Nzingha Warrior Queen of Matamba Angola Africa In Nzingha is the strong intelligent daughter of the Ngola leader of the Mbundu people of Ndongo in modern day Angola loyal to her people and willing to fight for them Unfortunately because

  • Title: Nzingha: Warrior Queen of Matamba, Angola, Africa, 1595
  • Author: Patricia C. McKissack
  • ISBN: 9780439112109
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1595, Nzingha is the strong, intelligent daughter of the Ngola leader of the Mbundu people of Ndongo in modern day Angola , loyal to her people and willing to fight for them Unfortunately, because she is a girl, her brother is the favored child, in training to become the next Ngola, even though he is whiny, stupid, and slow according to Nzingha But Ajala, a respeIn 1595, Nzingha is the strong, intelligent daughter of the Ngola leader of the Mbundu people of Ndongo in modern day Angola , loyal to her people and willing to fight for them Unfortunately, because she is a girl, her brother is the favored child, in training to become the next Ngola, even though he is whiny, stupid, and slow according to Nzingha But Ajala, a respected seer, believes that Nzingha is destined to be the leader of Ndongo, and begins preparing her for this future Nzingha s father fights to keep the Portuguese from taking over their homeland, yet it is Nzingha, ultimately, who acts as the go between for her people and the Portuguese, negotiating acceptable relations in order to keep peace and power for the Mbundu Based on true historical events, places, people, and customs, this novel portrays the fascinating details of a remarkable young woman s strength and courage in defending her world against subterfuge, spies, and the onslaught of the Portuguese Historical notes, photos, illustrations, maps, the Ngola family tree, and a glossary and pronunciation guide are included for a comprehensive understanding of a complex era Patricia McKissack is the well respected and award winning author of over 100 children s books and historical novels, including the Newbery Honor book The Dark Thirty Southern Tales of the Supernatural and Color Me Dark The Diary of Nellie Lee Love from the Dear America series Ages 9 to 12 Emilie Coulter

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      323 Patricia C. McKissack
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    1. I enjoyed this book so much, I read it very fast like for couple of hours only or so, but I am sure I will keep it in my bookshelf, in case I'll have children I want them to know about the life of this remarkable woman.I am not Angolan but curently I live in Luanda, and the busiest street here is named Gingha (or, Nzingha). I took me sometime to understand that Nzingha was an Angolan queen, who fought for her kingdom against colonialist (portuguese) and slavery. I was amazed to hear that story f [...]

    2. I was really excited to read this book since it's not common to find YA historical books set in Africa.The book started off well enough, but it was far too short for the story it wanted to tell. Like, ridiculously short. Stories can be told in few pages, and well, but this didn't work at all. I enjoyed reading more about the actual history about Nzingha than the made up history in the diary.(view spoiler)[Also, the whole "Njali is a traitor!" reveal was pretty cool, and then IMMEDIATELY erased i [...]

    3. This book introduces the reader to Queen Nzingha, but ends after her early life. I was expecting the diary entries to cover more of her later life which was the period when this queen accomplished most in her conflict with the Portuguese. Still, it is a useful introduction.

    4. Interesting to read about such a fascinating woman. Nzingha is a strong, intelligent leader. This particular story also offers insight into the history of the invading Portuguese and the slave trade they ran from Africa to Brazil. Chilling to read about that.The brief history of Nzingha portrayed here is interesting—she was an amazing leader who lived into her 80’s leading her armies to battle with her life-long loyal sisters and denouncing the slave trade—but I wanted more about her later [...]

    5. Nzingha, Warrior Queen of Matamba, by Patrick Mckissasck, is just one of the many book series, in The Royal Diaries. Nzingha is a princess, who lives in Angola; Africa in 1595, her only wish is to hunt with her father, before she marries. She is only thirteen, but is very mature for her age. This book was written based on a true person, some of the characters names are false, but their existence is true. The book is mostly her life and written as a journal of what is going on in her life. It is [...]

