Rogue Star It is the early twenty first century There s a space station being built and the first manned flight to the asteroids is in progress The grand plan of Mariesa Van Huyten to give humanity a big push b

  • Title: Rogue Star
  • Author: Michael F. Flynn
  • ISBN: 9780812542998
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is the early twenty first century There s a space station being built, and the first manned flight to the asteroids is in progress The grand plan of Mariesa Van Huyten to give humanity a big push back into space, and in the process save the human race from terrible disaster, continues And there are enemies who will kill to stop it.

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    One thought on “Rogue Star”

    1. This is the sequel to the novel Firestar, which tells the story of a wealthy businesswoman's efforts to spearhead a private multinational space program. Expanding into outer space is not so much Mariesa Van Huyten's dream as a palliative for her nightmare: she is obsessed with the fear of a planet-killing asteroid strike, and she is secretly determined to push humanity to develop the technology to defend the planet.This is very near-future science fiction. The first book begins in the late 90's [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. High quality hard science fiction. Even the introduction of potential alien artifacts is handled well.Potential near-future history handled well. Satisfactory--if not satisfying--conclusion: well foreshadowed and yet not given away (therefore I won't). The Ayn Randian politics toned down slightly without losing Flynn's distinctive edge.

    3. Continues shortly years after the first book. If you liked the first, you'll probably like this too. But still feels overly long and drawn out. Lots left for future books to cover with no conclusion here.

    4. If this book was 1/3 shorter it would be twice as good. Now this is odd because I usually like long books. I think in this case the problem is that there is too much book for not enough plot development. I don't mean action, I don't require constant shoot-'em-up to keep my attention. But I don't like belaboring plot points to death with unnecessary scenes and verbiage. Maybe the author just likes the sound of his own prose. I gave it the 3.5 rounded up for the last 1/3 of the book when he finall [...]

    5. With no less than two Hollywood blockbusters coming out this summer dealing with the subject of giant asteroids colliding with Earth, Michael Flynn's Rogue Star finds itself in an ideal position to ride the asteroid zeitgeist. In fairness to the author, the danger of asteroid strikes is only one of the themes he takes on in this dense novel of interweaving story threads.A sequel to the critically-praised Firestar, Rogue Star features returning characters from the earlier novel including powerful [...]

    6. The writing is fine, no problems there. The subject matter, however, is as boring as hell.First thing: two potential plot elements that could've made this a lot better. One: an asteroid may or may not be heading to Earth. Dont know. (IF it did, then there would be a plot.) Two: astronauts exploring this asteroid find an alien language carved into the rock. (Maybe. The author, again, cant make up his mind. And if there were aliens in this novel, again, there would be a plot.)There is barely a plo [...]

    7. Near future SciFi has seldom been done better. Flynn takes us on an epic journey only hinted at in the humble beginnings of the first book. A millionairess has a hidden fear, almost an obsession. She is afraid that an asteroid has the potential to wipe out humanity by striking the Earth. While her fear is no doubt well founded, it takes extreme expressions in her, and she uses her fortune to build up a huge aerospace industry. The series consists of: * Firestar * Rogue Star * Lodestar * Falling [...]

    8. Blackstone Audiobook performed by Malcom Hillgartner.Malcom Hillgartner is a talented voice actor who really brings this book to life. He has created realistic accents and voices for each character - better than I could have done in my imagination. He switches accents and voices with dazzling alacrity. This is more like a dramatization than a mere reading. If I was just rating the Narrator, i would give him 4.5 stars. I feel guilty for withholding a half star - there is just a slight harshness t [...]

    9. Rogue Star by Michael Flynn is the very good second book that continues the story started in Firestar. Whereas Firestar began the story of private space flights Rogue Star focuses on a long space flight to explore an asteroid.I enjoy these books because the stories and characters are so lifelike. For example, a group of three astronauts are on a trip to a passing asteroid and you learn a lot about their personalities and fears along with some secrets that I won't reveal about the asteroid itself [...]

    10. This was a re-read something I hadn't noticed before: there is a reference on page 271 to a McMaster who "wrote the book" on non-destructive testing of welding. I'm not sure if this counts as a Tuckerization, reference, allusion, or homage, but Lois McMaster Bujold's father was a welding engineer, and he did write the book on non-destructive testing of welds (albeit on Earth rather than a zero-gravity environment.)This is where things get tight and bad and crazy, to steal a line. Or at least, i [...]

    11. "Rogue Star" is book 2 of the Firestar series by Michael Flynn. This book continues with the construction of the space station and introduces a number of new characters.The Story: Mariesa van Huyten is building a space station. The supposed goal is to open up profitable space manufacturing and to provide SAT power and laser defense capability for the USA. She has another purpose though. She wants to kill near-Earth asteroids before they hit Earth.Any problems? If you read the first book and you [...]

    12. Much like Firestar, I enjoyed this book - but have some reservations. I cannot help but see the parallels with one of the worst books I have ever read: Atlas Shrugged. Much better written, more subtle and not nearly as one sided as Ayn Rand's magnum opus; the Firestar series still shares many of Rand's philosophical and sociological concepts. Overall, I enjoy the characterizations and the ideas, yet I am bothered by the idea of Oligarchs using people as pawns to further their own paranoid goals. [...]

    13. I've never read a Michael Flynn book that I haven't liked. This book, like all his others, has well-developed, realistic characters whose motivations the reader can understand & identify with. The story was a little slow in places, but those parts were worth sticking with it because the material was important to the story. I'm anxious to read the next one because so many things were set up or introduced in this book that will play out spectacularly, I'm sure, in the next one.

    14. Much better than the first book in the pair, "Firestar". In fact I recommend you skip the first one and just read this one. This one offered more hard science, more adventure, and less emotionalism. Characters were developed more by their actions than their thoughts - and for hard SF, that's a good thing. The ending was anticlimactic and somewhat disappointing, focusing less on science fiction and more on corporate fiction.

    15. Possibly a 3 star for general consumption, but the book is on topics near and dear to my heart, namely jump starting a spaceflight program. I enjoyed this one more than the first book in the series. The plot is more character driven and there are fewer committee meeting events and more things actually going on. Looking forward to trying to find the rest of the books in the series.

    16. The only obnoxious thing about these two books, is that the male characters can't seem to not cheat on their wives. It gets old, since it happens in both this and the first book. Will have to see about the next one.

    17. I didn't enjoy #2 as much as the first. The schoolchildren are gone, and the idea of US military on an international space-station is stupid (and therefore possible). But still I discovered, that I had read the 700 pages in just two days. It must have been exciting after all

    18. Flynn does a great job interjecting the inner voice of his characters which gives them more of a personality you can relate to. Good solid story lines and what seems to be based on believable science.

    19. Good book. Talks about politics. The dangers and occasional necessity of extreme positions and the ends justifying the means. Can be construed as a application off Hayek's "The Pretence of Knowledge".

    20. Just finished. If you liked the first one you will feel that the quality and story line are equivalent. Although several issues with Roberta and other characters were resolved, questions remain. Great read.

    21. The book was well written, but it has too much backstory. I kept waiting for the point, and when I came to the end of the book it was anticlimactic.

    22. I really enjoyed this book, although i think it might've been better if i'd've read Firestar first. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

    23. It's not what I expected. Four distinct threads, two if them I enjoyed, and with only two of them actually joining at the end.In the end it was too disjointed, and too unresolved for me to enjoy.

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