In the Wilderness It is Norway in the thirteenth century a land rent by unremitting warfare and feebly lit by Christianity Olav Audunsson was once an outlaw now he is a man of wealth and stature But he is haunted by t

  • Title: In the Wilderness
  • Author: Sigrid Undset
  • ISBN: 9780679755531
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is Norway in the thirteenth century, a land rent by unremitting warfare and feebly lit by Christianity Olav Audunsson was once an outlaw now he is a man of wealth and stature But he is haunted by the memory of crimes for which there is no easy atonement and by losses that may never be redeemed.

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      115 Sigrid Undset
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    One thought on “In the Wilderness”

    1. You have to read all four books! I ended up reading this one last only because I had to wait for it ordered. Wow. They are all amazing. Can't believe a writer from the 1920's could have handwritten and published this much material.

    2. The penultimate volume of Sigrid Undset's Master of Hestviken tetralogy, In the Wilderness finds Olav Audunsson mourning the death of Ingunn, his wife of about 20 years. In her absence, all ties he has to the world, to Hestviken (his family estate), to his daughter Cecilia, and to Eirik, the bastard son he has raised as his own, seem faint and weak. When two merchants visit him to make a business proposal, Olav finds himself on a voyage to England, where he experiences temptation, and extraordin [...]

    3. This third volume of Sigrid Undset's THE MASTER OF HESTVIKEN enhances the saga of a medieval manor heir Auden Audensson, The Master of Hestviken. . Readers have to be aware that this saga is not for the faint hearted or the causual reader. You have to be a serious reader to undertake such a challenge. Undset was converted to Catholicism after her marriage to a previously married Italian man she had an affair with during her time in Italy. She took her conversion seriously. This saga is abundant [...]

    4. I'll have to come back and fill this in - now I must begin the fourth and final book - however I have to note that chapter 3 (the shape shifter Ingunn) was most surreal & fascinating - this book deserves a second reading though I doubt that my understanding would improve much - this wilderness is indeed thick with mysticism, Mary worship (understandably so especially for men having to shift from pagan gods to Christianity) and man's struggle in understanding and submitting to God (I cannot h [...]

    5. Third of the tetralogy.The author, Sigred Undset, considered The Master of Hestviking Tetrology to be better than Kristen Lavraansdatter, the trilogy for which she won the Nobel Prize.

    6. The beginning of this book is somewhat laborious, however it is worth it to stick it out to the end. I guess my initial thoughts are that the Catholic Church has a long history of inflicting guilt on people. This book, set in medieval times really sets out what sin and guilt will do to an otherwise "good" person--if you can consider a murderer and adulterer to be a good person:) (it's too bad birth control wasn't available in this time and place. It certainly could have helped these characters a [...]

    7. The series slows wih each novelIn the Wilderness is the fourth in a four novel series following an eight year old boy named Olav through his coming of age, unhappy marriage to a chronically ill wife, and now, well into his forties, through a war between his native Norway and Denmark. In between are his reflections on a moral issue he wrestles with.The translation was done in about 1930 and uses many archaic words and phrases, and all are in very archaic English. Also, as I read more, I find thes [...]

    8. I started this book in Norway last summer. I can see why Sigrid Undset won a Nobel prize. It is very well written. For me the strength of the book is the psychological study of Olav Audunsson. If I had it to do over, though, I would have started with volume 1 of the series. There were too many background facts I didn't have to understand the plot and characters as well as I would have liked. And I couldn't find a good synopsis of the whole series online. I was also a little disappointed in the e [...]

    9. This novel is the 3rd of four, and they should be read all together and in sequence. It is also necessary to read a proper translation, not one of the translators who tries to modernize the novels and reduce them to their more simplistic elements. All that said, I've throughly enjoyed the story, albeit tragic, of the two lovers Olav and Ingunn. This third novel in the series focuses on Olav and is a psychological study of who the young boy has become in these, his middle aged years. While I as a [...]

    10. After the dreariness and tragedy of the previous volume (The Snake Pit), Olav leaves Hestviken and travels to England where he has quasi-mystical experiences that help him process his loss. But he is still not willing to face and manifest the deeds buried in his past. Thus, he hardens, even as he exhibits at the exterior level, the probity of Christian life.

    11. As Vol 3 is only part of the journey, I will read the final episode of this saga before I comment much.

    12. Whew! This was like giving birth! My all time favorite book. This was the third time I have read this and the first for a book club. It was enlightening to discuss. Dont be intimidated, just read it!!

    13. This was the most difficult of the series. So much guilt and misery. I could not keep track of the characters, and their connections. The end was better, one more book to go.

    14. This is the 3rd installment of The Master of Hestviken, by Undset, continuing the saga of Olav Audunson and his family. One more to go!

    15. Definitely worth reading if you are reading the whole series (The Master of Hestviken); however, not as riveting as the previous two books.

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