Amiri Odette A Love Story In this modern retelling of the Swan Lake ballet acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers explores the sweet sharp spark of love between two teens A boy searches for his newfound love among the city street

  • Title: Amiri & Odette: A Love Story
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers Javaka Steptoe
  • ISBN: 9780590680417
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this modern retelling of the Swan Lake ballet, acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers explores the sweet sharp spark of love between two teens.A boy searches for his newfound love among the city streets, to find that, unwarily, she s been caught in the arms of an evil street lord who means her harm It is only through perseverance and undying love that the girl is returnedIn this modern retelling of the Swan Lake ballet, acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers explores the sweet sharp spark of love between two teens.A boy searches for his newfound love among the city streets, to find that, unwarily, she s been caught in the arms of an evil street lord who means her harm It is only through perseverance and undying love that the girl is returned to the safety of her one true love Lyrical text and stunning mixed media artwork make for a powerful recasting of the classic ballet Swan Lake.

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      487 Walter Dean Myers Javaka Steptoe
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    One thought on “Amiri & Odette: A Love Story”

    1. I have mixed feelings about this story, a modern take on the story in the ballet "Swan Lake." For one thing, I discovered that it's much better to read it aloud than to read it silently, because you get more of a sense of the rhythm of the rhyme. Act I is beautiful, but the rest of it seemed choppy in some places, like it fell off the beat. The last page, again, was beautiful. I have mixed feelings about the illustrations too. I'm thankful to Javaka Steptoe that she included a note on how she ma [...]

    2. I can't unknow the story of Swan Lake, so I am not a good judge of how clear that story in in Amiri & Odette to the non-balletomane. I can, however, say that there are a lot of little touches that hark back to the ballet in beautiful ways, such as Odile's (who is never actually named in the book) black mask at Amiri's party, but nifty connections to the ballet are not the strongest part of this telling. What Myers does fantastically is really make this a story that isn't about princes and ma [...]

    3. GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I picked this one up mainly because it was on my cart of new books at work and because it was an updated version of a story typically told through ballet-this seemed like an interesting concept and I wanted to see how Myers pulled it off. Plus, the artwork caught my eye! The story is told beautifully, and even though the book is short-coming in at 40 pages-it's a powerful one. Swan Lake is a housing project and Amiri's mom is worried he won't settle down with the right g [...]

    4. Dawn States Picture Book Amiri and Odette is a re-telling of the beautiful and near-tragic love story of Swan Lake. Walter Dean Myers does a wonderful job putting the story in verse form and setting the tale in the streets instead of the forest. The artwork in this book is by Javaka Steptoe who uses a unique combination of materials to make his street inspired drawings. The book is not more than 20 pages long, making it a great picture book for teens with a theme that they can relate to.Amiri is [...]

    5. Darien MundenPicture Book"Amiri & Odette: A Love Story," by Walter Dean Myers is a modern-day re-telling of the poem "Amiri and Odette." The setting for this story takes place in the Bronx. Amiri, the story's prince, and main protagonist, is a basketball player and one of the more popular guys. During one particular game he hears the voice of beautiful maidens singing. Turning around, at the other end of the basketball court, is Odette surrounded by young women, all of them are singing. Amir [...]

    6. I liked it but did not love it. It's great that a whole new generation of children will get to experience the Swan Lake storyline. I liked the texture in the art and I enjoyed the rhyme and verse. Not sure how I would even changed it. Myers, Walter Dean. Amiri and Odette: A Dance for Two. New York: Press, 2009. Paintings by Javaka SteptoeThis picture book is paired with another book by Walter Dean Myers. It shows the scope and creativity of a well-known author. Unlike the serious nature of Mons [...]

    7. Amiri and Odette is a modern retelling of “Swam Lake” with Amiri as a popular, basketball player “prince” who has fallen in love with a doomed “swan” who is tied to a drug-dealer. Myers employs a sentence-fragment poetry format paired with Steptoe’s sometimes bright and sometimes muted paintings of street scenes and Amiri’s party. Contrasting colors in font against a black background highlight different speakers and emulate the theme of hope in a dark neighborhood with little opp [...]

