The Book Of Fame A glorious novel from the award winning author of Mister Pip now available as a trade paperback original from Vintage Canada The Book of Fame is a lyrical semi fictional account of the All Black

  • Title: The Book Of Fame
  • Author: Lloyd Jones
  • ISBN: 9780719522949
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • A glorious novel from the award winning author of Mister Pip, now available as a trade paperback original from Vintage Canada.The Book of Fame is a lyrical semi fictional account of the 1905 All Black rugby tour of Europe a tour that shaped New Zealand s identity, from which the players returned to find themselves accorded almost god like status This remarkable, award wA glorious novel from the award winning author of Mister Pip, now available as a trade paperback original from Vintage Canada.The Book of Fame is a lyrical semi fictional account of the 1905 All Black rugby tour of Europe a tour that shaped New Zealand s identity, from which the players returned to find themselves accorded almost god like status This remarkable, award winning novel is both a tribute to some of the world s first sporting celebrities and an investigation into the curious workings of fame.Not just a book for lovers of sport, The Book of Fame is essentially a story about friendship and loyalty, and about a group of astonishing young men at the peak of their abilities.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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      334 Lloyd Jones
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    One thought on “The Book Of Fame”

    1. I really liked this sparsely written little book- a mixture of lyrical prose, history and fiction. I am not interested in Rugby at all but this is an astounding account of the 1905 visit of the New Zealand All Blacks to the UK. Wonderful!

    2. “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” ― Margaret MeadI have never before used the word "unique" to describe a book. I know every book is somehow different from the millions of others composed since the development of cave painting (even plagiarists apply their own own fingerprints to stolen letters). Yet every book I have read has somehow developed, grown from obvious previous roots since before Ovid wrote the Ilead. Sometimes we see a new genre - did S [...]

    3. I loved this book so much, when I was reading it I wanted to share quotations from almost every page. Every page of The Book of Fame is food for thought.Ostensibly The Book of Fame is a book is about a rugby tour, but it’s about much more than that…The Book of Fame is a meditation on celebrity, and how the ordinary blokes from a football team learned their strange new place in a world remote from everything they knew. Outside Tussaud’s, we noticed that unless you were a Lord or Viscount or [...]

    4. Recreación de la gira de 1905 del equipo neozelandés de rugby que supuso el inicio de la fama de los legendarios "All blacks", con 830 puntos a favor y únicamente 39 en contra y el asombro de todo el mundo por el apabullante juego de los "All blacks" y la fascinación por la haka. Destaca el estilo narrativo escogido por Lloyd Jones, una mezcla entre crónica periodistica y prosa poética, conjugando con acierto los hechos acreditados y documentados con la imaginación.

    5. I borrowed this recently and greatly enjoyed it. It has the same (very) sparse prose style as his more recent books, used to great effect. I had avoided reading this as I thought it was a conventional treatment of the 1905 rugby tour of Great Britain, but while it clear Lloyd Jones knows his rugby, this is about the way the players, from colonial New Zealand, reacted to what they still called the motherland. None were professional athletes, and they came from diverse backgrounds, united by their [...]

    6. A lovely, surprising book, and one I didn't expect to enjoy anywhere near as much as I did. I'm no fan of team sports and a book that's ostensibly about the 1905 All Blacks tour to Europe and the US only found its way onto my shelves because I'd enjoyed Mister Pip a couple of years ago and saw it remaindered. Well, I'm glad I bought it. As the title suggests, it's as much about fame and the effects of fame as it is about rugby, but it's also about friendship, nostalgia, pain, desire. It's filled [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this story. The innocence and naivety of the 1905 touring party was clearly evident, and their growing amazement of the fame they generated by their outstanding performances on the field is beautifully told by Lloyd Jones albeit in a somewhat quirky style. A very good read.

    8. Fictionalised tale of the Original All Blacks on their tour to Great Britain and Ireland in 1905. Jones writes poetically in a patchwork type style - reminiscent of Ondaatje at times. The New Zealanders feel odd - they are away from their homes, which they miss, yet find themselves excelling as they lose only one game in the tour.The feelings of excitement, discovery and home sickness are a pre-cursor of how so many NZers would feel in the future as they left their tiny, isolated home to mix it, [...]

