You ll Never Make Love in This Town Again Wild graphic sometimes funny ultimately sad this is the book that had Hollywood hiding behind closed doors and no comment Four beautiful young women tell the stories of the famous the sexy the ri

  • Title: You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again
  • Author: Lois Lee Joanne Parrent Terrie Maxine Frankel Jennie Louise Frankel
  • ISBN: 9781597775427
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wild, graphic, sometimes funny, ultimately sad this is the book that had Hollywood hiding behind closed doors and no comment Four beautiful young women tell the stories of the famous, the sexy, the rich, and the sadistic.

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      173 Lois Lee Joanne Parrent Terrie Maxine Frankel Jennie Louise Frankel
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    One thought on “You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again”

    1. So funny, a lot of us have the same comments in our reviews. No this is not a well-written book.No this is not a book that should be read by many.However, if I'm still talking about it (as I did after concurring with a friend about not loving Shades of Gray 2 but then saying "BUT did you ever read this book, You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again?") And I thought it was amazingly shocking and spellbinding then, and still remember it now several years later.I too read this a long time ago (Pre [...]

    2. Ugh, this book could turn me into one of those people.I would never, ever, ever say that the way someone dresses, or a situation they purposefully put themselves into makes them "deserve" whatever treatment they get. That's an asshole belief of the highest accord.But goddamit, this book made me one of those people.These women are so far from sympathetic that if I were to meet one of them in real life, I would punch each of them in the face. ESPECIALLY Liza. This book was written many many moons [...]

    3. Two of this book's authors, Robin and Liza Greer, were stars of the classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode,Angels Revenge . Liza -- who dishes the nastiest dish here -- plays the fresh-faced pigtailed teenager in that movie. As Amy noted, the anecdote about George Harrison and his ukelele is priceless.

    4. I found this book at a thrift store and was intrigued and since I only paid 25 cents for it I didn't have a lot of expectations for it. That being said, the book was still kind of a stinker. The stories being told are sold as a cautionary tale to young women in Hollywood who let the men call the shots, and how these 4 women allowed that power to lead them into a life of drugs and prostitution.However, the stories were full of bragging and glamour and never reached the right balance of "it was al [...]

    5. I read this book 15 years ago when it came out and I give it 5 stars now, because I remember so much of it, and the celebrity names mentioned. Rarely does a book make such an impression. The other reviewers are spot on with the murkiness of the cautionary tale as told from the authors' viewpoints. They seem damaged souls, but conflicted even as they tell the stories. In some ways they enjoyed some of their experiences. On the other hand, it marked the end of all my celebrity crushes, once and fo [...]

    6. If you read this book you will never be able to look at a lot of celebrities the same way again. A lot of movies will be ruined for you.It is supposed to be a cautionary tale, and I think it accomplishes that task quite well. It definitely removes all the gloss and lightheartedness that Pretty Woman tries to sell you.And Sylvester Stallone, that is messed up man.

    7. Best trashy book ever. Easy. True or not it made for a fun, no brainer read. Worth reading for the Xanadu quote while referreing to Olivia Newton John's husband and I still call Gary Busey, "Scary Abusey." I did not, however, want to be caught reading it in public so I only would read it at home.

    8. If you love gossip you will love this! I read this book while living in Jackson Hole. I was a waitress at the time and sylvester stallone came into the place where I was working. I was already really nervous to meet him and even more so after reading the chaper all about him

    9. The namedropping gets very annoying and seems unnecessary if their purpose is supposedly to help save young girls from falling into the traps they did.

    10. The introduction was promising as the editor, Joan Parrent intimated her sexist experiences with some of the high and mighty of Hollywood. As I began reading the first story in the book, Robin's, I was heartbroken to hear about how her parents had neglected her and facilitated her almost-rape and being pimped out by an older female "friend". But then instead of being a cautionary tale and revealing the mechanisms, the brainwashing and how it chips away at a young girl's/woman's psyche the book t [...]

