Restoree There was a sudden stench of a dead sea creature There was the sudden horror of a huge black shape closing over her There was nothingThen there were pieces of memory isolated fragments that were so h

  • Title: Restoree
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780552083447
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • There was a sudden stench of a dead sea creature There was the sudden horror of a huge black shape closing over her There was nothingThen there were pieces of memory, isolated fragments that were so horrible her mind refused to accept them Intense heat and shivering cold excruciating pain dismembered pieces of the human body Sawn bones and searing screams.And whenThere was a sudden stench of a dead sea creature There was the sudden horror of a huge black shape closing over her There was nothingThen there were pieces of memory, isolated fragments that were so horrible her mind refused to accept them Intense heat and shivering cold excruciating pain dismembered pieces of the human body Sawn bones and searing screams.And when she awoke she found she was in a world that was not earth, and with a face and body that were not her own She had become a Restoree

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    One thought on “Restoree”

    1. I read this mostly as a historical analysis of science-fiction as it was the first book published by Anne McCaffrey in 1967. (She has said that she wrote it in response to the misogynistic tropes of 1960s science-fiction where women were helpless addendums to the male-driven plot.) Reading it almost 50 years later), the actions of the female protagonist are still completely dictated by the alien men in the story. Yes, the protagonist is head-strong and capable (she can sail a ship and saves the [...]

    2. Wow! This book still stands up today! Written in '67 it's a good, solid sci fi romance. I first read this as a teenager in the '80's. I loved it then and I love it now. Fun to reread something I enjoyed as a kid and enjoyed it just as much as an adult. This one would make a great movie! I haven't read Ms. McCaffrey in a long time but she used to be one of my top 10 authors. It's too bad it's so hard to find books like this today. This is one of those books that needs to be "rediscovered" by read [...]

    3. This will be my 3rd go around of this book. It has been several years since I last read it and from what I remember, I really liked it. We'll see if my tastes have changed.Update --- Just finished reading and I still love this book. I've often wished that Anne would have written a sequel or at least continued on for a few more chapters. Granted there are a few corny lines and at times I found myself skipping a few paragraphs because there was too much description on the scenery (which often bore [...]

    4. Sara, a country girl living in New York City, is kidnapped by aliens intent on stocking their larder. After the horrors of a human abattoir, she comes gradually to her senses to find herself playing nurse to a non-responsive patient, on a different planet, with a new face. And discovers that her charge is being deliberately drugged into insensibility"Restoree" is one of the earliest examples of science fiction romance. The romance itself is not too bad - a little overly quick to establish, but a [...]

    5. I loved this book so much I stole it from my college roommate. I reasoned that she didn't love it as much as I did (she really didn't) and she'd probably just throw it away or leave it behind at the end of the semester anyway, soI borrowed it and never returned it. I was right to do so. She turned into a colossal jerk and our friendship ended. But my love for the book remains! This is one of the coolest books I've ever read. I love the premise and the adventures. It's like two stories in one. I [...]

    6. Usually when I'm going to review a book, I'll start writing it around the 2/3rds mark. By then, I have a pretty good handle on the plot, the writing style and I can get my initial impressions down, so that when I finish the book, I simply do the edit/rewrite and add the conclusion based on how it all turns out. But with Anne McCaffrey's Restoree, I hit that point and realized I had no idea how I felt about the book yet. Then I read to about the 75% mark and still wasn't sure how I felt. It wasn' [...]

    7. I came up with this longterm plan to read Anne McCaffrey's Pern series so willy nilly I started picking up her books in second hand shops. The willy nilly aspect led to me buying more than a couple of books not in the Pern universe. And this little gem seemed like as good a place to start reading McCaffrey as any.While I wasn't blown away by "Restoree", I liked it well enough. It's a sci fi romance, with emphasis on sci fi. I haven't read a lof of sci fi and certainly not from the 60's but I tho [...]

    8. I have read this book several times and I can't seem to get enough of it. I read somewhere that McCaffrey wrote this book because she was tired of not seeing strong female characters in sci fi/fantasy stories. I don't know if that's true, but I like the fact that Sarah is a librarian and just happens to have the knowledge or skills needed by Harlan during their lucky escape. She didn't start out a beauty, but ends up one on this new planet and handles the new attention well. When I need a shot o [...]

    9. The edition I read was, I think, the first paperback edition. It was the first book I read by her & I'd call it a SF Romance. I really liked it, although it is kind of a hackneyed plot. Alien abduction & a Prince riding to the rescue. I can't really give it 4 stars, although I'd like to because of the place it holds in my reading - an early step to her work.

    10. I can't believe this book was written in 1967 because except for a few small things it felt like a modern sci-fi book. I'm finally starting to read this author's books and loved this one. Seems like a precursor to modern sci-fi romance books.

    11. This review and many other reviews and features can be found at thebookeatersRestoree is the tale of Sara, a girl escaping the drudgery of country life in order to study in New York, who gets swept up in a mass alien abduction by a race intent on, essentially, restocking their larder. She witnesses all sorts of horrific sights in what amounts to a human abattoir which sends her into deep shock. When she recovers her sense of self, she finds herself on what she knows to be an alien (albeit popula [...]

    12. Anne McCaffrey has been one of my favorite science fiction authors, and I'll read almost anything by her. This is one of her older books, one I'd never even heard of, and I found it at a used book store that's going out of business.Like many of her books, this one follows one main character in a very wide-ranging story. By wide-ranging, I mean that it usually involves a lot of characters on a strange new planet and all the geopolitics and alien technologies that go with that. The world building [...]