    9. What an interesting novel - based on the 1905 All Black tour of France and Great Britain, I did not even know they had All Blacks then!Lloyd Jones has researched the tour well, and then fleshed out the story with what may have been. It is a motley bunch that sets out by steamer for a journey to the other side of the world, but the team returns as conquering heroes. Fascinating to read of this diverse group of men and how they stole hearts wherever they went. No coach, no doc, no physio, no sposo [...]

    10. It's a very odd book, but very enjoyable too. The major problem was that it was forever hard to distinguish one player from another, but it's not really a character-based book. It's a very unusual book, aimed at doing something books are not generally aimed at doing. It gives us a picture of a group of men, a time, many places. It made me think and wonder a lot about sporting teams touring, about sporting teams per se, about the media, about having strangers in your town/city/country. I would re [...]

    11. 1905: i più forti a rugby sono già loro, ma il mondo non lo sa. Inglesi, scozzesi e francesi, una alla volta tutte le squadre hanno la loro lezione (ogni regola trova la sua eccezione, però). La gestione del successo planetario, lo sport come grande equalizzatore sociale, la purezza dell'agonismo ruvido ma leale, il cameratismo virile, lo stupore del viaggiatore davanti alle meraviglie della vita.

    12. Grabbing this book of the Library shelf minutes before closing, I didn't realise it was about Rugby - a game I do not watch or enjoy.But a wet day later it gave me a captivating insight to New Zealand's passion and committment to the game.The prose style is one I do not like, but it made for a quick read.

    13. I really enjoyed this novel about the 1905 tour of the All Blacks rugby team. The sparse, poetic storytelling gave the novel a scrap book quality which perfectly suited the story. It was a little difficult to connect with the narrator who was the collective team rather than an individual. A great book though, I would recommend it whether you like rugby or not.

    14. I think this is a great boys book. The subject matter - the first tour of the all blacks to the UK - will resonate with every sports fan. However what takes it to another level is the stories Lloyd Jones weaves around the tour - all the historical and geographical detail you learn. Very easy to dip in and out of.

    15. I surprised myself with how much I actually enjoyed this book! I was sent it to read, and on reading the blurb, thought it wouldn't be anything like my sort of book, the word Rugby doesn't normally inspire my confidence in a book, but I found myself swept away by the simple journal type style and the brisk tales!A fascinating study on fame and it's effects!

    16. It's a novel but one based closely on the extraordinary exploits of the original All Blacks. In poetry and prose Lloyd Jones paints a vivid and engaging picture of the 1905 tour of the United Kingdom and France by the previously unknown New Zealand Rugby team; winning all but one game, and amassing 830 points for and only 39 against the teams fame was forever established.

    17. AMAZING !! Have you never read this??? You'd think a book about old school rugby would be so so boring (unless you were me and loved rugby) but this is kinda magical. Lyrical, meditative, funny and insightful. Makes you respect our long rugby tradition AND love the arts even more than you thought you already did.

    18. Okay, so the stars are only 2/5 but hear me out. I HAD to read this book as part of my University English course. I don't want to knock the author, I think he did a rad job, but the subject itself just does not interest me. I'm sure if you enjoyed rugby, you would enjoy this.

    19. A wonderful, lyrical story about the first All Blacks tour. A book about a bunch of men that isn't remotely blokey. Thank you Lonely Planet for listing this in a list of recommended books by New Zealand authors. I loved it.

    20. I loved this amazing book. Somewhere between poetry and prose, this is a story of the legendary All Blacks rugby team that dazzled Britain by its astonishing play in 1905. I enjoy Lloyd Jones' writing so much.

    21. I absolutely love this book. Even if you know nothing of rugby or the All Blacks, Jones's storytelling glows with an irresistible inner light. This book isn't easily available in the US, but well worth the search.

    22. The 1905 All Black rugby tour of Britain lies at the heart of national myths in both New Zealand and Wales: this novel by Jones is a beguiling tale from the inside of that tour – beautifully written and marvellously evocative.

    23. All about the 1st All Black tour of England, Wales, Scotland and France in 1908. Based on fact with an interesting story of what it might have been like, from the 6 week boat journey to their overwhelming experience of fame.You don't have to be a rugby fan to enjoy this book.

    24. The most unique sporting book I have ever read. What a fascinating chapter in sporting history. A great read.

    25. As with Mister Pip, this was one book that made me surf the net for hours looking for more information on its story.

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