The Three Day Rule When the Thorne family gather together in a remote village for Christmas only to find themselves cut off by the worst winter storm ever without electricity or phones they are forced to face each ot

  • Title: The Three Day Rule
  • Author: Josie Lloyd Emlyn Rees
  • ISBN: 9780434011476
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the Thorne family gather together in a remote village for Christmas, only to find themselves cut off by the worst winter storm ever, without electricity or phones, they are forced to face each other and themselves, in this moving, funny and ultimately optimistic story.

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      479 Josie Lloyd Emlyn Rees
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    One thought on “The Three Day Rule”

    1. I got this from the library because I had a vague memory of enjoying Come Together and Come Again seven years ago or so. Then I started reading, and remembered that I never managed to get through more than three chapters of The Boy Next Door. I was very close to putting this one down after about the same amount of pages, but I kept on going because I figured it had to get better.It didn't.There are quite a few characters in this story, and I usually like that. But to make it work the author have [...]

    2. No phone. No electricity. Snowed in with your family. Welcome to one hell of a Christmas. When the Thorne family gather for the annual Christmas festivities - the arguments, jealousies and long-held enmities that make every family Christmas so special - they think they've only got to endure each other for three days, and then they can return to normality. But then the snows come, along with the ninety-mile-an-hour winds and the plunging temperatures, and the Thornes get cut of with only each oth [...]

    3. I debated between a 3 and a 3.5 for this book because I did really like the way some characters developed (Kellie and Michael), but others just seemed two-dimensional and over-the-top (mainly Taylor and Elliot). In all honesty, it's a rather forgettable storyline, and not quite as interesting as the synopsis made it out to be. In places it was truly quite depressing - particularly Stephanie's storyline - but I was pleased with the way that certain situations worked out in the end. Sometimes chic [...]

    4. It's a bad idea reading reviews first before reading the book. It influences us readers to believe something, especially if it criticize. I think its best that you read the book first, before reading reviews.That is my mistake, I read reviews first here on (and most of them are criticisms)before reading the book. I almost didn't read the book because I thought that it would be a waste of my time(with the things written here and all) but it turned out to be a good book. Not the kind of book that [...]

    5. I thought this was a cute read but *SPOILERS* I just didn't like how Stephanie was treated throughout the book. Even her husband treated her ill and yet the book made her out to be the crazy one and the ending fell flat because it just appeared that she swallowed everything that everyone had done to her. Isabelle's character felt shallow. Although there were moments where she was obviously upset I really never liked her enough to care. Isabelle's daughter was on the verge of being a lunatic and [...]

    6. This was an enjoyable book that kept me entertained on a couple of long train rides, but seemed to miss the mark in a couple of places. There were a lot of character names to wrap my head around - at one point I got confused as to why someone was sitting under the table, before it became apparent that it was the dog! There were only two characters that I fully engaged with (Ben and Kellie). Other plot-lines were interesting, but didn't feel as real and fully formed.The main thing that annoyed me [...]

    7. I really liked the character Ben and enjoyed reading the parts about him and his developing friendship with Kellie, but I disliked all the other characters particularly Elliot & Taylor. In actual fact I didn't really care enough about the other members of the family to be invested in their storyline and I had no emotional connection to any of their back story to care how their individual story developed. I felt the story was predictable and not very original, this isn't normally something I' [...]

    8. I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked all the storylines, but I found most characters very tiresome and arrogant. Especially Kellie. I did like the story around her and Ben, but when it came to Kellie and Elliot I just wanted to shoot her in the face. And Stephanieh, she was annoying as hell. Sure, you lost your child. That is an awful thing, but get a grip on yourself en be like your husband, he moved one (which does not mean that his lost son is not in his mind). I felt that Ben was t [...]

    9. About a family that got themselves in a serious and complicated situation. At first, I thought it'll be a little boring but I got all excited when Kellie decides to cross the ocean to see Elliot and all. but I love Kellie and Ben more especially when they got acquainted; talking about movies and books, I just thought that I'd love a guy who'd be like Ben, making me feel comfortable and close to him even though we're strangers. I just, you know I can't help admiring them and being pissed at Taylo [...]

    10. This took me a while to get into due to the fact I thought it would be a easy read but turned out to be in depth story lots of words on a page and twists and turns in the relationships of the characters. The characters are portrayed well with their strengths and weaknesses and how we interact with each other. But once i got used to the way it was written and flowed i enjoyed it and wanted to see how it developed and the twists would end. It became a real page turner and a joy to sit down after a [...]

    11. I really like the writing team of Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees (loved the Jack and Amy series, in particular) but this one left me wanting more. With the exception of Ben, it was hard to empathize with any of the characters. Most of their charcater traits and/or actions made them thoroughly unlikeable. A one-line plot description of "a family and assorted other characters are stranded on an island off the English coast at Christmas due to a snowstorm" pretty much sums up the entire novel. Lloyd/Re [...]

    12. This book wasn't really what i was expecting. I thought it was going to be a romantic comedy about christmas and leave me feeling festive but it didn't. Some parts left me feeling depressed and angry at some of the characters. I did like the book but it isn't one that i would have chosen myself and i wont be reading it again. It had good parts and it was enjoyable but it wasnt really my kind of thing.

    13. Last night I was only going to read to the end of Day 2!! Didn't happen I was so engrossed I had to finish the whole book!! (Lights out at 1:52 this morning!!)A refreshing book with characters that were real and believable. It could be you in the situations! A great read - I must try and see if these authors have written more books.

    14. I enjoyed this, it wasn't amazing but it was entertaining and Christmasy, not too light or too heavy and not all books need to be believeable to be enjoyedI haven't read the other books mentioned and have to say they don't interest me. If you want something to read that is festive, enjoyable and easy on the brain then you would probably enjoy this book

    15. A family with secrets and troubles is snowed-in at Christmas and forced into some home-truths. A better effort than some of Lloyd and Rees' efforts, but still tries a bit hard to be earnest and bites off too much. Rated M for adult themes, coarse language and sexual references. 3/5

    16. Read it at Christmas -coincidentally because it is set at Christmastime. This is an enjoyable holiday read. Was disappointed that the co-authors didn't do the his side / her side of the story which I've enjoyed in some of their other books.

    17. boring and predictable, their other books were really cosy chicklit, this seemed just badly written, as if they sat together on a deathline and started scribling. dissapointing, though I have to admit I fininshed it

    18. I read this book during the christmas season, which was very much a coincidence! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to read more! I found it very hard to put the book down and especially really liked the happy ending for Kellie and Ben!

    19. Predictable, sort of boring no not my kind of book. Needed an easy read though and it seemed nice around Xmas

    20. Really dragged in the beginning but it started getting interesting near the middle. In the end, I was quite satisfied :-)

    21. Love the style of the authors (a couple), but this one is dealing with family affairs and a little to predictable for my taste.

    22. Una lettura facile e veloce per una domenica piovosa, rovinata dal mal di gola.E, nonostante la leggerezza, offre qualche spunto interessante sui rapporti familiari.

    23. A cute story about a family and their dysfunctional Christmas, it's funny in places, makes you cringe in places but over all a lovely light read.

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