An Unnatural Worth The vampire Lexis had it all beauty grace a powerful coven Through arrogance he lost even his freedom his sight even his will But the werewolf Bryce gives him a reason to live and fuck and

  • Title: An Unnatural Worth
  • Author: Mya Lairis
  • ISBN: 9781596326224
  • Page: 377
  • Format: ebook
  • The vampire, Lexis, had it all beauty, grace, a powerful coven Through arrogance, he lost even his freedom, his sight, even his will But the werewolf, Bryce, gives him a reason to live, and fuck, and fight for his life Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable DubiousThe vampire, Lexis, had it all beauty, grace, a powerful coven Through arrogance, he lost even his freedom, his sight, even his will But the werewolf, Bryce, gives him a reason to live, and fuck, and fight for his life Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Dubious consent, male male sexual practices, sex while in shifted form, strong violence.

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      377 Mya Lairis
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    One thought on “An Unnatural Worth”

    1. I really enjoyed this story. I've always loved books that involve disabled characters especially blind or deaf ones since you don't read many of those. This book is even rarer because you don't see many with blind vampires in them. At least, I only know of a few.The fact Lexis is a blind vamp is one of the reasons I loved this story so much. Bryce, a bossy werewolf takes it upon himself to take care of Lex (even against his wishes). Bryce was pretty bossy but extremely hot in the way he handled [...]

    2. I loved this story. Just about read it straight through, but sleep won out. This is a pretty fast-paced book with interesting characters. Bryce is the big sexy werewolf who, along with his friend Cheetah, an alchemist, break out of a research facility where they were being experimented on, taking the blind vampire, Lexis, with them. Bryce takes it upon himself to look after Lex and to help acclimate him to freedom being blind. Unfortunately, Cheetah parts ways and heads off in another direction, [...]

    3. If you read this book to criticize, to find flaws, to check the editing, to complain about the sex, better give this book a miss.But, if you are like me, easy to please, you love vampire and werewolf together, steamy sex scenes and overall you don't expect firework,this story is definitely for you, I like it a lot :)

    4. This was a great read - a werewolf and a vamp together, all I needed to finish off my fantasy was a hot rock star to join the mix. :P But seriously, I really liked it and the only reason it got a 4 1/2 was the length - I just wanted to know more about what happens to them, where they go, what happened at the IEC lab. I wanted to know about Cheetah tooLexis is a wonderful character - all broken but still with some hints of pride and determination left, and did I mention when he gets all worked up [...]

    5. Неплохой рассказ о вампире и вервульфе, которые спаслись из лаборатории, где над ними ставили опыты. Вампир ослеплен своим ковеном, но отомстит.

    6. I am torn. I liked the idea of this story, a captured blind vampire is saved by a werewolf and there is an instant attraction and friendship. The vampire begins to get his confidence back as well as falling in love with the noble and loyal Bryce.Like I said in my update, this was more erotica than erotic romance. The sex scenes (numerous) were more explicit and rough rather than romantic.I really liked the ending, in the big battle and could have wished the storyline to have been fleshed out now [...]

    7. Originally reviewed on ramblingsofmind/2What do you get when you put a blind vampire and a werewolf together in one room? Why of course, you get a smashing love story! I had never seen books of this author get around but I ended up downloading this one as the summary looked interesting and captivating enough. Bryce, a werewolf, Cheetah an alchemist have managed to escape a torture facility that experiments on them for "scientific reasons". With them they have dragged Lexis, a blind vampire out t [...]

    8. I enjoyed the way the author changed up the supernatural aspects by making the vampire blind. Using first-person POV was also interesting in that the reader is just as blind as he is. Mya didn't hold back and, instead, let these guys be monsters. I really enjoyed that. She let the werewolf be big and furry. Yay! She let the vampire wallow in his fallen status and try to clothe himself in the tattered remains of his previous arrogance. Sweet! I get so tired of the perfect and gentle monsters and [...]

    9. I reeeally liked this book! I have to say it was a bit on the short side (though perfect for now because I had to read this for a challenge and was already behind) and I felt that all happened in such a short amount of time or it just seemed that way. I was also a bit disappointed (view spoiler)[because I didn't get to read them having sex on the beach =( (hide spoiler)]The good points of this book, however, made me forget the lesser ones, such as:1) Characters with a disability are awesome. It' [...]

    10. Paranormalt always my thing. To be honest, I'd avoid it if I could. But un/lucky for me Shifters was called for bingo last week and I needed to pick something. In all honesty my reason for picking this book was length and sex in shifted formp, that's right I wanted that 'animal' sexin'!The book/story confused me slightly and I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it but I will say that it was intriguing and full of hott sex. I did enjoy the Vampire & Wolf relationship. The characters were inte [...]

    11. Hmm What to say, how to reviewThis is a story about a blind Vamp and a Wolf Sounds promising enough, right?And I guess it was. I mean its a cute love story, but make sure you're into animalistic sex though These two go at it, when Wolf-boy is exactly that a wolfI think this was my first story with sex in wolf form, or at least where its just one of the people thats a wolf And it was kinda weird reading about a tail being in the way of rimming But hey To each his own lolIf you're into M/M wolf se [...]

    12. I really like this story. The sex scenes were hot, there was an actual plot. I liked both Lexis and Bryce. I liked how the author wrote with out much description of the main protagonists' looks until the end. I wished it was just a bit longer to go into more detail about the both characters' background. There are editing issues but it does not detract from the story.P.S. I loved that Bryce was willing to give control to his partner to help him with his disability. A blind vampire, who'd have tho [...]

