Intangible Dream A devil s bargainJames Sanderson is domineering handsome and cold as black stone But beneath all his polish gloss and sophistication Gemma knows there lurks a savage untamed jungle cat who takes w

  • Title: Intangible Dream
  • Author: Patricia Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780373115785
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • A devil s bargainJames Sanderson is domineering, handsome and cold as black stone But beneath all his polish, gloss and sophistication, Gemma knows there lurks a savage, untamed jungle cat who takes what he wants And he wants her.Her father s death and mitigating circumstances give James the upper hand Gemma makes it clear she neither loves nor likes him, but the only wA devil s bargainJames Sanderson is domineering, handsome and cold as black stone But beneath all his polish, gloss and sophistication, Gemma knows there lurks a savage, untamed jungle cat who takes what he wants And he wants her.Her father s death and mitigating circumstances give James the upper hand Gemma makes it clear she neither loves nor likes him, but the only way of gaining time is to agree to his proposition of marriage After all, she has a great sense of self preservation and some terms of her own that she s prepared to deliver

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    • Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] Ô Intangible Dream - by Patricia Wilson ¶
      451 Patricia Wilson
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    One thought on “Intangible Dream”

    1. Intangible Dream is the kind of Harlequin Presents that old-school fans will enjoy. Despite the lack of descriptive love scenes, there is plenty of passion in this novel. And enough true love to make a diehard romantic sigh when they finish the last sentence.It has a strong, fascinating hero who's pretty much obsessed with the heroine. Readers who love heroes who are stone cold in love with the heroine will find this book very romantic and James irresistible. Wilson maintains the tension of the [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book. It was obvious from the start that the hero was bat-shit crazy for the heroine only she couldn't see it, having been sheltered by her father. After his death she loses everything and the hero comes to the rescue and wants to marry her. She doesn't want to marry him. She becomes independent and though I did fault her blindness sometimes, the hero was awesome. Oh, also the hero was celibate ever since he met her 2 years ago.“Oh, yes, there have been women, but not aft [...]

    3. Re Intangible Dream - Patricia Wilson does her standard day at the HP office outing. We have her very usual cuddlesome h and an uber possessive, madly infatuated H who won't stop ordering her about until she agrees to be his forever.The book opens with the h's father's funeral. The h is very sad, but also very disturbed cause her father was rather strange. On one hand he had a nice business and a lovely stately home, on the other, ever since the h's very beloved mother died, her father has had a [...]

    4. Anotha good 1. Insta unrequited luv, damaged hero, damsel perpetually in distress just like in Dangerous Obsession, this time the hero gotta take care of her after falling @ muddy work site, acute appendicitis, drowning. He saw the sheltered, good-4-nuffink heroine @ airport when she was picking up daddy 2 yrs ago, followed 'em home, planned an elaborate scheme to be her daddy's partner, spend Xmasses @ her home, all to conquer her. After daddy expires, uneducated & jobless heroine makes a d [...]

    5. Thank goodness these two got together because the author drew every arrow from her catastrophe quiver. The heroine fainted, fell into a trench, had surgery for appendicitis, and almost drowned. The hero dodged a fatal plane crash for the heroine to wake up to her feelings. (LOL - PW just killed off 100 plus fictional people just so this ditzy heroine could admit she loved him. How Game of Thrones of you, PW)This is the story of a smitten, stalker hero who has been celibate for two years - ever s [...]

    6. In Intangible Dream, Patricia Wilson tries to emulate those crazed, possessive, psycho Alphas that Charlotte Lamb perfected in her HPlandia books, with uneven results. Yes, the hero here is definitely going to win HPlandia awards for the singular amount of stalking, grabby hands, and dominance he exercises over the heroine. But if he is so intent on convincing her that marriage to him would be the best thing, why then go about it by mocking her poor little rich girl ways and dangling countless, [...]

    7. Grief-stricken Gemma is burying her father and contemplating her life post-devastation. She was rich and cosseted, now she isn't. She’s discovered that her father had this entire secret life without her – an expensive one of yachts and beautiful women. Now the Press are going to want pictures and comments, and she’ll need to sell the house and move herself and housekeeper Jessie to a grotty flat.She’s making her miserable plans, when the hated James Sanderson interrupts. He’s handsome [...]

    8. Enjoyable, but somehow not one of my favorites by this author because:1) a lot of internal dialogue by the heroine that got on my nerves2) heroine was too weak for my fancy always fainting, drowning, ruptured appendix, you name it3) hero was stalkerfic to the point that it gave me the creeps (I love a "me love you long time" theme, but this one was a bit too much)4) heroine acted like she was 10, not 245) sex scene was thrown in at the end, more as a prerequisite checkmark for the author, rather [...]

