A Virtuous Woman When Blinking Jack Stokes met Ruby Pitt Woodrow she was twenty and he was forty She was the carefully raised daughter of Carolina gentry and he was a skinny tenant farmer who had never owned anything

  • Title: A Virtuous Woman
  • Author: Kaye Gibbons
  • ISBN: 9780375703065
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Blinking Jack Stokes met Ruby Pitt Woodrow, she was twenty and he was forty She was the carefully raised daughter of Carolina gentry and he was a skinny tenant farmer who had never owned anything in his life She was newly widowed after a disastrous marriage to a brutal drifter He had never asked a woman to do than help him hitch a mule They didn t fall in lovWhen Blinking Jack Stokes met Ruby Pitt Woodrow, she was twenty and he was forty She was the carefully raised daughter of Carolina gentry and he was a skinny tenant farmer who had never owned anything in his life She was newly widowed after a disastrous marriage to a brutal drifter He had never asked a woman to do than help him hitch a mule They didn t fall in love so much as they simply found each other and held on for dear life.Kaye Gibbons s first novel, Ellen Foster, won the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and the praise of writers from Walker Percy to Eudora Welty In A Virtuous Woman, Gibbons transcends her early promise, creating a multilayered and indelibly convincing portrait of two seemingly ill matched people who somehow miraculously make a marriage.

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      330 Kaye Gibbons
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    One thought on “A Virtuous Woman”

    1. I should have been wary of this book since Oprah picked it for her book club, and I rarely appreciate her picks. But I had liked Charms for the Easy Life by this same author. I think my problem this time was simply my expectations. It's not a bad book, but not what I hoped for after reading the back cover. I expected a good love story. The main characters did love each other, but the book was mostly descriptions of all the unpleasant things that happened in their lives, culminating with him tryi [...]

    2. Have you ever read a book and felt so distant from it shocked you when you realized you were actually in tears? This novel, such a quick read that a devoted reader will finish it in one sitting, seems so benign and irrelevant, yet works its way into your heart. By the end I found myself shockingly gulping for air. This may be an Oprah pick, but it's a smart book that I'd recommend to anyone who can appreciate a simple story line and a solid tale.

    3. Beautifully written, A Virtuous Women, is the quiet love story of Ruby Pitt Woodrow, daughter of a rich farmer, and Jack Stokes, a tenant farmer. At first they seem an unlikely match, Ruby, although 20 years younger than Jack, is already widowed, Jack, unattractive and unsuccessful, has never been married. But both have had tough lives. Ruby is alienated from her parents due to her brief marriage which was a disaster. She is working as a maid when she meets Jack. Jack has never had much, althoug [...]

    4. After reading Ellen Foster, I thought I simply had to read more by this author. I made a special trip to the library to obtain another.I was disappointed. While I realize it is difficult to follow one superb book with another, this one fell flat, was choppy, was boring and I'm very glad I read Ellen Foster first or I would not have continued to read more.Ruby Trip is privileged by southern, small-town farm standards. She has loving parents who dote on her and who can afford food on the table and [...]

    5. One of the reviews on this book was from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper. Their review states, "So true and so vital I would swear there were moments when A VIRTUOUS WOMAN actually vibrated in my hands." When I read that review, I just knew that this book would be a 'good read.' I was so disappointed with this book. The only vibrating that I experienced while reading this book was when I experienced convulsions from a boredom seizure. I didn't like the characters-- except for Mavis, a [...]

    6. I loved this simple, oft-told story of two down-and-out people who find each under and get pleasure in the duty of caring for one another. The story and setting are not unique, but the voice of both characters, and the collage the story is laid out in, and the insights resonate with me still. OK, and I cried at the end. Not many books can make me do that anymore.

    7. SPOILERS included - sorry. I can't seem to talk about the novel without including details from the plot.I read Ellen Foster first. I thought it was well-written, and I *almost* always enjoy Southern authors.So, off I went to find A Virtuous Woman. A few things:1) Ruby fits Proverbs 31's description of a virtuous woman AFTER she marries Jack. I loved this connection.2) I appreciate the "realness", the "grittiness" of these characters and their circumstances.3) I am happy to see a novel (or novell [...]

    8. Gosh, for such a small book, it took me forever to read it. While I enjoyed Gibbon's writing style, she really does a good job making her characters lifelike, it just never took off for me. It was very slow paced. Nothing exciting happened that made me anxious to pick it back up after I put it down. Lesser characters Tiny Fran and Roland were painted as stereo-typical small-minded and selfish archetypes, creating the brunt of the conflicts in the story. The main characters, Jack and Ruby initial [...]

    9. This was a very spare novel about a husband and wife, Ruby and Jack. The author alternates the POV between the two. I found the vernacular a little confusing at first, and the switching between narrators had me flipping back and forth to see who was speaking. The last two or three chapters were told by other narrators, and that was interesting. The book gives a very intimate look into their lives. You find out early on that Ruby is dying of lung cancer. It reminded me of some of Annie Proulx's b [...]

    10. I started this book twice. The first time I thought it odd, rather strange yet in the back of my head I knew I have loved all of Kaye Gibbons books, so decided to start again. This book ripped at my heartstrings. It is so honest, told one chapter from the husband and one from the wife. It was short, an easy read. I don't often run across the word virtuous - it's definition is: having or showing high moral standards. Ruby was truly that.

