From The Deeps Who knows what ascends from the Deeps Macey is really quite ordinary if you ignore that she s a kelpie princess living on land Still her life is boring until she gets kidnapped by a man who doesn t

  • Title: From The Deeps
  • Author: Laura Greenwood Skye MacKinnon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who knows what ascends from the Deeps Macey is really quite ordinary, if you ignore that she s a kelpie princess living on land Still, her life is boring until she gets kidnapped by a man who doesn t quite know why he kidnapped her Try and figure that one out.Thankfully, he and his two companions are prepared to help her find out why she can t return to Earth fromWho knows what ascends from the DeepsMacey is really quite ordinary, if you ignore that she s a kelpie princess living on land Still, her life is boring until she gets kidnapped by a man who doesn t quite know why he kidnapped her Try and figure that one out.Thankfully, he and his two companions are prepared to help her find out why she can t return to Earth from their house in the Mists Now the only problem is that Macey keeps getting distracted by the three mysterious and very sexy menA reverse harem romance drenched in Scottish mythology.

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    One thought on “From The Deeps”

    1. This is one of those reviews that makes me so glad that my mother and all of my close relatives are not on this site. I am going to have to say some things that are ridiculously inappropriate and would probably cause her to call up some sort of intervention."Honey, we are concerned about some of the stuff you are reading. It seems like trash."Well mother, that's because it is.Now don't get me wrong, I love some trash. Some of it can be quite entertaining, like watching cheesy Hallmark movies at [...]

    2. 46% and my eyes have been constantly rolling. Guys I really thought I was strong enough to grind through this read since it had a awesome storyline going for it, but it was like trying to read a 16 year old with serious hormone issues. Macey is a mythical shifter who is kinda kidnapped? Taken really and sure she's upset about it for 3.5 seconds then she's just so hot and bothered she just wants to feel the guy in her, tried jumping another guy, kisses another, now this all happens after she just [...]

    3. Macey is a kelpie princess taking her turn living on land, the tradition of her people when they turn 18. However, before she came out of the loch her father placed a bind on her magic. And he sent her older twin brothers with her. So instead of any grand adventures, she's living with two idiots questioning what she's meant to do with her life. Her answer comes in an unexpected way, a sudden fog, an unknown figure, and a kidnapping. Macey comes to in a different dimension staring up at two hot g [...]

    4. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I think this story was a fun, imaginative, and thrilling start to a new series! The pace moved right along, the characters were distinct and endearing, and the plot was pure magic. It did end on a cliffhanger, but in this case the story had already made leaps and bounds of progress so the cliffhanger didnt feel like a bother. It just made me pine harder for the second book.Macey, female protagonist and Kelpie Princess, was unwittingly pulled in [...]

    5. From the Deeps is the first book in a new series by Laura Greenwood and Skye Mackinnon and like always with these two authors it is a well written book with an interesting and capturing story line. Marley, the main character is very fascinating and very powerful but all account, however we are yet to see her full powers! She has an instead connection with Cam, Flint and Jared and is bonded to them. All three are so different and all bring something compelling to this story. I really enjoyed the [...]

    6. This is the first book I've read by Skye McKinnon. I've read several by Laura Greenwood however, and this is another winner. I love the concept and story line. The characters are complex, magical and really sexy. Macey is a kelpie princess with a bit of an anger issue. After she's attacked, she finds herself in a house in the mists with three strange men. She also learns she is part of a prophecy that includes her three men and three other people. The seven combined are called Wardens and they a [...]

    7. Skye and Laura make an awesome team when writing this book! It was funny and quite refreshing reading a book with the fae where the main character was a Kelpie! And that said Kelpies weren't all bad. Tricksy Selkies giving them a bad name!But i loved Macey, she was funny and i loved the guys who represented the elements of Fire, Earth and Wind. Yes, i meant wind and not air. Because this is not just the Four Elements but Seven. And You can guess but Macey is Water, duh she is a water horse!Prett [...]

    8. Unsure of my feelings on this book.Macey has been living on land for three years and has grown tired of its boring nature.That doesn’t mean she wants to get kidnapped by three hot guys though.Finding out she is the water warden from some ancient prophecy isn’t any better either. I’m on the fence about this book.I like the premise of it and I found it interesting but while reading it I had a hard time staying focus.I liked all the characters, however, Macey seemed really wishy-washy with he [...]

    9. Macey is a princess kelpie, when she gets kidnapped and taken to a strange new place her life changes never to be the same again, and she meets her kidnapped and his two friends who all happen to be gorgeous and not exactly humanI really enjoyed all the Scottish mythology throughout the story, I love how fiesty Macey can be but that she also has a story edge. She can take control and lead when necessary but can also be soft and feminine too. The male characters are all different but the chemistr [...]

    10. Eeeek! This was so, so good! Hot guys, a prophecy, KELPIES, a kelpie princess, reverse harem (I've gotten pretty into this genre lately) all added up to an awesome book! I liked Macey, the MC, and thought she was very strong and kick ass. Flint was my favorite, although Jared and Cam were nice too. I'm interested in what the relationship between (view spoiler)[Lightning and Ice (hide spoiler)] will be with the rest of them, as they seem to have their own separate thing going, but then there's th [...]

    11. I wish I could say I liked this book. This story should have been epic, the characters interesting and engaging and I should been hurrying to preorder the next one. There was more of the MC claiming the wraiths and her incubus in her own mind than character development or plot movement. There wasn’t anything truly memorable about any of the characters. This book read like the authors wanted a RH; wanted to introduce unusual paranormal characters, had a rough idea what the ending of the series [...]