    9. I kind of feel like nothing happened in this book, like there was so much repetitive conversation that I barely noticed the plot or setting. And sheesh, I know this is an older book, but could the heroine be any weaker? She was fainting and falling and drowning every other page. And I love how the book ends with their mutual hilarity over the idea that she could possibly continue working once they got married. Despite all that it was an angsty read and I always like a hero who is obviously crazy [...]

    10. “Oh, yes, there have been women, but not after I saw you. Form the moment I saw you my life changed. I couldn’t offer you innocence but I could damned well change, and I did. In any case,” he added ruefully, “I couldn’t have you so I didn’t want anyone lese. There are no women, my sweet Gemma, and there never will be…only you.”Wow. This book was surprisingly enjoyable! When Ms. Patricia Wilson gets it right, she really gets it right. It was so obvious that the hero was crazily in [...]

    11. Okay, this was a skimmer.Perfect little daddy's princess meets uber-alpha self made man and is a strident bitch. It doesn't happen often, but there are time when it's the heroine who should grovel more.Granted, I was skimming after the first couple of encounters between the H and h so I may not have comprehended the 4 star-ness of the story that some see. To me, she was a spoiled little princess with no skills, forced to give up her home and lifestyle because daddy couldn't cut it, and blames th [...]

    12. 4 stars even though the heroine got on my nerves. Poor hero was so smitten and so devoted to her I felt sorry for him. She was so mean to him, a real bitch. Still I couldn't put this book down so 4 stars for this and for the dreamy hero!

    13. A very charming romantic contemporary love-story with a very worthy hero,we all love smitten,possessive,jealous and demanding heroes.ey are the best!After the death of Gemma Lyle`s father James Sanderson buys their mansion and pays all the depts,leaving Gemma the first choice to marry him.She makes him a deal that if she works hard enough until christmas he would have to let her go,or else she will have to marry him.But what she didn`t know was that James used all hos power to make her fall in l [...]

    14. “For the moment I say you,” he whispered, “there has been no one but you. I belong to you, Gemma, and to no other woman. I’ll never look at one.”"Intangible Dream" is the story of James and Gemma.The common HQN trope of father's-business-partner-blackmails-heroine gets a refreshing twist in this story with an H obsessed with marrying the heroine by proposing a million times and relentlessly pursuing her, a h determined to stand her own grown, a LOT of yes-no-yes trope, OW drama, pushin [...]

    15. Ok, nope.A) hero is almost out of a Charlotte Lamb book, that's not what I read PW for. B) once again, if it takes someone almost dying for you to give in, you are not worth it, be it your the male OR female lead!!!!

    16. A fun old HP. I love a hero who is crazy about the oblivious heroine and plots for years to get her in his grasp.

    17. i saw this mentioned on an amazon thread talking about celibate heroes, and it piqued my interest! the hero was a typically arrogant alpha male and his heroine was a very sheltered woman whose father had left her insolvent. she goes to work for him and grows as a person, finally becoming secure in her own worth

    18. the heroine seemed like 17-18 years old not at all her 24 years !! the age did not suit her at all, quite unbelievable

    19. Poor hero, the heroine made it so hard for him to win her over.Not original but entertaining. One thing about Patricia Wilson is that in theses older Harlequins she wrote good dialogue.

    20. This book was so stupid it's unbelievable.In 189 pages, the main man must have said three pages tops in total of nice things to her yet she fell for him anyway.The girl herself was an annoying, whiny and pathetic little brat who acted more 2 than 24 most of the time.The most irritating thing is that had he not have come out and said straight away that he intended to marry her, she would have had no reason to refuse him for so long because he could have just wooed her.That would have made for an [...]

    21. descriptionA devil's bargainJames Sanderson is domineering, handsome and cold as black stone. Beneath all his polish, gloss and sophistication, Gemma knows there lurks a savage, untamed jungle cat who takes what he wants. And he wants her. Her father's death and mitigating circumstances give James the upper hand. Gemma makes it clear she neither loves nor likes him, but the only way gaining time is to agree to his proposition of marriage. After all, she has a great sense of self-preservation and [...]

    22. I love Patricia Wilson's novels, especially Perilous Refuge, but this novel was not as good as most of her novels. The hero was too demanding and domineering I felt like throwing the novel to the wall out of anger! What made it worse is the useless heroine! OMG!

    23. (view spoiler)[Uber-alpha male with stalkerish, possessive, obsessive, caveman attitude. Kept referring that he wanted to own or that he owned the heroine. Too old-school for me. (hide spoiler)]

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