    6. Based on true events, Nzingha,Warrior Queen of Matamba, tells the story of the arrival of the Portuguese to Angola in 1595, through the diary of thirteen year old princess Nzingha. As the oldest daughter of the Ngola of Mbundu Kingdom, Nzingha dreams of a day when she can lead her people in spite of her lazy step-brother, the heir apparent. We follow this journey through her numerous diary entries; from her struggle to be a warrior, to her encounter with the Portuguese slave traders both on the [...]

    7. Some good info in here about Nzingha and her life in the 1590s in Africa. It was interesting to read about her culture and how African "royalty" is formed under the chief, the Ngola. However, it didn't bother me so much that I didn't like this book overall, because it's so extremely short. It also reveals a twist that is then taken back almost immediately. This one's good for the cultural and historical info, but lacking for a compelling story in the fiction department.

    8. Graded By: MariaCover Story: Anogla's Next Top ModelBFF Charm: EventuallySwoonworthy Scale: 1Talky Talk: Brevity is the Soul of WitBonus Factor: Sub-Saharan, Pre-Colonial African HistoryAnti-Bonus Factor: Smallville SyndromeRelationship Status: Comrades-in-ArmsRead the full book report here.

    9. I borrowed this from the library becuase of fond memories of reading other books from this series a number of yours ago as a tween. This book lvied up to those memories and was a fun ascape back into those years, and I recommend it to anyone just arriving at them. The only thing I'd say, is that the book and it's epilogue made a focus of Nzingha being against slavery, when in fact, she was merely against slavery as practised by europeans, not that of her own people. And as commendable as her lif [...]

    10. Nzingha is an incredibly intriguing leader. She is best known for the account where she was insulted by the Protugese by not being provided a chair. She didn't let that stop her. She just had a servant bend over as a chair so she could look the governor in the eye and get the respect she deserved. Her story is just COOL! She was pretty bad ass! She was a great leader and warrior, the people loved her and she was able to resist the Portugese slave drive. The one big disappointment was how short t [...]

    11. This was my least favorite Royal Diaries book so far. The story ended so abruptly; it seemed like the author just got tired of writing the book so she stopped.

    12. An interesting and well-crafted book, but would have benefited greatly from being maybe 50 pages longer. There simply aren't enough pages to get through everything brought up! It's an interesting time period with an interesting protagonist and interesting plot, and there's a real lack of fiction in this era/place, but could have been so much better if there was MORE. For my full review including spoilers, check out Young Adult Historical Vault. yahistoricalvault/2017/03

    13. Boo! I was excited to read historical fiction about people that are not white but this is really just a pathetic attempt. The story itself is a mere 90 pages, the rest is historical notes and photos. My biggest issue is that the author just barely brushes up against the idea that the slavery the people of Angola practice is different than the chattel slavery of the Portuguese but this is never really explained, not even in the notes.

    14. I loved these books as an adolescent, I collected them all, I read and re-read them. I went on to be a history major and librarian and I think that it is in no small part due to books like these that made history feel alive to young women in a way that many/most of the books at the time did not.

    15. Good series for middle-school aged students. historical Fiction which is not entirely accurate, but could be a gateway to a fascination with a person or time period.

    16. Nzinga is a part of a book series by called The Royal Diaries, which are fictional diaries of real princesses and noble women from history. The Royal Diaries series features famous noble women from around the world, from Marie Antoinette to Jahanara of India. I started collecting the books when I was a teenager. I’ve always loved reading books about strong women and I love reading the history of royal women. Although I heard that some of the books are not quite historically accurate with the [...]

    17. Read this right after watching Black Panther and wanting to stick it to the white man (I’m white). I very much enjoyed it and want to learn more about her life African history as a whole. Sorely unrecorded

    18. I have to admit that I’m not used to reading a story in diary form, and I was a bit turned-off when I saw it like that. However, once I started reading, I didn’t mind as much and found myself enjoying it. The diary format for me actually added realism to the story, as if Nzingha was still alive and was writing this (or had written it but it had happened recently). It did, as many say good historical fictions do, took me back in time.Nzingha herself was a very interesting person; while I don [...]

