What Janie Found Janie s two families appear to have made peace Life seems almost normal She s even decided to speak to her former boyfriend Reeve again But then Janie s Connecticut father suffers a sudden stroke a

  • Title: What Janie Found
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780440227724
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Janie s two families appear to have made peace Life seems almost normal She s even decided to speak to her former boyfriend, Reeve, again But then Janie s Connecticut father suffers a sudden stroke, and this tragedy leaves her mother reeling Janie must step in to manage family finances and to support her mother emotionally.While handling her father s business matters,Janie s two families appear to have made peace Life seems almost normal She s even decided to speak to her former boyfriend, Reeve, again But then Janie s Connecticut father suffers a sudden stroke, and this tragedy leaves her mother reeling Janie must step in to manage family finances and to support her mother emotionally.While handling her father s business matters, Janie discovers the one undeniable fact that could destroy both of her beloved families And she alone must decide what to do.

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    One thought on “What Janie Found”

    1. This book explored a suspicion I've had since book 1! It was deeply satisfying to finally have that explored / answered. It was also another rapid must-keep-reading story. I'm sad to think I only have one book left. Ill definitely fondly remember this series and refer to it as something that ate a weekend in august 2017 😁

    2. The book I read was What Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney. Throughout her whole life, Janie's past hurt herself and others. She thought she knew the answers to the same question, why?-- apparently, she did not. With the results she finds, trouble comes along. Both of Janie's families seem to have made peace and life seems normal again. However, a tragedy hits her family in Connecticut and Janie must step in to manage the family finances. But when doing this, she discovers some terrible secrets [...]

    3. Janie's father, the one in Connecticut, has had a stroke and a heart attack. The responsibility of his papers and bills that need paid have fallen into Janie's hands.While going through the paid bills, Janie finds a file about Hannah. And what she finds is hard for her to process.It seems that her father has been sending money to Hannah for years. Despite all the trouble she put her parents through with the cult, he still worried about her.And all it did was make Janie angry.Janie found the addr [...]

    4. Cooney finds a new way to destroy Janie. I mean, as a character in a series, that's her function, but you got to cringe a bit when you see there's a new book.Janie's "adoptive" father has had a heart attack and stroke. Her mother thinks this is a great idea to teach Janie about the paperwork involved in running a household, with the unfortunate side-effect that Janie discovers her father has been sending quarterly payments to Janie's kidnapper, Hannah. With her father unable to communicate, Jani [...]

    5. Janie is a smart and independent girl who lives in a small town with her parents and her brother.Her father has a stroke and a heart attack and Janie is now stuck with paying the bills and taking care of her mother emotionally.One day she came across a mysterious file she has never seen before.She reads it and realized her father has been sending money to a girl that went missing .Janie gets mad and tells her brother.She finds out where the missing girl and wants to fly over there.Her and her br [...]

    6. While Janie is helping her Connecticut family manage their taxes and things she finds something. Something that could destroy both of her beloved families. What is she going to do? Was she really kiddnaped? Why would somebody want her? Who is to blame? Who is she? Will she live happily ever after? So many questions, Janie needs answers.

    7. What Janie Found is the final conclusion to the JANIE Quartet. The story of Janie Johnson first began with Caroline B. Cooney's The Face on the Milk Carton, a book that was made into a TV movie about a teenager who recognizes her own three-year-old face on a milk carton and discovers that she had been kidnapped years before. Two additional books, What Happened to Janie? and The Voice on the Radio, continued the remarkable story of a girl who somehow needed to blend her present life and family wi [...]

    8. "What Janie Found" by Caroline B. Cooney is the fourth book in the Janie Johnson Series and is of fiction genre. In this novel, Janie's father is hit with a life-threatening stroke. Janie has gone through so much pain and agony in the previous books and she deserves to have some happiness. At first, she is heartbroken that her father is possibly weeks from death. But while taking care of the bills while he was in intensive care, she comes across a folder titled "H.J." Curiously, she inspected th [...]

