Igraine The Brave Igraine dreams of being a famous knight like her great grandfather but castle life is boring Until the nephew of the baroness next door plans to capture the castle for their singing spell books At th

  • Title: Igraine The Brave
  • Author: Cornelia Funke
  • ISBN: 9780545035972
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Igraine dreams of being a famous knight like her great grandfather, but castle life is boring Until the nephew of the baroness next door plans to capture the castle for their singing spell books At the moment of the siege, her parents mistakenly turn themselves into pigs Aided by a Gentle Giant and a Sorrowful Knight, Igraine must be brave, and save the day and the bIgraine dreams of being a famous knight like her great grandfather, but castle life is boring Until the nephew of the baroness next door plans to capture the castle for their singing spell books At the moment of the siege, her parents mistakenly turn themselves into pigs Aided by a Gentle Giant and a Sorrowful Knight, Igraine must be brave, and save the day and the books.

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    One thought on “Igraine The Brave”

    1. I loved it! It was very readable (or, er, listenable), and I enjoyed the fact that the heroine was a female knight! I will definitely be reading this to my daughters when they get to be around 8 or 9. This was my first exposure to Funke, and I think I will go check out some more of her stuff now.Addendum: To heck with 8 or 9. They are 3.5 and 4.5, and we started reading it together today. The oldest didn't want me to stop :)Addendum 2: It was a little rough with the 3.5-year-old. I'll be honest; [...]

    2. Anyone mourning the lack of "beautiful dark notes" obviously doesn't get what this book is--not a dark, meaningful (and perhaps even pretentious, because Funke CAN get pretentious) young adult work, but a fun, rollicking read that kids will ENJOY. And isn't that what matters in a good kids book?

    3. I really enjoyed Cornelia Funke's other books, so I was looking forward to sitting down with this one. Unfortunately, while it's generally a fun, non-threateningly-quirky read, it's also one of Ms. Funke's weakest offerings to date. Which is not to say that young girls interested in becoming sword-wielding defenders of righteousness should not totally devour this book; they should, and they should also practice fencing and being chivalrous and generally figuring out how not to be a quiet, demure [...]

    4. ریت اصلی: 3 و نیم تا 4 (نه دقیقا 4)داستان قشنگی بود و جالب! اگه بچه تر بودم حتما 5 میدادم بهش :))

    5. A girl who aspires to be a knight must save her magician parents (who have accidentally turned into pigs) and defend her castle against an evil magician.Appropriate for ages 9-13This amusing adventure fantasy story is about Igraine, a 12-year-old princess who aspires to be a knight, and who lives with her magician parents in a a castle guarded by roaring stone lions and fire-breathing gargoyles. When her parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs on her birthday and an evil magician is poise [...]

    6. "Drat it! Today of all days I have to be wearing skirts!"I thought this story was delightful. I like Funke's illustrations, too, which are quite whimsical.Perhaps because I grew up in Germany and read German books, I find this one just as delightful as her other books. My favourite book of her's so far isDragon Rider and I want to re-read it, so I can read the 2nd in that series. Plus, I would love to get intoInkheart as well.In Ingraine the Brave (German: Igraine Ohnefurcht) the things I liked [...]

    7. I'm working my way through a list of books that were suggested to counter the fainting princess narrative for girls; in other words, I'm reading some books with active heroines, looking for some to read to Rose Pink (or have her read later) that will hopefully invite her to strength and decision rather than passively waiting for someone to rescue her.Right. So this is one of those books and I really enjoyed it. Igraine faces fear and does what's necessary to save her parents and home. At the sam [...]

    8. Igraine is a twelve year old girl who longs to be a knight and have adventures. But her life is unexciting. Until her birthday, when her parents (magicians) are turned into pigs by accidental magic, and their castle comes under siege by Osmund the Greedy. Igraine must use her wits and chivalrous code to save her parents and the castle, with some help from friends.We read this book as a family, and my kids (5 & 8) LOVED it. Really loved it. I don't remember the last time they got ready for be [...]

    9. انتظارم خیلی بزرگانه تر بودانتظارم یه عالمه کشمکش بود.؛یه عالمه گره که وا نمیشن تا جونت بالا بیادمشکل پشت مشکل و دردسر پشت دردسر.بدبیاری و آدمای تو زرد و خائن.ولی نبود.به خودم میگفتم یه جا شوالیه غمگین خیانت کنه بره سمت آسموند طمع کار یا مثلا مباشر آسموند یه نیزه ی جادوشده ی دی [...]

    10. Twelve-year-old Igraine’s magician parents have accidentally turned themselves into pigs and will remain powerless until they receive the hairs of a giant to create a reversing spell. Compounding the problem is Osmund the Greedy, who has come to Pimpernel Castle demanding the magical singing books that belong to Igraine’s family. Plucky Igraine, who wants to be a knight, faces danger as she rides alone to the home of a giant, befriends a Sorrowful Knight, fends off Osmund’s soldiers, and m [...]

