What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love Called annoyingly obedient and dumped for a less submissive bottom my attempts to recover from Dave have led me to a place where those same traits could mean my survival An alien holding cell turned

  • Title: What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?
  • Author: Syd McGinley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook
  • Called annoyingly obedient, and dumped for a less submissive bottom, my attempts to recover from Dave have led me to a place where those same traits could mean my survival An alien holding cell turned out to be a pound, and my new owner is a seven foot tower of jet black muscle with raptor legs and shark teeth I m getting the training and discipline I longed for from myCalled annoyingly obedient, and dumped for a less submissive bottom, my attempts to recover from Dave have led me to a place where those same traits could mean my survival An alien holding cell turned out to be a pound, and my new owner is a seven foot tower of jet black muscle with raptor legs and shark teeth I m getting the training and discipline I longed for from my Earth lovers at the claws of my alien owner If only I can make him want me

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      130 Syd McGinley
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    One thought on “What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?”

    1. A fascinating unputdownable WTF experience. And aren’t those the best experiences? It’s actually been too long to still write a review that will do this quirky little scifi gem justice, but there’s a few things that Mr. Spock and I’d like to say anyway. He says it better than I ever can, but still This 30 pages story was really, very good. The present tense first person narrative worked like a charm here. It intensified my reading experience times 10 and gave me the impression that a tho [...]

    2. My momma taught me not to use the word FUCK that often. But it is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about this book.FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK!My second choice is KINKY , then CRAZY, then WEIRD, then PROVOCATIVE, then SPECTACULAR, then DISTURBING, then STRANGE and thenFUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK! (Sorry mom!)My emotions after finishing it:I'm not going to say a lot- The book has only 38 pages. The key words: BDSMSlaveAlienPetMasterFUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK*FUCK

    3. This was an interesting story to say the least. I honestly don't know what to think about it. I can't decide if I really liked it, or if I hated it. I am having a hard time rating it. First, it is told in first person. But, it is only about 38 pages long, and it is told well enough that the first person aspect of it didn't bother me much. Second, there is definately a D/s theme to this book. If this bothers you, I wouldn't recommend it. When I reflect back after reading the book I just realized [...]

    4. What a very interesting way to look at the relationship between master and pet. It's disturbing in the most delicious way. Even the title, the way I look at it and think about it, trying to make it make sense, fits the story completely. Wow. I fell asleep thinking about the characters in this book, dreamt about them and woke up at 2:30am still thinking about them. I am still awake nearly two hours later and compelled to write a review. This is the kind of story that I will think about and rememb [...]

    5. This is difficult to review. It has things I absolutely hate to see with D/s, such as the submissive unable to function without a dominant and also the "weak submissive." This gives such a wrong message to the vanilla populace when reading (and ultimately results in such perverted things as "50 Shades of Grey" where BDSM is loathsome and awful as written by a clearly non-BDSM author). This is why this story has only 4 stars and not 5.BUT, at the same time it also gets so much right, especially w [...]

    6. Engaging, interesting, and well written, but really not my kink. The lack of agency and self are probably the most horrific things I could imagine, so this might be a really great for another reader, but it makes me feel suicidal.

    7. It's probably a sign I've read too much weird stuff that I wasn't at all disturbed by this book. I guess after Acquainted with the Night, I've kind of seen it all! This one popped up on my feed months ago, and after glancing at the blurb, I initially dismissed it at the mention of him being a too-submissive slave. I like slaves with spirit, but just like with AWTN, in this case the über-submissiveness did't bother me in the least! It must be that alien masters create the exception to my rule.Th [...]

    8. Interesting very interesting and good! So good! This book takes the relationship Master/pet to a new dimension! The pet's need to please, to be taken care, to be commanded, takes him to submit to a very uncommon master, and he is willing to do and accept anything to be kept. Some of their interactions are impressive"It’s Master’s. And I realize, I no longer even think: my master. How can I ever use the possessive when I’m owned? He’s Master."

    9. Stranded on another planet and becoming a pet to alien lifeformstely different. Especially, when your master takes a liking to you.That's not what the stories about though. It's about love and loyalty. If you've never thought about what it would be like to love an alien, Syd McGinley can show you.And yet, as I finished the book, I realized it was profound in an odd senseWhat exactly does your pet think of you and your treatment? I liked how McGinley wove the elements of sci-fi/erotica/and romanc [...]

    10. Definitely pretty fucked up, though well-executed. I find stories where people are dehumanized generally too disturbing to be enjoyable. This is short at least and not really very brutal, but the narrator's acceptance of his role as pet and the fact that his owner will never see him as more than that creeps me out. Still, McGinley is good at writing stories that get under your skin, and this one is thought-provoking and effective.