    9. So far in this book, Janie Johnson has been thinking about her Conneticuit father who's in the hospital because he had a stroke and a heart attack. Reeve, Janie's neighbor, and Brian, Janie's brother, were staying with Janie and her Conneticuit mother throughout the beginning of the summer.Janie found a folder on Hannah (her kidnapper and the Johnson's daughter) while sorting through bills and folders in her Conneticuit dad's desk. Reeve and Brian also saw the folder, and the expression on Janie [...]

    10. What Janie Found is the fourth book in the Janie Johnson series. No spoilers for it below, but no promises that there won't be spoilers for the first three books.Janie is still "recovering" from Reeve's betrayal in The Voice on the Radio when Frank Johnson suffers a bad stroke. Suddenly she finds herself spending the summer going through her father's office, trying to piece together her parents' finances, and helping Miranda make decisions concerning their future. Fortunately, she has begun to m [...]

    11. The concluding book in the Janie Johnson series helps clear the mystery and give the readers an answer. This book is the fourth and final book in a series about a girl who was kidnapped at age 3, but lives with her kidnappers parents, because for the 12 years she had lived with them believing that they were her real parents, and had no memory of her kidnapper, nor her real family. After living with her real family, and going back to her fake family, she has finally made peace with her story, and [...]

    12. One of the great things about the Janie books is that the anger and fear feel very real. Two families have had their lives torn apart, and Cooney doesn't shy away from the fact that the story in her series would cause people to think dark, disturbing thoughts and be unhappy and angry. Throughout the Janie books, Stephen (Janie's biological brother) has been the angriest of all the characters. He has spent his life being in charge of keeping all his siblings safe from other kidnappers, and it has [...]

    13. This book has been around what Janie found after trying to help her mother pay the bills after her father had a stroke. That's her Johnson parents. Janie finds a file in Frank's office and then she finds out that he's not only been hiding this from her but also the FBI and maybe his wife. Janie doesn't have the heart to ask her in case Miranda knew as well. It's also not the best time to be bringing it up. Instead she confides in her little brother Brian and Reeve, who she's not sure she can tru [...]

    14. What Janie Found makes the reader believe that we are going to get answers. Throughout the whole book, Janie says she is going to find Hannah and talk to her to find out "why her?" This is very exciting, because I've been waiting for the whole series to hear from Hannah. So imagine my disappointment when she did not follow through with her promises. Needless to say, this book felt an unnecessary part of the series. This fourth part in the series is about Janie finding out something about her "ad [...]

    15. Hmm, this felt like filler to me. Not bad but kind of pointless and becoming less connected to the original story. In this one, Janie, her brother Brian, and ex-boyfriend Reeve travel to Colorado to visit brother Stephen. At least on the surface. What's actually happening is that Janie has discovered that her father, Frank Johnson, the "kidnap father", has been sending checks to Janie's kidnapper/Frank's biological daughter Hannah for years, and Janie's seeking her out (the checks are delivered [...]

    16. Out of the four books by this author, I liked this book least of all. It was supposed to be a "thrilling conclusion" but to me, it just left even more burning questions and unresolved conflict. First of all, ever since Reeve betrayed Janie in the last book, I don't think he should have been forgiven. In the real world, I don't think a 16-17 year old girl who had been through that much trauma would have forgiven him either, just because a woman who is still nearly a stranger told her so. The othe [...]

    17. From the first book, this hasn't been a series that blew me away, but I've continued because it's a quick, interesting story. However, I think the rest of the series shows how unimportant this story continuation is to the author. Whole groups of sentences are just copied and pasted through books, which just screams laziness to me. Second, there are multiple plot points that are inconsistent. Stephen's feelings toward Janie shift without reason from each interaction they've had, over protective p [...]

    18. Janie's Connecticut father has suffered a stroke/heart attack and Janie has been assigned to putting his office in order. Among the cabinet drawers she finds a thin file marked H.J. -- Hannah Javenson, Miranda and Frank Johnson's biological daughter, the woman who kidnapped Jennie Spring and set all this turmoil in motion. In this file Janie found a checkbook in which Frank has been mailing checks to his child for the last three years, postmarked to Colorado. Colorado, where her older brother St [...]