    11. Before you tell me anything foolish - like " Maryam, this is a kids books. Why are you reviewing a kids book?"- let me tell you that my niece does not like it either. She hates it. She claims that she'd rather eat broccoli then listen to the tale again. I, sadly, have to agree. Well, uh um children hate reading books, Maryam. The author has written this book specifically for kids. Oh, and it's not like my niece was reading it by her own. Every night I read at least 30 pages to her and ask her wh [...]

    12. I wanted this to be a fun story with a strong female protagonist that I would love. And I wish I could give it more than two stars, but I was sory.d. I never felt any tension in the story, and the structure felt unclear. By that I mean I never felt certain what direction the story was going. I'm sure you can guess:1. Igraine wants to be a knight (of course being a girl, she'll have to push against some social norms)2. A threat comes to Igraine's family 3. Igraine must employ her skills and brave [...]

    13. Cornelia Funke is an amazing author and the mastermind behind Inkheart but you would never know it from this. While I am very much in favor of her reaching out to a younger set of readers, I feel that she should give her new audience more credit for the sort of content that they want and are ready for. All of the beautiful dark notes that are interwoven in her books for older readers are gone without a trace in this tale of a spunky girl who intends to be a knight. There are a smattering of thin [...]

    14. I think this book is really fun and exciting. It made be in a really good mood when I was bored. Igraine the Brave is really adventurous and has really interesting characters! It also has suspense.The story is about a girl who lives in a castle with her family. Her parents are both great magicians but unlike her brother, she is interested not being a magician, but to be a knight! Igraine is on an adventure with her new friends to save her castle and prevent Osmund the Greedy to steal her parents [...]

    15. This was a fun book written by the same author that wrote Inkheart. It's listed for ages 9 - 12 but I think the younger kids would enjoy it too. It would make a good chapter book for parents to read to kids who are not at that reading level.The story is about a 12-year-old girl who is the daughter of magicians but wants to grow up to be a knight. A magical mishap occurs and Igraine is put in a position where her knightly skills help save the day. Along her journey she meets a giant, a very sorro [...]

    16. When I closed the book my first thought was, “Why didn’t this book exist for me as a child?” I would have read this over and over without end. For lovers of Tamora Pierce here is a book for the younger generation. The writing is seamless and simple. Every little girl will sympathize with Igraine and every big girl too. You grin at her quirky family. I personally fell in love with the sorrowful knight. This is an adventure that scoops you up and carries away and afterwards you simply wonder [...]

    17. This is a fun, exciting adventure story of a young girl with tremendous courage. This book combines several fantasy elements that provided a visual treat for my imagination.Igraine is such a dynamic character - so independent, fearless and loyal and only twelve years of age. She learns well from her actions to which she acted too quickly and attempts to do all possible to save her family's long-held castle. I am eager for my 9 year old daughter to read this book!

    18. I have given this book and book on tape to a number of families and all of these get responses. This is funny, adventurous, sweet and really kept me reading. A young girl, whose family are all wizards, does not want to follow in their footsteps but wants to be a knight like her grandfather. Her parents turn themselves into pigs and the castle gets attacked who can save them? Grades 3-5

    19. Another Funke book, I read it for author advisory and sped through it. In the usual fashion of juvenile literature, the characters were paper thin, the dialogue was lacking in originality, and the plot was idealistic. IGRAINE THE BRAVE is a good read for young girls, perhaps around the second grade level.

    20. I highly recommend the audio book, read by Xanthe Elbrick. I really hope Xanthe continues to read for children's books because her voice range is fabulous. I was disappointed when I finished the book and there was nothing else to listen to in my car.

    21. I like Cornelia Funke so I thought I would try this book out. It is a very sweet story of a young girl who saves teh day. I would suggest it for all the 10 year-old girls out there, and for their parents who want to let there little girls know they can grow up to be knights too!

    22. A fun, simple knights-and-magic story. Igraine was a pleasantly vibrant character. The reader of the audio (Xanthe Elbrick) was very good with all the voices.

    23. This is a fun, easy read, filled with magic, adventure, excitement, and silliness. My son (age 10) absolutely loved this book. Great characters and lots to enjoy in this book.

    24. I owe this book my entire childhood. I love this book so much! I could read it over and over again and never get tired if it. Forever and always my favorite Childhood book!

    25. Es una fantástica historia centrada alrededor de Igraín, una joven que, como no, intenta definirse a ella misma. Lo que más me gusta es que no está centrada en el tema típico de cuento medieval. Igraín vive en un castillo, pero no es una princesa que desee ser algo más. Es hija de una pareja de brujos, que en ningún momento intentan ponerle trabas a su sueño de ser caballera. De hecho, todo el lío de la trama empieza justamente porque quieren apoyara (aunque no os diré como).Así que [...]

    26. Igraine, daughter of two of the most powerful magicians of all time, wants to be a knight. When her parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs just as their castle is about to be under attack, Igraine finds herself suddenly faced with the knightly challenges she'd always dreamed about. It's cute and I might have enjoyed it as a young child, but as an adult it was something I'd never experienced before in a Funke novel: predictable and kind of boring.

    27. I remember reading this for elementary school. To be honest, that's about all I remembered, so I picked it up and leafed through so I could remember enough to write a review. As a kid, I thought the book was magical, but technically being an adult now, I can say that it's starting to lose its appeal.

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