    8. Amiri and Odette didn’t connect with me. At times, this love story by Walter Dean Myers confused me. Just as sadly, the characters in this boldly illustrated picture book failed to move me.Told in four acts, Amiri and Odette is a poetic retelling of Swan Lake, a play about a beautiful princess who turns into a swan. As Myers explains in his forward, when he saw a production of Swan Lake featuring Erik Bruhn, he noticed that the ever-present threat of violent played a significant part. He began [...]

    9. My summary:This retelling of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is set within the big city ghetto. Amiri, our prince, has his mom wanting him to get married and escape the gang life; he needs to settle down and have a family. A big party is hosted – all the eligible, worthy guests are invited from which Amiri can pick his girl. Told in a lyrical, jazz, rap poem, Amiri has eyes for only one girl – Odette whom he saw while playing basketball. Drawn to her, he swears to declare his love for her in front [...]

    10. Why did I read it?My sister grabbed this book from the library, and when she finished reading it, I couldn't resist the uniqueness of the cover and idea behind the adaptation.What happened?Amiri is the prince of the basketball courts in the Swan Lake Projects. While he appears to own and conquer all he sees and all who challenge him, his mother worries. She understands the violence and danger of his urban life, and wants him to settle down.Later that night, his mother's desires become his desire [...]

    11. I happened to be walking around the library and this book was on display in the general young adult literature section. I picked it up because of the interesting cover page and title. Realizing it was a shorter piece, or a longer poem to be exact, I decided I had the time to sit and read it on the spot. I was in store for a romantic, magical transport from the serene little library in Charlottesville to the urban streets of the Swanlake Prjects. I loved the language Myers uses- he mixes contempo [...]

    12. Reviewed by LadyJay for TeensReadTooAmiri is treated like a prince in the Swan Lake Projects. His mother wants him to find a nice girl to settle down with, so she throws him a party to meet several eligible ladies. She warns Amiri to choose wisely. He sees Odette one day while playing basketball. She is beautiful, but somehow scarred. Odette is not allowed to love freely because of Big Red. She belongs to him - she is trapped. Amiri must find a way to break the spell Big Red has over Odette befo [...]

    13. As always, Walter Dean Myers shows a great propensity for rhythmic styling in this book. It is an urban retelling of the classic Swan Lake ballet, emphasizing equally the promise held by young people's futures and the many dangers that the outside world brings their way, notably in inner city areas. Amiri & Odette: A Love Story is very rare in that it's a picture book aimed at young adult readers. It might be a difficult task to get the average young adult reader to buy into the idea of read [...]

    14. A modern retelling of Swan Lake, with an urban setting and illustrated verse. I wanted this to be totally stellar, but something about the writing failed to grab me. It might work better read out loud, and compared directly to the traditional Swan Lake (so students can appreciate the universal themes in the story). This would be interesting paired with The Harlem Nutcracker.I was interested to read that Javaka Steptoe's illustrations were done directly on asphalt. The page on which Amiri is danc [...]

    15. In Amiri & Odette: a Love Story, Walter Dean Myers retells the play Swan Lake. I haven't read Swan Lake, so I can't compare the two; however, I really enjoyed Myers take on it. The setting is the Swan Lake projects. Amiri sees the beautiful Odette one day, and knows immediately that it is true love. However, Big Red, a cruel street lord, has claim to Odette and means her harm. Amiri has to figure out a way to get Odette away from Big Red before it is too late. Myers takes the traditional Swa [...]

    16. My students are participating in a unit about Walter Dean Myers. This title was brought in by the librarian. The art lured me in.I'm not really familiar with "Swan Lake" but I like how Walter Dean Myers talked about his inspiration arising from a viewing of the ballet. I think I need a stronger ballet foundation to truly appreciate the book. I would love to do a two-day unit on Amiri & Odette using the ballet, music, and book together.I really think the book will do better with more mature r [...]

    17. I loved the mixed media artistic view of this story. I love what WDM does with his urban interpretation of Swan Lake. What I don't love is his lack of audience. I found this book in the children's section of my public library. However, reading it, I found it full of words and concepts not easily grasped by children. While older children may comprehend it, it does not speak in a way that embraces. I would LOVE to see Alvin Ailey Dance Company do this production! I enjoyed the book personally, but [...]

