The Roommate dis Agreement Item One Divorced man seeks female roommate for companionship Cash Nicholson isn t looking for a girlfriend but he wants to come home to someone after a bad day at work Item Two Single mother needs a

  • Title: The Roommate 'dis'Agreement
  • Author: Leddy Harper
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  • Page: 396
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  • Item One Divorced man seeks female roommate for companionship.Cash Nicholson isn t looking for a girlfriend, but he wants to come home to someone after a bad day at work.Item Two Single mother needs apartment.Jade Robertson is desperate, and her best friend s couch just isn t going to cut it any.Item Three No surprises.Romance.Work.Pasts.Agreements aren t promises

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    1. 4 Archangel StarsCash is 30 and has just been through a sudden divorce, he was married for six years when he witnessed his wife cheating on him. He has moved into the house he inherited from his grandparents in Geneva Key a small island town where he doesn't know anyone. He is lonely and decides finding a roommate will be a great remedy for that.Newly divorced male seeking roommate to combat the loneliness. Looking for a woman who's interested in a platonic friendship.Jade is a single mum to a 2 [...]

    2. Looking for a female roommate… Nope not going to work. Men seeking a roommate – preferably female- for companionship. That just sounds wrong lol. I’m gone a lot for work and need someone around the house. That screamed come and steal from me as I won’t know until you’re long gone. Lol. Not so easy looking for a roommate. Cash is lonely. After his divorce he now lives alone and although gone during the week the weekends are pure and utter torture. He has an unusual job. Hints were dropp [...]

    3. When I said "I want to read this book" I expected to get a light-hearted and funny book. Well, there is nothing light-hearted or funny about it. Cash and Jade have their problems and they are not the easiest to handle. We find out slowly about them and they are both ugly. Also, I had a problem with Cash and Aria (Jade's daughter). I know he meant well, but when Jade mentioned she might move out he just thought that he didn't want Aria to go away. What about her mom dude? Aren't you supposed to w [...]

    4. Leddy Harper's The Roommate 'Dis' Agreement grabbed me from beginning until the end. Man, I might sound like a broken record but I couldn't just help but gush on how talented Leddy is. I love this new book and I love the thought that I am crying now for a different reason. If I have shed rivers of tears with her other works due to the pain she inflicted through her brilliant words, right now, I cried happy tears because of her hilarious moments and the love this book left me. But make no mistake [...]

    5. This was not the light contemporary the blurb promised me.The fudge, man?! If I wanted something "serious" I'd have looked elsewhere. It started out okay enough, it wasn't light or particularly humorous but it was working; I couldn't put it down. But the more I read the morewell deep, it got. And I started deducting stars in my head. I was still hooked but it started rubbing me wrong. Things I wouldn't be okay with in my life. Things I don't exactly appreciate in my characters.Now I totally dig [...]

    6. ARC kindly provided by author.I have to be honest every single book by Leddy Harper that I've read have been a 5 or 4 star read for me. I love her. I love her writing, I love characters she creates, I simply enjoy reading her works because she never disappoints. When it comes to Leddy, I don't have to read the blurb I jump right in! I don't want to spoil this for anyone, so I will not reveal too much about the plot. I read The Roommate 'dis'Agreement in one sitting. This story of Cash and Jade w [...]

    7. 4 Archangel StarsCash is 30 and has just been through a sudden divorce, he was married for six years when he witnessed his wife cheating on him. He has moved into the house he inherited from his grandparents in Geneva Key a small island town where he doesn't know anyone. He is lonely and decides finding a roommate will be a great remedy for that.Newly divorced male seeking roommate to combat the loneliness. Looking for a woman who's interested in a platonic friendship.Jade is a single mum to a 2 [...]

    8. Where are my slow burn fans? Trust me, you're going to want to get your grabby hands on The Roommate 'dis'Agreement. You're going to want to be there step by step as Cash and Jade fall into friendship, into living together, and finally, into love.Cash is lonely. He wants someone to share his house to help stave off the quiet in his life every weekend. His resolution: a roommate. He's not home all during the week and he's not looking for a girlfriend, so how hard could it be to share space just f [...]

    9. I loved the herion in this one!!! Jade was no push over - she was strong, sexy and a great mom (I mean she had to pee in the kitchen sink for crying out loud!) Oh and the chemistry between her and Cash felt real (HOT) not force.

    10. When I first saw this cover I thought this was going to be a Rom Com, but actually it was a contemporary romance with some suspense and intrigue. For me, this was a book of two halves, the first I adored and the latter was just OK and all got a bit too drama llama, taking away from the main attraction. Cash was hard not to fall for as his true colours come flooding out when he finds himself side-swiped by his new roommate and her child. He finds he wants something he never thought he did but bec [...]

    11. ➳ Rate: 4,5 / 5 starsAnother room mates to lovers romance, say what? And this one was even sweeter than the other one.It's about a single mom who is struggling to find a job and a place to stay. She's been staying with her best friend and her boyfriend, and she's sleeping on the couch and using the kitchen sink as a bathroom. Yeah, it's a real struggle for her. One day her best friend sees an ad on Facebook that has blown up on the internet because the guy who wrote the ad was super evasive an [...]

