Good Work Amelia Bedelia A busy dayMr and Mrs Rogers leave for the day and give Amelia Bedelia a long list of chores to do Not one to stand still Amelia Bedelia gets right to work with totally unexpected results

  • Title: Good Work, Amelia Bedelia
  • Author: Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat
  • ISBN: 9780060511159
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • A busy dayMr and Mrs Rogers leave for the day and give Amelia Bedelia a long list of chores to do Not one to stand still, Amelia Bedelia gets right to work with totally unexpected results

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      223 Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat
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    One thought on “Good Work, Amelia Bedelia”

    1. Good Work, Amelia Bedelia is part of a series about a hardworking, yet quirky housekeeper who takes the instructions from her employers, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, far too literally. For example, when Amelia Bedelia was asked to make a sponge cake she made it with actual kitchen sponges. While tension grows between Amelia and Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, the story continues to be humorous throughout. This book truly leaves the audience eagerly awaiting the next surprise. Good Work, Amelia Bedelia falls under [...]

    2. For the past several years I've hosted a masquerade party. It's super fun! One year my friend came as Amelia Bedelia - she was my hero. What a creatively genius idea! (Why couldn't I have thought of it first?) Anyway, she ended up bringing Amelia Bedelia's sponge cake to the party, the one that's made in this book. Good times!Reading Level: 1st -3rd gradesCleanliness: someone says "my goodness." "What in tarnation" is said twice.**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I [...]

    3. Reading Level: 2.1Interest Level: K-3This book is another great addition to the humorous Amelia Bedelia series that is fun for students as they read about a hard working maid that takes everything that she is told literally. In this particular book, Amelia is given a list of chores to do which leads her to make a sponge cake with a real sponge, pots plants by placing them in all the kitchen cooking pots, and serves a chicken dinner by giving cracked corn to her employers. Students that are reluc [...]

    4. I loved the Amelia Bedilia books. I've never laughed so hard while reading a book to my daughter.You know how when you read aloud and your eyes read ahead of what is actually coming out of your mouth, well half the time I was laughing so hard about something before I managed to read it out loud to my daughter. She kept giving me weird looks until I finally managed to read it to her. It's been quite a few years since I've read the books but I loved every Amelia Bedilia book and plan on getting ah [...]

    5. I read all of the Amelia bedelia books in elementary school and they were some of my favorites. Amelia is just so quirky and screws everything up but always manages to make people laugh and forget about it. I would definitely recommend it!

    6. This was one of my favourite Amelia Bedelia books when I was a kid. Mini-Me got the same kick out of the potted plants and the sponge cake that I did. A fun story.

    7. Good Work, Amelia Bedelia is not as well-developed as the other Amelia Bedelia books. Though Parrish follows a formula in writing each one, this one is more formulaic than others.

    8. My kids (especially the boys!) think this is hilarious and get such a kick out of all of Amelia Bedelia’s mixups!

    9. Mr Rogers and his wife go out for the day and leave a list of jobs for Amelia to do. She handles them exactly as they are written, not quite as intended. Clean out the ashes. Fill the wood box. Pot the window box plants. Make a sponge cake. Ask Alcolu to patch the front door screen - she does herself. A surprise with butterscotch icing may turn all right. The pictures explain in cheerful color. Apron uniform looks so obedient. The kitchen pots with handles are filled with flowers. A sponge is sn [...]

    10. Amelia Bedelia is an awesome character!! She is a charming housekeeper that takes every TOO literal. When she is supposed to "pot the plants", she actually puts them in kitchen pots! For me, this book puts into perspective how a child might see the the world. At first taking everything literal until they they know better, like putting the plants in plant pots not kitche pots. This is great for developing readers because it is longer than the average picture book yet not in the chapter format, th [...]

    11. Honestly, I think there are SO MANY other worthwhile books to read than any of the Amelia Bedelia books. I understand that they're supposed to be silly, but I don't find them fun at all and even as a child I couldn't understand how an adult could be that stupid. When I was younger I knew what dusting and drawing the drapes (even though we didn't have drapes in my house) were and I was flabbergasted that an adult who worked as a maid didn't know these basic things.

    12. Good Work, Amelia Bedeliaby peggy Parisha hilarious story of miss understandingsa great series of mixed up directions and literal meanings, this is a great silly series to show children that mistakes and mix ups are possible if not probable, and that innocence may be more of the reason then meaning to do something wrong/

    13. Man, how weird is it that Amelia Bedelia is a maid, and I never thought about it when I was a kid? I hadn't realized how much I remembered the sponge cake vs butterscotch cake debacle until I was reading it again. My 3yo didn't get any of the puns, but that's ok. Choose books to aspire to, that's my motto.Pro tip: use the dowager countess's voice for Mrs. Rogers.

    14. I love reading these books with my five-year-old as she says "Amelia Bedelia" each time it occurs in the text.This time Amelia Bedelia had a day at home helping Mrs. Rogers. Thank goodness Amelia Bedelia knows how to bake. It gets her out of all kinds of trouble. Perhaps there is a life lesson in that. :)

    15. I love Amelia Bedelia books, I think they show that even if we miss up if we try our best than that is all that matters. Amelia is a girl who wants to help out and do good but everything seems to go wrong and in some weird way always turns out right. I would work on vocabulary with this book.

    16. This book was amazing. It was funny because when there was a word or sentence that could mean something different then how the person meant Amelia would do the other meaning of what the person meant. The author purposely put a lot of this because she wanted to make it funny 😄.

    17. Very silly~ it's the only one of these books I've read. I don"t dig the illustrations much but I remember appreciating the puns as a kid and reading part of it aloud to my class. When I read the end "And she heated that can of soup!", my teacher didn't get the joke

    18. Amelia Bedelia is a comical character that takes every thing you say a little too literal. This book is a lot of fun and teaches you to think differently. Amelia is a maid and gets a list of chores to do, she accomplish each and everyone of them just not exactly the way her boss had in mind.

    19. I read these books when I was a child, and still have memories of the stupid tales that make me smile. These books are great if you have a child in the family--even more so if you are a child at heart.

    20. this book was so funny! my favorite part of the book is where Amelia Bedelia makes a Sponge Cake. I read this book when I was a child and still enjoy reading it nowadays especially when I need a good laugh.

    21. Amelia Bedelia is a complete badass. When I grow up I wanna be Amelia. But with tattoos, piercings and a lot of cursing. Why dont you go fly a kite"Why fly a kite? When I can stay at home and pop a pill"

    22. My favorite part of this book was when Amelia Bedelia was getting the clothes and patched up the screen door with them. I think other people would really enjoy reading this book because it is really funny. -Xitlali

    23. Much the same was the first Amelia Bedelia book, with the literal-minded maid getting into the usual scrapes and misunderstandings while trying to keep house for Mr and Mrs Rogers. The 'sponge' cake is a classic though!

    24. This book is so great. I love Amelia Bedelia and I always have, from the first time I picked up an Amelia Bedelia book in elementary school.

    25. How can you not like Amelia Bedelia. All of the original Amelia Bedelia series books are good in my opinion.

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