Sea of Silver Light With Sea of Silver Light Tad Williams completes his massive Otherland quartet one of SF s intriguing explorations of the eroding boundaries of the human and the nonhuman the living and the dead Oth

  • Title: Sea of Silver Light
  • Author: Tad Williams
  • ISBN: 9780756400309
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With Sea of Silver Light, Tad Williams completes his massive Otherland quartet, one of SF s intriguing explorations of the eroding boundaries of the human and the nonhuman, the living and the dead Otherland is a sequence that contains many secrets, and Williams plays fair by unpacking all of them in the final book A group of adventurers searching for a cure for comaWith Sea of Silver Light, Tad Williams completes his massive Otherland quartet, one of SF s intriguing explorations of the eroding boundaries of the human and the nonhuman, the living and the dead Otherland is a sequence that contains many secrets, and Williams plays fair by unpacking all of them in the final book A group of adventurers searching for a cure for comatose children find themselves trapped in a sequence of virtual worlds, the only opponents of a conspiracy of the rich to live forever in a dream Now, they are forced to make an uneasy alliance with their only surviving former enemy against his treacherous sidekick Johnny Wulgaru, a serial killer with a chance to play God forever Williams manages a vast cast of emotionally involving characters with considerable panache, but the real strength of the book is its endlessly questing intelligence it is, among other things, an enquiry into the nature of storytelling as a way for human beings to give structure to their perceptions of the universe around them It is as story that Sea of Silver Light ultimately works so well involving us in the grueling descent of a vast mountain, the siege of an underground fortress, gun battles in a nightmare Wild West Williams never neglects to tell us how things feel He efficiently ties up every plot strand and convincingly reveals every secret in this large, complex plot Roz Kaveney,

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    1. Executive Summary: This series is a monster, and thankfully after all those hours, it comes to an enjoyable conclusion.Audio book: Yup, George Newbern is still excellent. I might have liked this series less in text due to the slow parts, but Mr. Newbern really brings the world and it's characters to life in a way that put him up there in the top tier of audiobook narrators for me.Full ReviewThis review will be a bit lighter than it probably would have been had I written it a month ago. Time sort [...]

    2. Fun fact! Did you know that the original title of this book was "Tad Williams Kicks You in the Teeth"? Okay, not really. But it felt like it when I read this book. I have so many issues with this book, but ultimately it all boils down to this:Almost NOTHING in the previous books really matters. The amazing computer network is okay, you did see the spoiler tag, right?A FREAKING PSYCHIC BABY BRAIN IN A SATELLITE.Almost everything else -- the character they've been chasing, the weird powers they pi [...]

    3. This book, the fourth in a four-book fantasy series, is an amazing example of how a good idea can be stretched and diluted until it is no longer pleasurable to read. There is nothing particularly wrong with the Otherland series. The ideas are interesting, the execution is fairly creative, some of the characters are competently developed, etc. But it is clear that the objective of the author (and the editor/publisher) was to create a large series (measured by the heft of the books and the number [...]

    4. Audiobook from Penguin AudioNarrated by George NewbernLength: 37.75 hoursThe finale to the Otherland series, Sea of Silver Light wraps up the multitude of story lines that began in City of Golden Shadow. While the book dragged in places, and some may find that the book (and the series, especially in the middle books) wanders a bit too much, it is hard not to appreciate Tad Williams' amazingly prescient series, especially if you're a fan of a) the internet and b) classic literature. It's probably [...]

    5. This is one of the worst books I have ever read.Its particularly bad because the series started with such amazing promise; the first book is literally brilliant. The next two were pretty mediocre; well-written, but ultimately travelogue-fantasy without any plot. Characters just stumbled from interesting locale to interesting locale and ended up right back where they started from. But this last book is terrible. I was literally shouting out loud in the street when I read the climax, it was that b [...]

    6. 10/10With Sea of Silver Light the magic journey in the Otherland series comes to an end and with Tad Williams having made a wonderful finale in, perhaps, one of his best book to date but also one of my most favorite.In this book Williams manages to close the series very beautiful as through his complex world-building and his, truly, countless characters has made a really strong story with lots of twist and revelations that will change radically the course of the protagonists, and also many, wond [...]

    7. Sea of Silver Light is the next book in the series and has our characters finally getting to grips with their opposition and overcoming them! :D This was hinted at and heavily set up in the previous book with the gang encountering the 'Other' directly for the first as well being scattered to a mountain top! :D Understandably this gives and sets a number of big challenges for this book and sets you wondering as to what the characters are going to be put through as the book progresses as the size [...]

