Just Another Judgement Day Just another success from the New York Times bestselling author God s own enforcer the righteous engine of destruction known as the Walking Man has come to the Nightside His sole purpose is the elim

  • Title: Just Another Judgement Day
  • Author: Simon R. Green
  • ISBN: 9780441016747
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just another success from the New York Times bestselling author God s own enforcer, the righteous engine of destruction known as the Walking Man, has come to the Nightside His sole purpose is the elimination of the wicked and the guilty, which means no one will be left in the Nightside once he gets started So the Authorities have hired P.I John Taylor to stop him Le Just another success from the New York Times bestselling author God s own enforcer, the righteous engine of destruction known as the Walking Man, has come to the Nightside His sole purpose is the elimination of the wicked and the guilty, which means no one will be left in the Nightside once he gets started So the Authorities have hired P.I John Taylor to stop him Legend has it that he can t be killed Taylor is very much hoping that the legend isn t true.

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    One thought on “Just Another Judgement Day”

    1. And so the series goes on - and slowly its becoming more and additive it. I will have to say that after the Lilith war the stories have become more compact and as such now are limited to a single book. This makes the book both quicker to read - after all everything that is going to happen, will happen, has to happen in these pages, it also to a lesser extent mean that the story is shorted and more compact. However the story here follows pretty much the same route and even though the dialogue and [...]

    2. 5 Stars Just Another Judgement Day by Simon R. Green is book number 9 in the Nightside series. I really enjoyed this book and it reclaimed it's shine. The Nightside series is one of my favorite today and a perfect example of how good the Urban Fantasy genre can be. I would read about John Taylor everyday if I could.These stories are classic noir like private eye mysteries in an urban fantasy setting. They are perfect for my interests today. I have been reading a lot of urban fantasy lately. Comb [...]

    3. 3.5 STARSAbout: After killing a crowd of Springheeled Jacks who entered the Nightside through a Timeslip, John Taylor and Suzie Shooter decide to wind down in a Nightside bar. But they can’t relax for long. Soon John’s on-again-off-again friend and arch nemesis brings news of a different kind of monster: a righteous kind. “The Walking Man, the wrath of God in the world of men, the most powerful and scariest agent of the Good, ever, has come at last to the Nightside to punish the guilty.” [...]

    4. Anyone who's gotten this far into the series knows that the stories are a little predictable. Green tends to repeat himself, not just from book to book, but even within books. If I read the line "He's the wrath of God on earth" again, I think I was gonna scream. And every time he uses his Gift and "then it was the easiest thing in the world" my eye twitches a little.That said, after the last book, which I was rather disappointed in, this one has some fresh life and fun again. Yes, it is sort of [...]

    5. مثل همیشه ای کتاب تاریک که هرکسی نمیپسنده شخصیت پردازی خیره کننده ولی پایان عجیبی داشت. نمیدونم چرا نویسنده دوست داره پایان هاشو ناگهانی بنویسه. طوری که یجورایی منطقین ولی انگار از جعبه ی شانسی دراومدن. با اینکه یه چیزی رو تا بزرگترین حدش میبره، بعد بصورت عجیبی همون چیز بزرگ ش [...]

    6. 4 StarsA good man with horrible powers. Pride, is not one of them. Are you doing what you do because its the right thing, or because you think you're right?? Are you being judgmental or merely giving an opinion?? Be careful what you say in the name of God.

    7. I just finished reading Simon Green’s “Just Another Judgement Day”, the ninth installment in his highly-popular Nightside urban fantasy series. I completely enjoyed this novel, and found the storyline to be both compelling and highly-informative concerning the burgeoning new group of Nightside power brokers, referred to as the Authorities, who have replaced their former holders as the guiding management for the Nightside. And yet, there’s still even more to this storyline, such as the ev [...]

    8. Just another judgements Day (Nightside, # 9), Simon R. Green (1955)عنوان: نایت ساید جلد نهم: رستاخیزی دیگر؛ نویسنده: سیمون آر. گرین؛ مترجم: زهره حق بین؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ویدا، چاپ نخست 1390، در 195 ص، اندازه 14 در 21 س.م، فروست: مجموعه نایت ساید، شابک جلد 9: 9789646807839؛ شابک دوره: 9789646807914؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان ا [...]

    9. Nice to see Suzie Shooter (view spoiler)[healing (hide spoiler)] I'm getting kinda tired of JT questioning if he fixed the future or not I think the fact he no longer has time traveling assassins after him is a pretty strong sign

    10. I've read nine installments of this series so far, and I'll read the others. Like many books (Butcher's Dresden series, Hearne's Iron Druid series, and Kadrey's Sandman Slim series, to name just a few), these books are what I tend to call "Television Substitutes." They're enjoyable enough, and a slight notch above pulp fiction (usually), and, most of the time, I'd rather curl up with the dog and read something light than waste time in front of the TV. Slumming with television substitutes can be [...]

    11. It's nice to see that Simon R. Green is getting less predictable in his writing, which has been the unfortunate drawback to his last few novels. Rather, he has taken a fresh step in the Nightside series, which bodes well for the future books.I think the strongest aspect of the book was the slow shift away from the pre-Lilith war characters by writing them into the background of the story. His more memorable characters are still present, however, not recurrent and in the forefront as they were in [...]

    12. What a great book! I couldn't wait to see how John Taylor would stop The Walking Man. And I loved that John wasn't all gung-ho, that he wanted to stop the guy without killing him, if possible. I also really liked the developing relationship between John and Suzie, loved seeing their home. But I didn't expect the twist with Walker at the very end, that made me rather sad because I love the guy, he's such an arrogant bastard. But I guess that's where the series was headed since the beginning? Can' [...]

