Spoiled Cora There isn t much I want in life I have it all already Money cars looks any piece of materialistic shit I could ever want It has been bought and forgotten about I work hard and play harder beca

  • Title: Spoiled
  • Author: Erin Lee Elizabeth Cash
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cora There isn t much I want in life I have it all already Money, cars, looks, any piece of materialistic shit I could ever want It has been bought and forgotten about I work hard and play harder because I deserve nothing but the best and expect nothing less Not from myself, or from others Here lately, I ve been in such a funk I crave desire I want fun.Cora There isn t much I want in life I have it all already Money, cars, looks, any piece of materialistic shit I could ever want It has been bought and forgotten about I work hard and play harder because I deserve nothing but the best and expect nothing less Not from myself, or from others Here lately, I ve been in such a funk I crave desire I want fun I want him But he doesn t see me like the others or grovel at my feet like they do He ignores me and sees me as nothing than a spoiled rotten brat who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth And it pisses me off But that s okay I know what has to be done to fill this hole I ve dug myself in Soon, he will be mine, whether he knows it or not Because I always get what I want and I want Micah Duclos Micah There s so much I want from life I ve worked hard to succeed and I still have a long way to go A good woman, a fast car, a retirement account These are the things I bust my ass for all to say I ve achieved something my father never could The top seems so far off but I m getting closer I need a vacation I want something new I crave adventure What I really want to do is quit Quitting s just not an option though For me, the only way to get to the top will be hard work, not the Ivy League It irritates me But that s okay Soon, I ll obtain my dreams, whether anyone believes it or not and in spite of the brown eyed, five foot two obstacle trying to spoil everything Because I always pull it off no matter what the cost And I will again, even if it means pissing off one Cora Graham.

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    One thought on “Spoiled”

    1. Cora is at the top of the food chain and she will take down anyone in her path to get what and who she wants, and she wants Micah. But Micah has eyes for someone else, a meek little mouse named Laura. What better way to get to Micah than through Laura, and co-owning the company makes it all too easy, and Cora always gets what she wants. Brilliant writing from both Cash and Lee, twisted gore you have come to expect from their writing. A great collaboration for a fast read that will leave you haun [...]

    2. From just the blurb my thought was Cora's a rich bitch and she wanted Micah. Micah on the other hand was smart and will stop at nothing to get to the top. Match made in heaven right? The only problem was, Micah did not want Cora. (view spoiler)[He wanted Laura, an intern at the same company. (hide spoiler)]From the first page, I hated Cora. She's the villain I wanted crush and burn. I wanted that moment. Did I get what I wanted? (view spoiler)[NO (hide spoiler)] Some may love the ending. As for [...]

    3. Elizabeth Cash and Erin Lee are two authors that you, as the reader, need to watch out for. If you haven’t read any of their works, start with Spoiled. It is a cat and mouse game like I’ve never seen. You might think that you have the storyline pinned down just by reading chapter one but you would be mistaken. Cora and Micah, of course, are the main characters to Spoiled. They do not play the role of your typical boss and employee. These characters have some type of hate/lust relationship wi [...]

    4. This story is about Cora and Micah, Cora is a materialistic hard faced woman and gets anything she sets her sights on and she has set her sights on Micah, Micah is a hard worker who knows what he wants in life and will try and achieve it even if it means pissing off Cora, who will win?This is the first book i have read as a co write between Erin Lee and Elizabeth Cash, i have read their work separately but not together so was interested to see what it would be like. I am looking forward to readi [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jetana Mutter*This book was provided for an honest reviewThose with any life experience knows that if you have wealth, then you have a sense of entitlement about your personality- especially if you grew up being wealthy. To those where money is no object, it is amazing what and who will go your way; everyone and everything have their price, if you are willing to pay it. With that sense of entitlement comes the thinking that ‘I am better than everyone’ and ‘I want it, give it to [...]

    6. What am amazing collaboration! Erin Lee and Elizabeth Cash seriously knocked this one way out of the park! I haven’t read Cash previously but I do have a couple of her books on my kindle I just need these authors to take a break so I can catch up on my TBR pile! Erin Lee I’ve read I’ve loved where her twisted stories take me and just completely consume her words! This is up there for a twisted tale! A wickedly-deviant story that your naughty heart will gleefully devour! If I would stop my [...]

    7. I was very excited about this co-write from the start. Lee and Cash are fabulous on their own, but together they definitely created a dark magic of written words. Cora was one hell of a character right from the start. I was intrigued by her and constantly wanted to see what she would do next. Micah was also very interesting and intriguing. I enjoyed his intelligence and the fact that he had Cora's number when it came to her behavior and what kind of woman she was. She was certainly easy to disli [...]

    8. OoMMGGGThat ending was CRAZY GOOD!!! Im blown away. I really hope there is a book 2 because I didnt want it to end. Authors Elizabeth, Erin did an amazing job with this book it left me wanting more and more from them. I couldn't put it downThis story is about a woman named Cora who is basically ruthless. She will take down anyone in her path or gets in the way of the things she wants.And what she wants right now is an employee named Micah.Micah is basically disgusted with everything Cora is an [...]

    9. Loved this book! I don't normally do "office romance" but this one worked for me. Plus, Erin AND Elizabeth wrote it, you know it's going to be fantastic! Cora is a bitch. No, scratch that, she's a She-devil. THE She-devil of all She-devils. The story starts off showing you just how true the above statement is. I pictured the devil in Prada heels. Vile, foul, selfish little girl she was. Micha is just a guy at the office. Can't stand his boss and just wants to get to know Laura, the quiet shy int [...]

