science fiction with some social and political undertones that make it right up my alley. It's also a rather quick read, perfect for summer. First published in 1982, the themes of this book are still relevant today. The book shows inequality and poverty, a hierarchy of citizenships, and humanity's tendency toward violence. Dark themes, but they are balanced by a light tone and hints at alter [...]

    16. I originally began reading the Cat series by Joan D. Vinge when I was a sophomore in high school. I was instantly hooked by the foul-mouthed, lonely teenager hybrid known as "Cat." From the get-go I was hooked.At the time, I read the books out of order (I read Catspaw first because the public library in the town where I lived didn't have the first book.)It wasn't until after I read the third book, Dreamfall, that I learned about book #1 and found a copy through inter-library loan and read it Now [...]

    17. I first read this book when I was a tiny thing. I can't remember how old exactly, but probably around the time I was fourteen? I remember buying the second sequel, Dreamfall, when it was new in hardcover, and I'd have been around 16 then.Anyway, though it had been many years since I read this book, I remembered it and its sequel Catspaw with great affection. So, I re-read it (in May 2010, approximately). And I didn't quite like it, but at the same time I didn't quite feel able to be articulate a [...]

    18. From the introduction I learned that this was a very early effort which the author later shaped up into publishable form. I think it kind of shows. The prose is fine, but I had difficulty believing in the world she set up. Humans and aliens interbreeding is a common trope, but I don't think it makes sense, unless we assume that Earth was a "lost colony". But today we know for certain that humans evolved on Earth and share DNA with everything on the planet, so that is not an option. Also, psionic [...]

    19. I remember reading this book when I was much younger (no I am not going to tell you my age), and I remember quite enjoying it. Reading it now with more experienced eyes and a more critical eye towards writing I have a very different opinion of the book. I still enjoy the basis of the story and I think Mrs Vinge tells an amazing story it has its faults. The story is mostly about a telepath, so that being said there is some unspoken dialogue in the story. The transition between the unspoken and sp [...]

    20. I didn't actually lay hands on a copy of this until much later than the second and third books. And I didn't hurry to acquire THEM, as I'd not enjoyed the "Queen" books, which seemed like dumbed-down Melissa Scott mixed with imitation Sydney J. Van Scyoc. But I loved the second and third books dearly. They were just what I like - intense, compassionate, misunderstood protagonist, complex and intricate world that reminds you that history's mistakes are likely to get repeated, and fast-moving acti [...]

    21. If you like books with oppressed alien species who have psychic abilities, this is definitely a good book choice. This is a trilogy, and my favorite of the series is the second book; least favorite the third. The book is very graphic in its presentation of the depravity and often cruel nature inherent in humanity, especially to those of the unknown or different. *slight spoiler*Psion follows the events of Cat, an orphan half-breed whose abilities have been muffled by traumatic experiences. The o [...]

    22. The writing itself is somewhat childish and shallow, but overall the quality of writing remains consistent and the book is an easy page-turner. The premise is nothing original, but the plot retains a certain degree of originality that I appreciated very much. I was thankful that Vinge did not try to force romance into a story that clearly does not require one. The characters are interestingly portrayed, though they remain flat. Vinge does not try to cover up the characters' flaws--rather, she pr [...]

    23. Well, this didn't live up to my expectations. I felt the characters were not as well-developed as they could have been and I never really connected with the protagonist. U also felt his dialog was a bit of a mish-mash. At times he used "ain't" and other slang but then his internal thoughts and other dialog sounded like someone well-educated. I realize this is a YA novel, but it still felt a little flat and incomplete. Perhaps a younger person would have enjoyed it more. I will say that the main [...]

    24. I read this book 27 years ago and have been trying to remember the name of it for the last 10. While I do not remember much of the story now, I remember enough to know that I liked it, and in reading about it now I find that it is a trilogy, so I may wish to reacquaint myself with this book and continue reading the series. (And also see if my own children would be interested in it.) The cover shown here is not the one I remember though, when I read the book it had the original 1982 cover, which [...]

    25. I read this back in the day, and I remember liking the character while being disappointed in how light-weight it felt after The Snow Queen. For some reason I don't think I realized it was supposed to be YA. Actually I think literature as a whole would be improved if the whole concept of YA was dumped in a hole. Either a story is good or it's not; it's as long and complicated as it needs to be; how graphic it is depends on how graphic it has to be to tell the story. Manipulating things to make th [...]

    26. This book teeters on the edge between three and four stars for me. It's the first "Young Adult" labeled book I've read that didn't seem ridiculously one-dimensional or condescending. It gives a solid backdrop of the world, and Cat, a young man grown up from the streets and ripped from everything familiar, gives a realistic feel of what someone would do with the trials thrown at him. And the psi seemed reasonable, never a moment where I wondered, "Why didn't they just use this power earlier?" It' [...]

    27. I believed that I may have read this book many years ago as I picked this up but I was happily surprised as I decided that I must have read something similar and then made the connection after I finished and saw the other titles that the author had written, including "Cat's Paw", which I'm certain I did read and enjoy. Cat is the protagonist and this book tells the tale of Cat's first adventures with his telepathic powers and coming to terms with his missing parents and mixed race background.

    28. Decent book overall - Character development a bit lacking in areas, as well as back story being fairly minimal. Other aspects that were relatively weak include having several different psi abilities mentioned, then promptly ignored. Still, managed to maintain my interest. Strength is primarily in that there were no overwhelming flaws; this is a book that you will probably keep reading, but won't look back at.

    29. This sci fi classic from the 80s is the story of a half-alien telepath, Cat, a young homeless man who is plucked from the streets where he ekes out a living as a thief, and put into a government group of other telepaths. He learns to manage his gift, but he still doesn’t trust anybody, and he’s right not to. It’s pretty melodramatic, with a mastermind villain, and a peaceful and enlightened alien race, but it’s still gripping.

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