Why I Let My Hair Grow Out Being sent to your room is one thing But being sent to another country Morgan s boyfriend dumped her on the last day of school it seemed the only thing to do was to hack off her hair and dye the stubb

  • Title: Why I Let My Hair Grow Out
  • Author: Maryrose Wood
  • ISBN: 9780425213803
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Being sent to your room is one thing But being sent to another country Morgan s boyfriend dumped her on the last day of school it seemed the only thing to do was to hack off her hair and dye the stubble orange Unfortunately, Morgan s parents freaked and decided a change of scenery would do her good So they re sending her off on a bike tour of Ireland But Morgan geBeing sent to your room is one thing But being sent to another country Morgan s boyfriend dumped her on the last day of school it seemed the only thing to do was to hack off her hair and dye the stubble orange Unfortunately, Morgan s parents freaked and decided a change of scenery would do her good So they re sending her off on a bike tour of Ireland But Morgan gets than she bargained for on the Emerald Isle including a strange journey into some crazy, once upon a time corner of the past There, she meets fairies, weefolk, and a hunky warrior dude named Fergus, and figures that she s got some growing to do and she doesn t just mean her hair.

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    1. This kind of reads like two different stories, awkwardly smushed together. On on hand, a fairly traditional fairy story. On the other, a fairly traditional "girl gets dumped, is healed by another guy" story. Neither are particularly good.Let's get one thing out of the way first: the main character is awful. Morgan is an incredibly unlikeable character for most of the book. She lost me within the first few chapters, when she intentionally torments her little sister to the point of tears, solely b [...]

    2. I was tricked into reading this book. I thought it was about a girl of my age trying to cure a heartbreak and her hair was just the first of many changes she had to make under heartbreak-hangover-caused impulses.Well, it wasn't.The first few pages didn't get me hooked so I thought of putting it down and I could have moved on with my life. But I kept reading anyway. I thought Morgan's voice wasn't that strong and sure she's sad about her recent breakup, but I didn't feel for her. I didn't feel li [...]

    3. Step right up folks, because you are about to experience something you never have before! *cheesy circus music inserted here*No seriously everyone, I don't know where to start with this book. I'm stuck between the striped buzz cut, the princess dress, the garden gnome slathering himself with sunblock, and the ridiculous enchantments. This book was unlike anything I have read. If you want your mind blown in a nice quiet manner, go ahead and give this book a try. The book starts out with Morgan, y [...]

    4. In a word: Meh. I orginally checked this book out because I love the cover art - it's such eye candy! The book itself was kind of sucky, though. The first strike against it was the totally unrealistic relationship between Morgan and her hunky biking tour guide. The second strike was the totally bizarre jaunts into some weird from-the-past fantasy land and the adjoining sub-plot. I don't think that mixing fantasy and reality elements is necessarily a bad thing, but it just didn't work well in thi [...]

    5. What’s the perfect response to teenage rebellion in the form of a self-performed haircut and orange dye job? Just ask Morgan Rawlinson’s parents, because when this spunky gal does just this after her boyfriend dumps her, and on the last day of school to boot, their solution is the very logical one to send her on a bike tour of Ireland. Depressed at the limited fashion opportunities for bikers, but with not better alternative than sulking away at home, Morgan reluctantly goes. Everyone else o [...]

    6. Why I Let My Hair Grow Out was such a fun book! It had me laughing out loud quite a few times and it had me reading straight through to the very end. I seem to be a reading a ton of good books lately and this is just another one that I have to add to the list.At first, I hated Morgan with a passion. When her boyfriend, who was a huge jerk, dumped her, she assumed it was all her fault and got all mopey. That was when she chopped off her hair and got sent to Ireland as punishment. Well, not really [...]

    7. Sparky, sassy and crazy! A great YA read, laughter guaranteed XDThe girl in who's world we're thrown is one hell of a package. Sarcastic should not be her middle or last name, but her first - instead of Morgan, which, as she remarks constantly - is a male name (reference - Morgan Freeman). She's messy, crazy and eccentric, childish and a bit unrealistically-thinking and she's a lot of fun to follow!That said, I have to admit - I'm not known for my addiction to fey YA. Actually, I steer clear of [...]