    8. In "Sea of Silver Light," book four in the "Otherland" tetrology, Tad Williams wraps up his massive sci-fi saga. Four big books in eight medium-sized sentences:In a not so distant future children across the globe are being lost to unexplainable comas. For South African college professor Renie Sulaweyo, whose baby brother Stephen is among those affected, the horror of this epidemic is all too real. Researching Stephen's condition leads Renie to the Otherland, a massively complex virtual reality n [...]

    9. Otherland is the first fantasy series that I've finished this year (I've read a few other book #1s with no intention of continuing, including Tad William's own slogfest MS&T). I started a topic that got pretty long many years back about fantasy series that ended somewhere between well and spectacular. It didn't turn out to be a very long list. Otherland isn't going on it. It wasn't terrible, it just wore out its welcome. The least interesting character ended up being the hinge point of the e [...]

    10. And with the final volume, Williams loses me. 300 pages of overwritten, tripish, hyper-explained and muddled plot through bizarre fantasy worlds that just seem to be there for the author’s enjoyment really pissed me off, and I’m throwing in the towel, feeling like I’ve wasted the last month of my life reading a story that I’ve not come to care about in any gorram way. I will not read anything else that he has written, and I cannot see how so many people find this volume of the series to [...]

    11. Ein guter Abschluss eines Epos, das insgesamt mehr als 4000 Seiten umfasst und mich nun über 4 Jahre beschäftigt hat.Die Handlung und die Personen entwickelten sich grossartig weiter, aber ich war doch sehr enttäuscht, dass bei der Konzeption von neuen sehr innovativen VR-Environments die Inspiration im letzten Band massiv verloren ging. Am Ende gibt es die Auflösung aller Handlungsstränge, ein Happy End und ein paar nette Ideen bezüglich der Figuren und ihrer Rollen. Fazit: Ein sehr guter [...]

    12. This book was a royal mindfuck and I wouldn't have hated it except that the ending was horrible and sucked a barrel of dicks.That stupid religious lady babbling about the computer star children at the end was one of the fucking stupidest things I have ever read in my life, and I have read a few pages of the Left Behind series.That having been said there are a couple of really cool explosions, so two stars you get, Mr. Williams. Bravo on at least giving us that much. I guess

    13. So, why did I read all four of these if I hated the first one so much? Well, I got to the end of the first one and was infuriated by how little I knew about what was really going on. I already owned the second book when I started reading the first, and it seemed insane not to read it if I already owned it. I was hoping they would improve, and I wanted to know how the whole series ended. Truly, I wish I had not bothered. A shocking waste of time.

    14. Eine der tollsten, fantastischsten und futuristischen Storys ist nun zu Ende gelesen. Ganze 1217 Seiten hatte der letzte Band und hat mich viele Stunden in Atem gehalten. Diese Reihe hat mich tief beeindruckt und mir eine ganze Menge gegeben.10/10 Punktesunsys-blog/2017/0

    15. No matter how many times I read this (or this, fifth time, listen to it on audiobook) I still fall so hard for this book, and this series, that it's an emotional pain when I get to the end. Not lying - I teared up when I knew I was on the last few paragraphs.Endless adventure, every permutation of it, all in one story, and with four huge installments, there's a proper amount of time to get in some really deep, satisfying character development, which is exactly what happens. I feel like I'm one o [...]

    16. The four books of this series took me most of the last 6 months as I honestly found them somewhat of a slog at the beginning. I'm not really sure I would have stuck with it had the series not come highly recommended, but I'm extremely glad I fought my initial instinct. I became increasingly attached to the characters as they encountered the frustration, hope and challenges of an impossible quest in an environment beyond their control. Initially I thought the quest within the virtual world would [...]

    17. Compelling characters and a plotline that could be the envy of any writer. Best books I've read in a good while. The teenage netslang was a bit off sometimes, but that's not why I gave the last book of the Otherland series 4 stars - it's the ending. Everybody gets their reward, all the baddies are duly punished :yawn: a bit like Sunday school. It sort of killed the whole story for me. SPOILERDid the author absolutely have to resurrect Orlando? He was one of my favorite characters and when Sam dr [...]

    18. I thought this book was a great conclusion to the series. Usually I don't like it when things get "all tidied up" at the end, however the author did a great job of finishing what he started. This series was a lot of fun to read. There were a few slow points in the middle, but overall the character development, the vernacular and culture invented, and the plot all combined together for a worthwhile read.

