Little Sister As a girl in the Japanese imperial court of the s Mitsuko is shielded from reality But when her brother in law is murdered and her family taken away by a warlord she summons the courage to vent

  • Title: Little Sister
  • Author: Kara Dalkey
  • ISBN: 9780140386318
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a girl in the Japanese imperial court of the 1200s, Mitsuko is shielded from reality But when her brother in law is murdered, and her family taken away by a warlord, she summons the courage to venture into the nether world The spirit of Mitsuko s beloved sister, still devastated by the loss of her husband, wanders between Life and Death In order to bring her sister bAs a girl in the Japanese imperial court of the 1200s, Mitsuko is shielded from reality But when her brother in law is murdered, and her family taken away by a warlord, she summons the courage to venture into the nether world The spirit of Mitsuko s beloved sister, still devastated by the loss of her husband, wanders between Life and Death In order to bring her sister back, Mitsuko, with the help of Goranu, a shape shifter, must battle the merciless spirits to the death.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ¿ Little Sister - by Kara Dalkey ½
      483 Kara Dalkey
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    One thought on “Little Sister”

    1. I'm Japanese, and it's really obvious this is written by a non-Japanese author. It just feels dripping with exotifying language in a bad way. I couldn't get through it, even though I love YA about birds and bird-monsters and the tengu character made me want to like it, but I couldn't even make it to that part.If you want a good, English language, historical fantasy about shapeshifters, read The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson. It's much better and didn't make me want to throw the book across the room.

    2. If I hadn't read so much manga and watched so much anime before I discovered this book, I would have loved it - certainly as a teenager.I sort of grinned at every time they messed up monogatari as monotagari/monotogari It's a fun romp through Heian times of Court Nobles and Oni mythology of Japan, with some Buddhism and Shinto thrown in. And it has a thirteen year-old girl as the heroine, who reads believable in her world-view as a daughter of a noble family. Loved all those lovely short poems ( [...]

    3. Part of the Non-European Fantasy by Women blog series.This is exactly the sort of book I am so, so happy this blog series is introducing me to. I am breathless at how much I am loving the books I've chosen; Little Sister, by Kara Dalkey, is no exception.It takes place in medieval Japan, a thoroughly foreign concept to me. I know very little about Japanese mythology and history, although this book was enough to make me keenly interested. We are introduced to Mitsuko, which translates literally to [...]

    4. Genre: historical fiction, Japanese folktale, fantasySummary: Mitsuko is the fourth daughter (which is the literal translation) of a family in the powerful Fujiwara clan in Heian-era Japan. Mitsuko has an older sister that she adores. The family's home in the capital is attacked by some militant monks, so they flee into the country. However, they are attacked again on the road and Mitsuko's beloved brother-in-law is killed, and her older sister's soul has left its temporal shell. Mitsuko then co [...]

    5. 3 1/2 stars, I guess? Really, imagery and the prose itself is worth more than that, but I felt the story wasn't quite up to 4 stars, so I don't know. Short, elegant, and entertaining. It was very cinematic, and I could see the whole thing unfolding in my head like animation (I could totally see this as a Miyazaki film - the sweeping visuals and sense of wonder were very similar in style to Miyazaki movies, actually). I loved the bizarre imagery of the underworld. The prose had that poetic, under [...]

    6. GAAAAHAHA THIS WAS SUCH A PRETTY STORY. All the poetry and everything omg. I was like What even I can't write anything near that wowowowo. This was pretty darn amazing story though for Mitsuko. So many metaphors though. Everything was just pretty omge names though like Yugiri kept making me think of sushi(view spoiler)[ BUT THE ENDING NO WWHY OMG WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO I KNEW IT JUST AS SOON AS GORANU SAID "You are beautiful" I FREAKING KNEW IT WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN UROEJFGHDNOEBFJDLKHN I cannot h [...]

    7. I've recommended this book to so many people all ready. It's based in Asia, using the religious beliefs and some of the events that actually happened to tell the story of a young girl in search of her sister's soul. I thought it was great-well written, well organized, and fun to read. It has definitely made it to my favorites list.

    8. I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE this book. It's a really great book, and I totally recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    9. A very unique genre- Japanese historical fantasy mystery novel. Lots of cultural and religious beliefs mixed. A girl has to venture into the spirit world to try to save her sister.

    10. This is a very interesting, entertaining book. Lots of action, adventure, and Japanese Mythology- but it still is easily accessed by a young, American audience.

