Wake of the Perdido Star An Academy Award winning actor and a leading underwater archeologist have teamed up to create a rousing saga of shipwrecks pirates and the sea This novel chronicles the fate of a young man forced by

  • Title: Wake of the Perdido Star
  • Author: Gene Hackman Daniel Lenihan
  • ISBN: 9780451202116
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Academy Award winning actor and a leading underwater archeologist have teamed up to create a rousing saga of shipwrecks, pirates and the sea This novel chronicles the fate of a young man forced by tragedy to join the crew of the Perdido Star in 1805 A fascinating read Clive Clusser.

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ☆ Wake of the Perdido Star - by Gene Hackman Daniel Lenihan ✓
      374 Gene Hackman Daniel Lenihan
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Romance Book] ☆ Wake of the Perdido Star - by Gene Hackman Daniel Lenihan ✓
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    One thought on “Wake of the Perdido Star”

    1. Very exciting account of Black Jack O'Reilly and his adventures on the high seas during the early 1800's.

    2. Gene Hackman quitte le monde du cinéma et s'essaye ici au roman d'aventure. Pourquoi pas? Sauf qu'à la lecture de ce roman, au demeurant fort sympathique, on a l'impression de retrouver les grosses ficelles d'Hollywood derrière cette intrigue mêlant vengeance et piraterie plombée malheureusement par une résolution beaucoup trop simpliste des conflits. Alors, est-ce que Gene Hackman a écrit son roman en pensant à une éventuelle adaptation cinématographique de son histoire? Car à n'en p [...]

    3. Great readNice book with an engaging story line. Sadly, it was over before I was ready for it to end! Bummer!

    4. I picked up this book because I’d seen it mentioned as a “swashbuckling sea adventure” with plenty of action and piracy.However, reading it, I was reminded that when I was a kid I went through a big phase of reading lots of historical nautical books, both fiction and non-fiction. (There were lots of sailors and sea voyages in my family history, which is where the interest stemmed from… check out THIS BOOK, it features my distant relative getting cannibalized…) So, although I don’t kn [...]

    5. Actually good. I wasn't too sure. Picked up the book from the for sale shelf at the library, and it didn't look like it had been read very much. I think Gene Hackman is a pretty clever fellow, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I thought it was very interesting. Some slow parts (the underwater recovery details I found a bit boring), but overall a great story with good visuals. Likeable characters, although I was glad the weakling father didn't stick around in the story too long. One really interes [...]

    6. Wow, Gene Hackman can really write as well as act! He should try his hand at writing screenplays--including perhaps an filmic adaptation of this very novel! An entertaining and rousing maritime action-adventure novel and revenge tale set in first decade of 19th-century America. It follows the adventures and trials of one Jack O'Reilly, an American of an Irish father and a Cuban mother, who makes the transition from dutiful (if somewhat pugilistic) teenage son, to tragic grief-stricken (and venge [...]

    7. Wake of the Perdido Star is designed to be a fast-paced adventure story. Unfortunately, however, much of the plot developments appear to exist solely for the purpose of allowing action elements such as fights or shipwrecks to be included in the story, giving it a contrived feel. In addition, the authors, both diving enthusiasts, go overboard [pun intended] with details of historical techniques for diving, arranging the plot to allow for the incorporation of these descriptions. The book features [...]

    8. Someone gave this to me when I told them I love books that take place on tall-ships. I was hesitant because it was written by Lex Luther. Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I really loved it. I was shocked. I’ve heard that some people don’t like all the stereotype pirating, ship, etc stuff that is in here, but I thought it was fun. It was just one thing after another and never stopped, it was exciting. Treasure Island has all that stuff in it but people love it, so w [...]

    9. I loved Wake of the Perdido Star! It was so exciting and adventurous and the characters so lovable, and I so enjoyed the humor! I'm hoping for a sequel! I commented so on a website and they mistakenly put my comment under Justice for None, which I just started reading, and so far, I don't think my comments for Wake of the Perdido Star fit Justice for None. But I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

    10. I loved the adventure of this story. It must have played to my inner child. I was a fan of Moby Dick and Treasure Island when I was growing up. This story has elements of both. At times the book can be a little formulaic, but still a fun read. Maybe it was my love of pirate movies when I was a kid. Alas, 13 years later, I guess there will not be a sequel.

    11. Vernon and I are reading this on the Kindle - rather, I'm reading it to him - while we travel back and forth to Chattanooga. It is very fast-paced and exciting, a great adventure story. Should be made into a movie! Gene Hackman is a very good writer.Later - We finished the book and loved it. Gread adventure.

    12. Adventure novel - 17-year-old Jack O'Reilly moves with his parents to Cuba; when they are murdered shortly after arrival, he ships out on a 3 year voyage of shipwrecks, pirates and maturation before returning to confront his parents killer.

    13. Decided to re-read this after seeing the Tall Ships in Bay City. Gene Hackman (and Daniel Lenihan) turn out to be pretty good writers. If you like Patrick O'Brian or Louis L'amour you will love this swashbuckling tale of revenge.

    14. A fun read that's well researched but a bit formulaic. Still, if you're facing a long flight and want to escape from being packed into an aluminum can to a swash buckling world of wind powered ships this might be just the book for you.

    15. Yes, THE Gene HackmanThis is an awesome story for anyone who loves the sea, pirates, history, and adventure!

    16. Story of Jack O'Reilly a young Irish-Cuban American who faces bullies and grasping aristocrats to come full-circle on a ship named STAR.

    17. This book was more of a fun read. It was slow in the beginning and very predictable, but once the plot picked up I found it very entertaining and even educational. Definitely a good summer read.

    18. I listened to tis book as an audiobook and I really enjoyed this version of the legend of the pirate Black Jack. Well worth the listen, good characters and plot.

    19. A swashbuckling yarn about a young man's apprenticeship on a 1805sailing ship. An obvious first novel but fun.

    20. pretty simplistic but quick and engaging. not bad considering these two guys never wrote a book before.

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