    19. A week or so ago, I had this realization that I loved these books when I was younger. I remember keeping my copy on Marie Antoinette close and rather on display so everyone could see my beautiful princess book. There was total distress when pencil marks or dirt got on it in any way. (And the gold edges? I adored it all. Looking back, I was kinda obnoxious about the whole thing). So, when I visited my local library, I made sure to see if they had this series on hand. Ended up leaving with 3, and [...]

    20. Nzingha, Warrior Queen / 0-439-11210-9The only thing frustrating about the Royal Diary and Dear America series is that most of the books are still only available in hardcover and at a hardcover price. "Nzingha" is definitely a good addition to the Royal Diary series, but at approximately 90 pages for the entire novel, it feels almost criminally short. Of course, this tends to happen most with the novels constructed for historical figures whose childhood details are largely lost to history, but i [...]

    21. Now here is a woman who absolutely deserves a book in The Royal Diaries! And the sad part? I had no idea she even existed until I read it a few weeks ago.By all accounts, Nzingha was a very strong leader in her later life and we see hints of that in her ‘diary’ as a girl of thirteen. She’s also not perfect, something everyone can relate to, making a false accusation in front of the whole court, which turns out to be baseless. Unlike a lot of the princesses in The Royal Diaries, Nzingha gro [...]

    22. This was a really great book something that I have never event thought of reading was so unbelievably perfect.

    23. It was nice, I really liked it, it was different from those other historical-fiction diary books that I read in some way. I'm not sure how, but I do know that I read liked it and did a book report on it and got 120% WOO!! Thanks Spedwards. >:DDD Those two will always be my favorite teachers (along with Mrs. White).It's Angola 1595, centered around Nzinja, princess of the Mbundu people. She is willing to fight for her people, to do anything; but alas, she has one of those dreaded things that a [...]

    24. This is the story of a young girl who lived in Africa near the end of the 1500's. Nzingha was a member of the Mbundu kingdom of Ndongo. She was growing in in a time where the slave trade was just getting under way, and the Portuguese were making inroads into their territory.This is again a culture clash type of story. She has to decide whether or not the Portuguese priest who has become known to their tribe is to be trusted or not. She has to watch for enemies within as well as enemies without h [...]

    25. 2.5 stars. I love that the Royal Diaries series features several lesser-known, but no less interesting, princesses, but I wish this "diary" had fully delivered. The actual narrative finishes at a mere 86 pages, which I think makes it the shortest in the whole series. And Nzingha's life, even her early years, was so fascinating! There is an issue with hardly anything being known about her life, along with western reports on it being warped by stereotypes and prejudice, but I felt like this was on [...]

    26. I really *wanted* to like this book. Historical fiction, check; strong female protagonist, check; tale from an underrepresented part of history (the West African kingdoms) that is *not* about surviving slavery, double-check--the thing is, though, that not much happened in the story. It was more of a biographical sketch than anything else. The book is part of a series of stories about teen female royalty, so maybe that was the root of my problem. I'm not talking about the "princess" branding (whi [...]

    27. This was better than I expected. I picked this up as a diverse-looking addition to my classroom historical fiction, and it exceeded my expectations. I hadn't realized that it was based on an actual person from history. I thought it was just generic from that time and place. The story is interesting and extremely accessible at under 100 pages. There is a lot of description, but the culture is so foreign that I think many teens will enjoy it. I was surprised at the extensive non-fiction section at [...]

    28. The people, places, customs and events in the book are historical. Nzingha (NZIN-gah) was a woman, a warrior, a general and a queen of her people (the Mbundu) in southwestern Africa (modern day Angola). She spent her entire adult life fighting against colonization of her beloved land by the Portuguese and the Dutch. She resisted the actions of slavers who wanted her to capture other tribes and sell them to the slavers for transport to Brazil and the Caribbean. Living to be 82 years old in the fo [...]

    29. The thing is, I'd avoided this book because I didn't think the author was black. My thing with the Royal Diaries series is that I will only read them if the author is of the ethnicity of the Royal Princess in question. But then I discovered that Patricia McKissack was African American, and so I was okay to read this book.There is such strength of character that comes through this book. A beauty in her awesomeness (and strength, and if I repeat strength a lot, it's because that word needs to be p [...]

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