    8. This book isn't your typical faerie story. It's slightly ridiculous in the initial presentation (a family ship their daughter off to Ireland alone on a bike tour), and as always the lead character accepts the idea of faeries without a second thought, but the actual faerie part of the faerie story was done a very unique (to me) manner.The faerie aspect didn't start until a quarter of the way through the book, and even then, plot-wise, it's completely separate to the rest of the story. It's never [...]

    9. The beginning was a two for me I really disliked Morgans character at first. Yes the snarky comments were sometimes funny but they mostly just made her sound like a bitch. She got so much more likable in the second part so 3 stars :) and While I don't mind cultural references at some parts it makes the book seem kinda dated. (like the comment about myspace lol) The thing with the capitalization also annoyed me but I started to get use to it

    10. Trots att jag tyckte Morgan var ganska omogen i början av boken, så gillade jag hennes berättarröst och bokens utveckling. Ser verkligen fram emot de andra böckerna i serien! Read my full review at Book Obsession

    11. I figured I would hate this, because I hate books about fairies (especially when "fairy" is spelled with an "e"), but it's adorable.

    12. fun and light hearted. inconsistent portrayal of the MC. one kinda stupid generalization of gay men accompanied by a lame fairy/faery joke. some of the fantasy elements were overdone.

    13. Wood, M. (2007). Why I Let My Hair Grow Out. New York: Berkley Jam.9780425213803218 pages.So, I'm going to begin with a random tangent. The author of this book's name is Maryrose Wood. Doesn't that just create pretty images of flowering trees in your mind? Blue skies and the sun above the treeybe a fluttering hummingbird pausing over one of the flowers to drink.I wonder if she liked growing up with her name. I don't think I'd be opposed to having such a pretty name. Not at all.Appetizer: Since h [...]

    14. I. Love. This. Book.Why I Let My Hair Grow Out had been sitting on my shelf for years, unread. Then this week I read Kare's review of the series and knew I needed read book, now! I seriously can't believe I waited this long to pick up such an incredible book, be sure you don't make the same mistake as me!When we first meet Morgan she is going through a rough break up from ultimate d-bag, Raph. She makes the drastic decision to shave all her hair off and her parents freak out that she's about to [...]

    15. When Morgan chops off her long hair, her mother thinks it’s a sign that Morgan’s bottling up too much emotional feelings inside her and sends her off to a bike tour in Ireland. Not only is Morgan an unwilling participant but she’s also realizing that she can’t stand her tour mates. Two days into her trip and Morgan gets a surprise—she can travel back to the past where faeries and enchantments existed. It starts off interesting enough, which I can hardly say for most stories. It doesn [...]

    16. My friend read this and said I had to read it, and since I've been recommending tons of books to her I decided to give it a try. Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood was an interesting read. I've read so fae books and have liked them quite well. And this one wasn't too bad.There was some language in this book, but since it's done in an Irish tongue/brogue/whatever, you're not really reading the "bad" words. And it wasn't too hard to read either, for sometimes I do struggle with strong dia [...]

    17. This review was originally posted on my blog, Mel Reviews BooksWhy I Let My Hair Grow Out is a great quick read, which was quirky and quite funny. I enjoyed reading this book and I often found myself laughing aloud at times throughout the story.One thing that I really loved about the story was the main character Morgan. At the start of the story I did find her to be a little whiny and annoying, but that didn’t last too long. I loved how funny Morgan could be. She was blunt, witty and could be [...]

    18. Morgan’s sophomore year of high school ends with her boyfriend dumping her. Always being a bit dramatic Morgan chops off all her hair and dyes it orange. Along with this she mopes around at the beginning of the summer and seems disconnected. Hoping to brighten Morgan’s spirits her parents book her on a week long bike tour in Ireland. While they think this is a great idea, Morgan is not very pleased. Morgan’s spirits pick up a little bit when she meets Colin, the guy who drives the luggage [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this light-hearted, comedic journey of a young teenage girl. It’s sort of what I expected it would be. It’s a quick read and really fun the whole way through. The main character, Morgan, is a typical teenager; low self-esteem, her whole world revolving around her boyfriend and her world almost ending when he dumps her. But I can really relate to her too, even though she’s only sixteen. I changed my hair almost every time my heart was broken.Although I read the whole book, [...]