    11. My interest in this story was initially poked during one of my husband’s daily devotion. That day’s lesson was entitled Greatness written by Brian K. Bauknight and the Bible reference was from Proverbs 31:10-31. That day was my birthday.A virtuous woman, Ruby was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Instead of worrying on her dying state, she busied herself preparing food for her husband for the months ahead… when she’s already gone. She was more worried about how Jack will get by without her. Be [...]

    12. I read this book in 1997 and wrote a letter to the Oprah Book Club hoping to be invited to be on the show to have dinner with the author. I'm serious. I thought I could get chosen.I was at my monthly pedicure appointment with my feet in water when my cell phone rang. It was my son who said I should probably come home because the Oprah Show had just called and was going to call back. I jumped out of the water and went running home in time to get the second call.The producer asked me questions abo [...]

    13. I really did not like this book. I made myself finish it simply because it was not very long. But I struggled with it and even skimmed over 3/4 of the pages. I didn't like the way it was written, I didn't like how it kept skipping back and forth between the past and future with no indication of which part you were, and I didn't like the wording in which the entire book was written. I'm glad I finished it.

    14. Kaye Gibbon's tells a sweet love story about a relationship that seems to be based on circumstance and convenience. It's not the usual torrid and obstacle ridden love affair that usually dictates a good romance novel (ie The Notebook). I found the book to be touching and very sad.

    15. I didnt really care for this book. It wasn't bad, it just didnt captivate me, it was something to do, more than a book I couldn't put down I actually read up to the last 10 pages and didnt bother to finish, I just wasnt that interested.

    16. I like this and I like the style Gibbons has in general. Vivid, something you can sink your fingers into while reading. It's warm as well, tender at the right places. I wish these characters were perhaps a little more individual than their concept types, but it's still a good book even with that. I enjoyed reading.

    17. Told in alternate chapters by Jack and his wife Ruby, this is a short tale of hard times and the love that grows with them. Beautiful.

    18. I would give this lovely little book 3.5/5 stars. It is told in alternating chapters, in the voices of Jack Stokes and then his wife, Ruby. We find out early on that Ruby is dying of lung cancer, and then their back stories, as told by these two characters, fill in the rest of this short novel. It starts out. "She hasn't been dead four months and I've already eaten to the bottom of the deep freeze. I even ate the green peas. Used to I wouldn't turn my hand over for green peas."The book flows wel [...]

    19. This beautifully-written novel is the story of the marriage between Ruby and Jack, tenant farmers in mid-20th century Georgia. They meet at the end of Ruby's brief and disastrous marriage to a brutal drifter and don't fall in love so much as fall together. Yet their relationship endures and deepens into a quiet and profound love. Gibbons captures the rhythms and styles of her character's speech so perfectly that you can literally hear the timbres of their voices and see their facial expressions [...]

    20. So good. I cried a lot, good thing it was short. The story was told from two perspectives alternating every other chapter between Blinking Jack Stokes and his wife Ruby. The story begins by telling us that Jack has recently lost his wife, so his narration is in the present, while Ruby's are right before she passed away. Both chapter gives background of their courtship, love, and unbreakable bond. The story takes place in a rural farming community and is a wonderful mixture of humour, seriousness [...]

    21. I really loved this book. I picked it up because the title intrigued me and it seemed like a short easy read, which it was. I found myself surprised by the richness of it all. I didn't think that you could feel so connected to so many characters in such a short amount of time. Ms. Gibbons crafts such complex characters, who all have very distinct voices, and paints an entire relationship so beautifully. She is clearly a very talented author and I cannot wait to get my hands onto more of her nove [...]

    22. If you love the voice of Kaye Gibbons, you will love this book - scant on description and details, but overflowing with emotion and sentiment. I loved the characters Jack and Ruby - two disparate human beings who found each other in a world where that doesn't always happen. It's not the typical "people from different backgrounds" story. It's so much more than that - finding what makes life work through the connection to another human. I didn't think I could love any of her novels more than Ellen [...]

    23. We read this book for Book Club. I think it's a well written account of the love between an ordinary man and woman. Their love is a deep and abiding one. The alternating narratives are an interesting way to tell the stories of Ruby and Jack. Their distinct voices are recognizable after the first couple of chapters. When Ruby and Jack reflect on life, love, and the hereafter, their simple language manifests a surprising depth of spirit.

    24. I'd begun reading this ages ago. started over during the days my own mother was dying, reading next to her, and then not touching the book again until several days after she passed. finished last night, not two weeks after losing her, and not a year since my own partner died. the writing is perfect in its evocation of grief and care and love.

    25. As with all Kaye Gibbons' books I've read, I loved the style of writing and the characters voices. I also enjoyed the humor and sorrow juxtaposed beside each other. Such is life. I can't give it a full five stars, but overall it was a very well-written and heartbreaking story.

    26. Kaye Gibbons is one hell of a writer. She portrays moments of bliss as well as heartaches in a vivid way. I loved how she throws her lines or should I say punchlines. There's not much of a twist though. Still definitely a good read.

    27. Part of Oprah's book club and now I know why. Concise, provacative, and sassy. I really enjoyed it and read in in just a couple days. I plan on reading more of her books. Does contain some 'farmer language.' This is the kind of book that makes me want to write.

    28. There is a scene in this book that still he haunts me, I won't mention it because its a spoiler moment, but I still remember a friend telling me about his identical experience.

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