The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte Robert Asprey completes his definitive two volume biography with an intimate fast paced look at Napoleon s daring reign and tragic demise with of the personality and passion that marked the first vo

  • Title: The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Author: Robert B. Asprey
  • ISBN: 9780465004829
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robert Asprey completes his definitive, two volume biography with an intimate, fast paced look at Napoleon s daring reign and tragic demise with of the personality and passion that marked the first volume of this cradle to the grave biography In The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, Asprey showed us that Napoleon was not the father of chaos, but rather an heir to it In thRobert Asprey completes his definitive, two volume biography with an intimate, fast paced look at Napoleon s daring reign and tragic demise with of the personality and passion that marked the first volume of this cradle to the grave biography In The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, Asprey showed us that Napoleon was not the father of chaos, but rather an heir to it In this companion volume, we see Napoleon struggling to subdue the turmoil We peer over Napoleon s shoulder as he solidifies his growing empire through a series of marriages, military victories, and shrewd diplomatic manipulations We watch Napoleon lose control of his empire, plot his return from Elba, rally peasants in his march to Paris, endure defeat at Waterloo and suffer exile and a lonely death on the island of St Helena Robert Asprey tells this fascinating, tragic tale in lush narrative detail.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read Õ The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte : by Robert B. Asprey ✓
      356 Robert B. Asprey
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      Posted by:Robert B. Asprey
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    One thought on “The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte”

    1. The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte is the second part of Robert Asprey’s comprehensive study of the man and his time. This picks up where The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte left off, just after the crushing victory at Austerlitz. Asprey will take us to the final demise of Napoleon on St Helena. In between victory and death, Asprey covers all the twists and turns of the man, his allies and enemies. This book was 100 pages shorter than the first. It should have been at least 100 pages longer as Asprey [...]

    2. Talk about a tragic hero.Other than breaking the conservation of time/place rule, Napoleon really embodies such a Greek tragic arc--a great man whose fundamental flaws bring him to greatness and then cause his fall. In Asprey's first book, we got the ascent. Despite several near misses, including attempts at Corsican insurrection that by all rights should have gotten him executed, his brilliance and arrogance bring him to the pinnacle of power. In this book, that brilliance and arrogance lead hi [...]

    3. Asprey's second book on Napoleon Bonaparte picks up right were the first one had left off, Napoleon now Emperor of the French, was engaging in a series of wars and struggles known as the Napoleonic Wars. Europe was determined to destroy this usurper to power and he was determined to beat them back and gobble up their kingdoms as well. "Neither was Napoleon that father of the wars that accompanied the process, as his detractors would have us believe. Almost constant warfare between was the legacy [...]

    4. Admittedly never much of a Napoleon 'fan' I became intrigued after visiting the site of his (military) demise: Waterloo. Who was this guy? How did he go from nobody to defender of the Revolution to dictator par extraordinaire? This book -- and the first volume that preceded it -- does less of an effort to explain who he was, and focuses more what he became. In other words, this is not a psychological study of Napoleon the Man, but rather a travelogue of his life. And, what a life it was. I'm har [...]

    5. A little more than a week ago, I finished reading this wonderful book, which aptly sums up Napoleon's reign. Here was a man who bestrode Europe like a Colossus. Napoleon was a representation of a shift in the governing order whose rule was once largely regarded as a matter of divine right. Though no believer in democracy (as exemplified by Britain), he supported and nurtured people of proven talent both in the military and civilian spheres. Yet notwithstanding his considerable talents and intell [...]

    6. It's fine. Sometimes sympathetic portrayal of a steady, narrative type. Needed to read to catch up on Russian debacle to Waterloo time period due to reading Kissinger's book about Metternich.

    7. Superficial bites at Napoleon. Written for those who are starting out in the era here. Otherwise has nothing to offer

    8. A fast-paced MILITARY history, and a story of hubris.This is basically the second volume of a two-part book, along with "The Rise of Napoleon." As in "Rise," Asprey tends to gloss over the political ideology of Napoleon, his philosophy, and his domestic achievement (which is again discussed in terms of passing references to the building of monuments, schools, and the Napoleonic code). His focus is also squarely European, and again makes only brief references to monumental events, especially in t [...]

    9. This two volume biography deserves praise thanks to the author's commitment in being unbiased as he presents facts. Sadly, I believe this is the same reason why this work won't gain the widespread recognition it deserves. I feel like mainstream reviewers crave subjective assertions. Napoleon must be a hero or a tyrant and some sort of Freudian explanation for his personality must be explicitly outlined. However, Asprey does a wonderful job in presenting pure facts and multiple interpretations as [...]

    10. For the last few years of his painful life in isolation on St Helena island, Napoleon would start each morning by being moved to his armchair facing east, and say "Good morning sun, good morning my friend."This was the biggest biographical work I've ever read, and it was very well done. Plenty of information, never-ending source lists, but moving with along at a great narrative pace. The main players in little Nabulione's life came across as colourful and unique, and the story is well set in the [...]

    11. I thought this was a good, if not great, recent biography of Napoleon. I was excited to dig into this two-volume biography since the author is a former U.S. Marine officer and many reviews gushed over his handling of the military aspects of Napoleon's life but I thought his coverage of tactics, battles, and strategy was just average.

    12. This is a companion to the rise of Napoleon also listed. Not a bad read. Considering how much ground needed to be covered, it does a fair job of an overview. It is part biography (its main focues), and part history. If you want more deatail on any one part of history involving Napoleon, I'd suggest choosing from the many other books available to look at the particular battle, etc.

    13. Really good history of the time period and Napoleon's life. I'm not sure I felt like I knew the man as well as when I read other books, like Schom's biography or Strathern's 'Napoleon in Egypt', but I think this book helps describe the surrounding events better than those.

    14. This turned out to be a boring read. The author's treatment is superficial throughout the book, he barely skims the surface of things, and never delves deeper into any one event. It wasn't a bad writing, it was just so mediocre, it doesn't deserve the time it takes to read through it.

    15. I really enjoyed reading Asprey's perspective on the second half of Napoleons life. The book covered great ground, as well as giving credit to Napoleons achievements where credit is due. I'm looking forward to reading other books from this author.

    16. I tried reading this book. So, so boring. Nothing ever happened. Towns and names were about it. Just very dry. Could not finish it.

    17. the second of two volumes taking Napoleon from cradle to grave in a masterful treatment of his life in 3 dimensions.

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