    20. Overall, I thought this book was pretty weak. I can't say I didn't enjoy reading it at all, because I did zip through it pretty quickly and I laughed out loud here and there. However, despite the fun subject matter and my own Irish heritage, I found myself wishing the book had been more carefully pulled together and more stringently edited.In various sections, I found myself picking out cliched ideas or phrases. The first 25 pages or so kept repeating themselves in a way that made me wonder why [...]

    21. Well, I had a review written for this, and then goofed. So, much shorter post than before. I enjoyed the book once it got to the point where the magical part of the story comes to life. Before it did, I was considering stopping reading. The book's told from Morgan's point of view, and the inner dialog going on kind of felt fake/forced. I'm sure there are teens whose brains work like that, but there was just something missing to make this part of the book work. I couldn't focus on the story, sin [...]

    22. Awesome, awesome fun. This book is laugh-out-loud hilarious, set in an awesome location, describes a very cool local myth, & features a totally kick-butt protagonist who goes from only being able to define herself by how her boyfriend sees her into a girl who can literally break spells & save lives. After her boyfriend breaks up with her on the last day of school, Morgan has a bit of a meltdown. After she cuts all her hair off & dyes the stubble with orange stripes, her parents decid [...]

    23. Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadTooWhen Morgan's life sort of crashes and burns, and she cuts off all of her hair and dyes what remains orange, her parents freak out. For some reason, they decide that what she needs is to go on a biking tour of Ireland. Of course, Morgan thinks they're insane, but she has no choice in the matter, so it's off to the land of leprechauns and shamrocks for her! Her trip turns out to be way more than Morgan bargained for when she hits her head and finds herse [...]

    24. I will start with the good stuff. It is set in Ireland, with Irish mythology, which I love. The faery world that involves people of real, actual life (people Morgan just met), was also good.Unfortunately, there are more negative points to the book. First, Morgan is a total bitch for about 3/4 of the story. It was just too much when she was listening to the poor widow, who lost her husband of cancer just a month ago. Instead of feeling sorry, she was annoyed and had the nerve to compare that inci [...]

    25. So Morgan might be reacting a little badly to her recent breakup.Welldly might be an understatement.After she takes the shears to her hair, Morgan's parents totally hit the roof and ship her off to Ireland for a bike tour, hoping (perhaps a little too optimistically) that a little time away from home will straighten her out. The country is unexplored, the fellow tourists all with their own interesting quirks and reasons to get away - and of course, there's Colin, who seems to Morgan to be the pe [...]

    26. Think Impossible by Nancy Werlin, with a touch of the edge of Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and a little humor and snark from Drawing a blank or How I tried to solve a mystery end a feud and land the girl of my dreams by Daniel Ehrenhaft. Plus a fun cover. Morgan is a recent break-up victim. In response, she buzzes her hair and dyes it in stripes. Also, she's not being nice to her family. So, her parents ship her off to a week-long bike tour of Ireland. While there, she starts having mysterious [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book a lot as a kid, but I'd probably have to read it again to give it a proper rating. It's a good "dealing with the hardships of life" type of book. I had a lot of fun reading it, and some of the Irish mythic references were a lot of fun, but overall it wasn't exceedingly spectacular. Charming and fun, but not earth-shattering.The Good:-Colin was great, very sweet and very endearing. And Fergus, he was great too, cracked me up.-Most of the characters I ended up liking a lot, the [...]

    28. After Morgan’s boyfriend decides he needs a change and dumps her, she decides to make some changes of her own. She takes some scissors to her long locks and cuts them all off! Her parents surprised by her drastic action think that a change of scenery may be beneficial for Morgan, so they pack her bags and send her on a bike tour of Ireland.Morgan isn’t thrilled to be in Ireland, but the cute luggage van driver Colin just might make it worth her trip. That is until she hits her head and wakes [...]

    29. Remarkably believable for such a funky book. I was actually attracted by the combination of the title/font/cover artwork; I have to say I was definitely not expecting the parallel-universe-type jaunt into fantastic Irish folklore midway through. But I loved it. Morgan was witty and sassy and took being half-celestial fairly well, on top of managing to convince me that she's actually pretty mentally stable considering her myriad of circumstances. The author also did a pretty good job of dropping [...]

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