    18. I am not terribly familiar with Swan Lake, but I thought it ended differently than this. I liked this ending though. would imagine that it would work out well to compare the two. I appreciated the poetry and the tension that Myers conveyed. I wish the book had been longer so I could have gotten to know the characters better. The dramatic format was an excellent idea. It felt like I was watching a play in progress.I gave it a lower rating because I felt that there was a bit too much missing for t [...]

    19. Picture book for teens. Retelling of Swan Lake by the illustrious Walter Dean Myers. I just love the artwork (that's what pushed it up to 4 stars). The artist used collage work to convey such an elegant urban image--s/he used pieces of pavement as the background and added menus, bags, all kinds of items you'd find thrown away in a trash barrell by the basketball court (which figures prominently into the story). Amiri and Odette are two teens who find each other while living in the projects of Ne [...]

    20. This Poem by poet Walter Dean Myers covers the aspects of African-American youth. It is about two young lovers who meet in the milieu of the story and fall in love. The main protagonists are Amiri and Odette. Amiri is a teenage boy who plays basketball in the basketball court across from his house. He sees Odette and walks over to ask her name. The two fall in love and promise not to leave each other's side but yet it comes into a failure. I recommend you read the book to find out what is next. [...]

    21. This book of poetry reinterprets Swan Lake with a hip-hop twist. Also, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the musical West Side Story have similar storylines. This book is a short read for reluctant readers, but these readers can be led to Tchaikovsky’s musical piece Swan Lake. The readers might also like to know about the Russian and German folktale about Odette who is turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer. The bold illustrations are rendered with acrylic pain on slabs of asphalt, using co [...]

    22. This is a retelling of the Swan Lake plot set in a black urban neighborhood. Myers wrote a poem and the illustrator illustrated it with paintings/collage on concrete. Ballet plots are so simple that I got kinda bored. And I'm curious to hear of a teen who actually liked it. We have it in the graphic novel section, but I think it should really be in the 811.54s. I know teens supposedly like poetry, but I personally haven't met many of those teens.

    23. I loved the idea of this book but I wasn't thrilled with the finished (or should I say unfinished?) product. It felt incomplete to me and it would have felt even more so if I hadn't already been familiar with Swan Lake. I didn't really click with any of the characters and it went by way too fast. The art/illustrations were good, but I think it needed to be much, much longer and have way more plot and character development.Very disappointing! : (

    24. This is a basketball love of how one kid was playing basketball and would go all the time because it was right across from his house and one day he sees this girl that he likes, so when he finally gets the courage to talk to her in front of a corner it is like Romeo and Juliet with love at first sight. They promise not to leave each others sight, but it ends up not working. I loved this love story of a book and it really hit me. I recommend this book to everyone.

    25. Amiri and Odette is a retelling of the story of Swan Lake. Amiri's mother wants him to find a wife, so she's going to throw him a party. Before the party he meets Odette and falls in love with her. Unfortunately Odette is already going out with Big Red, a drug dealer. With the help of Amiri, Odette is able to break away from Big Red and become Amiri's girlfriend.Copyright: 2009Genre: picture book

    26. Poetic retelling of Swan Lake set in an urban environment. "Part poem, part love story, part rap and rhapsody" - Publisher Description. Stunning artwork that is paint and collage on slabs of asphalt. I admired the artwork through the first reading, but after reading the afterword about the illustration, I had to go back and study each page again. Amazing!The book is marketed for teens so probably has too old a focus for Caldecott consideration, but the artwork excels.

    27. In this poem, Myers has reimagined Odette's story (the swan princess, remember?) in an urban setting. Artist Javaka Steptoe has gloriously and richly illustrated it.I'm a sucker for gritty, textured art and creative re-tellings. I'm a huge Walter Dean Myers fan. Thus, I loved this book. It will require repeated reading so all the details can sink into my mind, but this is my pre-review review. :)

    28. Walter Dean Myers retells in an modern-day, urban setting the story of Swan Lake Ballet. The story is illustrated by Javaka Steptoe in absolutely stunning art. Amiri & Odette makes the story of the Russian ballet so accessible. It reads like a rap song. Pick this one up just for the beauty of the art work itself!

    29. Myers puts his own spin on Swan Lake in this novel in verse. The style and the layout of the text is unique and would appeal to reluctant readers. The paintings are beautiful. I think I liked the artwork more than the poetry, but Amiri and Odette is still a good book for teens who like romance, street lit, and novels in verse.

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