The Au Pairs Three girls with three agendas and the ultimate destination the Hamptons Summer in the city Way overrated Everybody who s anybody in New York City summers in the Hamptons Mara Eliza and Jacqui all w

  • Title: The Au Pairs
  • Author: Melissa de la Cruz
  • ISBN: 9780689873195
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three girls with three agendas and the ultimate destination the Hamptons.Summer in the city Way overrated Everybody who s anybody in New York City summers in the Hamptons Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui all want a piece of the action, all for different reasons.So the girls answer a classified ad to become au pairs How bad can it be, watching a couple of kids on the beach allThree girls with three agendas and the ultimate destination the Hamptons.Summer in the city Way overrated Everybody who s anybody in New York City summers in the Hamptons Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui all want a piece of the action, all for different reasons.So the girls answer a classified ad to become au pairs How bad can it be, watching a couple of kids on the beach all day They ve got the swank address, the sweet ride, and an all access pass to the hottest social scene on the East Coast It s shaping up to be the summer of their lives.

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    One thought on “The Au Pairs”

    1. Listen, don't get me wrong, I love me some fluffy summer smut, but this just isn't it. This is one of the most underdeveloped story lines I've ever read, and the book is 300 freaking pages long! The writing is incredibly simple and the three protagonists Eliza, Mara, and Jaqui, all have super shallow personalities. One is a rich girl, one is a small town girl, and one is an exotic, alcoholic party-girl. It doesn't get more deep than that and nothing really happens to them all summer except that [...]

    2. This is a real summer read book. I really enjoyed this series, honestly sometimes I want to read books for pure enjoyment and not get a lesson or another out of them, I mean come on I need to leave room to learn on my own and this book definitely delivered on the fun pleasure read part. It's a page turner, quirky characters and who doesn't love getting thrown into the rich and fabulous life? I love the 3 main characters, how all three were different but they still became close friends and experi [...]

    3. **edited March 2013 New covers? New Title for the frist novel?Looks like these are going to get a new push forthe summer season. **Three very different girls are brought together for the chance of a lifetime. A summer job as an au pair in the exclusive, luxurious Hamptons with 10,000 dollars of cash to boot for the Perry family.Eliza - Former guest of the Perry family , but now a "poor girl " since Daddy got arrested for fraud. Wants the job so she has a place to stay in the Hamptons to get back [...]

    4. There is more than enough name-dropping in THE AU PAIRS to satisfy the cravings of any reader. However, this series by Melissa de la Cruz stands out from other, similar series because of its character development.Eliza, Mara, and Jacqui are three girls who are going to be au pairs for a rich family’s four young children during their summer stay in the Hamptons. Eliza was once the NYC It girl, before her family lost their fortune and they had to relocate to (bleeech!) Buffalo. Therefore, this s [...]

    5. McLaughlin and Kraus's The Nanny Diaries (St. Martin, 2002) meets von Ziegesar's Gossip Girls (Little, Brown, 2002) in this high fashion, air-kissing, celebrity-sprinkled whirl of fluff. Three unique chicas -- one exotic exchange student (Jacqui), one plain Jane from suburbia (Mara), and one former society girl (Eliza) find themselves sharing a summer nanny job (and a staff bedroom) in the Hamptons. Juggling boys, babysitting, and beaches is a challenge that can only be accomplished if they work [...]

    6. It had been my intention to read the whole series which was composed in a single collection I signed out from the library, but after finishing the first one, I know that I can't. While I had gone into this book expecting a pretty light, brainless summer read, I did not expect it to be so dull. Predictability is something that I expect from this kind of book, but it's important that it's presented in an engaging way. And for me, there was just nothing interesting about most of this book. Relation [...]

    7. When I was a teenager I did what most girls did for extra money, I babysat the neighborhood kids. I worked weekends, weeknights, and one time I worked through my junior prom. I always had cash on me and loved the kids that I watched. I sometimes thought the kids liked me better than their parents at times. The babysitting experiences that I had were fun, but never glorified and were hard work. Beach Lane is about a group of girls that decide to take a babysitting job for the summer in the Hampto [...]

    8. I read the fiction novel "The Au Pairs" by Melissa De La Cruz. I chose this book because I had previously read a different book by this author before and I really liked how she seemed to relate to the young teens my age and modern lifestyle of many people today.This book is about three young teenage girls (Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui)who all get hired for a summer job as Au Pairs by the Perry family who live in the Hamptons. During the summer all three of the girls' stories are told. The story goes [...]

    9. This was an okay book. The book reminded me of the Gossip Girl series, but I thought it was a lot better than that one for sure. I didn't like how shallow and reckless the girls were and couldn't believe how clueless the parents were about how the girls were taking care of their children. Still, I thought it was a somewhat fun read and I'll probably read the next book in the series, the next time I want a book that doesn't require a lot of thinking.