    12. Leddy Harper is really impressing me with every book of hers I have the opportunity to read. Her characters are well developed and her plot and flow of the story keeps me hooked and reading in every spare moment. These new characters and this new story was no exception. Cash and Jade come together because of his desire for a companion and friend for his spare moments and her need for a room. They both know and agree upfront that among other rules, one of the most important needs to be that there [...]

    13. I seem to be in the mood for the friends-to-lovers troupe…at least that’s what keeps recommending to me. Which is how I ended up reading Leddy Harper’s THE ROOMMATE ‘DIS’ AGREEMENT. I was pining away for Mariana Zapata after having finished her back log and this came up as a recommendation. My expectations was for something light-hearted and funny that would see me through my Zapata withdrawal. That isn’t quite what I got.Instead of having a light hearted romantic comedy we have a y [...]

    14. Actual rating 4.5 StarsLeddy Harper brought out some humor, sweet and swoon worthy moments and some heartbreaking ones.  The Roommate 'dis'Agreement was a book that held my attention from the beginning to the end.  I loved it! This isn’t just another great friends to lovers story. No this has some emotional drama that deals with a traumatic event, so be prepared. But have no fear, you will be laughing at moments throughout not just holding your breath. Jade is a single mom who is in desperat [...]

    15. Jade answers an add for a roommate wanted as a lark with no intentions of taking the guy up on it. Its a drawn out process with background checks, emails, texts, a few calls and then finally meeting. In that time Jade and Chase develop a friendship but both are hiding a secret. See Jade has a two year old daughter that he knows nothing about and he has a job that is far more secretive than the front job he tells her about. Chase meets her and offers her the room, rooms, plural. OK with lil Aria [...]

    16. In true Leddy Harper fashion she gave me a story that I would love and relate to but also have my heart ripped out by. Cash and Jade are a very relatable pair that start their journey as two people just looking for someone to fill a void that is missing. Cash needed companionship and Jade needed a change of pace. Both have some flaws to overcome and they both end up with a bittersweet journey that I didn't want to end. I did see some of the twists coming but that is only because I was relating t [...]

    17. 3.5 starsThe Roommate 'dis'Agreement was my first book by Leddy Harper and it didn't disappoint. It's a funny, fresh and somewhat different read. I really enjoyed reading it, even though it has it perks. The story was something I didn't really expect and once I dove into the book it somewhat became kind of predictable.Cash - apart from what he does for a living - is almost too good to be true. Perfect boyfriend material. I love how he devotes himself to Jade and her daughter and how he opens up [...]

    18. My second Leddy Harper book. Not my last. I really enjoyed the writing, the story, and the characters. She didn't give me perfect characters. The characters are flawed, imperfect, and a touch bitter. All with good reason. But they aren't closed off to everything. Adventure, friends, roommates. They take on these new experiences and find love where they weren't expecting it.Cash and Jade find each other at the perfect time in their lives. They grow within themselves and around each other. Neither [...]

    19. So IT IS POSSIBLE to write an alpha hero who talks in complete sentences and doesn't behave like a complete assh0le 😍

    20. In The Roommate “dis” Agreement, Jade needed a place to stay and Cash needed someone to talk to. An agreement was reached, friendship formed, and companionship commenced.Finding good quality books is hard, but when you find a gem of a book you hope the next book released by your favorite author is good. I’ve followed and read every book Leddy has graced us readers with. I can assure you that she is an exceptional writer. Her books always contain good material, smooth transitions, likable c [...]

    21. REVIEWED BY JENN3.5 STARSA slow burn, but more slow than burn. It was all or nothing with these two. I wanted more lingering glances and stolen moments. They took forever to get to "that" point, and when they did, it just took off, and it didn't feel as authentic to me as I wanted it to. That being said, I did read it in one day and enjoyed the story. Cash is a one of a kind character. I love men who fall in love like he did. This book was a bit deeper than I anticipated, but I'm glad I took a c [...]

    22. 5 StarsReview by Jen SkewesI loved this book. But honestly I don’t think that there is a book by Leddy Harper that I did not love, and I have read them all. I love her writing, the characters she creates and the emotions that she makes me feel. Over the last few years since I started reading her books, she has made me laugh out loud, ugly cry like I have never ugly cried before, broke my heart a few times, caused my heart to jump out of my chest and left me completely happy with a huge smile o [...]

    23. I should have learned to not start a book from this author at 0am because I wouldn't be able to sleep until I get it done and let's just say that I almost saw the sunrise It's not news to anyone that I freaking love this woman. She was the first author that made me ugly cry because of a book. Since that day I almost freak out everytime I start a new book from her. She knows I love her so I will read every single book. Leddy Harper is the woman to blame She's the one that stole my heart that day [...]

    24. The Roommate 'Dis' Agreement by Leddy Harper is a book that hooked me from beginning until the end. She has the ability to grab you with her writing, her characters, the scenery. In this book, the was a different romance than she normally writes , one I found I gravitated to immediately. Cash is lonely, he is divorced and he finds he needs to find a roommate that he can build a friendship with. He wasn’t looking for a romantic relationship; He works during the week but the weekends are absolut [...]

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