    13. 4 stars because after a couple disappointing books this one finally grabbed my attention. Although I find the child abuse story line extremely upsetting (not just suzie's in this one- there's more. It's not in-the-moment description, just aftermath, but still horrifying of course) I did appreciate what that did for suzie's character.You get more of John & suzie's private life, info on the new authorities (that raises an interesting question about the future), bad news about Walker and even a [...]

    14. Read every book in the Nightside series and you'll have read some ace-level sci-fi. Green's imagination is enviable and flat-out genius. His characters, concepts, lines . . . perfecto. He's a master of first-person sci-fi. Take this book for example. Imagine the left hand of God came to town, with the purpose of inflicting Old-Testament-style wrath upon the Nightside, a town full of evils and vices. He's wreathed in God's might. He's indestructible. Cruel. Merciless. How would you stop him?[Whis [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book but the series is beginning to feel repetitive. Big Bad comes to Nightside, John, Suzy and 1 or 2 other people take it on, people die. It's not that there's a total lack of forward momentum, there are changes in the Nightside. In this book we meet the new authorities, for example. But it still feels like the more things change the more they stay the same. I did notice a few crossovers with the Shaman Bond series.

    16. Loved it. Fast-paced, truly dark in many ways, and filled with debates over faith vs fanaticism, good vs evil, and the merits of all the levels in between. Add to this all the changes going on in the Nightside and the series gets freshened up a bit. These damn books are like potato chips. ::reaching for the next one::

    17. This was a big step up from the last few Nightside books. Better plotted and paced and none of the odd feeling of disjointed scenes slammed together that the last few entries in the series had. I even thought it was free of sloppy continuity errors as well, until towards the very end when talking about the speaking gun John professes not to know about its origin. Even though its origin was made explicitly clear to him, and was a fairly important plot point, in the finale of book six. Continuous [...]

    18. Even though it starts out ok, this installment of the series is merely a rehash of ideas from previous books. There’s nothing original or interesting. Even the big bad is a retake on a bad guy from the last book (where the author obviously got the idea and wanted to expand on it)).The action is mostly passive AND repetitive, as John watches the Walking Man kill through one area after another. My take: If you haven’t read a book in the series, start with the beginning. If you have read books [...]

    19. John Taylor ❣I have been enjoying this series ! Great story line. An occasional typo. But the big question. Was mentioning dead boy in the stand with the walking man a mistake ? Or is he back? No other mention of his return.

    20.   若非我得了不看結局會死的病,想要知道一眾角色最終的歸宿,早在與莉莉絲的大戰過後,我應該不會再閱讀《夜城》系列。  自莉莉絲的高潮過後,《夜城》系列已走進下坡,無論劇情、抑或吸引力,均大不如前--誠然,一翻開此書後,我還是會不由自主地一口氣看到結尾,但總覺得作者的描述、對白、人物性格空洞無比,說穿了,就是一種「某強者強勢登場,然 [...]

    21. Nobody can ignore it in today's society -- people who claim that they are fighting God's battles, and prove that they aren't by their own actions.That's the central message of "Just Another Judgement Day," the ninth volume of Simon R. Green's Nightside series. And despite its flip title, this is one of the more philosophical and serious trips into the dark side of London -- lots of meditations on people who commit atrocities in God's name. And, fortunately, lots of vintage Nightside weirdness to [...]

    22. I let Suzie finish setting up the house's defences while Walker and I stood outside in what used to be the garden, not looking at each other. Suzie always likes arming the hidden charges and taking the safeties off the concealed weaponry and contemplating the mayhem and general carnage that will undoubtedly ensue if anyone is dumb enough to try to get into the house while we're out. One very professional burglar actually made it all the way to our front door once, and the house ate him. The lett [...]

    23. Review originally published at BookThing! (Reviewed by Tony Evans)This is the ninth Nightside story from Simon R. Green, and if you don’t know what to expect by this point then you’ve had your eyes closed throughout the previous books. This is not a book for someone who’s never read any of the previous Nightside novels – you absolutely need to read them all first, otherwise much of this one will go over your head.Simon has built a canon of characters in the Nightside and uses them in thi [...]

    24. Another excellent story in the Nightside Universe. The idea of the Walking Man was fascinating and I enjoyed how John Taylor had to work to figure out the best way to stop him. This was another gripping page turner. I'm still intrigued on what Walker has going onI'm not sure all is what meets the eye. The continuing romance between John Taylor and Suzie Shotgun is heart-warming as it is heartbreaking, but I still love their interactions. I'm interesting in seeing what the new Authorities have in [...]

    25. Ninth in the dark urban fantasy series, Nightside.The StoryThe status quo is changing in the Nightside. There's a new board of Authorities and they've just asked John Taylor for his help in subduing the latest big bad. Seems the Walking Man has finally shown up in the Nightside. The Wrath of God who moves in a straight line to take out evil. The sinners who deserve punishment. And it seems that the Walking Man hasn't gotten the memo that the Nightside is neutral ground.The CharactersJohn Taylor [...]

    26. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's got the Nightside's rich and powerful quaking in their boots. He's The Walking Man, and it's his mission to exorcise sinners-with extreme prejudice. Problem is, the Nightside was built on sin and corruption, and The Walking Man makes no distinction between evildoers and those simply indulging themselves. He'll leave the place a wasteland unless someone stops him, and P.I. John Taylor has been handed the job. No known magic or science can affect The Walking [...]

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