    19. What Janie FoundWhat Janie Found by Caroline B Cooney is the thrilling 4th and last book in the series the Face On The Milk Carton.Janie has just finished the stress of staying with her real family or her fake. However, Janie's pain isn't over yet. Janie again has chosen her fake parents, but her fake father has sadly suffered stroke and is in the hospital. And now, Janie is in charge of the bills. But when Janie finds a folder labeled H.J it can only mean one thing, Hannah Javenson, her kidnapp [...]

    20. Jennie Spring was that girl on the milk carton. Kidnapped as a toddler, she lived most of her life thinking she was Janie Johnson. She was raised by the parents of the young woman who kidnapped her. When the deception came out, both families were stunned. The Johnsons had no idea their daughter had kidnapped young Janie. Years later, Janie now has two families. She lives most of her life with the Johnsons, who raised her, but is trying to form stronger relationships with her birth family, the Sp [...]

    21. What Janie found is the ending to the series of the Face on the Milk Carton. It is about Janie, the main character trying to get answers from her kiddnapper. She must lie on her journey to find her answers. I didn't really like this book. The author's thoughts were not organized. There is dialouge then a pause to describe what the person was thinking. Then, there would be a flashback or something that the speaker liked. The chapters were confusing as well. One scene would be about Janie, then th [...]

    22. I am a huge Janie fan, but I felt that this one was by far the weakest link. I will say Janie has matured in this novel: she now wants to drive on her own, she takes care of the finances for her mother, since her father has had a stroke, but most importantly, she makes it clear to Reeve that he is not forgiven for the liberties he took in exposing her story to the world. Janie has been seen to have a sort of unhealthy infatuation with not only Reeve, but marriage. I think her mother's struggles [...]

    23. I read What Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney. The book is the companion to the Face on the Milk Carton, What ever Happened to Janie, and Voice on the Radio. This series is about Janie finding out that she is not a Johnson but a Spring. She finds out that she was kidnapped, not by her Johnston family but but their daughter, Hannah. Janie's boyfriend then goes to collage and goes on a radio station. He then starts telling stories about Janie. Janie soon finds out and gets mad at him. In this book [...]

    24. I had to read this one so that I could finish the series and I regret that I did. It seemed so disconnected and bitter. I hated that Frank felt he had to provide for the daughter that had caused him and his family so much pain. Hannah did not deserve to be happy after she ripped so many lives apart. I am however glad that Stephen, Janie, Brian, and Reeve are able to finally heal and that Janie learned she could embrace both families as her own. I did always think it was rotten of her to abandon [...]

    25. What even? I am getting tired of listening to these foolish people dither endlessly about how their lives have been ruined by this kidnapping. The two main things in this book that made me stabby were that 1) The big shocking secret that Janie discovered really wasn't that shocking. I was expecting something much more scandalous. What a letdown. 2) Something that has always bothered me about this series is that Janie especially, and some of the other characters consider doing things or saying th [...]

    26. I cannot say enoughI am a 55 year young first time grandmad I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this series to ANYONE who enjoys reading anything about life's adventures, young people and their experiences, hopes & dreams, disappointments & struggles. Janie, her family members and friends embark on a journey with her through this series of self-defense, self-esteem, self-confidence, self finding and even selfishness. I recommend this series to all my peers, colleagues, people of all ages. [...]

    27. Jag borde inte säga så mycket jag är inte målgruppen för boken, men det känns som om Cooney pressat fram något från ingenting. Det är bara utfyllnad, spinna vidare eftersom karaktärerna och en bra grundstory redan finns. Den blir bara seg tyvärr, spänningen byggs upp och mynnar ut i ingenting.Janies pappa, den icke biologiska, fått en stroke och ligger och svävar mellan liv och död. Janie hjälper sin mamma både med att fixa ekonomiska saker som att stötta mamman. Då dyker en f [...]

    28. I loved the twist of Janie and Reeve and them going to Boulder with Brian to solve the mystery of the file folder HJ. Can't wait to read the last one!

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