    10. 3.5 stars. I had a great time reading Beach Lane and will be picking up the second book very soon. The three Au Pairs are all likable characters and I'm enjoying watching them grow and mature.

    11. 3.5 starsBeach Lane was a surprisingly enjoyable read. I say surprisingly because there were so many things that annoyed the hell out of me, yet I couldn't stop reading. I just had this uncontrollable need to keep reading until I reached the end. The story is simplistic, the premise of the book literally tells you everything that happens. It's a quick, fluffy read, perfect for when you're in the mood to read something undemanding. It's a total brain vacation.As always, Melissa de la Cruz lays it [...]

    12. I chose to read this book during my summer holiday. I wanted something light and easy to read. This definitely fit that need. I've read other books by De La Cruz and enjoyed them. I did enjoy this one too although not as much as I thought. The plot and storyline were a bit obvious and one could guess where things would go with each character. Yes, the characters were quite shallow and as another reviewer said, I had to keep reminding myself that these girls were only 16/17 (with all the sleeping [...]

    13. With spring break time approaching very soon, it's not too early to be thinking of beach reads. The Au Pairs is the first in a series that seems poised to become a great beach read. To me, there are several key factors that make a great beach read. First, it has to be light. Second, it needs to be fun. Third, I like a little romance with my fruity umbrella drinks so it has to have a good love match. Fourth, it needs to be engaging. The Au Pairs has all of this. Are you going to have a major reve [...]

    14. So at first I hated the book. I hated all the characters besides Mara. I thought it was a good plot but executed poorly. But at the end, Melissa de la Cruz redeemed herself. Absolutely loved how she put Mara and Ryan together and i loved Eliza and Jeremy. I thought Jacqui was a naive whore from the beginning but she's less of a whore now and I like that lol. And it's great that even though the girls are so different they became friends in the end. What can I say, I am gonna read the next one, Th [...]

    15. 3 girls get hired to baby-sit like 4 kids in the hamptons over their summer break. 1 falls in love with the eldest brother (they dnt bbysit him. The other runs into the "love of ehjr life"who ends up being a jerk and the other 1 falls in the luv w/ the pool guy.

    16. A book about three different girls getting the job of au pairs for a rich family, the Perrys.Mara is the sweet one, Eliza is the now-not-rich, and Jacqui is the Brazillian hottie.Love, scandal, fame, and betrayal are game.(By the way, I hate Eliza. )A fun, fast book and beach ready.

    17. Echt een leuk begin van de serie! Doet me denken aan Gossip Girl en L.A. Candy enzo. Knappe, populaire meisjes, veel geld, lekker uitgaan, leuke mannen, noem maar op. Deze serie heeft alle ingrediënten voor een prettig tijdverdrijf aan het zwembad. Of op het strand.

    18. This book was iffy when I first started. Then all of a sudden I don't know when I was into it and enjoying it. I think it is an easy read kind of like The Ashley's. I don't take it seriously but they are fun and when reading I just get into the world.

    19. The Au Pairs series was my very first series that I ever read from Melissa De La Cruz. I remember back in high school, my friend and I, we had to find a book in the school library and presented to the class for our French class. We both picked the first book from the series (Un été pour tout changer/ The Au Pairs) and read the back cover that seamed interesting. After reading it, we totally loved it that we decided to borrow the other rest of the series from the school library to read it as we [...]

    20. This is one of those books that seems to have a multitude of problems, but when it is all said and done I don't really care. It was just a fun read. While I do wish it would have been longer just so the relationships were better developed (Eliza and Jeremy seemed to just fall out of the sky, very random) and the scandals were a bit more syndicalist, it was a super fast and fun read. Not my favorite, like I said it had many many issues(i'm just able to over look them), but still an enjoyable summ [...]

    21. This book was fun to read while I was at the pool since it has such a summer vibe and I enjoyed most of it but the last 50 pages were awful. The writing style totally changed and seemed super rushed. -__-

    22. I love Melissa De La Cruz. Her books are total guilty pleasure reads and even though there isn't a ton of depth to the story she always keeps me interested. Soo I would recommend this book but know that it's a total summer, guilty pleasure, gossip girl type novel.

    23. Fun read. This was a great addition to my time at an outdoor concert camping trip. Lying in a hammock under the trees reading about these young ladies in the Hamptonsahhh.

    24. While Beach Lane wasn't super spectacular, it was an entertaining read and a good way to kick off my summer reading. I really enjoyed it.

    25. I didn't like it. Maybe because, it reminded me of other books I read before don't know. Plus I didn't like that they kept watching tv shows in the book. Who cares about that? I have to read the whole series because, I bought a set really cheap so, I'm gonna give the other books a solid try but, idk the first book was kind of a dud.

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