Child of Darkness She grew up in the shadows of lies Now the past will come to light As a child she was Baby Celeste the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality But now her mother is in an institution a

  • Title: Child of Darkness
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780743493857
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • She grew up in the shadows of lies Now the past will come to light.As a child, she was Baby Celeste, the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality But now her mother is in an institution, and sixteen year old Celeste Atwell is alone in the world Adopted by a wealthy couple, Celeste has everything a girl could desire designer clothes, luxury cars, even a handShe grew up in the shadows of lies Now the past will come to light.As a child, she was Baby Celeste, the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality But now her mother is in an institution, and sixteen year old Celeste Atwell is alone in the world Adopted by a wealthy couple, Celeste has everything a girl could desire designer clothes, luxury cars, even a handsome boyfriend But her indulgence may come at a steep price because the secrets hidden within her new family are too dangerous to keep under wraps.Also in the bestselling Gemini series from V.C Andrews be sure to read Celeste and Black Cat, available from Pocket Star Books

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    One thought on “Child of Darkness”

    1. The Gemini Series is one of the best series with V.C. Andrews' name attached to it. Generally, the books are sub-par with weak characters that make you want to slap and shake them due to the idiotic things they think and do, which generally lead to bad mistakes and terrible, inbreeding/rape-based events. Not so in the Gemini series: the women in these books are generally stronger, and don't have sex with their relatives, forced or not. Honestly, if the Andrews Estate's books weren't as addictive [...]

    2. Ok the people in the Vc Andrews family who have been carrying on her legacy and writing projects since her death in the mid 80's should have really thought long and hard about making this a book on it's owna spin off of sorts as, with the exception of the last few chapters, had little and nothing to do with the other two books in the Gemini series.

    3. It's so obvious early on what Ami's motives are, and Celeste does question them to herself, but doesn't come up with any answers until after the plan comes to fruition. And Celeste has a douchebag boyfriend.

    4. Third in the Gemini series. I was so sad there was not a 4th or 5th in the series. Reminded me of VC Andrews first books. One of my favorites from her ghost writer. I would recommend.

    5. I was disappointed by this book. It's not really the book's fault, though. It was decently written with an interesting plot and moderately well-developed characters. What disappointed me was the direction the series took. The first two books set up this fascinating world where the family members are either seeing their dead ancestors or schizophrenic. The mother is classic V.C. Andrews-style abusive, and I was looking forward to this story being fleshed out, having an explanation for the visions [...]

    6. Reading "Child of Darkness" was an interesting experience for me. I had no idea, until I finished it, that it was part of a series. Consequently, I came to the novel without any preconceived ideas about the characters or expectations about the plot. It simply unfolded page by page and presented itself to me as a self-contained novel.As such, I think it works very well. There is such an air of mystery about who Celeste Atwell actually is that it keeps the reader guessing from start to finish. Bec [...]

    7. I liked this book, but it was so different than the first two that it could (should?) have been it's own stand-alone novel. It really had very little to do with the first two books. The setting was different, all of the characters were different ("Baby Celeste" is now 17 so she's basically not the same character anymore), and all the events from the first two books are completely irrelevant to this story. It's not until the last chapter that Baby Celeste returns to the farm, and it's not until t [...]

    8. I have to say, I am very excited that I have finally finished my first V.C Andrews series and the Atwell's story is finally completed. The third installment, Child of Darkness, was the story of Baby Celeste Atwell after life at the Atwell farm ended. The original Celeste is now in a mental institution permanently scarred due to things that happened why she lived at the house. Baby Celeste is in an orphanage and continues to move in with many foster parents until finally ending with Ami and Wade [...]

    9. This has to stop, seriously. When Neiderman first ghostwrote for VCA, he did a decent job. I liked the Cutler series, and he did a good job of finishing up the books that VCA had started but didn't finish for the Dollanganger and Casteel series. The Landry and Logan series, while not the best, were still very decent, and I enjoyed them. However, it all started to go downhill with Orphans. That was not what VCA would have written. I endured the Hudson and DeBeers series with disgust. Mr. Neriderm [...]

    10. This is Andrews last attempt at a family saga longer than two books. It's a shame becuase I always enjoyed the 5 book formula, where the story is told from the point of veiw of the grandmother, mother and child. Celeste is more likeable as an adult than as a child, she's lost alot of the creepyness she had about her. I found it surprising that the spirt that followed her around is Noble. She also seems to have got through many years in the childrens home without any trouble whatsoever. I liked t [...]

