Survivor From the author of the cult sensation Fight Club now a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter comes Survivor A turbo charged deliciously manic satire of cont

  • Title: Survivor
  • Author: Chuck Palahniuk
  • ISBN: 9780385498722
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the cult sensation Fight Club now a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter comes Survivor A turbo charged, deliciously manic satire of contemporary American life Newsday The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage, according to the been there, done that wisdom of Tender Branson,From the author of the cult sensation Fight Club now a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter comes Survivor A turbo charged, deliciously manic satire of contemporary American life Newsday The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage, according to the been there, done that wisdom of Tender Branson, last surviving member of the Creedish Death Cult At the opening of Chuck Palahniuk s hilariously unnerving second novel, Tender is cruising on autopilot, 39,000 feet up, dictating the whole of his life story into Flight 2039 s black box in the final moments before crashing into the vast Australian outback.Not since Kurt Vonnegut s Mother Night has there been as dark and telling a satire on the wages of fame and the bedrock lunacy of the modern world Wickedly incisive and mesmerizing, Survivor is Chuck Palahniuk at his deadpan peak.

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    One thought on “Survivor”

    1. I'm going to be honest, I'm starting to become less and less impressed with Palahniuk's work in general-- and it saddens me to admit this. I've read five of his books now (one non-fiction; one too plodding to even finish), and it's becoming too obvious that every character voice is exactly the same. They are all written the same, they all have the same delivery of speech and thought patterns, they are all perfectly one-dimensional. Blank, emotionless, cruel, somewhat hateful. Disenchanted with t [...]

    2. chuck palahniuk will mess you up. he messed me up. 'fight club' put chuck on the map, but in my opinion, 'survivor' is where he really earned his paycheck. as others have mentioned, the book starts on page 247 or so and goes backwards to page 1. a simple, but clever gimmick that made me buy the book in the first place. and since the novel's protagonist, if we can call him that, is on a doomed airplane, the page numbering is highly appropriate. palahniuk expertly traces one man's rise to fame. te [...]

    3. " هي رحلة مضطربة هائجة عن تقلبات الشهرة وطبيعة الإيمان " هكذا قالوا عن الروايةهي رحلة تبدأ من نقطة الصفر من قبل أحد آخر أفراد طائفة دينية الرحلة الانتحارية على متن طائرة ركاب متجهة نحو غياهب الصحراء الاستراليةأما عن مدى إضطراب الرواية فحدث ولا حرج كأنك تقرأ على الرواية على لو [...]

    4. Chuck Palahniuk is my guilty pleasure. His books aren’t good or anything but I just like reading them ironically. They’re palate cleansers y’know. This one is basically Chuck trying to write Fight Club again but it isn’t really working. It’s handy that the page numbers are backwards because then you know how many pages are left. Ugh. It’s fine.

    5. بعد الرواية دي أعتقد أني فعلاً بحاجة لرؤية طبيب نفسي للمرة الأولى، ليصلح ما أفسدته فيّ. الرواية مضطربة بجنون، شخصيتها مجنونة، وربما العالم هو المجنون، وكان تندر برانسن، بطل الرواية، هو العاقل الوحيد؟ يحكي بالانيك قصة تندر برانسن، ورحلته من فتي كريدشي مطيع يجز العشب وينظف ا [...]

    6. Palahnuik has a formula to his story-writing, and it's becoming more and more clear that every work becomes less and less impressive upon further examination. Every main character seems plagued by the same sense of nihilism and self-defeat like his Fight club protagonist, as well as the same delivery of speech, and thought patterns. So. After reading about 3 books in a row with this consistent formula, I was about ready to abandon my faith in him.But. Then I read this book, and what a fresh brea [...]

    7. رواية مختلفة في الفكرة وطريقة السرد, الكاتب استطاع أن يشد انتباهي من السطور الأولى للروايةفي طائرة بدون طيار يجلس بطل الرواية وحيدا وفي هدوء يحكي عن حياته, كيف تحول من عامل بسيط يتبع تعاليم طائفته الدينية إلى شخص مشهور إعلاميا يملك القدرة على التأثير في الناسسخرية من صناعة ا [...]

    8. الناجي الأخير من يذكر (نادي القتال) سيجذبه اسم تشاك بالانيك، كلنا شاهدنا الفيلم الذي لعب بطولته إدوارد نورتن وبراد بت والذي اعتمد على رواية لبالانيك، كان لهذا الكتاب أن يتحول لفيلم بدوره وقد نشر في نهاية التسعينات، ولكن مشروع تحويله لفيلم توقف بسبب أحداث 11 سبتمبر، وخاصة أن ا [...]

    9. Vonnegut,Kozinski,Christopher Moore and now Chuck Pahlaniuk have tapped the black humour of all the mainstream sacred cows, with stylish grace and the prescient ablity to extrapolate the consequences of our most innocuous acts.Another commonality: they all have the uncanny ability to transform our feelings for their ungainly, unlikely,unlikable, sometimes even rather repulsive oddball freak heroes from clinicly detached to warm and fuzzy. Quite a class act.We may not like them, but they are us. [...]

