Eisenhower From the acclaimed author of Old Soldiers Never Die comes an in depth biography of Dwight D Eisenhower that offers fresh perspectives not only on World War II and the Korean War but also on the Cold

  • Title: Eisenhower
  • Author: Geoffrey Perret
  • ISBN: 9781580624312
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the acclaimed author of Old Soldiers Never Die comes an in depth biography of Dwight D Eisenhower that offers fresh perspectives not only on World War II and the Korean War, but also on the Cold War, the civil rights movement, and Vietnam.

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    One thought on “Eisenhower”

    1. bestpresidentialbios/2017“Eisenhower” by Geoffrey Perret was published in 1999, two years after the publication of his biography of Ulysses S. Grant. Perret is an author and historian and served for three years in the U.S. Army. Among his dozen published books are biographies of JFK, Lincoln and Douglas MacArthur.Perret’s biography was the first comprehensive review of Eisenhower following the publication of Stephen Ambrose’s two-volume series in the early 1980s. With 608 pages of text i [...]

    2. This is an excellent book! The author doesn't get bogged down with unnecessary details. He reports on General Eisenhower's life and experience in the Army but he doesn't present a history of WWI or WWII or the interim years but he provides enough information to understand how and why General Eisenhower developed and succeeded. He continues the same process for the Presidency. Geoffrey Parret points out President Eisenhower's successes and failures in legislation as President. The author explains [...]

    3. It is very difficult to write a one volume biography of Eisenhower but this comes as close as one can get to being a thorough and accurate account of his life. The biography is a fair treatment of Eisenhower and looks at many of the myths that have come up about his life and dispels them. Starting with his early years and time growing up in Abeline to the days in the white house the reader can clearly see the evolution of Eisenhower. It covers not only his personal evolution but really looks at [...]

    4. I had always thought of President Eisenhower as very easy going, not having any ambition and things just falling into his lap. This biography relieved me of that misconception.He worked hard in school, very much wanted to get ahead. When he graduated from West Point he made it known he wanted to marry a rich woman and he did. And so onAnother misconception of mine is that Mamie went to school here in Denver. Her dad was a very successful business man in Iowa, retired when he was 45 and moved the [...]

    5. This is a good narrative about Dwight D. Eisenhower's life. Considering the subject matter (WWII and Ike's presidency), it's fairly short at 608 pages. I liked the way the author touched on things and gave his point of view on Ike's notes. Many of these points were insightful, because the author was sure to list both the mistakes and accomplishments that he saw.On page 412, I found the note about the Republican party of the 1950s quite interesting, given the points made about the UN, Social Secu [...]

    6. Coming to Eisenhower relatively neutral I carry no can for either supporters or detractors. The only lesson I take from this book is that the author ran out if interest in his subject well before the final curtain.Based on what I have just read Eisenhower was neither principled nor ethical.Pure laissez - faire to get through any problem no matter what it is. Admirable in a soldier & an enterprise manager, absolutely deplorable in a politician.

    7. The best overall biography of Eienhower I have read.Terrific descriptions of his dealings with large egogenerals and politicians, modestly and wisely managingthese men.I didn't expect to like this as well as I did, as I didn't care so much for Perret's biography of U.S. Grantso maybe I will have to reread that.

    8. Eisenhower was a great military leader but as the author illustrates a competent though not great president. From his humble midwest beginnings to the seat of power in Washington Eisenhower's fascinating life is thoroughly explored by the author. Well worth reading.

    9. A decent bio, I was really enjoying it till I got the presidency. The authors started to shift the book from a strict timeline to each chapter being about a different event in the Eisenhower presidency.

    10. Terrific biography. As full and varied as Ike's life was, though, even a 700+ page biography seemed like a survey at times and left me wanting more.

    11. This book was informative, well researched and well balanced dealing with the military and political aspects of Eisenhower's life.

    12. An amazing life, General to President. A great book that brings to Eisenhower to life. I did not know a lot about him. I do now. Enjoy!

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