    11. I read this book awhile ago and certainly this lifted the lid on the excesses of celebritiesx, drugs, Hollywood, you name it. Yes it was voyeuristic but still a good read. One of the fascinating accounts was of John Ritter's 9 1/2 hour sex marathon "pure, hot, jackhammer sex" with a high class escort lady in her apartment. However, the escort lady's account doesn't exactly quite add up, because she wrote in this book that after their 9 1/2 hour sex marathon, he took her for a meal to Denny's. Af [...]

    12. SLEAZE: Someone talked about this book one night at the bar. Intrigued, I texted my librarian gf asking her to pick it up. I hope she was not embarassed getting it from her colleagues. It pretends to be a warning against the evils of prostitution and guys who do not respect women. But it's much more like a boasting about how hot the women are (constantly they talk about their bodies, and how no one could keep their eyes off them). I don't know that much about celebrities and it was written in 19 [...]

    13. I believe some of these stories and have serious doubts about others. Primarily I felt this was a book written out of spite and bitterness by a bunch of washed-up whores who can't really make a living by banging celebrities anymore so they've decided to air their sexual deviancies out of desperation. I also get the distinct impression that some of them were in love with some of these famous men and feel the need to put them on blast since they did not requite the feelings and fulfill their ridic [...]

    14. 2.5 Somewhat interesting (or disgusting, or infuriating, depending on view) content is presented with agenda. Ostensibly, to help prevent other women from making the choices they did, and to even up the score a bit on the provider/consumer imbalance of prosecution. Mostly, however, you'll find a handful of women - top-dollar Hollywood call girls - portraying themselves as victims. Of men. Of drugs. Of men. Of alcohol. Of men. Of their handlers. Of pretty much everything except their own free wil [...]

    15. It's billed as 'very shocking' which, after living and working in LA, it's not. But there are some gossipy fun stories and one woman calling Warren Beatty old and fat did give me the giggles, but the sad advice at the end of each woman's story, making this a cautionary tale was very pathetic. I am a cynical old crone.

    16. This book was awful. Could four prostitutes be more in love with themselves? I don't think so. Apparently every man in Hollywood thinks these ladies are the most beautiful women in the world because that is all they talked about. I'm glad I got it from the library because I would have felt like I wasted my money on top of wasting my time.

    17. In light of the current scandal, this book seems appropriate for a little light reading. This book, and its sequel are both fab tales from Call Girls who drop names. I would bet that by the 3rd edition there will be some Spitzer tales.

    18. This book was perfect for my purposes- light fare for a camping trip. The stories are presented in vignettes, so easy to set down at any point. I'm not sure that I would pay for this book, but it was entertaining.

    19. This book was a page turner but these 4 women were beyond dumb. They never seemed to learn their lessons. They kept repeating the same mistakes. At times it seemed they were glorifying their lifestyle. This book is a total guilty pleasure, that's about it.

    20. OMFG!!! This was so trashy and voyeuristicy like the best combo ever. Reading this type of book is like doing Suduko or word-circle puzzles. Nothing brilliant comes of it, but it is enjoyable, whittles the time away and you are letting your brain fire.

    21. I bought this book from for a few pennies because I was interested in one chapter. Eventually, curiosity took over and I read the whole book. Honestly, I have mixed feelings. I enjoyed the chapter I wanted to read,but the rest of the book was ok.

    22. I have a really great photograph I took of Mary reclining by the pool in a bikini at our hotel in Las Vegas, this book in one hand, a bloody mary in a plastic cup in the other. I think that pretty much tells you all you need to know about this fine piece of literature.

    23. in which a group of whores bang on about how gorgeous and sexy they are and all the big names they've fucked (only one of which I'd actually heard of, from memory).Avoid, because this WILL rot your brain.

    24. I came up with a really nice drink to help sail through this book:Ice2 oz. GinAnother oz. of gin.Stir.She looses her head. He waives his penis.We're off!

    25. Probably the sadest and pathetic book I've ever read! Not for the faint of heart.Depressing and agrivating to read.I will never look at Hollywood the same way again.I am truely disqusted!

    26. you'll read this trashy and addictively voyeuristic book in about two (joy-filled) hours and be talking about it for about two years. nicholson likes to pee on people, etc.

    27. This is a book I'd never buy for myself. I found this one on the plane and I think I may have read it in less than 24 hours! All I can say is, wow!

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