    11. Overall it came across clearly the author was outside the culture looking in, which while that might not be a killer, the rest of the book couldn't save it from this being a killing blow. As the story progressed, the reader finds themselves shoved from place to place, never able to really settle in and enjoy the scenery or get to know how it's affecting the characters we're following. The poetry, while often nice little pieces, seem forced in at odd times. I couldn't recommend this, and honestly [...]

    12. One of the best books ever. An adventure and a romance between a young Japanese girl in Feudal Japan and the shapeshifting demon who saves her and her sister. I have wanted Miyazaki to make this into an anime movie for years. This and the sequel, The Heavenward Path, give the reader a glimpse into the world of Japanese Shinto Gods and Goddesses. So much fun! A great writer!!

    13. Novel yang mengambil Jepang sebagai settingnya selalu punya daya tarik tersendiri. Tidak heran begitu melihat judul buku dengan seorang gadis mengunakan kimono sebagai covernya, saya segera memasukkannya ke keranjang belajaan tanpa sempat melihat lagi resensi di belakangnya.Mitsuko, kata yang menjadi judul buku, yang juga adalah nama seorang gadis bangsawan yang menjadi tokoh sentral dan sebagai narator yang mengisahkan perjuangannya untuk bebas dari bencana yang nyaris membuat keluarganya hancu [...]

    14. Little Sister by Kara Dalkey is one of my favorite books. It was published way back in 1996, so not a lot of people remember it. It follows the story of Fujiwara no Mitsuko, a Japanese child of a noble family in the 9th year of Emperor Shirakawa's reign.The setting is beautifully painted in watercolor strokes by the author, who writes as Mitsuko. We follow her as she and her family go through fires and scandal, and she befriends Goranu, a Tengu. Tengu are a particular kind of Japanese Oni, or de [...]

    15. Category: Books Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Author: Kara Dalkey Fujiwara No Mitsuko adalah gadis berusia tiga belas tahun di Jepang. Seperti gadis bangsawan lainnya di istana kekaisaran, Mitsuko hidup di balik tirai kesopanan, memakai kimono berlapis-lapis untuk menutup bentuk tubuhnya dan — bila di hadapan umum — menyembunyikan wajahnya di balik lengan kimono.Serta menghabiskan banyak waktunya untuk menulis puisi.Tetapi Mitsuko bukan gadis biasa. Ketika desanya diserang bandit, kak [...]

    16. Mitsuko spends her days writing poetry, and keeping herself hidden from most of the world outside of her own family. But when her sister Amaiko’s husband, Yugiri, is murdered, and her sister’s spirit attempts to follows him into death, Mitsuko must flee her sheltered life and find Yugiri’s lost soul. With a crow-demon for a companion, Mitsuko begins a dangerous journey where she must deal with gods and monsters, and save her family before it’s too late.Little Sister is a book that I firs [...]

    17. Awal-awal baca buku ini sempet setengah hati, karena ceritanya yg terlalu anak-anak (mengingat saya udah bangkotan) belum lagi banyak tulisan dalam bentuk puisi, tapi setelah cerita mulai masuk ke konflik, tak terasa saya ikut terlarut membacanya.Kisah perjuangan Mitsu-chan dalam menyelamatkan keluarganya membawanya dalam petualangan dengan para mahluk mitologi Jepang. Dan persahabatannya dengan tengu si bunian a.k.a jejadian digambarkan dengan indah dan polos. Mungkin karena akhir-akhir ini say [...]

    18. Mitsuko: Persahabatan, Petualangan & Cinta Seorang Gadis Bangsawan. Judulnya ini benar-benar menggambarkan isi buku yang selesai gw baca hanya dalam sekejap, karena setelah membuka halaman pertama ternyata tidak bisa berhenti membacanya.Yang menarik tentu saja karena Dalkey menggabungkan sejarah, mitos dan legenda dalam menceritakan perjalanan Mitsuko mencari jiwa suami kakaknya. Bertemu Raja Naga penguasa laut, dewa badai, sampai mampir ke neraka dan negeri leluhur tempat orang-orang mati p [...]

    19. This is a fascinating book that takes place in Japan's past, at a time when there was a great deal of trouble in the country with warrior monks, feuding families, and, in this case, mythological creatures that turn out to be real.Mitsuko is from a well-off family, but everything falls apart and she ends up going on a search for the spirit of her sister's dead husband in order to bring her sister's soul back to her. Mitsuko becomes involved with a shape-shifter, and the story just keeps getting m [...]