    11. This book was better than the first two, but the plot was not at all unique and was like many other series under VCA's name. The first two books were frankly boring and annoying. The same things happened over and over again, in this book, there is finally some action. Baby Celeste seems to have more of a brain than her mother did. And I was pretty sure Sarah and the first Celeste both had schizophrenia, so the diagnosis at the end of the book proved my theory to be right. The fact that Baby Cele [...]

    12. This last book in the Gemini series focused on "Baby" Celeste, now a teenager, a Senior in high school. Since she was taken away by child protective services about eleven years ago, she was with a foster family that didn't work out, and living in an orphanage. Things start to get weird when a young couple wants to foster her, with the excuse of wanting to give her everything her heart desires, since they are very wealthy. It turns out they just want her to be the one to get pregnant with an heir [...]

    13. When it comes to the family sagas that either Andrews herself or the ghost writer has written, the book that follows the daughter of the main character is usually the weakest. With the Gemini series, this novel about the daughter of the elder Celeste (Baby Celeste), is fairly tolerable, though there are moments you have to suspend your disbelief. In short, the book drags for a bit, but picks up the last few chapters as we learn what the true motives of Baby Celeste's adoptive family and how the [...]

    14. I can finally say that I am so happy that I finished this series because I can stop torturing myself. Why in the world I felt I had to finish it I have no idea, but this book was actually the best of the series. Which isn't saying anything good about this series. This time the story is in the point of view of Baby Celeste. Celeste is in a mental institution and baby Celeste is in an orphanage. Finally a nice couple who is extremely rich want to be her foster parents. Things start out at first ok [...]

    15. The third book in the series. I was hoping this book would deal with Celeste and her leaving her mother's house. This book is all about the life of "Baby Celeste" and how she grew up in an orphanage, only to go into a foster home at 17 yrs. old. Here Baby Celeste learns how cruel the world can be, even though her foster parents provide her with anything and everything she'd ever want. This book comes together at the end, especially regarding the relationship between Celeste and her real mother.

    16. This book had a lot of issues. At the end of the second book, baby Celeste was almost 3 and big Celseste had to be almost 19. She was 15 when she met Elliott, add 9 months for her pregnancy, and almost 3 years for baby Celeste's age. At the beginning of this book, Celeste was only 17-1/2 and baby Celeste was 6. That would make Celeste 11-1/2 when baby Celeste was born. The story was ok, but I kept rehashing the continuity problems.

    17. This was a good book, but! way too much suspense there were too many time celeste would say "i'll know soon eneough why such and such happened to me" i just wanted her to tell me why. and then by th etime we found out there wasnt enough of a resoultion everything just disapeared and life became perfect! hello rape is involved here!!!! someone call the police!

    18. The third book in the Gemini Series. This book is about the life of "Baby Celeste" and how she grew up in an orphanage, only to go to a foster home at the age of 17. I thought this was the best book of the series, but still wasn't great. The series as a whole was a very disturbing and dark story.

    19. This series was so unbelievably messed upat I couldn't put it down. I truly wanted good things for Celeste. I was a bit disappointed that this book was not about the first Celeste, or at least incorporated her, but the plot line twisted enough that I stopped thinking of the first two novels in the series and was able to dive into this almost unrelated story.

    20. I always enjoyed just about every other VC Andrews book, ghostwritten or not. This was actually the first time I had difficulty getting through one of her books. I couldn't get into the characters and how they were portrayed. I never finished this series, I just keep rereading all of the ones prior to this.

    21. V.C Andrews has some psychological issues in order to write books like this. the worst part is they are so good I can't wait for the next one. this was the last one in this series which is good because this series was not as good to me as some of the others. it was just off. the whole idea of he spirit world just seemed to throw off the books somehow

    22. Awesome. It has been awhile since I have read a series that made me hunger for the next one. I could hardly pull myself away while reading this series. Having praised the series this book out of the 3 is my least favorite. I can't really put my finger on why just didn't have the same bite and won't let go feel. Even so Still one of the best Andrews series books I have read.

    23. She grew up in the shadows of lies. Now the past will come to light As a child, she was Baby Celeste, the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality. But now her mother is in an institution and sixteen-year-old Celeste Atwell is alone in the world.

    24. Different plot- line that was interesting. VCA uses a lot of recycled plots, so that was nice.It was somewhat better than the new VCA books coming out, but it wasn't great, and it still seems like the VC Andrews ghostwriter doesn't make any attempts at his books or care anymore.

    25. This was the best book in the series. If you can look past the initial age discrepancy in the beginning and the author's obvious obsession with masturbation and sex, the underlying story is very good, and the story of the atwell family ended the best way it could've.

    26. it was a very good book with alot of twists the ending suprised me very much but alot of her books do that

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