    10. "If you worry about disaster all the time, that's what you're going to get" Ovo je bila turbulentna vožnja!Na početku romana Palahniuk je napisao napomenu: "The books are never about what you think they are about", i da je ovaj roman ponajviše o (američkom) školskom sustavu koji djecu uči da se uklope i budu dobri radnici, odnosno: "to be the best possible cogs in some big corporate machine", a ne da razmišljaju svojom glavom i osnuju svoje firme i upravljaju svojim životom. Iako i nije [...]

    11. palahniuk’u türkiye’de pek çok kişiyle tanıştıran ve bir anlamda “moda yapan” kitabı fight club’dır elbette. sıradan, popülist ve klişe edebiyattan sıkılan kitap okurları palahniuk’a adeta “saldırmış” ve genel algıların dışına çıkan tarzına; sert üslubuna hayran kalmışcak, en az fight club kadar sistem karşıtı, ve en az onun kadar sarsıcı bir romanı daha var: gösteri peygamberi.dünyadan yalıtılmış, belli bir algı çerçevesinden hiç çık [...]

    12. *******THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!!!**********I have been told by SO MANY PEOPLE to read books by Chuck Palahniuk! I do enjoy the twisted irony in writings such as Kurt Vonnegut, and other similar authors, so I came to this book WANTING to LOVE itd it "fell" flat.What I disliked in the book was the complete disregard for reality/common sense, when convenient, or necessary for plot. Now, I know it's fiction, but if you are going to write in a realistic style, then you can't just have someo [...]

    13. الرواية في باطنها تتحدث عن النظام التعليمي يتم تعليم الأطفال أن يكونوا مجرد موظفين مجتهدين لا غير أن يصيروا جزءاً من القطيع* لا أحد يريد إصلاح حياته، لا أحد يريد الخلاص مما يعانيه من مشاكل، لا أحد يريد حلاً لما في حياته من دراما، أو نهاية لما يشعر به من حيرة، لا أحد يريد خاتمة [...]

    14. "Pacy, inventive, often funny, dark, disturbing and plain weird! Welcome to the mind of Chuck Palancuick"Testing, testing, one, two, threeAre you reading this?Testing, testing, one, two, threeIs this thing on?Testing, testing, one, two, threeYes Chuck, I get that you like writing a lot of that literacy term called, drama of sensibility. Maybe it's time to look at using something different. Survivor makes Fight Club look like a mild experience when leading towards the angst spewing forth from the [...]

    15. دراما سينيمائية وأحداث لا تصدق، فالكاتب يحاول أن يجعل سياق القصة كما يريد في خياله حتى لو كان الموقف وتعاقب الأحداث لا تقنع القارئ.شخصية الفتاة ليست مقنعة، تواجدها ليس مقنع، بدى لي وكأنها تهبط من السماء والهبة التي تدعيها ليست مقنعة، لأنه عندنا يتبنى الكاتب النوع الواقعي من [...]

    16. ‏‏‏خلفية مضطربة متلاطمة بأمواج عاتية تقذفك من كل جانب، ولا تملك إلا أن تحاول أن تقف بملء إرادتك لترى إلى أين وجهة محطتك الأخيرة وعلى أي مرسى ستكون ___‏كاتب الرحلة : تشاك بولانيك والذي عمل صحفياً ثم متطوعاً ثم توجه بعد ذلك إلى الكتابة لم تأتي الرحلة سهلة مع من عاين أحداث كثير [...]

    17. The only Palahniuk book I've read to date is "Fight Club" - and that is such a great book with such a great movie adaptation (watched it before I read it btw)."Survivor" was an interesting story, with the (somewhat gimmicky) page numbers going backwards (to compel you to get to the end?). Haha. What was this about? A poke at marketing-driven franchises? The sorry state of money driven religions/churches? A handbook of cleaning tips (a part of me was hoping for the secrets of the removal of chewi [...]

    18. Strange, intriguing at first, but ended with disappointment. Tender Branson is a veritable oddball, with more against him than the average person. I liked him up until a point in the novel where he ceased to think for himself. After that the book became unbearable, and a struggle to read. What started out creative, interesting, amusing, and with a bunch of mental "oh really"s, ended somehow in dejection. Which is odd, because the ending is quite amusing at parts. It is different in that when you [...]

    19. What started out as a promising read quickly spiraled into a flaming wreck, similar to the plane crash that we're guaranteed on the first page. Or is it the last page? The book and chapters are numbered in reverse order, as some kind of clever gimmick so that you open at the end of the story, and count down the pages until you finally reach the beginning. The concept is intriguing, and might work better if the story was structured around it(think: the film "Memento") but here, it feels pretentio [...]