    10. When you are extravagantly wealthy and the co-CEO of a huge corporation, what more do you want? In Cora Graham’s case, you want any man you set your sights on. She sets her sights on Micah Duclos. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. What does Micah want? To forget his past and be one of the “charmed, rich few.” Then he meets an intern named Laura and he wants something more important than money. See who gets what they want in this story with a wildly twisted ending. These co-au [...]

    11. I love when a book has character that you love and hate. Two authors come together and wrote a story that will keep you in the grip of fear and wonderment. Just when you fall in love with a character or something they do it will all be ripped away from you. Watch as Cora and Micah fall down the deep rabbit hole of hell. Be prepared to not put this book down until you have read to the last page. It will pull you in and take you on a wild ride. I am not giving one thing about the plot away because [...]

    12. SPOILED by Elizabeth Cash and Erin Lee is a collaboration done right. Both gore loving Authors come together and brought their A Game. From the beginning you are either Team Micah, the stand up man with morals and respect. The extremely hot and humble man next door type. Or Team Cora, the bitch no one can stand yet everyone wants to be. The your not worthy to talk to me woman with too many peeons. Each character could easily be someone you know. There's an old saying. "Eye for an Eye". Make a ch [...]

    13. This book was always going to be interesting with the two authors writing it. I really loved to hate Cora, she is evil! Micah I really felt for and his past. Laura was a lovely twist to the plot and the way the two leads interact with her is really good. There are a few shocking moments. Micah is deep and thinks a lot about why he does what he does. Cause and effect etc. Cora is more impulsive. The end was not what I expected but was still a good ending. Overall I would give this book 4.5 stars. [...]

    14. There are a couple of things in this world that I love like reading books written by Author Erin Lee and watching the TV show, Snapped. Well, I was blessed to read not only a tale better than any Snapped episode but one written by two overly creative authors. Author Cash and Lee have created an attention-grabbing horror masterpiece that has left me stunned and speechless. I look forward to putting this gem on my bookshelf.

    15. This was a dark read but it wasn't really a heart pounding thriller. There is a lot of blood and goreat the end that might be a bit uncomfortable to some readers. Cora was totally a spoiled psycho bitch who was quite insane. I hated her from the start. The story focuses on how her obsession for Micah turns into absolute madness. She's definitely one hell of a crazy character. The ending totally surprised me. I didn't see that coming but it's really a good one.

    16. What a twisted story! I absolutely loved it!!!Cora is a spoiled little she devil who really wants Micah.Micah is disgusted by Cora and wants nothing to do with her.Then enter quiet, sweet, and innocent Laura.Micah wants Laura and she wants him. But Cora is determined to not let them be together.You really need to read this book to find out how all this plays out.And that ending. WOW!!!Did not see that coming.Awesome job ladies!!!

    17. I was lucky to be able to read the ARC of Spoiled and Loved it It blow my away especially the ending I ready hope there more to this book I don't want to give to much away since it has not been released yet But its a must read 👹

    18. What did I just read? 2.75 starsThis book was a struggle for me. I thought it would be much different . I love dark but this wasn't what I thought it would be. I struggled to even finish it. I appreciate the authors attempt.

    19. I love blood, Gore and Dark. This book had that. A B****to hate, difinatly had that. But for me, an ending that was just not there. I'm glad I have read other Elizabeth Cash books or I really don't know if I would have read more. I just don't know what it was missing for me but yeah, just ok.

    20. Holy SpoildnessI did not expect that ending. Wow. What a wild ride. This book is dark and dirty. It will keep you awake because you need to see what happens next. Fantastic!

    21. Hmmmm how to describe this book. That is a tough one since I'm still in shock over the ending. This book will grip you and never let you go. The ending will haunt you long after you have finished. You will feel hope and despair all while reading this book. Ever get inside the mind of a spoiled, narcissistic woman??? No? Well here is your one way ticket inside the mind of spoiled bitch who always gets what she wants. I have come to the conclusion that Erin Lee and Elizabeth Cash are evil geniuses [...]

    22. I knew this book was gonna be awesome, just because of the authors writing it. Cora is such a spoiled, nasty witch. Micah is a man haunted by his past. Laura is a quiet, single mom just trying to provide for her child. When these three people come together, the results are EXPLOSIVE!Merged review:I knew this book was gonna be awesome, just because of the authors writing it. Cora is such a spoiled, nasty witch. Micah is a man haunted by his past. Laura is a quiet, single mom just trying to provi [...]

    23. What EVEN?? seriously,I can't even I mean it wasn't "bad" or anything but I couldn't sleep and this made matters worse. I was expecting to be blown away because the blurb was so good and a long time ago I stopped giving books with more than a guy and girl chances. But this one didn't mention anything about a third person so I went in What was that story what was that plot what even the fkng ending. I can't even rate it because seriously I am completely baffled as to how even interpret this story [...]

    24. Wow!! I totally wasn't prepared for what I just read!! Elizabeth Cash & Erin Lee make an amazing team!! Cora is a ball busting, self centered woman whose used to getting whatever she wants. And right now she wants Micah and isn't gonna let anything or anyone stand in her wayt even a peon intern named Laura. The events that follow were crazy and twisted and outright disturbing!! This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this review voluntarily

    25. Erin Lee and Elizabeth Cash together wrote a wicked book. Cora is a narcissistic total bitch. Micah has a secret that has changed his life. Laura is a single mother who needs a job and is willing to do anything to take care of her daughter. The way the two authors worked together to intertwine Cora and Micah is fantastic. Laura is in the way according to Cora. So, now Laura has a bullseye on her back and Cora has the arrow. The back story's of Cora and Micah's lives bring a new meaning to dysfun [...]

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