    12. This is my first book where the MC is a kelpie. Macey is a strong, capable and hilarious MC. She gets kidnapped and told there is a prophecy about her. She and six other wardens must come together to save the world. I love that Macey questions every thing and doesn't just dive in blindly. She meets three of the wardens in this book and bonds to each one. I can't wait for the next book. Hopefully we will learn more about the other three wardens. This book has adventure, romance and some good kelp [...]

    13. I really enjoyed the plot line of this new series. I love that it's paranormal yet still unique and different from all the other books I've read with similar mythical creatures. Macey is a pretty cool MC and I look forward to getting to hear more of her story. I do wish that the book went a little bit longer, I felt as though there wasn't really a big climax and was left wanting more action, which made the end of the story a bit of a cliff hanger. The characters and plot drew me right in to the [...]

    14. This is the first book in the Seven Wardens series and was very fun, imaginative and interesting start to a new series. I love how this book adds onto the original four elements making it seven and puts a boost to the ley lines by calling them the Staran. I also loved how they had Macey sitting on the fence about her feelings, I mean she is a 18 year old girl and has the right to not know exactly what she wants in order to make up her mind on how she feels. I look forward to the next book in thi [...]

    15. This book was awesome. I love reading books with different supernatural beings in them. This book has a kelpie which is new for me. Macey is kidnapped and told that she is part if some prophecy to save the world. Of course it takes time for her to believe but that makes me like her more. It's easier to relate to someone who needs proof before just going along with everything. She was strong while also letting her men support her when she needs it. Jared is my favorite. I need the next book now.

    16. Don't bother I was so disappointed that it was just not worth my time. I was really looking forward to an epic tale and adventure while learning more about the Fey and its inhabitants, but this is most definitely not it. Most of the time Macey's sole interaction and input into the story was just being horny and thinking about sex. She was a ridiculous protagonist. Everything about the book felt like it was trying to be serious and epic, but it just came off extremely annoying, eye-rolling, and c [...]

    17. From The Deep drew me in immediately from the first chapter! I could not put it down, it kept me up late into the night reading and left me wanting more. I highly recommend this book!!Laura Greenwood and Skye MacKinnon weave a magical world full of myths, action, steamy romance and adventure in this RH story. This is the first book in the Seven Wardens series that introduces Macey and three of her men. I loved reading the beginning of Macey's adventures into different worlds, meeting other mytho [...]

    18. I know they are calling this a reverse harem romance, and it is, but it also has an urban fantasy feel. There is a lot more going on in this story than just the romance, and I loved it! The characters are wonderful, and the mythology is spot on. The story line has a lot of twists and turns that kept me guessing at what would happen next. The romance between Macey and her men isn't insta-love, but there is spicy chemistry, and the love scenes are HOT. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

    19. This was a very interesting and unique read. I've never read anything with a kelpie before. The authors do a great job of creating this world and introducing everything. I love Macey, she's sassy, strong, and questions everything. Macey, Cam, Flint, and Jared are 4 of the 7 elemental wardens, i'm very interested to see where the story will go with all of them. The story moves at a good pace and i'm really excited for more.

    20. This is a story of Macey, a kelpie, who discovers that she is part of the prophesied seven wardens. I can say that it is a completely unique story and I have yet to read one similar. Both of these authors writing intriguing and in depth stories and together as co-authors they definitely don't disappoint!

    21. Really enjoyed this book! The premise and the mythology is so different and unique it is unlike anything I've ever read before! I really liked the characters and the different personalities that all tie into their different elements. I can't wait to see how the dynamic between Ice and Lighting plays out in the future!! Can't wait for book 2!

    22. What a fantastic book!!I loved the MC Macey!! She was a strong willed Kelpie princess. Yes I said Kelpie!!!!I loved the world these authors created it was like none I had ever read before.And those guys are super duper sexy. I can't wait for the next book. I love everything about this book. I couldn't put it down!! You won't regret reading this book. It's fantastic!!!

    23. This was a great start to the series! First you meet Macey and her brothers, they are kelpies, who have an aunt names Ness. You can guess they live in a loch. Macey is attacked and saved by Cam and meets two others that live with Cam. They don't live on earth. It only gets more interesting from there! I can't wait to read more!

    24. IntriguingVery unique story line. 7 wardens to protect the Sartan. Now, they just have to be located. Macey, is the kelpie Princess that seems to be the main character. The story follows her to land and beyond. In this book, she has now met 4 other wardens , visited w a fortune telling ghost, and blue men. This is a cliffhanger and I'm ready for book 2.

    25. I am so excited to see how this plays out. This was my first ever read about a kelpie and I am hooked. You don't want to miss this and I'll leave you with some parting adviceke a nice heaping plate of waffles and enjoy this adventure. Why waffles you say? Trust me you'll want to read and find out.

    26. Such an interesting story! This story is about a kelpie which is like a water horse, which is not a selkie by the way. We meet Macy who is a Kelpie princess who is kind of like a rumspringa for Kelpies to come out of the lake and into land to live for a bit. We also meet Macy’s Men!! And oh boy. I love all of them. Jared is my favorite. I am really interested to see where this story goes!

    27. I liked this book and want to read the next to see what happens but there was just something about it that made me not get lost in it as I have with other books iv read love that’s it RH but the only down side was that Macey was so quick to forgive it just felt a bit rushed to me think people should give it shot

    28. 4☆'sGood book that definitely wants you wanting to read more. This was a great start to the overall story, Macey & her guys have great chemistry, even if they have many challenges thrown at them in a short amount of time. Can't wait to read more.

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