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    21. Survivor follows the well-known recipe that makes Palahniuk a writer with extraordinary insight. However, I didn't like it as much as the other ones of his I've read. I guess absurdities are part of what makes his novels great, completing a pattern which makes perfect sense through metaphors and witty implications. Only here, these absurdities were sort of detached from one another. Something went wrong and I missed the point which, in Choke for instance, made my hair stand on end. That's not to [...]

    22. كابوس مكتمل الأركان! تشاك بالانيك يفك أزرار بنطلونه، يخرج قضيبه، ويطرطر على المجتمع الذى فقد كل خصائصه وتحول لطبقات لا تنتهى من الزيف ثم الزيف ولا شئ إلا الزيف على جميع الأصعدة بلا استثناء لأجل هذا انفجرت ثورة تايلر دوردن فى نادى القتالالرواية بصدد التحول لفيلم سنيمائى يتول [...]

    23. لأول مرة أشعر أني لست محظوظة بقراءة رواية ما، عادة أخرج من خياراتي بانتعاش يملؤني قناعة و رضا مهما تضاءل أو كثر، إن كنت شعرت مثلي بأنك كنت هنا -في قلب الرواية- من قبل! فهنالك خلل ما، ليس لأن هنالك عنصر مفقود في الرواية، بالرغم من كمالها إلا إن عناصر بولانيك موحدة في هذه الرواية [...]

    24. Arabic & English Review كمعظم ريفيوهاتى :) لازم ابدا ب Quote " الواقع يقول انك تعيش الى ان تموت , و الحقيقة الحقيقية ان لا احد يريد الواقع " الرواية من غير حرق للاحداث كمعظم روايات تشاك بالانيك بتدور اكتر على صراعات الانسان الداخلية لدرجة انك لما تخلص الرواية حتختلف الاراء اذا كان تندربرا [...]

    25. 3.5Anlattığı olay ve vermek istediği mesaj güzel ama bunu yapış şeklini beğenmedim, bir türlü "işte benim kitabım" diyecek kadar giremedim kitabın içine. Aynı konu imge ağırlıklı ve örtülü olarak işlenmiş olsa belki de dünya edebiyatının en müstesna eserlerinden biri olabilirmiş. Ama bu şekilde işlendiğinde de yeraltı edebiyatı olmaktan çıkar. Yani "Hey Palahniuk! Sen bu kitabı güzel düşünmüşsün ama yazamamışsın!" diyecek halim yok.Bir de, keşke o [...]

    26. Πρωτότυπο βιβλίο, ασχολείται με πολλά και διαφορετικά θέματα όπως η ψεύτικη εικόνα που παρουσιάζουν οι διάσημοι, η αλλοτρίωση των ανθρώπων από τα Μέσα Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης, η υπακοή στους θρησκευτικούς ηγέτες και άλλα παρόμοια. Δεν μπορώ να πω ότι με άγγιξε, δε νομίζω ότι ται [...]

    27. Kitabı okumak istedim çünkü iyi yorumlar gördüm ve yazarın bir başka kitabını okuyup beğenmiştim. Şuan sadece bir zaman kaybı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Toplamda Palahniuk'un üç kitabını okudum, hepsi neredeyse birbiriyle aynı sadece konular farklı. Absürd karakterler yaratıyor, kapitalizmden bahsediyor, dinlerin ve medyanın insanı nasıl sömürdüğüne değiniyor ve sonunda da birileri ölüyor. Cidden olay kurgusu hep aynı ilerliyor.

    28. 3.5 stars. I feel like I'm getting too old for Chuck Palahniuk. Not because his books are geared towards young readers in any particular way - I mean, they are definitely adult books - but because of his writing style. It's definitely something that I would have loved if I'd been in my late teens/early twenties, in my university undergraduate days, but now I just feel a bit like rolling my eyes when I read certain sentences.Saying that, I did enjoy this book for the most part. Survivor has a rea [...]

    29. رواية عجبتني جدا، بس في نفس الوقت حسيتها صعبة شوية، مش صعبة في الأسلوب أو السرد، لكن صعبة في الإسقاط المقصود من كل حاجة في الرواية على المجتمع الأمريكيالرواية بتحكي قصة شاب، اتولد في إحدى القرى التابعة للكنيسة الكريديشية، والكنيسة دي عندها قوانين خاصة بيها، الإبن الأكبر فق [...]

    30. Palaniuk ile ilk tanışmam ama son olmayacak!! Sisteme olan aykırı duruşu bildigim gercekleri gozden gecirmeme ebep oldu. Bazı bolumlerde sikilabilirsiniz zira bolca temizlik bilgisi, wc arkasi yazilqri var ama bunlarda bile alt metinlerde bir direniş var! çok sevdim!"Hepimiz aynı televizyon programlarını izliyoruz, diyor dudak. Radyoda aynı şeyleri duyuyoruz, birbirimize aynı şeyleri söylüyoruz. Hayatın hiç sürprizi kalmadı. Hep aynı şeyler olup duruyor. TekrarlarÇok yak [...]

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