    20. Part of the 2015 Reading Challenge: A book you own but have never readI'm a little slow at reviewing this book, so this should be quick and short.I loved this book. While the world is largely unfamiliar to me, I was quickly pulled into medieval Japan, seeing it through the eyes of young Mitsuko. Her tale is one of quiet strength, and of an undying love for her family and sister. I enjoyed seeing Mitsuko grow and change, and how she had to find her own path in life. The last chapter of the book w [...]

    21. Keberanian Mitsuko untuk menentang adat dan berteman dengan orang-orang yang "tidak selayaknya" serta memilih sendiri jalan hidupnya menjadi peziarah patut ditirukadang-kadang, orang yang tidak kita duga malah orang yang memberikan pertolongan untuk kita, sementara orang yang dianggap "segolongan" malah tidak berbuat apa-apa untuk menolong saat kita terlibat masalah.tu lagi.nampilan benar-benar bukan jaminan tengu, ternyata baik hatirahib malah jadi yang jahat.ywaylove this book.

    22. This book is sweet, simple, and entirely entertaining. this is the perfect, diversion from one of those,"God i hate my life, why would my teachers give me so much homework?! how am i supposed to do all this?!" type moments. i read it sometime between calculus homework and an English essay, and for that brief hour, i was completely and totally lost in the story.i'll admit the ending was nothing like i expected, and it took me a minute to fully accept it.(okay, maybe more like an hour to accept it [...]

    23. Banyak memberikan informasi tentang Jepang. Kisah saling menggulingkan antar klan di Jepang. Dan kisah seorang gadis Jepang bernama Mitsuko yang melakukan perjalanan mencari jasad kakak iparnya bersama seorang tengu. Perjalanan ke tempat-tempat tak terduga dan pembuktian cinta sejatinya kepada kakaknya. Memberikan pesan moral pula bahwa kelp. yg diberi stereotip/label jahat ternyata tidak semuanya benar. Seperti tengu yang dianggap jahat, ternyata ia baik, bahkan menolong Mitsuko yang baru diken [...]

    24. I liked the plot of this novel, however there were a few things that left me a bit annoyed. Dalkey's writing bothered me especially in the beginning when Mitsuko is writing in her diary, and yet she acted as though she were speaking. Another thing I disliked was the novel moved far too quickly. I couldn't get immersed into the setting because in the blink of an eye, Mitsuko would be somewhere else. It was entertaining and a very easy read.

    25. This was a pleasant little book. I think it would be more appealing to a younger audience. I did enjoy the tengu characters that the little sister ran away with. I liked best the turn at the end where the little sister realized that she had changed a lot and no longer fit very comfortably in her old life. It makes me want to read some of the books that inspire these types of writing: Tales of Genji, The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon.

    26. I thought that Little Sister was one of the best books I've read this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It started off slow, but the author picks up the pace quickly when the main character starts on a journey to find her sister's lost soul through heaven and hell being guided by a friendly demon named Goranu. On their journey they go through the Land of the Ancestors and the author describes the setting tremendously.

    27. Kisah diawali ketika mitsuko dan keluarga dserang oleh para rahib yg mengakibatkan keluarganya saling terpisah dan kematian yugiri. Mitsuko rela melanggar semua peraturan yg membelenggunya sbg seorang bangsawan demi mengembalikan hidup amaiko dgn mengembalikan jiwa amaiko. Petualangan dmulai saat mitsuko bertemu dgn kami seekor tengu yg bernama goranu. Mereka pun bersahabat, goranu membantu mitsuko dgn memasuki dunia bunian. Semua itu mitsuko lakukan demi keluarga tercintanya.

    28. I wish they would reprint this book, and other books by Dalkey, because this is one of the best young adult fantasy novels I've ever read. I read it when I was 12, and it has stuck with me since. Now in my 20s, I'm still enamored with it and actually just bought it on Ebay after discovering that I couldn't buy it new anywhere.Highly recommended.

    29. Okay, first of all, I just loved, loved, loved this book. And I'm still sad about the series not having a third book. D; Kara Dalkey must have done a lot of studying of Japan and Japanese Mythology, and I admire her hard work. I myself write a Dystopian/Furturistic book because I wouldn't have the patience to study what happened back then. Give it up for Kara Dalkey!

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