    13. An interesting story about a vampire and a werewolf. I thought the contrast between the two main characters was strong - with the alternating dominance. At first I was not too fond of Lex - unsure whether I was supposed to like him or pity him. His metamorphosis shifted me to the like category. I found this a very unusual story - sex in shifted form being something I haven't read a lot of. Pretty unique!

    14. I need to fan myself! Wow, steamy.I really enjoyed this, was a little different to other paranormals I've read but fantastic for it.

    15. Lexis is a vampire kept captive in a lab. He was betrayed by his coven and blinded and soon after the Institute of Evolutionary Divergence found him and used him as a guinea pig. Lexis knows that there are other supernatural beings in the lab with him, but he has no reason, of force, to fight back.Bryce takes the matter in hands. A strong werewolf, but with a big and good heart in him, he destroys the lab, and when Lexis shows no willingness to escape, he takes him. If Lexis doesn't want to figh [...]

    16. Eh. I thought Bryce was a dick actually. I thought he was arrogant and not even a little bit fun. I wished Cheetah had a bigger role. He was fun :)I did like Lexis, but I didn't get the whole feeding from someone else to show his independence. I thought Lexis lost his sight months ago, but then later it said years. Years didn't make sense, actually. If it were years wouldn't he have been able to adapt more easily? I mean, he was still bumping into things and getting lost easily. If he had been b [...]

    17. I enjoyed this way to much.Bryce was wonderful. Lexis, eventually I liked. The drama was brief. But I couldn't help but really like the relationship.Sex in shifted form.I actually kinda like books with it. Normally it's pretty glossed over. (view spoiler)[moving the tail out of the way, for a rim job. (hide spoiler)] couldn't really ignore that. =) If you're gonna go for itOWN IT, and Mya Lairis did.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~re-read 12/12/17I remembered nothing about this story. I know I read it, and afte [...]

    18. This starts off well enough Bryce, a werewolf, and a Lex, a vampire, break out of a sinister facility that does experiments on their kind. From break out to road trip escape I had high hopes but aside from the unusual vamp/were attraction and Lex’s dependence on Bryce because of his disability, this story really didn’t do much for me. I’m not a fan of the writing style and the middle of the book bogged down into one sex scene after another. Ok, some of it was hotwhat with the ‘rougher to [...]

    19. I had some difficulty towards Lexis disability. While I can understand how his blindness (in more ways than one) could really be a problem for him considering how much he relied on it before, I did have some issues with his pity filled voice. I also don't understand why he always seemed to be okay with his limitations. Not those caused by his disability but by his own making. I'd also have liked a more thorough view of their world and background. There were a lot of holes I had to fill with my o [...]

    20. An Unnatural Worth is a well written and fast paced story of love between two men separated by experience, culture and kind. Lexis is a cultured and educated vampire, while Bryce is a large, tender hearted and determined werewolf. Mya does an excellent job describing the growing relationship between these two dissimilar men, as fate and circumstances test their dedication and spirit, as well as their passion and commitment to each other. The sexual encounters between Lexis and Bryce are hot, int [...]

    21. The basic idea for An Unnatural Worth was very good and on the whole both of the MCs were likeable and distinctive. However, I did have some problems with the writing, I found it confusing, but that could just be me, since English isn't my first language. (view spoiler)[I might also be the only one who hoped Lexis would stay blind. That angle was the driving force of the book and I was saddened by the way it was concidered he wasn't "whole" without his sight. (hide spoiler)]The emotional roller [...]

    22. I really liked the booki think the concept for the blind vampire and protective werewolf is new and refreshing. Sine most people likes to just make them enemies. Bryce is an adorable character, it was fun seeing him not hold back. And as for Lexis, like what most said it's was interesting to have a blind vampire in a story.I like how the story shows that no matter how nice and perfect we may see vampires as, their is still bound to be a bad apple somewhere.Or in this story's case a bad basket of [...]

    23. I rather liked this. It was rather clever and cleverly written.Some things that annoyed me:(view spoiler)[The foregone conclusion that Janos needed to suffer. I mean, Lexis tries to take over his little coven (is that the term they used?). He got caught and punished. I mean, yeah, it sucks he got punished, but I feel like it was a little arrogant to assume Janos should haveI dunno, sounds like he wanted him to just forgive and forget and move on or something.Is this one of those "better he just [...]

    24. I liked the blurb, the vampire, blind and alone, being saved by a werewolf. I enjoyed the writing, the story, and the characters, even Cheetah, who was terribly annoyingly cheerful and an awful tease. The only thing that kept this from being added to "My Favorites" was that it was too short. I would have loved to hear more about Bryce and Lexis.

    25. Wasn't Bryce just an ideal man. I mean he was handsome, caring, loyal, giving, strong, smart The list of his virtues doesn't seem to have an end. As for Lexis, he was a bit winny brat for the most part. But I still liked him. And I liked them together. Story told from the point of view of a blind person was also a nice touch.

    26. This book didn't work for me. I would have liked more depth. The characters weren't appealing and the story would have been a lot better with more time devoted to the front end and less to the journeying.

    27. Liked the concept and the writing is fairly good but the story just doesn't go anywhere for so long. It rambles along with no direction until everything happens in the last 30 pages.just felt I would have enjoyed it more had it been paced differently.

    28. Overall ok but way too much description of wolfie hairy body parts during sex. Just the description of a fuzzy penis was enough to turn me off let alone any scrnes involving the licking of said fuzzy penis.

    29. Pros: I really liked the idea of a blind vampire. It was original. Originality in vamp fiction is hard to come by.Cons: I tell ya, the whole thing was rushed, the plot slap-dash, and there was a lot just not told. More 'WTF' feeling. It left me disappointed, actually.

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