Counter Clockwise What if your mother were hit by a bus And what if your father disappeared one day through a hole in the bathroom wall Is there a way to change the course of your life s history What if time movedIn th

  • Title: Counter Clockwise
  • Author: Jason Cockcroft
  • ISBN: 9780061255540
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if your mother were hit by a bus And what if your father disappeared one day through a hole in the bathroom wall Is there a way to change the course of your life s history What if time movedIn this dazzling debut novel, Jason Cockcroft has crafted a mind bending adventure with a startlingly original narrative structure.

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    One thought on “Counter Clockwise”

    1. I can't believe when I finally found Counter Clockwise on , barely anyone has read it. I can't begin to describe how sad I am starting to feel. This was my favorite book back in grade 6 and this book was so amazing that I was looking for the next book to come out but it never did! I was so in love with this book at that time and now I am going to reread it just to remind myself why I loved this book. Like seriously, I loved how it described how when you tried to runaway from someone in the dream [...]

    2. Originally posted on my blog: libraryladyhylary ! Check it out for more reviews!Nathan Cobbe's life changed forever the day his mother was tragically killed in a bus accident. Now he lives with his father, Henry, in a dingy apartment in a run-down project slated to be demolished at anytime. Nathan's life is humdrum: he attends school but doesn't really pay attention, his father is making him take physics review at a local community college to prepare for exams, and his only friend, Moll, can't s [...]

    3. Nathan has to go and live with Henry, his dad. Henry is the negative, cautious sort. They live in a rundown apartment in a condemned building. Nathan takes an extra class at the local community college so that he can pass his upcoming exams, but he and Henry both feel the class is a waste of time. Ever since the accident, Nathan's world has been out of sorts and out of color.At the college, Nathan meets Bartleby, the Beefeater, and he's told that he could be the one that brings the color back to [...]

    4. This story is about a kid named Nathan. One day he goes to school and Nathan was called down to the office. There he was told that his mother has gotten hit by a big red bus. But wait later on in the story, hid dad Henry, fell through a black hole while Nathan was taking a long nap. Nathan met a beef eater and so they become friends. They were talking and the beef eater told Nathan basically everything. He told Nathan that he was looking for a little boy that was an orphan. The beef eater asked [...]

    5. This book was slightly disapointing to me. This type of book would normally take me around two days to finish, but I dragged it out a week because I found myself not interested in it at all. After Nathan's mother is hit by a double-decker bus in London, his father becomes so depressed that he goes back in time to try to change the past. What follows this story is a slightly confusing setting, boring disscussions of time, and the absence of a well-developed protagonist. If I read the sentence "an [...]

    6. When I began reading this book, I had no clue what was going on. But the author's writing style was riveting and pulled me in. It made me want to keep reading to find out what was going on. It took some time to understand the story, but it didn't matter because I was enjoying the writing in itself.This story is on the theme of time and what would happen if someone went back in time to change a horrible event. And ultimately how that change would not be worth it as everything else would change as [...]

    7. This book was very fast-paced, and I couldn't put it down for a second! The main character, Nathan Cobbe, seems like an average British boy, but a year after his mother was hit by a car, he finds himself in a bit of a dilemma. One night, after a strange encounter with a beefeater (guard at the Tower of London), Nathan finds that his father has gone missing. The beefeater had foretold of this happening, so Nathan sets off to find him once again and ask what happened to his father. Nathan finds th [...]

    8. Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooAfter Nathan's mother is hit by a bus, his life changes dramatically.As he struggles to come to terms with her loss and learns to live with his father, his life takes a sudden turn . . . one he never thought possible.His father mysteriously vanishes through a hole in the bathroom wall.Trying desperately to keep his life from falling apart, Nathan tries to find his father but bizarre things continue to happen. He ends up in the past, trying to keep his f [...]

    9. I was well on my way to really liking this book. I love the time traveling premise and the repurcussions of changing our past to alter our future, but I felt this story didn't take it far enough. A heartbroken father, unknowingly traveling back in time to prevent his wife from dying, is causing havoc with the current timeline and his son is the only one who can stop him from messing up time. Again, love the storyline. However, I felt the author didn't take the story to its proper ending. The end [...]

    10. I really enjoyed reading this book. It has all the elements of a good story - time travel, adventure, self-discovery, family struggle, friendship, love and hope. This story demands an emotional response from the reader.Although time travel has been a common plot device in fiction since the 19th century, it never fails to be fascinating. I really liked the author's orange peel analogy.It was really exciting that the author combined the sub-genres of alternate history with a quest leading to a mor [...]