    19. The last 15 pages of this book ruined Otherland for me as a series. It was set up so well, and Williams could've done so much, and then he ends it by having a Big Brain in the Sky crashing down on Daddy? For the love of I still haven't been able to read another Tad Williams book for it, and I'm sure I'm missing out, but I just don't feel like committing to 4000 more pages if the last 15 are going to be truly, abysmally bad.

    20. At last we have come to the end of our journey, when all will be explained and all will be resolved.As the book opens, the Other - the operating system for the Grail Brotherhood's mysterious plan for immortality - has been defeated, overcome and overpowered by the truly evil assassin Dread. With his mutant ability to manipulate electronics, Dread has taught the Other how to feel true pain, and now has nearly complete control over the Otherland network. With a nearly limitless number of worlds to [...]

    21. So, this book is the final one in the Otherland series and I am so happy that I have not only finished the series, but also been enthralled the whole way through and excited for the ending. In this final Volume you really start to see all the threads Tad Williams has so far set up coming brilliantly together and all the characters reaching different placesThis story as a whole is set in a world where Virtual reality is not longer and aspiration but rather a part of life. Everyone has a hook-up t [...]

    22. Was none of this ran by an editor?I've never read a series with more dues ex machina in my life. New irrelevant tangents up to the last 10% of the book that I'm sure the author thought were great suprises. I wish I wasn't a completionist as this wasted more than a week of my life.

    23. God, this was big, she [Renie] thought Page 896, Vol IV of Otherland.Renie, I couldn't agree more! It was big in many ways: ambition, scope of imagination, depth of characterization and like !Xabbu's stories, there are 'big' points to ponder.The story is complex and satisfying. Each thread is tied up nicely and without being too trite, each getting what they deserve. Some might find the enormous quantity of text to plow through daunting, but it gave each facet of this story enough room to develo [...]

    24. A wonderful, climactic conclusion of a great story: It's essential you read the first three books because the story is continuous. Tad Williams amazes you by his ability to bring together all the ingredients of the previous three books and then tie them up very neatly indeed! There have been largely eight different narratives going on in the previous three books and they all come together without the process being contrived or predictable. Added to that, there is real pace in the story. I couldn [...]

    25. i could not put these books down. as he says in the forward to the second book- this is actually one very long book written into four books. i LOVED this book. i read the first one completely by chance and as soon as i finished it i had to immediately order the other three. these books have taken over my life for the last few months. any spare moment i had the book was in my hand. i dreamed about the books, i thought about the characters, i felt a part of the adventure. i haven't been this satis [...]

    26. Finally the end! All is revealed!Really though, everything is explained in this final volume (as you would hope). And while on the surface it is a satisfying conclusion, it may just be the natural high in reaction to finishing the darn thing. Some 3300 pages and it's done!As I mentioned in reviews about the first three parts, verbiage is plentiful and there are plenty of maddening delays in answer giving. Then, when the answers come, they are heavy in info dumping exposition. Aren't we ever happ [...]

    27. Favorite QuotesAfter all, is it not the way we humans shape the universe, shape time itself? Do we not take the raw stuff of chaos and impose a beginning, middle, and end on it, like the simplest and most profound of folktales, to reflect the shapes of our own tiny lives? And if the physicists are right, that the physical world changes as it is observed, and we are its only known observers, then might we not be bending the entire chaotic universe, the eternal, ever-active Now, to fit that famili [...]

    28. 3.5 stars, really, but I'm rounding up because of the overall strength of the series.Sea of Silver Light is a very slow starter - and a slow finisher, for that matter. Like the other Otherland books, it's far longer than it needs to be; I genuinely feel that it could be cut down by two thirds without losing much of value. Doubtless, die-hard fans would disagree, and this is the main reason why I can't count myself among them. Still, a very enjoyable and appropriately immersive series.

    29. This entire series is really good. Its fun to read because of all the different environments and adventures they have but the last bit of this book is WAY OUT THERE!!! Big-brain-in-the-sky type of stuff. Its worth reading the entire series though because it doesn't get WAY OUT THERE until the last 100 pages of this final book.

    30. Hated this series, even felt p@#$%d that the author had me coming back for more. By the time I got to this book I gave up, too much detail not enough momentum in the story. I didn't actually care what happened at the end as I was so over it!!!

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