    13. I remember being thrilled with this book when I first read it in the early 80s. Even though I knew it was slightly pulp fictionwith a lack of science or philisopical depth. It was just a fun adventure, made hugely better due to a kick ass heroine. Boy have my perceptions changed! This was long before Buffy. Kick ass heroines were thin on the ground in all strains of fiction then, most particularly in SF. So, this book felt revelatory with a woman at the center - and an intelligent, competent wom [...]

    14. One of those rare occasions where I decided to read a book based on its cover (not the one depicted here) and its rear blurb – however my reading experience proved once more that that is not a great way to choose a book. To be fair this is one of Anne McCaffrey's earliest books and the the first page was superb and intriguing and showed much of the great talent she later developed. However after that first page the story quickly fell away into corny storylines and clichéd dialogue. One learne [...]

    15. -¿Se puede luchar contra ciertos estereotipos mientras se usan sin el menor pudor?.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Una mujer que camina por Central Park sufre una extraña y desagradable experiencia que la mantiene en un estado de duermevela onírico. Cuando despierta, está en otro lugar, otro planeta, en el que hay algún tipo de guerra y en el que se mantienen unas costumbres distintas y extrañas a las que nuestra protagonista debe acostumbrarse poco a poco, igual que a su nue [...]

    16. I can't figure out how to review this book without spoiling the plot. So just picture quirked eyebrows, and me saying, "Huh. THAT's the big, terrible taboo? And nobody else in this society has ever before thought, "Geesh, maybe being captured and chopped apart by man-eating aliens Would be sorta traumatic -- ?And seriously, these separately-evolved-on-different-planets species of people are so similar they can't tell each other apart? And the culture of this alien planet is practically European? [...]

    17. This novel is an oldie, but goody. It is an excellent blend of science fiction and romance genres. I liked the main characters and found the alien culture interesting and understandable as I was seeing it through Sara's eyes and she was from Earth. Did it feel a bit dated? Sure, but so am I. I like "girl meets boy (alien), falls in love, lives happily ever after" types of romances. And there are enough SF themes (alien abduction, alien culture) and suspense (will Sara be outed?, how will the pol [...]

    18. Good thing that kindle books do not show the cover to full effect. I might not have read this book, and it would have been a pity.Even if clearly dated (the women portrayal is soo passé :), I read it easily and with gusto. The world building is intense and is a pity it's not the beginning of a series, given the amount of work Ms Anne McCaffrey has put into this book. A closing note: I'm still not sure what exactly a restoree is or why she's always hungry, and some things are a bit cheesy, (ugly [...]

    19. An earth-girl-stolen-to-alien-planet political drama with a great romantic thread and a light breezy tone. It has a summer read feel to it. Don't worry, the aliens are amorphous ~ no bugs. There is some plastic-surgery kind of experimentation, but it's very light. The romance element is wonderfully well done.

    20. when I first read this book in the early 70's it was five stars in my mind. New and exciting science fiction for women. Sadly it has not held up over the years and this reading I felt it was three stars. So I split the difference. It might be that I read and enjoyed so many of her books and her writing grew so much over the years that I had different expectations this time. Still a good read.

    21. This was actually a reread. Anne McCaffrey was my absolute favorite author throughout my teens and I own this book and have read it several times. For some reason I missed learning that McCaffrey had died until very recently. I read something- probably - about her writing and decided to reread this book again. In some ways it's dated. Yet reading it while conscious of the fact that it was written in the 1960s by a woman, in many ways it was very forward thinking. Sara, the main character, has re [...]

    22. Restoree revolves around Sarah, an earthling abducted by aliens to the planet Lothar, and Harlan, a regent of Lothar. Sarah finds herself as a caretaker of Harlan, who's been mentally incapacitated by his rivals through drugs. Thus, both are in an insane asylum as a result. Sarah must not only rescue Harlan from the vile drugs but also to escape from their predicament.The premise is a great set up for mystery, action, romance and political intrigue. However, the book did not deliver in any of th [...]

    23. I'm usually wild about almost everything McCaffey writes. She's one of the best in science fiction.However, this story just didn't ring my bell like most of hers do. Don't get me wrong, her writing is as solid as ever; it's the story itself.You see; although it's technically science fiction (my favorite genre), it's primarily a romance, complete with shrinking-violet heroin and all the usual trimmings. Like most romances, the author occasionally remembers to make the heroin "strong" or "forceful [...]

    24. One of the bestProbably one of my all time favorite books. I read this many many years ago and come back to it often. Written back when there few sf women authors, it still has all the elements I enjoy reading in a book to this day-a strong woman trying to understand the alien world she has been placed and mixed together with a touch of romance.

    25. It's one of her early works, and it shows. The pacing is erratic, the world building confusing, and characters spend more time planning then acting.But it shares the same bones with her later, better works. I would have been interested in a second book, if it expanded more on the world, and the intriguing aliens in the Alliance.

    26. I really liked this book. I'm a huge fan of McCaffrey's and this story was just one more reason why. I found the ending a little peculiar due to the lack of a feeling of closure, but I still enjoyed it overall.

    27. This is the one Ms. McCaffrey's earlier books, and you can tell she is still honing her storycraft. A good read, but not the equal of some of her later books.

    28. TimelessThis is a classic story. I bring it out and read it again just about every year. It is a timeless classic that I love to read again and again for the past 40+ years.

    29. I never realized as a teenager how sexist this book is, couched in alternate planet culture. Still, the story is good, if an abrupt ending.

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