    11. Nathan Cobbe’s life took a turn for the worse one normal afternoon when he was called out of class early to be told his mother had been in an accident — the kind you don’t come back from. He knew at that moment that nothing would be the same again; he didn’t know just how un-same it would be. Life with his dad, Henry, is less than optimal. Neither of the two have gotten over the loss of Nathan’s mother, and both are wandering largely aimlessly through time. Only, as a serious of confus [...]

    12. A fairly well done look at time through the eyes of two children who have lost parents tragically - the idea that there are alternatives to this timeline and that the smallest changes could alter the future. I am wary of books where loss is addressed by magic that changes the outcome, but this was not one of those. One possibility explored was a world where both parents were gone - and the young man realized that while it wasn't the one he belonged in, it wasn't horrible. Loss was still part of [...]

    13. This story was a lot of fun, and very touching at times. But it had the tendency to be a little confusing too since it dealt with traveling through time, going back and forth. At first I thought the Beefeater character was strange, but then it made more sense as it went along, and was another nice twist to the story. The end brought a tear to my eye, which was completely unexpected. It was a sweet ending, but a little sad. The whole moral of the book is a good lesson and one that was timely for [...]

    14. My 10-year-old and I loved this book! Counter Clockwise is a book about the complexities of time and the acceptance of events that are, in essence, beyond our control. Repeating elements of Nathan's day reminded me of movies like Groundhog Day and Frequency. These repetitions made us aware of how much we miss in our everyday lives, little things that we often ignore but that can have a profound effect on our lives. All of this was presented in an easy-to-read and engaging style that kept both my [...]

    15. An interesting twist on time travel when Jason's grandfather returns from the dead to help Nathan save his father from ruining time. At times (an enigmatic word in this book) I would have given this two stars for repetitiveness and complexity -- that's what happens when Nathan tries repeatedly to save his father and keeps returning to that point in time. Otherwise four stars, so the compromise is set at 3 for this debut youth novel.

    16. I did not get wrapped up in this one. I could follow it okay but I had trouble really visualizing it. There are parts that don't make sense. It has a good lesson in it but that is about the only good thing. The story jumps too much. I might read something else by this author because I did like the idea of the story. Not sure I would recommend this book.

    17. I really liked the message of this book: The past cannot be changed, and it dictates our future. Everything happens for a reason, whether the event is good or bad. You could change something bad and just make it worse. Live life fully, even when horrible things are thrown at you. They happen because of fate.The story was a little hard to follow at times, but overall it was good.

    18. A confusing, cryptic story about a boy and his father who are trying to deal with the death of their mother/wife. Except that the boy can travel in time because we all can if we really want to. What?! The ending was good, and I liked the author's theme, but poorly done. Glad it was only about 150 pages or so. I don't think I could've taken much more.

    19. Strange tale. what would you do if you could change events? Would it be a good idea to do so. Book is listed as Young adult, but I would hazard a guess that they wouldn't read it unless they were younger than 13. I had a difficult time getting into the story. I ended up speed reading to get the gist of the story. Was a good concept, I just wanted the fast mode read! Sorry

    20. "Counter Clockwise" introduces some very difficult concepts about time (as it is understood in today's physics) in an understandable and entertaining wayl wrapped in a sweet and endearing story about a young boy and his father facing the sudden and tragic loss of a beloved wife and mother.

    21. Interesting "time travel" like story about a boy who's mother has passed away and his struggle to bring his father back from his grief. Fantasy elements made the story more interesting. Liked that the grandfather was the one helping him along the whole time.

    22. A furtive and self-conscious magical realism informs this novel about grief and time travel. Emotionally numb, the novel hardly evokes the reader's sympathy for the characters, which leaves us with only a confusing plot and an unfamiliar world.

    23. This was fine. I guess it wasn't great, because I finished it 3 days ago, and I have almost no memory of what I felt about it. Probably see if Jaden wants it, and if not, take it to McKays and trade it in for store credit.

    24. An okay book, but due to the time-traveling theme, they were always going back to the same spot in time and it got pretty boring and predictable. It was confusing, and I just leafed through the last pages. Not a must read.

    25. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't finish it. I was 40 pgs in and was plodding through and it occurred to me that this is (one of) my genre(s), so if I don't like it yet, maybe I shouldn't bother. Eh cover, and the text didn't suck me in at all. There are WAY better sci-fi titles out there.

    26. This was a quick read - a time travel fantasy about a boy and his father struggling to cope with the mother's untimely death. The plot quick paced and poses the question of what might happen if a person could go back in time and alter events

    27. I randomly picked this book off the shelves at the library, and I am so glad I did. It was a fantastic book that really makes you step back and appreciate what you have. I thought the writing really made the whole time travel more visual for me!

    28. Jason Cockcroft’s COUNTER CLOCKWISE is truly bizarre But at only 200 pages, definitely a fun and entertaining, quick little read.

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