The Price of Pleasure Kresley Cole returns with a breathtaking romantic saga of love honor and passion unbound as a man of duty faces his greatest trial and a young castaway discovers her greatest desireA man noted for

  • Title: The Price of Pleasure
  • Author: Kresley Cole
  • ISBN: 9781416543725
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kresley Cole returns with a breathtaking romantic saga of love, honor, and passion unbound as a man of duty faces his greatest trial, and a young castaway discovers her greatest desireA man noted for his courage and integrity, Captain Grant Sutherland journeys to Oceania to find Victoria Dearbourne, an English girl lost at sea a decade before He s given her ailing granKresley Cole returns with a breathtaking romantic saga of love, honor, and passion unbound as a man of duty faces his greatest trial, and a young castaway discovers her greatest desireA man noted for his courage and integrity, Captain Grant Sutherland journeys to Oceania to find Victoria Dearbourne, an English girl lost at sea a decade before He s given her ailing grandfather his word as a gentleman to find and protect her But one look at a grown Victoria, and Grant has never felt less like one.Tori relishes freedom, untamed passion, and spontaneity above stifling order Even so when a proud, cold British captain arrives to rescue her, though she has no wish to be As Grant tries to convince her to leave her island home, she begins to see in him a man hungering for A man who once laughed A man who desires her but won t take what she offers.

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    One thought on “The Price of Pleasure”

    1. I'm one of those readers who wants her Historical Romances to sound, well, historical. Kresley Cole does an amazing job of writing an Historical Romance that sounds like modern times, and IT DOESN'T BOTHER ME. How on earth is this even possible? I'm not really sure, but by God this woman can write. This one is set during Victorian England, it's the Sutherland brother Grant, who we saw setting off on a fool's errand of locating any survivors of a shipwreck from 8 years ago. Well, he found her. An [...]

    2. Me ha gustado mucho (aunque han habido detalles que no han terminado de convencerme), y me fascina el estilo de la autora. Espero que escriba el libro de Ian, porque este personaje apuntaba maneras y es una verdadera pena que no lleguemos a conocer su propia historia. Otra pena es que Kresley Cole ya ha dicho que por ahora no escribirá más histórica. Así que, lloremos.

    3. I felt the need to read more KC after the release ofDreams of a Dark Warrior and although I prefer her PNRs, KC writes damn good historical as well.Grant Sunderland is the logical brother. A leader by nature, he finds himself accepting a journey that leads him and his crew to the Oceanic in search for a missing girl named Victoria Dearbourne. After eight years of being stranded on an island, Tori and her friend Cammy Scott have established a routine and find that living on a deserted island isn [...]

    4. The first half if this book is a five and the second half is a three.This is Kresley Cole's second book. The doesn't have that rat-a-tat-tat pacing or hilarity of her IAD series (which I adore, every fan of paranormal romance needs to check those out.) But it does have some of the elements that Kresley seems to like. Namely the strait laced stoic hero and the spitfire heroine.Victoria was ship wrecked when she was thirteen. She is now 21, completely reliant, resourceful, and tough as nails after [...]

    5. Es todo un placer leer las primeras novelas de Kresley Cole, todas ellas románticas, históricas y con licencia para prender en llamas regiones al sur del corazón.Grant Sutherland es el menor de un trío de hermanos, de ellos solo siguen vivos Derek (el capitán devora-enaguas de la anterior novela) y Grant. El ultimo recorre los mares del sur en busca de una familia acaudalada y con título que desaparecieron en una tormenta a la mar. De esta familia, Grant se encontrará con solo Victoria y [...]

    6. I enjoyed the beginning when the characters are on the island. Tori & Grant had great chemistry I loved their contrasting personalities. Once they leave the island, it just got boring. This book just seemed to be missing the x factor that made the first book in the series, The Captain of All Pleasures, such a fantastic read. Also, this story sets the stage for a 3rd book in the series with Ian, cousin to the Southerland Brothers: "In fact, they had recently received word that not only had Ia [...]

    7. Good sequel to Cole's (The Captain of All Pleasures. Grant, younger brother to Derek, is more of a stubborn jerk , but still sexy and brooding. Tori is an a brave and intelligent woman, who wants her man, but can do fine without him. I wouldn't have minded if Cammy had ended up with Ian, but Stephen was an excellent substitute. I really feel that their must be another book in this series letting us know the fate of Ian and Erica. It was much too up in the air at the conclusion of this book.Once [...]

    8. Absolutely loved these two book but I'm not sure that I would have picked them up if I realized that the series is left unfinished. We need Ian's book! come on don't leave us hanging like that

    9. Oh No! Every Kresley Cole book has gotten 5 stars from me. I'm thinking a fair rating would be 3.5.d then I saw the high ratings! Eek what's wrong with me?I just had a hard time with the main characters stubbornness. Annoying.

    10. Better than the first of this series but not as good as Ms Cole has showed us with her numerous other series.

    11. Stubborn loveConfident woman. Good fun read. Value of love and family. It was educational the description of London docks and how the city was smelly.

    12. Victoria proved her strength on the island she was shipwrecked on for 8 years and again on her grandfather's estate in England.

    13. The Price of Pleasure is something I read because a) KC wrote it, b) I already read the first book in this teeny tiny series and c) I share a name with the heroine and they call her Tori! (alas it is spelled differently but I still cannot resist a book where the heroine shares my name). Overall the book was OK. Grant Sutherland has been hired by an aging aristocrat to find his family that had been lost at sea 8 (?) years before. This may seem impossible but the Sutherlands are clearly a cut abov [...]