    11. damnjustdamnHonestly speaking, I'm pretty damn speechless right now. It's amazingly written. Brilliantly written. Disturbing on a very basic level, but still oddly fascinating in a nuclear-bomb-explosion sort of way. The concepts are incredibly fascinating in an incredibly disturbing way, but the story itself is amazingly worked.The blurb is weird. Oddly benign. I may have read it a while ago but I hadn't remembered it when I read it. It puts the entire story in a weird light. A weirdly attempti [...]

    12. This story was so much not my cup of tea not my cup of soup not my cup of everything that I don't know where to start. I really felt like I fell through into some alternative reality when I was reading other reviews. Like are they about the same story I've just read? "Shocking", "disturbing", "deep psychological delving" Eeh? The plot is OLD (I mean human-as-a-pet) but it's okay, it's great when an author brings something new into an old plot. But there was nothing new in this story. I don't con [...]

    13. WOW.This is one of those books that both stunned (in a good way) and disturbed me at the same time the first time I read it. I finished it and re-read it again a couple of days laterd then a third time.This is not a "touchy-feelie warm fuzzies" story. However, for those who love emotional impact and a deeper psychological delving into their characters, THIS is one of those stories. Very satisfying (for me).Warning: very graphic, BDSM, D/s, Owner/pet, M/m situations.

    14. My squickometer blew a fuse while I was reading this but my backup WTF detector registered five stars. Who am I to mess with alien technology?

    15. So I decided to go waaaaaaay out of my comfort zoned it wash experience. Our nameless MC loves (and I mean loves) to be completely dominated,apparently no matter the species of the one who's domineering. But he cries all the timet that I'm blaming him for doing that. And yet (view spoiler)[when given a chance to go back to his former life, he doesn't. (hide spoiler)] I was like - okeeeey, whatever floats your boat. I wish I felt disturbed, I wish I've found this story strange at least, but the w [...]

    16. For a very short story this one packed quite a wallop! Interesting characters - and the book didn't go beyond just a few which is good for the size of it. I'm not normally into the whole "pet" thing with cages and such but it is really done well here and entirely plausable. Maybe I just need a SciFi setting for it to work. The inner thoughts of the slave here are just enough so you can understand without coming off as whiny or overtly emotional. I very much enjoyed this short story and will be l [...]

    17. A human submissive is taken by an alien master. Well the master and slave relationship is acceptable, the alien part detailed, but I need love and romance.I don't feel any attraction between two characters. It seems to me that the main character is desperate for a master, no matter who he is. And the alien master is hard to predict; I don't know why he reacts harshly towards the main character's cartography. He remains a mystery till the end. I want to see the trust or the bond between him and h [...]

    18. Packs quite a punch in a very short space. If you ever wanted to delve deeper into the D/s, pet/slave dynamic, this is a good way to do so. Excellent writing, made this reader invested in a character who never speaks an intelligible word until the end. Genius!I think I'm going to investigate this author's back list.

    19. Kinky!!!And good.Made me think of a role reversed of Pet and Human in a gorykind of a way. Were Human becomes pet and pets/alien are the Masters.Its nice to read such extend of obedience and loyalty in human when the role is reversedHaha

    20. I'm just addicted to this author's writing, the subjects are so fresh and interesting and everything is just put so well. There was such insight into the character. and it was an intimate experience to read this story. I really loved it.

    21. Sorry, but NO. Stories about the ultimate submissives, who completely lose their sense of self aren't for me.

    22. This is a very "difficult" tale, if you have problem with D/S arguments or with pleasure/pain games you could miss it. But I pick it up cause I have a kink, I like to read of couple of different height tall (I know, it's a very lame reason to pick up a story, but guys, everyone has his kink!) and i read in the blurb that one of the main character is an alien of seven foot tall, so I was allured by that.The story is a first person tale, so we never know the name of the human character. We only kn [...]

    23. This book had so much promise. I got so excited reading the blurb and it took so long for me to obtain it. It's rather disappointing. I usually like the total power exchange bit this was just too much. the whole 'Master thinks I'm trying to escape when I draw so I'll never draw again even if it's something I enjoy'. The Master character has no consideration. I expected just a little bit. Stockholm Syndrome gone really bad.

    24. This story was a rollercoaster of emotions, I was shock, gross out, impress, moved…gosh, I'm only talking about a short story here.Shock by the rape and beatings.Gross out, that the main character is an Alien with very sharps teeth like needles.Impress by the author imagination and the plot for such a short little story.And finally moved, it was a very weird nice story, with a happy ending…. if we can call it that.

    25. I didn't necessarily find this story hot, but like most of Syd's work I found it really interesting, well-written, and definitely different from every other BDSM themed book out there. It's also on my "will read again" shelf.

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