    14. There are two books in this series and, although it does seem that the series was designed for continuation, I’m glad that she left this series to do her Immortals After Dark series.The second in the Sutherland series is Grant’s story and picks up shortly after the end of Derek and Nicole’s story. As the youngest son of a titled family, Grant doesn’t inherit any land upon their father’s death. And like the stereotype of youngest children everywhere, he’s a bit of a carefree prankster [...]

    15. Kresley Cole returns with a breathtaking romantic saga of love, honor, and passion unbound -- as a man of duty faces his greatest trial, and a young castaway discovers her greatest desire.A man noted for his courage and integrity, Captain Grant Sutherland journeys to Oceania to find Victoria Dearbourne, an English girl lost at sea a decade before. He's given her ailing grandfather his word -- as a gentleman -- to find and protect her. But one look at a grown Victoria and Grant has never felt les [...]

    16. Kresley Cole's "The Price of Pleasure" is the companion story to The Captain of All Pleasures. It's a historical romance set at sea, featuring the dashing and stalwart captain Grant Sutherland. Grant is on a mission to find the lost family of an old nobleman. The family has been missing at sea for 8 years, and if Grant finds success, he will inherit the old man's estate. After months of searching, Grant finds the one remaining member of the family, the beautiful Victoria, and her friend Cammy. E [...]

    17. So this romance has been on mount TBR for what seems like forever. I found Kresley Cole a few years back and loved her writing so much, I quickly acquired all of her earlier works. I have to say they are just as good as her work today.Victoria (Tori) Dearbourne is thirteen when the ship she is sailing on goes down. Her father goes down with the ship, but Tori, her nanny, and her mother make it to a nearby island. Her mother's back is broken, and she quickly perishes. Tori and her nanny are now a [...]

    18. Grant Sutherland, brother to Derek Sutherland fromThe Captain Of All Pleasures is on a mission to locate members of the Dearbourne family. They were lost at sea many years ago, and the lone member of the family (the grandfather) is convinced that they are out there, alive, somewhere. With the promise of giving him the Dearbourne estate, the grandfather hires Grant for one last mission to locate the family.Turns out, there were only two survivors from the shipwreck of them being granddaughter Vic [...]

    19. I love a good survival story. I blame my parents. The Swiss Family Robinson was one of the four parent approved movies in our house. So, I’ve seen it a million times. That’s where this book starts. Tori has been shipwrecked on an island with her mother and governess, Cammy. Tori and Cammy survive Robinson Family style and build shelters and traps. Grant, a cold calculating man, has been promised to inherit Tori’s grandfather’s estate if he finds and returns any survivors. After eight yea [...]

    20. A young girl (Tori) and her governess are shipwrecked and stranded on a tropical island for a decade. Captain Grant Sutherland is commissioned to sail the seas and find her. The first third is intriguing and action filled. The second third is frustrating. And the last third is a yawn. Sadly, this book did not reach the emotional depth or power of its predecessor. I didn't care about Grant and Tori, who started out so strong and resilient, came across as stubborn later in the book. Their "love" w [...]

    21. Of course I had to read this one after reading the first one in the series. I enjoyed it immensely although not quite as much as the first book about his brother Derek. Our Heroine, Tori is again strong a sassy, a survivor. Grant seemed nicer in the first book to be honest he is a bit of a plonker in this one uptight and straitlaced. However both books mention that as the youngest brother he was a mischievous prankster but although its alluded to what changed to make him, erm boring we never rea [...]

    22. I enjoyed every minute of this book. Full of emotional swings from the highest high to the most depressing of lows, this story will leave you feeling wrung out, but only in the very best of ways. Grant and Tori are perfectly matched and once they both deal with their insecurities and decid to enjoy the chance that fate has given them together, the love they share will fill your heart. It was also fun to see Grant’s brother Derek and his wife Nicola all settled down in marital bliss. I was thri [...]

    23. I've been devouring Kresley Cole’s Paranormal Romance Series for a while now so was very exited to get my hands on this book being a big fan of historical romance. The book started of well, shipwrecks, pursuit and trickery etc. but unfortunately somewhere along the way it just fizzled. I think either from a lack of story line or not enough spark between the characters. I have a theory that with romance novels you can literally have no story line at all but if the dialogue is witty, sassy and s [...]

    24. Love the battle of wills in the beginning of the book while Victoria fights for her freedom based on bad past experiences that have led to her lack of trust and Grants determination to return her to her grandfather. The island was exotic and I enjoyed Victoria escaping Grant time and again and the steam between the two.The second half of the book still has Victoria fighting with her stubborn determination and using both her intelligence and determination to do what she must for the things she wa [...]

    25. Sudah dapat spoiler dari buku sebelumnya, dan yeahhh sesuai ekspektasi Grant ini memang gentleman yang nggak bajingan seperti Derek. Saya suka sih, lebih suka Grant dari pada Derek, walau di beberapa bagian sikap sopan dan menjaga kehormatan itu bikin gregetan juga. Di sini lebih kental aroma romannya. Biarpun sama-sama berkisah tentang pelayaran nggak ada plot yang bikin tegang dan bikin saya nggak bisa berhenti dan menghabiskan buku dalam sekali baca. Twist di buku ini lumayan bisa diprediksi. [...]

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